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Razor07233 karma

Hi Audrey! I wanted to ask if you played any video games and if so what game is your favourite?

Givemebroccoli3 karma

No because I don't have a console but I would have loved to have one! Video games are amazing!

writerwhocantspell3 karma

Hi Audrey!

I don't know that I really have a question for you, but in a lot of ways you remind me of the sisters I nanny. They're five and nine and both have Type 1 diabetes. It complicates everything and at times they get upset about it (especially the older one who understands a little better that this is a forever thing), but they don't let it define them. They love playing with each other and their barbies and cats and coloring and just being kids. They have both have pen pals and when they describe themselves, their diabetes doesn't even come up.

So I guess my question is, how would you describe yourself? What do you think makes you yourself and what is your favorite part of being you?

Sending happy thoughts your way!

Givemebroccoli4 karma

Hi! I think I think I'm funny, generous and according to my sister I'm cool B) my favorite part of being me is that I rarely get upset or angry with anyone, my parents say that it means I'm a good kind person :)

Zillie773 karma

Can you guys put in a better link to your gofundme account? I had to type it in-I am just worried that other people might give up.

Audrey-you are awesome! ❤️

Givemebroccoli3 karma

(sister) yes, thank you for letting me know! And Audrey is saying thank you <3 <3

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Givemebroccoli14 karma

I don't have a dog sorry but aunt Mina has one and he is so so cute, I wish I had one I get really bored at the hospital

_ser_kay_9 karma

I've seen in a few of your answers that you like dogs. Here are mine, if you'd like to see them :) They're all wiener dogs. The black one is named Penny, the red-and-white one is named Reid, and the really old one is named Oscar.

Givemebroccoli13 karma

Super cute doggies!!! Thank you for sharing this is awesome!!


TedAlBundy2 karma

I am not religious but I will pray that you recover despite what your doctors say.

How do you feel?

Givemebroccoli3 karma

Thank you! Right now I feel very happy, a bit tired because it's very late for me but this is the best idea I've had and I don't want it to end!

lastseenleaving2 karma

What are your favorite movies? What's your favorite song? Who is funnier you or your sister who likes broccoli with mayo??

Givemebroccoli7 karma

The jungle book! Favorite song the song in the jungle book, the french version is funny!


ph3l0n1 karma

Hi Audrey, If you could do one thing in this world? What would it be and why?

Givemebroccoli14 karma

Heal and heal other children because no one deserves diseases and everyone deserves to be healthy and with their parents forever!

emplah1 karma

What do you do to stop being bored when you're in hospital?

Givemebroccoli3 karma

Draw, read, create jewelery while I wait for my sister or parents to come visit me