Redman aka the “Master of Scare-a-Monies” for VH1’s new series “Scared Famous” here. Check it out and let’s talk about some spooky shit!


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Mitochondria4201401 karma

When can we expect a sequel to How High?

VH1_AMA1834 karma

How High is being written

Merrdank340 karma

And will I Need $ be included?

VH1_AMA633 karma

yes I need Money will be in there !!

HookMeUpNard1017 karma

How High is one of my favorite movies of all time. Do you have any funny or memorable stories from shooting that movie?

VH1_AMA1503 karma

my mememrable moment is Smoking Our Ass Off Shootn the Movie...And the Great Production team We had ! It was like a party everyday coming to work !

jimbojangles1987168 karma

One scene that always got me to laugh my ass off as a kid was when the campus security guy (i think thats what he was anyway...the small white guy) was searching their dorm for stuff that would get them kicked out and he peers through a marijuana plant and goes "Hmm nothing here!"

I hope I'm remembering that scene right its been years since i saw the movie.

brainwrinkled269 karma

What's that smell?

Oh that's my cologne, cannabi - for men.

VH1_AMA284 karma

Yesssir !!

lady_bastard837 karma

What was it like working with Alaska Thunderfuck?

VH1_AMA762 karma

I learned alot workn with alaska...great fuckn attitude!!

StepYaGameUp749 karma

Funk Doc: Have you ever gotten your doorbell fixed since you were on MTV Cribs?

VH1_AMA978 karma

YEs My doorbell finally fixxd..After !2 years !!

technic1200666 karma

Do you still have that shoebox of cash on top of your fridge?

VH1_AMA927 karma

Yes, I still have the shoe box full of one dollar bills.

NinjaloForever421 karma

You killed it on the new Wu "album". Any chance we get a new dual album from you and Meth? I know Meth said on The Breakfast Club recently that he enjoys acting more than rap now. Maybe a new Red/Meth movie similar to How High?

VH1_AMA648 karma

We workn on Album Black Out 3...I want to direct I dnt want to act...Thats my goal..

purseypee374 karma

how much do you stay up on whats coming out in hip hop today?
any favorite artists people should look out for?
any one we'd be surprised to hear you listen to?
you still got mad porn dvds? or have you moved to completely digital? we need a blackout 3 and subsequent tour btw.
huge fan, thanks for years of music and never changing your persona to fit any kind of mold. you are one of the most unique voices in hiphop.

VH1_AMA654 karma

Im Not to to familiar with every music coming out..But i have kids and they keep me current !! I listen to TDE JCole JoeyBadAss GunPlay But look out 4 JOYNER LUCUS beast !! Yes i still have all those Porn DvD's gonna sell em soon !! lol Well Digital is the way..But im still Analog feel allday. Black Out 3 in the works.. Thank You for the Dope Comment

mannimosity285 karma

How do you feel about the Blue Man Group?

VH1_AMA336 karma

I never really seen the Blue Man I cant judge !!

bjhenson2223 karma

Who was the most entertaining person to work with on Scared Famous? And why was it Alaska Thunderfuck?

VH1_AMA202 karma

Everyone was great to work with..Skyy frm Black Ink is so Dope.. I learnd alot frm Alaska really...She is a Go getter !!

beetman222 karma

What went wrong with Method and Red? It seemed like it had potential, but I heard rumors Fox mucked with the format a lot.

Any plans to try again with the rise of online streaming?

VH1_AMA412 karma

Yes they wanted to tamper with the writing of the show...and we couldnt allow that...Yes i want get into more streaming

elboogie7160 karma

Hi Redman! Been a fan since Whut? The Album.
My question is, who are your favorite rappers these days?
And, what upcoming movies are you most excited to see?

VH1_AMA301 karma

I dnt Have One favorite rapper...But TDE JCole JoeyBadass Royce 5,9 GunPlay Goldlink Boogie

spidermonkey94156 karma

I have to know. What is it like smoking with legends in the music industry? What's the funniest or most unexpected thing to happen? And...who were you most surprised smoked? By the way...your cadences are incredible.

VH1_AMA584 karma

Its A BLast smoking with Legends like Snoop and Breal. the Unexpected is Forgettn my MOms Bday while im smokn and its tattooed on my arm

BillyFromAccounting149 karma

Hey Redman, what do you do when you're feeling blue man?

VH1_AMA732 karma

Whn Im feeling Blue !! I go right to music..And Roll a Blunt ..And reflect..And ask my self why the hell am i feeling blue..And Most of the time its just bullshit

FigueroaYakYak142 karma

Can you tell me how to roll a blunt?

VH1_AMA289 karma

Yes i can..But i roll backwoods so theres never a perfect way to roll those..

mlavan118 karma

What was the craziest thing about growing up in Newark?

VH1_AMA394 karma

The craziest thng about grown up in Newark is actually makn it out Alive !

Treylucid116 karma

What's good Redman! When Cannabis becomes legal in the states are you gonna have a brand/strain that you officially endorse?

Also I'm willing to test out a few grows to find the right one, so let me know if you need any help

VH1_AMA337 karma

Ha ! Maybe havn my own strain..But im lookn at the bigger picture whn its legalized in the U.S period..I want to be the person behind the responsibilty of smokn and digesting cannibis correctly

Danimal1105 karma

Why doesn't McDonald's sell hotdogs?

VH1_AMA217 karma

I dnt knw i gotta ask Ronald!

d00ditsjeremy93 karma

What horror movie villain do you consider the scariest and which would you consider the biggest bitch?

If anything I think we can all agree Jason ain’t no bitch

VH1_AMA258 karma


KushTheKitten73 karma

Since it's almost Halloween, have you ever seen a ghost?

VH1_AMA202 karma

I thnk i seen the Ass of a ghost as it was leavn >>

VH1_AMA120 karma

a female ghost bit me on the ass while we were shooting "Scared Famous"

gekim73 karma

Saw you play with MethodMan at the Pemberton music festival up in BC a few years back, must say that was one hell of a performance. My question for you is, how much do you love that BC bud?

VH1_AMA118 karma

BC got Bomb Bud...

B0nes2964 karma

Who do you think are the top five artists of all time are?

VH1_AMA243 karma

KRS One Slick Rick Jay Z Eminem Grand Master Caz

Mild__sauce61 karma

Do you remember what ole’ dirty said?!

VH1_AMA60 karma

No i dnt remember ...

Georgehef60 karma

What was it like working with Jennifer Tilly in Seed of Chucky?

VH1_AMA112 karma


coolivan3352 karma

Aside from Scared Famous, whats other projects do you have lined up?

VH1_AMA117 karma

Im workn on Muddy Waters 2 bout to take crash directing class.. red and mef App " Blaze Now" Amber Lashae artist out atl RichMond hood store 827 Castleton Ave Staten Island

jbkicks49 karma

What's your favorite Method Man verse?

VH1_AMA110 karma

Favorite Mef Verse is P.L.O Style

masimbasqueeze45 karma

Yo redman! What do you think about the new hip-hop styles these days? What newer artists do you like?

VH1_AMA111 karma

The New HipHop is dope...just not that much originality.. new artist Boogie frm westcoast JOYNER LUCUS GOLD LINK TDE Crew JCole

MrJDouble44 karma

In terms of your music career, do you prefer recording, touring and performing your own tracks, or ghost writing for others?

VH1_AMA96 karma

I enjoy recording and being on tour..most of the time im writing on tour..I jsut love to work on my craft at any given time...

Covdoge43 karma

What's your thoughts on the new wave of rappers coming out now, and do you think they'll have the staying power that last generations rappers seem to have?

VH1_AMA135 karma

Good Question...The New Rappers are Great..Just Not to much Original Music..everythng sounds the same.. If they keep this rate up they WILLNOT have that longevity

lostinkmart39 karma

Scared Famous sounds really fun. Are there any behind the scenes or just funny story in general you have about being on this show? I’m looking forward to checking it out and I’m rooting for both you and Alaska!

VH1_AMA75 karma

Funny behind scene story....Not really Just honestly seeing everyone walkn up to the show all cocky..and ended up shittn a chicken whn they got scared !!

fxellbd1538 karma

How much of your music/acting have your kids listened to or watched?

VH1_AMA97 karma

My Kids not really into my music..maybe my movies they seen..reason it wasnt that many ! But they love they Magnitude of love i get frm fans that appreciate my craft !

d_Crookz7 karma

What are you listening to these days?

VH1_AMA12 karma

Im Listening to Oldie but Goodies.and TDE Gunplay Boogie frm west coast J Cole JOYNER LUCUS