My short bio: I was born in China and was adopted when I was 7. I go to Purdue. I play the saxophone and hacky sack. I have 7 siblings that are not blood related. OCA1 is my condition.

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c0llucci155 karma

Do you have a cool nickname like silver dragon or something like that ?

_Ged247 karma

No, but it would be awesome if it was silver dragon.

BrushedSpud59 karma

In Africa there is apparently a black market where those with Albinism are killed because of some misguided belief that their body parts are magical cures for things. Thoughts? Ps you are a cool Silver Dragon!

_Ged61 karma

Thank you!! I hope one day those people will learn that those with albinism do not have special powers we just lack pigment.

MatanKatan9 karma

Do people in China look down on albinism?

_Ged32 karma

There is a documentry called "The Children of the moon" it shows what it is like in China.

Knightperson2 karma

Could you give abrief summation?

_Ged19 karma

Its only a 7 minute video and it explains it better then i can.

MatanKatan1 karma

Cool. Thanks!

Are you in it?

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Gunguy50040 karma

Haha, hey man it's Brock, went to high school with you. Anyway, does sunscreen provide a long-term way for you to spend time on a sunny day, or does it only help slightly? How often do you need to re-apply it?

_Ged35 karma

Yo Brock, i hope you are doing well man!! Sunscreen does help when i apply it every 30 minutes. I really hate putting on sunscreen though.

190F1B443 karma

What's your favorite sunscreen?

_Ged5 karma

Banana boat

katiebuggc32 karma

Does the hair that grows on the rest of your body match your hair color, or does your body hair do what some very fair skinned people do and grow in splotchy or almost non-existent?

_Ged53 karma

Yeah all of the hair on my body is white as well.

ginga_gingaa21 karma

Do you live in the US? Here we have big conventions for people with albinism to meet up. I know of one that specifically happens every year in st. Louis. One of my good friends who has albinism attended and said it was great. You meet a ton of new friends from all over and basically party. You should go.

_Ged47 karma

I live in Indiana. I was actually planning on going this year.

Dx989818 karma

Have you gotten bullyed for how you look?

_Ged30 karma


A7XfoREVer_199918 karma

You mention you were adopted, but do you know if your biological parents had it?

_Ged44 karma

I lived in a orphanage so i have no clue who my biological parents are.

pmcutethingspls3 karma

What are your thoughts on DNA testing for it?

_Ged14 karma

You know if I could take some melanin pills to improve my vision i would.

pmcutethingspls2 karma

Ah I meant testing to see if you inherited it from your parents c:

_Ged4 karma


jerkwad15313 karma

Have you considered cosplaying as Michio Kaku?

_Ged7 karma

No i haven't

chandler_9912 karma

Do you need to wear sunscreen often? If not, do you get burnt?

_Ged28 karma

Yes. If i dont wear sunscreen i get burnt in about 10 min in the sun.

eastriverdriveII12 karma

how is your vision?

_Ged20 karma

About 20/250 in both eye. My right eye is a little better then my left.

m3ndacity3 karma

With or without corrective lenses?

I had an albino friend growing up with terrible vision, I didn't know it was related to him being albino though

_Ged11 karma

My corrected vission is still 20/bad. Most albinos have bad vision because lack of pigment

Tonto1158 karma

Does the carpet match the drapes?

_Ged7 karma


AzureRay7 karma

You look like a super saiyan. You're awesome silver dragon. We're you adopted from China? I didn't think many boys were out up for adoption in China.

_Ged6 karma

Yeah I was adopted from Hubei China. I am very lucky to have been chosen out of all the other children. Why me?

AzureRay2 karma

I have 2 cousins adopted from China. They are the sweetest and smartest girls ever. Do you think you were put up for your albinism?

_Ged3 karma

No, i feel like most people dont want albino children.

dirtysnachez5 karma

Are you bummed out that you weren't involved in the video clip for Jamie XX - Oh my Gosh ?

_Ged2 karma

Wow that is very intriguing. I've never seen that before so No.

chessman0075 karma


_Ged8 karma

Boiler Up

kosmizord4 karma

I know that you were bullied because how you look and that's bad, but in the other hand, did you ever get something nice because how you look? I mean, there is a lot of people that feel attracted by people with albinism.

_Ged9 karma

I do get like "cool hair" and that is always nice.

iPawEd3 karma

As someone who doesn't know a whole lot about albinism I have a couple of questions! 1. What are some of the ups and downs of albinism? 2. Is anything other than your skin, hair and eyes affected by albinism? 3. How is it having so awesome hair?!

Thanks for doing this and have a great day! :3

_Ged3 karma

Thank you! Down: many vision problems, burn easily, some social difficulties, school work, Up- cool hair, thick skin(can take any insult)

iPawEd1 karma

What are some of the social difficulties? Do you think some people won't approach you because of how you look?

_Ged2 karma

Yes i feel like most people dont approach me because of how i look. I cant see a facial expression. I cant see who is waving to me. I just cant see.

iPawEd1 karma

That last bit😂😂

Aren't there any corrective surgeries available? A family member (also Asian) got lasik surgery but would that do any good for you? I don't really know how it works though...

_Ged1 karma

No there are currently no surgery i know of that would improve my vision substantially.

_Ged2 karma

  1. Nothing i can think of.
  2. I like my hair so its cool.

lc0107012 karma

Is it quite uncommon for Asians to have albinism?

_Ged1 karma

Albinism occurs 1 in 17,000 i believe.

moosedroolmug2 karma

Wow you look amazing! Super cool Silver Dragon.
I worked with a couple of special needs kids with albinism, both had very bad eyesight. Is it also due to the lack of pigment? And wow thank for answering all these questions!

_Ged3 karma

Thank you! It is due to lack of pigment that i have poor vision.

Lovreli2 karma


_Ged3 karma

Not yet. I like anime though.

clockeroom2 karma

Thanks for this insight Silver Dragon! In regards to your orphanage, you mentioned you have fond memories of it, do you remember specific other kids/friends? Would you ever go back to see it and the workers ( who i assume if you have positive memories, would feel like old friends or family)?

_Ged1 karma

I dont remember anyone from my orphanage sadly. I have always wanted to go back and see my past.

louis__XIII2 karma

Do you still speak Mandarin/Cantonese?

_Ged2 karma

No i cant speak mandarin but i am taking a chinese class right now. 谢谢

AeonOdin2 karma

Does that say XieXie?

I can speak a very limited amount of Chinese thanks to Boarding School, but have literally zero experience with calligraphy. I'm just guessing from the context.

_Ged1 karma


Mantisbog2 karma

On a scale of 1 to 10 how upset would you be if David Cross made karate like motions towards you?

_Ged2 karma


eccentric-vagabond1 karma

what's your favourite cheese?

_Ged3 karma

String cheese

thatlongnameguy1 karma

Have you ever worn mascara for a (and excuse me here) more natural look?

_Ged9 karma

No i dont know how to put mascara on.

MorphineBear1 karma

If you don't mind me asking, what happened while you were in China before being adopted?

_Ged2 karma

I lived in an orphanage with other orphans. I liked it there but i had no clue there was an outside world.

TheLiberalHunter1 karma

Can you tan?

_Ged1 karma

No, i can get pretty pink though.

AeonOdin1 karma

Whats the dumbest question you frequently get about your condition?

Has anyone ever reacted with fear? Children or whatnot? How did you handle it?

Would you be attracted to another person with albinism?

Edit: stay proud, 银龙

_Ged4 karma

There are no dumb questions if you are trying to learn. I get a lot of eyes but i cant see peoples facial expressions. I have thick skin so i can take whatever is tossed at me(i probably wont see it lol). I like personality over physical beauty so i wouldnt know.

pmadcow1 karma

Were you in the music video Gosh by Jamie XX?

_Ged1 karma


forava71 karma

what is the biggest misconception people have about albinism?

_Ged5 karma

We have special powers.

readerbore1 karma

What ethnicity are your adopted parents?

_Ged2 karma

I dont know my biological parents.

readerbore1 karma

I meant the parents who adopted you

_Ged2 karma

They are American.

tigralfrosie1 karma

Do you realise just how many young people in Asian countries would give their right arm to have blond hair like yours?

p.s. check this article about a male albino model

_Ged1 karma

I never knew.

aleister941 karma

Do you have psychic powers like that movie powder?

_Ged6 karma

No but i wouldnt mind having it.

groggboy1 karma

Fellow Hoosier here and foster kid. How much do you think or wonder about your birth family? I have always thought albino women were so attractive. Like a magical unicorn. Do the boiler girls treat you right? Large adopted family were they motivated by religion to do this?

_Ged2 karma

I dont think about my birth parents. My parents have really big heart to adopt so many children.

Brokerzhangishere1 karma

Have you ever thought that back to China and find your biological parents?

_Ged1 karma

No, that would be very difficult.

great9rejects1 karma

How was school?

_Ged10 karma

It was difficult but i mostly got A anf B.

Deveecee1 karma

What's the worst you've ever been sunburnt?

_Ged2 karma

I was a young lad and it was my first summer in the US. I thought it would be a good idea to lay out in the sun like my siblings without any sunscreen. I had two blisters the size of golf balls on my shoulder blades. I couldnt lay on my back fior many days. Definitely one of the worst burns.

iamthespoke0 karma

I see people with albinism (is albino improper to say?) while out an about sometimes. I often think they look so cool, but never say anything. I wonder if they would be weirded out...

_Ged6 karma

If you see an albino just go uo to them and tell them they're cool.

timbobsquirepants0 karma

Nî xí huan Che shenme?

_Ged2 karma


Shadowbruin82-1 karma

Are you somebody's grandpa?

_Ged2 karma

Not yet!!