A new episode of my show, The Good Place, airs tonight at 8:30/7:30c on NBC. This season is extra fun, extra bonkers and EXTRA clam chowder. I hope you check it out! You can also catch up on the first season on Netflix.

In the meantime, ask me anything!

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SpiderG00SE3775 karma

Do you ever like to remind your daughters that youre a real disney princess? Do they ever ask you to sing like Anna?

KristenAnnieBell7697 karma

they dont really care. and they constantly tell me NOT to sing. they are BRUTAL

Sloshake2667 karma

How does Dax handle knowing your one true soul mate is Craig Ferguson? Can we forking get some flying cheeky monkeys around here!

KristenAnnieBell3045 karma

Dax is OK with it. Hes VERY open to anything. Hes a free spirit, and also often my wingman.

Rub_My_Brisket2502 karma

How have you managed to look the same age for your entire career? It's really impressive.

KristenAnnieBell3483 karma

good genes baby! and a high pitched voice. and staying out of the sun

fiddlenutz2022 karma

Would you confuse Dax and Zach Braff at a slight distance?

KristenAnnieBell2807 karma

absolulty. or in a dark hallway

KristenAnnieBell1999 karma

thanks for all the questions !! this was fun lets do it again sometime! good place new episode airs tonight at 830! xo

principaltamitaylor1724 karma

Hey Kristen!! Huge fan.

Any chance of a Veronica Mars reboot? You and Rob seem so into it! Why not make it happen?

KristenAnnieBell2186 karma

we are trying!

IntoTheBathysphere1712 karma

Favorite fun fact on sloths?

KristenAnnieBell4309 karma

they only poop once a week

raccoonbae1620 karma

Despite the fact I am almost 25 years old, can you and Dax adopt me?

KristenAnnieBell3780 karma

sure! are you good at chores? do you like waking up early with your new siblings so we can sleep? do you play catan? these are all requirements

ahotmess1605 karma

I fit this criteria. However, I will only play Catan if I can play the blue pieces.

KristenAnnieBell3354 karma

you are DEFINIETLY gonna get adopted since i love people with strong opinions

suaveknight1553 karma

Hi Kristen - long time listener, first time caller. What's it like working with Dax as a director, and how's life around the house when you're in the midst of doing a project together?

Love your work - as a dad with three daughters, I particularly love the character you created in Veronica Mars. My oldest and I binge-watched it together and we're both big fans.

KristenAnnieBell2170 karma

dax writes very wuickly. he can bang out a script in 3 weeks which is insane. he will check in to a hotel in the area to write without the kids buging him all day, adn we go visit him every 2 days or so. Hes phenomenally deciscive as a director and usually very stressed so i have to take good care of him while hes working

cmc1383 karma

Hi Kristen! I love The Good Place, such a great show!!

I also love reading the down-to-earth, realistic interviews you and your husband do about the reality of being in a serious/long-term relationship, with all its ups and downs. If you had one major piece of advice for other couples, what would it be?

KristenAnnieBell2425 karma

try hard. its uncomfortable, but worth it.

KristenAnnieBell2664 karma

also BE VULNERABLE. no one does it right. so forgive. and then be vulnerable again

chunkygirlmargherita1360 karma

Oh man, I just discovered The Good Place on Netflix and binged it all in one go. Love it!

What would would be in your own personal Bad Place? Mine would be a wardrobe full of shirts and blouses with one missing button.

KristenAnnieBell2006 karma

Mine would be Zero caffine, Zero naps,and constantly hearing 2 songs play at the same time.

chunkygirlmargherita489 karma

Jesus, I hadn't even contemplated the evil that would be a nap ban.

KristenAnnieBell681 karma


raccoonbae1012 karma

Can we see a sloth on The Good Place?

KristenAnnieBell2334 karma

we debated that this season actually and Mike Schur our creator is so thoughtful he actually asked me "would you be ok if a sloth was on the show? like, we dont want you to thinkwe are making fun of you or anything"

ben123111924 karma

Just wanna say that the good place is forking amazing and I love it so much! My question is do you think Tahani X Elanor could happen?

KristenAnnieBell1035 karma

I sure do. Im open to it.

HP-fandom-life907 karma

Are there any Good Places scenes youve had trouble filming from laughing so much?

KristenAnnieBell1827 karma

when mindy st clair first asks me for coke, i had tears coming out of my eyes and snot out of my nose i was laughing so hard

SerIlyn844 karma

Given the option, would you like to have been cast as Janet? That role seems like it would be a ton of fun.

KristenAnnieBell1005 karma

actually YES

Kimmelle696 karma

Still love watching and rewatching that Toto - Africa video you did with Dax. Who got the idea?

KristenAnnieBell978 karma

i decided noone looks at vaca pictures but maybe if we made a music video we would wanna rewatch it someday!

oscarwilliam680 karma

Was there ever a resolution with Dax's recliner in the middle of the living room?!

KristenAnnieBell1789 karma

the current "resolution" is that its too heavy for me to lift and he wont move it so its STILL IN THE LIVING ROOM

jabbid111660 karma

Hey Kristen, you've got amazing chemistry with all the late night hosts, and when you covered for Jimmy Kimmel earlier this year you killed. Just wondering if you've ever thought of hosting your own show?

Also what was your reaction when you found out about the twist at the end of season 1 of The Good Place?

KristenAnnieBell825 karma

ive thought about a show...but jimmy is a good friend and i see how its ALOT more work than many think it is so im not quite ready for that yet

raccoonbae571 karma

Is Jameela Jamil that gorgeous in real life?

KristenAnnieBell744 karma

yes! she is stunning. a total knockout :)

WallopyJoe205 karma

Follow up to this guy's question... What gives on only giving us 5 seconds of version #218?

KristenAnnieBell234 karma

hmmm i dont rememebr 218- weve have over 800!

shivan21559 karma

Can you tell us anything about the upcoming Frozen 2?

KristenAnnieBell1428 karma

I wish. but they are ALWAYS WATCHING

King_of_Krotch552 karma

How do you feel about koalas? They are quite similar to the sloth

KristenAnnieBell2619 karma

koalas get high off eucalyptus and most of them have chlamydia. these are facts

killjoy95546 karma

Hey Kristen, I recently saw the video of your fellow on-set actors reacting to the major S1 reveal. Their simultaneous gasps were hilarious to witness.

My question is, when did you find out about the reveal and, how did you handle it once you found out the truth?

KristenAnnieBell834 karma

i learned about it before i signed onto the show. before the pilot was even written. it was exciting and guilt inducing to keep that secret from my friends the whole season?

ZBeebs541 karma

You and Craig Ferguson had such an amazing chemistry together. Do you still stay in touch with him?

KristenAnnieBell646 karma

sure do :)

Raduev531 karma

The Good Place is so good, man. But, when are you finally going to guest star on iZombie? Voicework doesn't count!

KristenAnnieBell550 karma

i wish! in truth they shoot in vancouver so its hard for me to travel there with kids and all

shivan21521 karma

How did Anna make it to the Wreck-It Ralph 2? And will she be there for long?

KristenAnnieBell826 karma

ive seen the sequence we recorded and it is FUNNY AS HELL

mncs506 karma

What was your favorite of Veronica Mars's comebacks/snarky one liners? I fully admit to using some of them in real life.

KristenAnnieBell1698 karma

As VM changes a tire TROY: "FLAT?" VM: "IM JUST AS GOD MADE ME"

My_Name_Is_Christian455 karma

Do you play video games? If so, what are some of your favorite games?

KristenAnnieBell1472 karma

I havnt played in a VERY long time but i used to LOVE 007 and Mario cart on N64. that was my sweet spot. Now im very into board games

horsecave424 karma

Hi Kirsten,

Can we work on getting some more nudity into the good place? or at least get Jason's shirt off every now and then? asking for . . . a friend?

KristenAnnieBell534 karma

im on it

Huubidi348 karma

Hi Kristen, I think you are really funny in The Good Place, I binged the first season in a weekend and caught up to the episodes in season 2.

My question is, what is your favourite vegetarian or vegan food? Sincerely, a fan 😊

KristenAnnieBell560 karma

Im really into peas- in any form. fresh, frozen, stirfried, you name it. they are a great source of everything a veg needs

KristenAnnieBell621 karma

i also really love sourdough bread

hironoshimizu318 karma

There was a massive picture of your on the side of my bus, and I was wondering - have you ever seen an advert with your face on it in public, and how did that make you feel?

KristenAnnieBell665 karma

super wierd. i dont even like mirrors that much and a larger than life billboard makes me wanna puke

Obelisp302 karma

Eleanerd here. If The Good Place were on HBO, what would you do differently?

KristenAnnieBell664 karma


raccoonbae282 karma

Can Eleanor/Tahani be endgame?

KristenAnnieBell443 karma


Sloshake282 karma

Besides Settlers of Catan, what other board games are you playing?

KristenAnnieBell744 karma

we are too obsessed with catan to try anything else at the moment but i would like to try Pandemic or ticket to ride

madwit273 karma

Hi Kristen!!! I am in LOVE with you and with the Good Place. I don't think a show has ever hurt my brain as much as this one does. Can't wait for the new episode!!My question for you is, what is the funnest thing about working with Ted Danson?

edit: here's a relevant meme that made me laugh. https://twitter.com/JoshKurp/status/914941907234586624

KristenAnnieBell401 karma

watching him giggle when he breaks character, which is often

shivan21264 karma

Hi Kristen! When you were dubbing Anna in Frozen, did you already know how big hit it will become?

KristenAnnieBell494 karma

no- i mean i knew it was special- but the public temperature has to be right on to make a movie succeed so you never can really know if it will be a "hit"

-eDgAR-255 karma

Hi, thank you so much for doing this! I saw the video you took (Spoilers) of the cast's reation to the amazing twist at the end of season one of the Good Place. My question is, what was your reaction when you were told about it? Were you just as surprised?

KristenAnnieBell293 karma

i was told before the pilot was even written so i kept the secret the whole time!

JoshCarter4208 karma

Oh wow, I made it early to your AMA! Hi Kristen! I’m a huge fan, ever since your Lucy days in Assassin’s Creed. Loving The Good Place (foreshadowing in the first season was amazing!) and can’t wait for the episode coming out soon!

My questions:

  • It seems like everyone has such great chemistry in The Good Place. What are some of the most silly outtakes that’s happpened?

  • Is there such a thing as too many sloths? If yes, how many is too many?

P.S. Anna is my favourite Disney princess.

KristenAnnieBell304 karma

LOTS of weird dancing from William Jackson Harper on the Goop Place. Ill post some videos on my instagram for ya. NEVER TOO MANY SLOTHS

liamquane206 karma

Hi Mrs. Bell, I'm a huge fan of yours! Can I ask, what is the best thing a director can do for you on set? Thank you! :~)

KristenAnnieBell414 karma

be blunt! i love clear direction. DO this, DONT do that. quick and efficient.

liamquane179 karma

What attracted you to The Good Place? Congratuwelldone on the show's success! :~)

KristenAnnieBell297 karma

mike schur

polo0320169 karma

Hey Kristen. One quick question... if you and Dax were offered a spot on lip sync battle would you guys do it?

KristenAnnieBell734 karma

i think the show is amazing but it takes 8 hours to shoot and im pretty lazy

TheOlRedditWhileIPoo154 karma

If you could steal a smooch from any guy in Hollywood who would it be?

KristenAnnieBell348 karma

currently? hasan minhaj

thatsamusmain141 karma

Do you want to build a snowman?

KristenAnnieBell259 karma


classic_stars138 karma

Is the la-z boy still in the middle of your family room?

KristenAnnieBell209 karma

You bet

raccoonbae127 karma

is it normal to get Little Mary Sunshine stuck in my head at odd hours?

KristenAnnieBell205 karma

VERY Normal. used to happen to me all the time, i even made shirts for the crew that said "YOURE LOVED BY MARY LANE" and thanks to your reminding me, it will now be in my head all day

kitikitish125 karma

What's for dinner?

KristenAnnieBell273 karma

banza pasta with tomatoes and EVOO

Sulla_120 karma

Hi Kristen!

Are there any roles you've turned down that you wish you hadn't, or vice versa? Any upcoming projects you can tell us about?

KristenAnnieBell422 karma

real talk: ive pretty much taken every role ive ever gotten :) i just finished a movie for Netflix called "like Father" out next year- and bad moms 2 will be out in NOV

kermitsswampyears120 karma

What's your favourite cereal?

KristenAnnieBell350 karma

cinnamon life

HP-fandom-life120 karma

What show would you love to guest star on?

KristenAnnieBell365 karma

GOT !!

Sayra718119 karma

Do you often find yourself wonder if your husband and Ryan Hansen were separated at birth?

KristenAnnieBell160 karma

yes, yes i do

pinkdoggypyjamas116 karma

Kristen Bell. You beautiful son a bitch. You're so damn awesome!

If Veronica Mars and Jeannie Van Der Hooven were in a fight to the death, who would win?

KristenAnnieBell195 karma

WOOF. this is a tough one. i think we'd have to dig two graves

AlexanderChimp111 karma

Is Kathryn Hahn as funny as she seems? I always loved her on Parks and Recreation.

KristenAnnieBell136 karma

Kathryn is hilarious and kind. shes truly inspiring all the time. always has a smile on her face.

mcissquared103 karma

How do you deal with your mental health when you are so busy?

KristenAnnieBell238 karma

working out, checking in, self care

Raynosaurus97 karma

Hi Kristen, is Annie really your middle name? ILY

KristenAnnieBell225 karma

yes, and i was called annie until i was 16

HP-fandom-life89 karma

What would be your Bad Place torture?

Also, what advice would you give to someone who identifies with Chidi a little bit too much?

Thanks Kristen! The Good Place is my favorite show on tv by far!

KristenAnnieBell113 karma

No coffee, no naps

Cotton2587 karma

Hi Kristen! Other than Crosby who is your favorite parenthood character?

KristenAnnieBell318 karma

Mae whitman as amber. Or truthfully, Mae Whitman as Mae Whitman. shes the greatest light bulb we have

TheRogueFish81 karma

Kristen, after my divorce I spent a ridiculous amount of money on one of your campaigns for the homeless. The reward, besides helping them, was a date with you to your movie premier of Veronica Mars. To this day I will not even tell my new wife what I spent. I unfortunately did not win the date.  But at least the money went to a good cause! My question is Do you enjoy doing movies or TV better as an actress and why? Let me rephrase that, an AMAZING Actress!

KristenAnnieBell117 karma

thank you for donating!! yes it went to a great cause so you should feel good about that. i like TV better as it creates more of a family

ksvr72 karma

Holy shirt, it's back!

Loved season 1. Full disclosure: I refused to watch Veronica Mars or anything with you in it because I was an asshole and judged you by what I perceived to be a "cold" face. Finally watched you in House of Lies because the premise was too fun and Don Cheadle is Don Cheadle, now the hangup is gone and I'm a fan. I'm still an asshole, though. Have you ever made a really bad assumption of someone that was completely unwarranted, then found out you couldn't have been more wrong?

KristenAnnieBell97 karma

Sure have. Im constantly checking my instincts since i know books can NOT be judged by thier covers

SpicyThunder33570 karma

What would you do if life handed you some lemons?

KristenAnnieBell156 karma

squeeze em- and DRINK UP BABY

liamquane64 karma

What's it like producing films with your husband?

KristenAnnieBell90 karma

super fun

nicholasbloom54 karma

Do you relate to Anna in any way?

KristenAnnieBell147 karma

every single way. I helped shape who she was. Leading with her heart alwaya, goofy and clumsy but unafraid to take a challenge

haywood-jablomi42 karma

How often do you visit the mitten and where are your favorite place to go while your here?

KristenAnnieBell84 karma

about once a year and we love getting up to the lakes

telly1252334 karma

Hey! Huge fan of House of Lies. What is it like working with Don Cheadle?

KristenAnnieBell90 karma

don cheadle is a king. hes smart funny and a hell of a leader. and a great friend. he has no bad qualities which is very annoying

ninakll33 karma

What is the thing you are most grateful about?

KristenAnnieBell96 karma

my ability to maintain an optimistic attitude

flamingogirl2431 karma

Is there anything quirky that you ask for when on a tv or movie set from kraft services or in your trailer?

KristenAnnieBell75 karma

nope, im just happy i get a trailer

nine_t_nine26 karma

Hey Kristen!

I've got a four year old daughter, so needless to say we're big Frozen fans arround here. I regularly "call" Anna and Elsa to get my daughter to do things.

"Elsa doesn't wear pants so I don't have to. The cold doesn't bother me either!"

"No really, Reagan, I just spoke to Anna in the phone and she said Elsa wear pants in the winter. She's being facetious. Just put on some pants."

So thanks for being on call!

Anyhow, when Frozen 2 was announced, there was a campaign to give Elsa a girlfriend. I can see so many reasons why this would be an incredible idea, but I don't think Disney would ever go for it. Do you think Elsa should have a girlfriend in the sequel?

KristenAnnieBell70 karma

I think Elsa should have whoever she wants and would fully support her happiness

liamquane23 karma

What's the best film you've seen so far this year?

KristenAnnieBell100 karma

GET OUT- i saw it twice

Rpres7032419 karma

Dear Kristen,


I realized prior to the second episode of Season 2 in the Good Place that there needed to be an end game. If Eleanor and crew kept proving Michael wrong, eventually they would be sent to the "real" bad place where they have all sorts of fire brimstone torture scenarios. In comparison, the bad place Michael concocted was paradise.

So, I thought the only way that this story can continue would be to have either the crew realize it was the bad place but agree not to tell Michael or have Michael team up with them.

Do I get any points for debunking this? I mean, if Eleanor gets credit, I should get some credit. (Btw, if you check my twitter, you will see that I posted this theory well before the reveal. Also, do I get some bad place credit for talking about a theory that basically spoiled part of the show? But really, is it a spoiler? I mean anyone who is a fan of the show should have already seen that episode. Just saying. Not judging.

KristenAnnieBell42 karma


hironoshimizu17 karma

What are your feelings on the topic of Clam Chowder?

KristenAnnieBell68 karma

hold on, i have to puke real quick

asoiahats10 karma

Was the Sarah Marshall set as much fun as I think it was?

KristenAnnieBell6 karma


nicholasbloom8 karma

Any chance of Veronica mars returning?

KristenAnnieBell30 karma

theres always a chance ;)

hironoshimizu8 karma

do you have a favourite breed of dog?

KristenAnnieBell23 karma

i like mutts

Stumpy_Lump3 karma

What does a sloth smell Like? I've heard that they have a lot of bacteria and algae growing on them all the time.

KristenAnnieBell5 karma

they dont smell that bad

Kimmelle3 karma

Hey Kristen!

I love The Good Place and I'm so glad that a show with that much DIVERSITY has a female lead. Thank you so much for that.

My question: Among the many attempts of Michael for the Bad Place (2x02), what is the one you would've liked to see?

KristenAnnieBell6 karma

i would have loved to have that dog as my soulmate

drummerisme3 karma

Hey Kristen, huge fan. The Reefer Madness musical was my first and one of my favorite things you've done. Any talk of more musical type things in your future?

KristenAnnieBell4 karma

id certianly love to. ill sing any chance i get

ummagumma792 karma

Do you travel with your whole fam when you have to go away for work?

KristenAnnieBell5 karma

yep, we ususally always travel as a tribe

EKWhalen2 karma

I'm a mom to a 10 month old baby girl. Any advice?

KristenAnnieBell6 karma

read nurture shock, no drama discipine and teach her to sign ASAP

nickulo2 karma

How sure are you that your kid(s) are not Gordon Keith’s? Seeing how much obvious chemistry you guys have in these few interviews you’ve done I have my suspicions.

KristenAnnieBell5 karma

honestly, theres no way to know.