Hey Reddit! We are Phil LaMarr (Samurai Jack, Futurama), Matt Yang King (WoW, GI:Joe), Tarol Hunt and Danielle Stephens (Goblins Comic). We've created the GOBLINS ANIMATED cartoon and we're Kickstartering it!


Like D and D? Like Futurama? Like Samurai Jack? Overwatch? Cowboy Bebop? Winnie the Pooh? Well, we have the amazing vocal talents of Billy West, Maurice LaMarche, Matthew Mercer, Steve Blum and Jim Cummings! You've heard them in everything and now we have them pretending to be Goblins in a D and D world! Ask us Anything!

Note: We're in Los Angeles and Canada so we have to respond through multiple reddit accounts: @maddking, @Thunt_Goblins, @phillamarrVO, @hyperhalfling

Proof: https://imgur.com/a/7DSjr Twitter: Phil's: @phillamarr Matt's: @maddking Dani's: @dragonturtle Tarol's: @Thunt_Goblins

Edit: Thank you all so much! Please back Goblins Animated! We need your help!

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Thunt_Goblins38 karma

I have a question for Matt, Phil and Danielle... what's it like working with Tarol Hunt? I hear that he's so talented and handsome!

maddking26 karma

He's the most Canadian Canadian I have ever met.

suaveitguy20 karma

How do you keep from sounding like you are reciting/narrating and actually deliver a natural performance? Is 'natural' the right word to use there, or do you aim for something heightened in animation?

maddking28 karma

You're ALWAYS ACTING. You put on a mask for your parents that is different than the mask that you put on for your friends or your SO. Figure out what mask is close to what is going on in the scene and put it on. With animation you have to create EVERYTHING through the voice. So you really have to disembody.

studioRaLu8 karma

What about people like me who are perfect and don't have to act? How would we go about this?

maddking14 karma

Act like you're not perfect.

Grassfedcake16 karma

How do you guys get over the self loathing of your own voice? It is a issue for me.

maddking20 karma

Generally, you are the last person that hears your own voice. And you are getting the vibrations and bass from your voice passing through your body, so you have more bass in your ear than in a recording. The more you record yourself, the more you will pitch yourself to what you want to sound like than what you happen to sound like. Just as the more you work out the more you can target what you want to look like. So go get on a mic!

Mongward13 karma

Good day (or whatever time of, well, day, it is at your locations). I have two questions: First, to Thunt: how far ahead did you plan out Minmax's arc when you started the comic? I must admit he went from a somewhat annoying jerkface to one of my favourite characters (against strong competition, no less) strictly because of what you made him go through, Kin and all. How much of it was planned and how much came more or less organically?

Second question to you amazing voice actors: how often do you encounter people on cons etc. who try to do some of your voices, speak the memorable lines? Was there ever someone who did a spot on impression? What are your reactions when this kind of thing happens? (I know, I'm multiplying the "second question" here, sorry).

Finally, I'd just like to express how happy I am to see one of my favourite webcomics come to life with the particiption of so much talent. It's like a Battle Royale of the best voice actors where everyone's a winner, especially the audience.

maddking8 karma

My favorite is when they write out your lines with extended vowels and consonants.

TheClayrooAtWork13 karma

What does Marcellus Wallace look like?

phillamarrVO19 karma


maddking15 karma


Ajjaxx11 karma

I am curious about what the process of voice acting is like - are you generally alone in a studio just voicing your parts, or are there times when everyone from a scene is there to record a scene together? If/when recording by yourself, how does that impact how you act in response to characters whose actors are not there?

maddking12 karma

Depends. GI Joe was always in a room with everyone. And until you've heard Kevin Michael Richardson go full improv you haven't lived. But Transformers for me has always been solo. Likewise video games operate in the clear a lot. And it can be weird because they are so vast. I had no idea what I was doing in Fallout 4 till I actually played the game.

suaveitguy9 karma

What's a good microphone and sound set up for VO on a budget?

maddking21 karma

Just get a Blue Yeti and put a towel over your head. Set it for monodirectional and set the gain low. Put a pencil perpendicular over your lips if you have a lot of plosives in the copy.

liamquane8 karma

hi all! Congratuwelldone on Goblins! May I ask, how did Goblins go being from a comic to an animated project? Thank you! :~)

maddking14 karma

I don't stop asking till people say yes. That's why I have 3 kids.

Regillix8 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I'm super excited for the series. I have questions for each of you as listed below:

@Tarol Hunt: What is your most memorable chapter/scene you've written so far for Goblins?

@Phil LaMarr: Which role taught you the most in terms of personal growth as a Voice actor?

@Matt Yang King: What was your reaction when you were asked to do the voices for World of Warcraft?

@Danielle Stephens: Which is your favorite card in G:AR?

maddking10 karma

I was the original Illidan and Blizzard wasn't Union when the job came around again and so I had to turn it down. I was really upset bc I love that character so much. So when I got the chance to do a ton of Pandaran material bc Blizzard had gone union I jumped at the chance. Plus I used to play WoW WAAAAAY too much.

Tasgall6 karma

The original, like WarCraft III Illidan? Absolutely loved his voice in that!

maddking6 karma


PrestonPirateKing6 karma

How much do you get into character, when you are voice acting vs. when you are writing character details down for your cartoon?

maddking12 karma

That's the funny thing that you don't realize. When you get into the booth to do a character, we start to become the character. Watching Steve Blum do Wolverine is truly intimidating. Watching Billy or Maurice or Jim or Phil do their iconic characters is truly a thing to behold.

gandalfv314156 karma

Who would you say is your most iconic character you voiced? Like which one is most associated with you or you would most associate with yourself?

maddking5 karma

The one that I've already done is Tunnel Rat in GI:Joe Renegades. A Jewish Asian badass with a thing for explosives. HOWEVER, I just did one last Tuesday that'll come out in about a year and that is my fav of all time so far. So, let's circle back in 2018.

KirbyOfHyrule5 karma

Assuming people will be smarter than the smarties and Goblins Animated will get the bajillion seasons it should have,how will you deal with the loss in viewership once we start dying from dehydration, because we'll cry for three weeks straight whem he have to actually hear Fumbles and Chief being tortured or Minmax repeatedly asking "did you tell her I'm sorry?"

maddking5 karma

We want to have this problem.

Warped_Films5 karma

What drew you to the idea of Goblins Animated?

maddking9 karma

I read the comic. It's amazing. Their work is nutty good. THEY MADE ME WEEP WARPED! THEY MADE ME WEEP!

liamquane4 karma

Mr. King, what was it like working on Frasier? :~)

maddking11 karma

STORY TIMEEEEEE! Okay, so I had a ball on Frazier. David Hyde Pierce and I got along like gangbusters. I always bring my violin to set to stay creative but not overly dwell on my lines. David heard me playing and he's a crazy good pianist. I said, "Why don't we play a duet." and the net day he brought in a stack of Violin/piano duets that was 2 feet high. He made my day.

druid244 karma

Will you tell me the things you're not allowed to talk about if I promise not to read it?

maddking7 karma

Sure! Whisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisperwhisper

phoenixrising2114 karma

How will the series be released when it's finished? Will it be broadcast on TV or streamed on a website? On Netflix? A DVD in Best Buy?

maddking5 karma

It really depends on how deeply we get funded. We have a distribution channel set up if we go to a full series, but if we only get a pilot then we are still in the game of distributing locally on our website through the members only access. Fingers crossed for full series!!!

suaveitguy4 karma

Do you ever have to provide the voice to the animation after it is done? What challenges does that present? Does the quality of the performance ever match when you are more of the starting point?

maddking6 karma

Yup. Especially when you are redubbing anything Japanese. Working on Miyazaki and Takahata stuff is super hard because the line has to match the lip flaps and you have to do some serious hoop jumping to make it make sense.

fantasticalblur3 karma

Questions for everybody:

Who is your favourite Goblins Character, what is your favourite Goblins story arc, and finally who is your favourite DnD character that you have played (if you have one.)

Question for Thunt: Did you consider killing another member of the Goblin Adventuring Party or was it always going to be Chief?

maddking3 karma

Fumbles. Duh. The one that Fumbles just went through (no spoilers). I played an undead warrior that was super fun.

musty_book_aroma3 karma

Of the four of you, who would win in a battle royale? Also, super excited about the Kickstarter.

maddking3 karma

Dani. Hands down.

suaveitguy3 karma

Who is the Brando/Deniro/Streep of voice over actors?

maddking6 karma

I'll go Billy West/Phil LaMarr/Jennifer Hale

suaveitguy3 karma

Would the Fantastic Mr. Fox approach to recording VO (acting in out in locations) be better than recording in a studio? Can you hear the difference?

maddking5 karma

Hell no. That's only if you have Wes Anderson's budget.

JakeRG3 karma

Will the Kickstarter have a stretch goal where Tarol waxes his arms live on stream?


... also, a slightly more serious question for the whole team: who's your favorite [edit:] GOBLINS [/edit] character (so far)?

maddking5 karma

He's still crying about the last time.

Jormungandragon3 karma

For Matt and Phil: What was it that really got you on board with Goblins?

For Thunt: What is the meaning of life?

maddking3 karma

I love the comic. And it's 42.

liamquane3 karma

To the actors: What is the best thing a director can do for you? Thank you. :~)

maddking7 karma

Be clear and specific and open to what the actor is thinking. Directors who think of actors as furniture always drive me nuts. When I've directed I like having a fluid sense of the scene and I love rehearsing to get a sense of what the actors are going to bring to it. The more room you give us the better. Watch Elia Kazan talking about working with Brando.

KirbyOfHyrule2 karma

@Tarol: considering your notes on the storyline, how far would you say has the comic progressed right now?

@Matt and Phil: how hard is it to get the voice for a character right,so it sounds like you imagined it? I mean, I always sound stupid when I'm trying to make voices,but I have literally no training on the matter.

@Danielle: is there any chance you'll do a voice cameo at one point?

maddking3 karma

It's hard. But you just keep hammering at it trying to avoid your habits. I also use the IDEA archive to get as many English dialects as I can in my ear.

Budzee2 karma

How do you approach a scene as a voice actor differently compared to a live film/tv?

maddking3 karma

With Voice Acting I can go completely into a character I would normally not be "allowed" to do. Playing a crazy Russian Mobster for Alpha Protocol was a dream. With on camera I am constrained by the limits that Hollywood puts on being an actor of a certain race, which can be ridiculous at times.

PierceInglis2 karma

What's the plan?

maddking5 karma

Get funded. Make a show. Get stuff. Send it to you guys. Release the show.

UncleDan20172 karma

Is your plan better or worse than the Cylon plan?

maddking2 karma

Well if the Cavils wanted to erase humanity then they really failed. We're like roaches. Then the Cylons were really just winging it, which is weird for a robotic species. You'd think they had better metrics. I think we have a better budget, and we have Dani who I would put up against a Cylon on any day. https://imgur.com/a/uaXxm

liamquane2 karma

Mr. King, what was it like working on The West Wing, how was it working with Aaron Sorkin's dialogue? :~)

maddking3 karma

One, I got to work with James Hong, who's a legend. Two, I had done Romeo and Juliet at the Ahmanson here in town and was working with Sir Peter Hall (RSC) a few months before. Peter put me through the grinder and I remember kicking a bathroom stall when I couldn't nail down the material. I hear, "HEY! HEY!" and it was John Spencer in the next stall. I told him why, and apologized. He said "Hey, sometimes you can't bludgeon a real moment out of me with a bat." When I talked to him on WW he remembered and became a mentor to me. So I am hugely indebted to that show. WW was also my third audition in LA.

suaveitguy2 karma

Why do so many video game performances sound like they are talking to a mic, whereas pros like yourselves sound like you are talking to (and as) a character?

maddking3 karma

Matthew Mercer is pretty insane at turning in great VG performances.

Warped_Films2 karma

How far into the story would season 1 get? Entering Brassmoon or Book 1 range?

maddking2 karma

Depends on the funding. If we get funded we can just keep going and going. But animation is SUPER expensive so we have to make all of our goals because we are seriously budgeted out.

sporkachoon2 karma

How can I get started doing voice work?

inezzzz2 karma

How difficult is it to get into the voice over industry? I've wanted to pursue it, but there's very little information online on how to.

wherehasmylifegone2 karma

If you could make any item for a D&D campaign, what would it be?