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HerrdingerJerr12 karma

Are you from Louisiana?

stacybeardenart10 karma

I sure am. Born and raised in Louisiana. I wouldn't live anywhere else!

HerrdingerJerr7 karma

Love it! Growing up we had a dog name Phydeaux. I'll defiantly have to check out the book for my goddaughter.

stacybeardenart5 karma

Thanks! If you order it from my website I can autograph it to her!

Withheld_2099 karma

Fun title- did it ever get changed or was it the same from the beginning? I know that titles get changed sometimes.

stacybeardenart7 karma

Thanks. The title and most everything I wrote was kept as-is. The art went through multiple revisions. Pelican is a Louisiana based publisher, so the title was perfect for them. I'm really branding this book for Louisiana, and partly because I pitched it to Pelican Publishing who specializes in Louisiana books.

vonzyy5 karma

Any advice for aspiring illustrators? Did you focus on art or writing in school?

stacybeardenart5 karma

I have a degree in Piano Education. The advice I can give illustrators is to draw every single day. Draw things in which you aren't necessarily interested, and make them appealing. Try to illustrate some short stories for practice. Comic books are great teachers, too.

vonzyy2 karma

Thanks! Follow up: who are your biggest illustration influences?

stacybeardenart2 karma

I'm going to go with comic book artists here. Jim Lee, Raphael Grampa, Alex Ross, Todd McFarlane, Otis Frampton, McQuary.

jackydullboy4 karma

How many books/pieces did you write before you felt like you were ready to try and get one published?

stacybeardenart4 karma

I write short stories, but this was my first attempt at a children's book. I'm a pianist by day, so this started as a fun way to use my art for a larger project. I just did this and gave it a shot. Sometimes things work out!

jackydullboy3 karma

Wow, very cool! Thanks for answering and congrats.

stacybeardenart1 karma

Thanks so much.

littlestrongheart4 karma

I am not from America and do not get the reference with the title. What is the reference?

stacybeardenart6 karma

Mosquitos are plentiful in Louisiana. So much so that we jokingly call them the state bird. The name Boudreaux is a common Cajun name.

littlestrongheart1 karma

Thank you for the explanation! :)

stacybeardenart2 karma

Thank you for participating!

ASwanInTokyo3 karma

How did you go about getting published? Like what was the technique, how did you find publishers?

stacybeardenart7 karma

I think this was meant to be, because I looked for a Louisiana publisher, mailed it in, and they asked me to not sign a contract with anyone else until they talked with me first. But as I said above, I was a Louisiana author/artist pitching a Louisiana book to a Louisiana publishing business. It was the first and only publisher I sent the book to, and I realize that is NOT typical.

Madhouse1002 karma

Did you do the story or the drawings first?

stacybeardenart3 karma

For this one I knew the outline of the idea I wanted, so I did all the art first. The story, being for ages 3-8, was not complex. It's about the mosquito meeting the animals along his way to learn what he eats. Either way would have worked.

ClimbingTheWalls697-6 karma

When did they start allowing people to read in Louisiana?

stacybeardenart8 karma

I think just before they published my book, so I'm pretty lucky.