when you were sick or we may have met in a deli - I hang around near the cottage cheese. I’m here to explain, what Grumbling Mustard means and to clear up many other issues besides for the confused, the frightened and the lonely all over the US.

My Proof: https://twitter.com/thedylanmoran/status/910215882462289920

A big THANK YOU to everyone who submitted questions and a small one to those who didn't. I'm off to begin the Grumbling Mustard Tour here in the US starting... Today. Better Hurry.

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diran941792 karma

Black Books was my absolute favourite sitcom. Any chance of another sitcom type show in the future?

thedylanmoran3137 karma

I’m writing about 3 pilots for television and I hope to get something out before too long. There’s such a shortage of good television these days.

lillwange21215 karma

Everybody's home seems to have a distinct smell, not necessarily bad, just different. Nobody can smell their own home, though, as they are used to it. What do you think your home smells like and why?

thedylanmoran2618 karma

My home smells of 1941 Chateau d’Yquem and Pringles mingled beguilingly with yak

IWasSoLikeWhatever1034 karma

Hi Dylan, I'm a huge fan of your work.

My question is, when are you going to start cycling on the road? You are a fucking menace on the pavements around Bruntsfield?

thedylanmoran1195 karma

I cycle on the roads at night between 3 and 5am (not Wednesdays)

goxul635 karma

On a scale of 1-10, how drunk are you right now?

thedylanmoran2150 karma

How yare dou

RayPurchase610 karma

Hi Dylan, huge fan! What is your favourite memory of Black Books?

thedylanmoran1146 karma

I think the rehearsal room just before we taped the episode, and we all knew we had a good one in the bag. Watching Bill and Tamsin work was always a pleasure.

whybfu599 karma

Hi Mr. Moran, I love everything you do and have spent a considerable amount of time trying to convince my friends to watch your stuff so we can have more things to talk about. My question is - do you put your pants on like everybody else?

thedylanmoran2140 karma

Don’t be ridiculous, my staff hold my pants while I am lowered into them.

bleurgh6969531 karma

Is there annnnnnnny chance of a return of Bernard Black?

thedylanmoran1642 karma

No. I do sometimes think about what might have happened to the characters 20 years on. I thought Manny would be quite settled and successful, Fran would not have changed, and Bernard would be dead, or at least auditioning for that kind of role.

Teapunk00513 karma

What's the worst decision you made career-wise?

thedylanmoran2507 karma

Turning down ‘Titanic’, no way was I going to let him draw me naked.

zpatnac377 karma

is there any new project you with pegg, frost and wright? do you all joke about this everytime you see each other? thanks and love

thedylanmoran1199 karma

They are talented guys and they will always be busy. I have a couple of situations going on right now, including a peanut spillage in my hotel room.

Harveymog362 karma

At one of your stand up shows, you said vegetarians who go to dinner parties should find their own dinner in the garden 😂 What are your thoughts on vegans?!?!

thedylanmoran1210 karma

Vegans are allowed. But they are not allowed to talk about their pretendy cheese. Or anything else. They also have to do chores, like milk the yak and make sausages.


Are their any plans for another stand up special? I love your work :)

thedylanmoran647 karma

Yes we’re talking about doing something, possibly here in the US. Once I get together. I mean ‘It’. I mean once I get ‘It’ and ‘Together’ together.

B34RD298 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA! Looking forward to seeing you again in Minneapolis.

A few things:

1) What inspires your drawing and other art?

2) At the end of a show here you asked 'what more do you want?' and I resisted the urge to shout out 'another tv series!' I know you've described the work for Black Books as enormous, but what are your thoughts on being in another show? I have no clue, but maybe a netflix original would be less demanding?

3) Finally...is there anything you'd like us to know about you?

thedylanmoran905 karma

  1. It’s very difficult to explain and requires a lot of preparation. First of all I find a dimly lit damp room, and I lie on the floor for days at a time then I might draw a hat.

  2. Thank you for trying to solve the problem of me expending any energy. What do you plan to do about the stairs everywhere?

  3. I speak cat. I know what they’re up to.

blubbbersushiblub263 karma

Do you feel you have gotten more or less cynical with age?

thedylanmoran921 karma

You have to decide to actively not go that way otherwise you end up sounding like a NY taxi driver who hasn’t had a break in 3 or 4 thousand years.

groarium234 karma

Hello Dylan! Do you support any soccer/football team?

thedylanmoran1519 karma

I support all of them, they’re all making tremendous efforts. They should be allowed to concentrate on their work and not be bothered by television cameras, or people.

Svaxy207 karma

You came to Bulgaria in February 2016 are there any plans for a second run to the not so middle east?

thedylanmoran662 karma

I and my entire extended family are moving to Bulgaria. We love the humidity and bananas.

wholigan1148 karma

asking the obvious: What does Grumbling Mustard mean?

thedylanmoran359 karma

The best way to answer it is for you to see the show but its partly about how your life and the world appears to you when you are the last person up at home

TheRudim3nt114 karma

I got to see you for the first time in Boston, MA, last year. Never laughed so hard at a show in my life.

I was wondering, when you do these tours and shows, do you ever step out after the show to meet the audience, or is that something you see as outside the purview of what you do?

EDIT: Apologies if that came off as rude. Not the intention. Just an acknowledgement that you have particular views on aspects of your career, like social media, and I wasn't sure if that extended to fan interaction.

thedylanmoran401 karma

I do of course say hi and thank you for coming if I bump into people. Social media stuff has passed me by somewhat - I couldn’t do this for instance - without help. I’m mystified why anybody might want a picture of me when they could have something nice like the Grand Canyon or a nice box of kittens. Live ones.

EclairCake98 karma

What kind of Cake should I bring to you washington DC's event?

thedylanmoran238 karma

A cooling cake with a fan inside

wendish85 karma

Hello Mr. M. What is your favorite childhood book?

thedylanmoran219 karma

I’ll give you a different answer tomorrow but I remember really liking an American Author called Betsy Byars who wrote terrific little book called the ‘18th Emergency’

dgeister75 karma

Can't wait to see you perform in St. Louis, Missouri on October 8th. Please do not cancel the show! The media has been blowing our current situation out of proportion. What is the worst job you have ever had? I heard you didn't like working for the florist, but surely that wasn't the worst.

thedylanmoran166 karma

I’m looking forward to St. Louis and hope the situation gets better for everyone quickly. I’ve been pretty lucky with work.

Harveymog36 karma

Hey Dylan, at one of your stand up shows, you said vegetarians who go to dinner parties should find their own dinner in the garden 😂What are your thoughts on vegans?!?!

thedylanmoran163 karma