Hi guys, I've been a pornstar since 2011, was voted AVN Favorite Female Performer of the Year for 2017 and people seem to like me on Pornhub :). Been a while since my last IAMA. I'm back and ready to take on one or all of you!! I love boobies. Let's do this!

If you have more questions I will be answering them live on cam after this AMA on Camsoda.com

Proof: https://twitter.com/rileyreidx3/status/915237742090452992

I'll be answering questions here from 12-1pm EST/9-10am PST and then 10-11pm EST/7-8pm PST. After I'll go live on Camsoda.com at 11pm EST. I'll have some surprises ready!

edit: back for another hour guys!

edit 2: i'm live on camsoda now! come say hi reddit!

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Bigflatfoot162370 karma

Will you even fuck a fan? Asking for a friend

camsoda_com4084 karma

yes. answering for a friend

Rexplex1608 karma

Have you ever slept with a super famous celebrity? You don't need to tell us their name, but what industry?

camsoda_com4313 karma

naw not super famous. i hooked up with adam devine a few times from workaholics. that was fun :)

SirKillalot3D1600 karma

Can you reply so I can just tell my friends I'm friends with the greatest porn star to ever live? Cheers Neighbourino

camsoda_com3507 karma

tell your friends that they are pussy as bitches bc they didn't come and talk to me and you're my new favorite number 1 fan cause you here to support me boo and i love you and appreciate you!!!

mattreyu1418 karma

How often do people admit to recognizing you in person?

camsoda_com2135 karma

hahaha all the time. literally everywhere.

mattreyu891 karma

I can only imagine how awkward that can get, from people saying weird stuff to guys telling their wives that they recognized you because you're their accountant

camsoda_com2121 karma

the best was this girl who had her back pack and glasses and i was like are you even 18. she wasn't. i just had to walk away lol

Seanyates761251 karma

I must say I was really surprised to see you, Ethan, and Hila in the same photo https://imgur.com/NzfVYeo . An unexpected, yet awesome combination of people! Is there any more context you can provide about the pic? Furthermore would you ever consider doing an H3Podcast?

camsoda_com1560 karma

Hahaha that was an epic night. I actually am good friends with Justin Roliand and he invited me to come and celebrate new years at his place with just a small group and Ethan and Hila were there! It was so fun, we all ate some molly and just played games and swiggity snooty coming for that booty cllllll nighhttttttttt

orangejulius579 karma

How do you know Justin Roiland?

camsoda_com1383 karma

I reached out to him on twitter because i had some rick and morty questions. obviously I'm a huge fan and when i reached out and found out him nd dan harmon were fans I about flipped my shit. Dan harmon actually had me on his podcast Harmon Town. So much fun!

lxcx1249 karma

One a scale of one to double anal, how intense is your personal sex life?

camsoda_com1755 karma

lol my personal sex life is pretty chill at the moment. nothing too crazy. i mean i like to have 3 sums and stuff, is that wild?

ThurgoodLeroyJenkins1224 karma

Who are you and how do we Fuck?

camsoda_com1465 karma

meet me at my place at 8 pm? i'll be waiting

El_R51197 karma

Hey Riley, have you had any embarrassing moments when performing?

camsoda_com2542 karma

i mean everytime i queef i get embarrassed lol

X4ulZ4n1145 karma

Which celebrity, male or female, would you most like to do a scene with that isn't in the industry?

camsoda_com2923 karma

i really wanna fuck christopher walkin, can someone make this happen? i'll pay him

Willy_wonks_man1066 karma

Has anyone asked for nudes yet? Cuz that seems like the most obvious question.

I'm asking for nudes

camsoda_com1488 karma

am i allowed to post nudes??

Knips1042 karma

How do you keep from aging? Are you a vampire? In the business since 2011 and you still can pass as 18.

camsoda_com1261 karma

haha i swear its all the fucking i do!! lol honestly its just genetics. I mean I take good care of myself. I'm happy, i eat healthy food, i am always on my feet. I use Aseop as my skin care product lol

Kings-of-the-North995 karma

Yo riley, if you weren't a pornstar, what would you be?

camsoda_com3468 karma

a fish

KomodoMoses985 karma

Hi Riley! Are you actually tickllish or are you faking it in those ticklle videos?

camsoda_com1875 karma


HalfStroke984 karma

Most porn actresses have a career life span of 3 months, how did you make it so far?

camsoda_com1687 karma

idk you tell me?!? I think I'm just lucky with my fan base. or i just actually really love my jo. haha i mean most of the girls who come into porn aren't the smartest lets be honest. I think they get carried away in the money you can make being a hooker and why shoot porn for $1000 when you can be a hooker for $5000. I mean there are so many different things. maybe they don't like sex, maybe they start dating a guy who tells them to quit. Idk but i do know not many built their own website or actually love the shit out their job. I enjoy it and have fun and it shows. I think the camera can tell that i having a great time and so can my fans.

rondell_jones957 karma

What's your favorite spontaneous sex moment?

camsoda_com1555 karma

sex in a the uber

lol_okaysure912 karma

Would you rather fuck 1 horse size duck or 100 duck size horses?

camsoda_com1275 karma

you ask this all the time!!!!

jhurley98849 karma

Is the dad bod still in?

camsoda_com1204 karma

when is it not?

Vna43787 karma

Is it true that you went to Flanagan highschool? And how was the experience there ?

Student here currently it comes up quite often lol

camsoda_com1055 karma

i went to 3 high schools and that was one of them. i liked it

blueKolibri666 karma

How much money do you make per year? You don't have to be exact, I'm just curious.

camsoda_com1817 karma

shitttttttt wouldn't you like to knowwwwwww. Last year i made about $350,000.

gingerfishes656 karma

What is your favorite scene you've ever filmed? What outfit has been your favorite to wear?

camsoda_com872 karma

damn thats really hard! You can't put gg and bg porn in the same category!! but honestly my favorite stuff has been for my own website recently. I get to have the most creative fun with the makeup because I'm the one in charge encouraging it! So I think my birthday DP for my website is probably my current favorite.

gingerfishes408 karma

That's awesome! I'm glad you're loving being in charge and having that creativity. I tell my husband about you all the time. He's like, "babe, I know you love her. I get it."

camsoda_com490 karma

haha thanks so much for being a fan!! I love knowing i get ladies all hot and sexy feeling ;)

unrisen650 karma

Hey Riley, love your work. I wonder if you've had any weird encounters with fans? and if so what's the weirdest encounter you've had?

camsoda_com2048 karma

yea I mean i've had a few I can't lie. I think the worst was this guy when i was featuring dancing kept lying to the club and people just watching my show telling them I was his girlfriend and was trying to get back stage. it was creepy. i told him if he didn't start throwing $100 bills i'd have him kicked out. so he made it rain all over me with $100 bills ;) so it wasn't so bad

Price_Of_Soap758 karma

Even in your weird encounters, you come out ahead.

there's a joke here somewhere

camsoda_com786 karma

i know how to play the game :)

Javi_in_1080p642 karma

How did you and Remy LaCroix get so hateful? I always thought you two were best friends.

camsoda_com1809 karma

haha she's just so full of hate and doesn't like me. i think she's just jealous and maybe has some mental things going on because she's legit obsessed with me. She still posts hateful stuff even on her new private page that supposed to be all about family and baby shit. she's bored at home so she stalks me or posts hateful things that people love to share because they love to stir up drama. I just ignore her and don't feed her attention because i know its what she wants. We were friends but she went crazy, i mean she kinda went crazy on the whole porn industry. she probably has some demons she was battling and took out her anger on me. i don't fucking know! i just ignore her tho. i don't need that hate in my life. gross.

windingtime630 karma

What's the weirdest thing your mind has ever wandered to while you were being... how can I put this delicately... plowed?

camsoda_com638 karma

haha I actually have never really thought about that. honestly I'm usually just working and focusing on the moment. I also try to be a very present person and live in each moment. But either way when I'm shooting I'm paying attention where the camera is and if the director is trying to give me any hand signals like next position or whatnot.

Bestdick22590 karma

Are you single riley?

camsoda_com950 karma

yes lol which is funny because previous question. josh and I are taking a break too figure out what we want out of life right now. were still friends but I think our lives are j just headed different directions.

Manji2501579 karma

Ever think of writing a memoir or a different kind of book?

camsoda_com1166 karma

i wanna write kids books about my dog. I have a few concepts I already drew/wrote up :)

Travisangeles492 karma

Why have you not done any creampie scenes?

camsoda_com682 karma

only anal cream pie for my website!

captainhowdy27487 karma

Which common misconception bothers you the most?

camsoda_com1745 karma

the fact that people think pornstars are druggies or dumb. idk i save my money, I'm successful, i like to smoke weed but I'm not a drug addict! probably the worst is people think i have daddy issues bc i do porn. or that i was molested as a kid. like why can't i just do porn bc i always loved having sex with lots of people bc thats what it is! i was having orgys in highchool!

CursedArc9542453 karma

Hi Riley, just wondering if you'll be making anymore youtube videos in the near future? I really enjoyed the Dear Riley videos you made in the past.

camsoda_com450 karma

yes!! i've been so busy I just haven't had the chance! but yes I want to make more and more until there is no more!

Quadjoker410 karma

Have you ever slept with someone that somehow didnt know you are a pornstar?

camsoda_com518 karma

haha no i don't think so

MintberryCruuuunch564 karma

what would it take to have a threesome with my gf and i with my cat staring judgmentally in a dark corner of the room?

camsoda_com970 karma


ynot0404381 karma

Orgasms. What percentage of them are fake, what percentage of them are real?

camsoda_com1408 karma

do you wanna know if santa is real or not?

zacatecasblanco370 karma

Circumcised vs uncircumcised... do you have a preference and why?

camsoda_com1052 karma

just clean. thats all i want. a nice clean dick.

-acknowledged-365 karma

Will you play a role (make a voice) for Rick and Morty?

camsoda_com757 karma

if the gods allow it

AFX-355 karma

Hey Riley!

What would be included in your favorite sandwich?

camsoda_com694 karma

ohhh shittttttt!!! I fucking love me a sandwich! Fuck i love a variety of mustards, deli meats, tomato, cheese, and some greens. Make sure you toast up the bread first tho, I like it crunchyyyyy

thechamp2236353 karma

Hello Riley, love your work. I have 2 questions: 1-What fictional character would you love the most to have sex with?

2-How long are you considering staying in the industry for and what are your future plans after porn?

camsoda_com487 karma

oh nice questions. i think the joker would be a wild person to fuck, sounds reeky fun.

Idk when i'll quit, i'll know when the time comes.

MeeeKoH325 karma

Which actor or actress is your favourite to work with? Also who in your opinion is a promising up and comer

camsoda_com573 karma

lana rhoades is the new girl who's fun to work with and manuel ferrar never disappoints!

ProdigyIq311 karma

If you had to pick your most enjoyable moment in the porn industry, what would it be?

camsoda_com675 karma

thats too hardddddddd idk kissing all the pretty girls i get to kiss!

camsoda_com548 karma

winning all the awards at the AVN 2016 :)

Khal_Doggo282 karma

Do you prefer big dogs, small dogs, loooong dogs or cat dogs?

camsoda_com718 karma

lmao i prefer youuu <3 <3 <3

trixrr278 karma

Are you into psychedelics?

camsoda_com543 karma

yes yes and yes.

rileyashtonxox251 karma

Do you feel that the porn industry is degrading to women in anyway, or do you feel empowered by it? Do you ever feel like you're being degraded in scenes and how does that affect your self-worth (if it does at all)? Do your parents know you do porn?


PS: I love you

camsoda_com601 karma

I personally feel so empowered by the industry, I'm also the type of girl that always says I do what I want and mean it. I literally do what ever the fuck i want. When I see some scenes or like the porn on trenchcoatx.com I personally am so motivated and empowered. My favorite is when I'm producing/directing/styling/performing in a scene for my own website. To have this vision and then make it real is such a beautiful feeling and i love it so much. I have only found myself to care more for myself and others being in porn. It has taught be to be liberated and not care what people think of me. I guess there is this whole world you enter because I'm "taboo" so all these people judge so i automatically get a free filter to get the shitty people out of my life. I always say if i was a school teacher I would never know how my peers really feel about the girl on camera getting fucked, I would never know that they shame her. But because I am that girl I can see how low people can treat me and I know that they will never have the opportunity to know what kind of love and friendship i can share. Yes my whole family knows i do porn and everyone loves me and is proud. :)

cecenyxxx250 karma

riley how can girl fans get in ur pants? .. also askin for a friend

camsoda_com400 karma

haha slide into my dms

xoalexgrey244 karma

Hi Riley. I'm a huge fan of Alex Grey (hence the name) and I recently read on her twitter that she just met you for the first time. Is there a scene already in the works or do you plan on shooting her for your site? I would love to see a scene with the both of you.

camsoda_com341 karma

I deff wanna shoot her for my website! I'm actually already book up through january but I deff wanna get an anal scene with her for my website! she is so offing cute!

AQ90196 karma

Hey hey!

What's your favorite past time? and how do you feel about your profession overall?

Ninja edit: <3

camsoda_com316 karma

man I'll be honest i work too damn much. if I'm not shooting for other porn sites I'm doing something on the computer for mine. writing scripts, creating mood boards, etc. But when i force myself to not work i love hanging out with my friends, watching movies, hanging out with my dog. when its not a million degrees outside i love to go hiking

AQ9075 karma

Well, I hope you take some well deserved rest sometime soon, any movies you find particularly fascinating?

camsoda_com252 karma

oh i loveeeee movies! I'm a huge movie buff and i'm in love with baby driver and the whole soundtrack! i bought the album i was so obsessed. my favorite director is jim jaramush if you feel like watching some classic movies.

-four rooms -coffee and cigarettes -deathproof -night on earth

Drewpbalzac173 karma

Hey - love your work. How long does it take to recover from a gang-bang? Can you get right back in the saddle? Or does it take some time?

camsoda_com431 karma

haha i take a few days off work just bc I'm a princess

Captain_M0rg4n155 karma

How do I get you to come to my 21st birthday ?

camsoda_com340 karma

give me 1 million donuts

Jro997148 karma

Are you going to try Szechuan sauce when it’s available this Saturday? I’m a huge fan 😍

camsoda_com180 karma

haha who said I haven't already :)

mahaugony141 karma

What’s your favorite cereal?

camsoda_com375 karma

the kind with THC in it!! naw I'm super healthy i eat granola lol boring i know

airgibbo116 karma

Hey Riley, what do you watch other than Rick and Morty?

camsoda_com169 karma

lmao!! I don't watch much television honestly. thats pretty much the only show i watch ahahahahah

PUTINsTiTs105 karma

Do you prefer push or ride-on lawnmowers ?

camsoda_com216 karma

push! lets not be lazy!

MysticNippleRS89 karma

Do you enjoy anal or do you perform it mainly because it pays far better? (Couldn't think of a non-perverted question soz)

camsoda_com149 karma

haha i love it. i would never subject myself to such trama and so something just for money. that sounds horrible

Av_ion81 karma

What kind of job would you have if you weren’t in the porn industry ?

camsoda_com146 karma

can't think of anything witty enough to say....... :)

erotic_thunderpants81 karma

Hey Riley!! You're fucking awesome and I love your work. My question is this: If I told you I loved your skin and showed you my lotion collection, where would you put the lotion?

camsoda_com122 karma

on my skin??

Hendrixx1469 karma

When did u lose ur virginity? And ur favorite weed strain

camsoda_com152 karma

i lost it when i was 15 in the movie theater lol

I love indicasssssssssss

cwhack37 karma

Love your work, Riley; you're the most beautiful girl in porn. I do have one question for you:

What makes you thoroughly happy?

camsoda_com76 karma

lol oh thats not an easy question to answer on reddit. i think real peace and happiness just comes from acceptance to what is. taking care of your mental and physical self. Not just about doing your everyday tasks like going to work, but stretching, brushing your teeth. taking the time to do the little things that count. Idk plus I have a stay optimistic mood. I mean I feel like things can always get worse and I don't have it so bad so whats to complain about??

Bigflatfoot1632 karma

It seems you're kinda lying low right now. How's life?

camsoda_com180 karma

I am. I also have a new found hate for social media. lol so it's really hard for me to want to be apart of that world. which makes it seem as if I'm being distant. I just don't want to partake in the world hole life sucking effect that social media can have on peoples lives. i don't want people stuck looking at my instgram/twitter instead of living the life in front of them. idk i'm having a lot of conflict with the whole social media platform right now

ArcticRakun32 karma

Favorite Rick and Morty episode?

camsoda_com95 karma

awe geezee man thats a hard one.. Probably the interdemetional cables because they so gooddddddd

swinledge29 karma

Hey Riley, the only thing I miss about having snapchat is seeing your puppers 🐶

Anyways, do you play any video games? You seem like the kind of girl who would kick my ass on overwatch

camsoda_com23 karma

I know I don't really use snapchat much since instagram started the whole story thing! It's so lame but its hard going back and forth!

GoTxWhiteWolf18 karma

Hiya Riley, I'm a huge fan, love your work. I was wondering if you could give me advise on lubes. My girlfriend and I are looking to experiment with anal and I don't want to hurt her. Could you recommend a favorite brand or something? Gotta say that you're awesome! If you reply to this, thank you so much!! Stay Shwifty!!!

camsoda_com26 karma

i think the brand i use is pure. yea thats the one :) try that!

KniVEs415 karma

What made you transition into more hardcore pornography, and why was it money?

camsoda_com54 karma

It was just my growth as a performer. I mean I was always doing "hardcore" porn. I just didn't do anal because i didn't like it at the time. but after 4 years of having my butt hole licked I finally wanted to put a dick in it lol she just needed some warming up, even if it was a few years!

thebushchook15 karma

Flat earth or Round earth?

camsoda_com121 karma

cube earth.

nesa160215 karma

What can you say about Tommy Pistol? He is my favorite to watch along with you and Joanna Angel.

camsoda_com28 karma

ahhhhhH!!!! I love tommy pistol! I actually have him booked for my website for a halloween shoot I'm doing, "Killer Blowjobs" lol you'll love it. but yea i love him. he's a favorite.

HeadFishDog15 karma

Favorite MMA fighters? Please don't just say Luke Rockhold.

camsoda_com26 karma

i don't watch MMA.. or sports.. or television for that matter

SynthBanana15 karma

Hi Ril, worst and best position?

camsoda_com36 karma

well i mean it depends, do i need to try and find a camera lens because some of these positions like doggy is perfect until i have to twist like a pretzel to find the camera lol

stratossi12 karma

Hey Riley, you're cute as hell, anyways.. Just wanna know how long was your longest relationship, and was you being a pornstar ever a cause for a fight ? If that's too personal then just tell me if you like Harry Potter or not. Thaanks

camsoda_com30 karma

my longest relationship being in porn?? 2 years. shit i think thats the longest in general lol I'm also not the type of person to fight with someone. I'm logical enough to have civil conversations and when my lover is feeling uncomfortable or insecure.

MCsquared374512 karma

Hey Riley, there was a picture posted recently from Justin Roiland's twitter, I believe, with Ethan and Hila Klein, from h3h3 productions. How did this happen? Are you all friends? How did you meet? Huge fan, papa bless

camsoda_com23 karma

lol i answered this previously. I friends with Justin I just met Ethan and Hila the once. They were super funny and cool tho, I actually had no idea who they were when I met them. just two cool people :)

PM_Me_UR_LabiaMajor12 karma

I run a sub full of degenerates who like it when men/women put sharpies inside their orifices. Mostly butts, but also vaginas, mouths, and in one traumatic instance, even a urethra (link is extraordinarily NSFL).

Is there any chance you'd like to join our ranks, and take on the legendary r/SharpieChallenge?

camsoda_com94 karma

um. no.

bluefis11 karma

Coke or Pepsi?

camsoda_com137 karma

neither! they are both horrible and shitty people! Coke has said in court that you can replace water with coke. can you imagine??? if you gave your child coke and never water! So yea. i don't support them because they don't give a fuck about the consumer.

TheMadKiing8 karma

Hi Riley! Big fan, but my go to AMA question doesn't pertain to porn and I just need to know... How do you pronounce the word "vanilla?"

Vah-Nill-Uh or Vah-Nell-Uh

And yes your answer will determine whether I ever watch your scenes again..

camsoda_com12 karma

the first

Pwnaholic8 karma

Favorite pornstar by far. Gotta get in on that private Snapchat! But anyway, my question:

How would you say your relationships are affected by your profession? Pretty generic question but figured I would ask the best.

Thanks, and keep up the good work! <3

camsoda_com18 karma

Well i mean relationships are effected by all kinds of thing, including someones job. I've dated a few different people and some care and others don't but I find out times it does become a challenge. I think most people are raised with a certain mentality especially here in america its a very monogamous country. We don't have open shared love really, not in the mainstream world so being in love or dating a sex worker isn't really a norm nor do people really learn how to be in that kind of relationship. I think a lot of younger people feel different about it but even still I think the majority of people have the concept of marriage/kids/job because it's what we are taught for years of our lives. But yea it is dating being a pornstar, its hard making friends. But when i meet the people who are open and have a progressive mind then we bond like no other.

GustavoPetro8 karma

What games do you like to play?

camsoda_com29 karma

i like puzzles and card games. i'm old school

nyilkhan8 karma

What would your response be to feminists who think female porn stars are hurting their cause?

camsoda_com21 karma

i'd throw a dildo at them and tell them to go fuck themselves

issathrowaway174 karma

How do you feel about guys with cuckold fetishes, or just the fetish in general?

camsoda_com7 karma

I think its fun and hot ;)

cheese_derp3 karma

Hi Riley! If you weren't a porn star what would you rather be doing/what is something you'd like to do when you're done with porn?

PS you're my favorite! I was at Lightning in a bottle and so bummed I never ran into you there!

camsoda_com16 karma

id be doing your dad!! ohhh

sorry i used that one already ;) umm idk i do porn thats all we know about this world!

the3incher3 karma

do you ever feel a little guilty that most people have to work normal, boring jobs, and most probably get paid less than you?

camsoda_com17 karma

why should i feel guilty? its all your own choice. i choose to do porn instead of a basic boring job.

maxnotcharles3 karma

You’re pretty flippin awesome to say the least. Dating a member of the glitch mob probably turned you heavily onto electronic music and that being said, who’s your favorite electronic artists? Would highly reccomend FLUME if you haven't heard much of his shit

camsoda_com6 karma

it didn't occur to you that i was already into electronic music?!? some of my favorite electronic artist

weevil bonobo four tet

those are my three current favorites

camsoda_com2 karma


Ciaboo3 karma

Have you always been so confident? If not how did you become confident? I love your silly personality

camsoda_com20 karma

It's funny you say that because I think it wasn't until i started doing porn that i became so confident. I mean i always did what i wanted but thats pride and being stubborn lol. Im the kind who would hide in my closet under a pile of clothes to avoid confrontation. I listened to this audio book and it told me that the word courage originates from the word core, meaning from within the heart. to be courageous means you act from within what your heart feels. Also to feel courage you have to practice asks of courage so like being honest even when you don't want to be. Once you keep putting yourself out there and keep trying then you can eventually do it naturally. You can't practice giving a speech in front of 100 people you just have to go out there and do it.

Mr_Potamus2 karma

Who is your favorite character in Harry Potter and why?

camsoda_com8 karma

voldamort!!!! muahahahahahaaaaa

pumkinspicelatte2 karma

Riley, how did you meetup with a badass in THE GLITCH MOB(Josh Mayer)? Much love to the both of you. <3

camsoda_com8 karma

haha just through twitter. social media can really bring people together.

edgykitty1 karma

What has been your favorite experience that was opened up to you by being in the porn industry?

camsoda_com3 karma

honestly its just the people. once being in the industry it should be a world of people that i get to love and fuck and I was just consumed by that! from being raised in a religious judgmental home to coming to a world that is shared love and sexual freedom, i felt like i found my paradise.

Bomky1 karma

Hi Riley, big fan, love your back tattoo, its hot.

My question is do you genuinely like to swallow, or do you prefer something else?

camsoda_com3 karma

i love to swallow :)

bulletfanman1001 karma

Would you ever consider travelling to places you've never been to before? Any places you would like to visit or have been wanting to visit?

camsoda_com2 karma

of course! earlier this year i went to costa rica and never been there before :)

YoungOctobers1 karma

Would you actually take on all of us? Also you strike me as a gamer, are you? And if so what do you like to play?

camsoda_com2 karma

I actually try to have as little screen time as possible. I'm not too into tech stuff as much as I used to be just because idk i'm apart of this movement Time Well Spent. I know the gaming world is HUGE.