My short bio:

I currently serve as a Royal Guard for the danish Royal Family, I have recently (apx. 2½ month ago) finished basic training, and I'm currently guarding Her Majesty the Queen and her family.

The danish Royal Guards is a part of the danish military and are first trained as soldiers and then trained for the ceremonial part.

I will try to answer your questions as best as I can, and I'm sorry if there is any delay between my responses, you know... work.

Oh and there will be things in which I am not allowed to answer, to protect the guards and the royal family.

Ask away.

My Proof: Here's a link for a few pictures of me.

My Proof

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JaL3J22 karma

Really good photos in proof.

M-Friis8 karma

Thank you.

haydn13219 karma


M-Friis36 karma

To be honest, never.

FreudEtAl14 karma

I absolutely understand that. Just imagine how awful it would have been for you if you grew up here in Sweden instead, and no one would ever understand a single word of what you were saying.

Big hugs from Sweden!

M-Friis10 karma

Big love brother.

Mamamayan15 karma

What are your long term career goals?

M-Friis23 karma

I want a leadership education, I have already begun my trials to start sergeant training.

Lenin_Black13 karma

If the Queen decided that she has had enough of democracy and wanted to establish an absolutist monarchy, would the Royal Guard be obliged to support her, or would the Guard just carry on as usual?

M-Friis8 karma

We would just carry on as usual.

jpwhite619611 karma

If other foreign royalty comes to visit would you ever do joint ceremonies with their royal guard?

M-Friis13 karma

That depends on a lot of things, I have only experienced it once.

jpwhite61969 karma

Interesting. Also Im an American but I actually lived in Copenhagen for a couple months and I used to walk past you guys all the time. I'm a big fan of the black hats.

M-Friis12 karma

I'm glad you got the chance to see us, hopefully you enjoyed it and your time in Copenhagen?

alexs0019 karma

Which is your favourite butter cookie? I like the kringle/pretzel best.

M-Friis12 karma

Can I say all of them?

theflamingskull9 karma

How uncomfortably warm is that hat?

M-Friis16 karma

It is very... very warm! But it also shields my head from the sun when I stand at ease, so you gotta give it credit where credit is due.

cantmakeupcoolname7 karma

I'd suppose the strap under your lip is more uncomfortable

M-Friis7 karma

Not really, you actually end up forgetting that it is there.

Alkaladar8 karma

I was on exchange years ago to Denmark. I was outside some palace where the prince was staying and I was pressing the intercom button telling the prince to come out and face me like a man. Why didn't he?

M-Friis7 karma

Maybe you pressed the wrong button?

mwmalone7 karma

What is your most favorite, and least favorite thing about your job? And those hat's are awesome!

M-Friis24 karma

My most favorite thing would be the feeling of being a part of something a lot larger than yourself and also the fact that you gain so much self-discipline and attitude from this.

My least favorite thing would be... hmm.. Either it's the loooooooong working hours or the annoying tourists that doesn't understand the fact that they are NOT allowed to touch me, or stand right next to me.

dermac2 karma

or stand right next to me.

What's the best way to take a picture with you or your colleagues, if one exists at all.

M-Friis4 karma

Approach politely and ask if you can come closer, the guard will tell you when you get too close, just remember that distance, and do not try to get closer. Then you will have a great opportunity to take a picture.

IHateAudible7 karma

Have you met the royal family? If so, have you talked to them?

M-Friis17 karma

I have not spoken with them, and I don't think I will.

I have been in their presence a lot tho.

Mamamayan7 karma

How much traveling does it involve for you?

M-Friis7 karma

Only to the locations I have to stand guard. As an example we walk as a parade to Amalienborg in Denmark every day.

quaffwine5 karma

Nice one mate, was on the Copenhagen - Hillerod train last week and atarted talking to two RGs who've been in a similar time but were national service (conscript) guys. I'm part Danish but a Royal Marine back in the UK so was loving it.

How do the regulars and the conscripts get along in training etc? Are standards similar?

Btw, they were moving to Flensborg (another royal residence) as of last week and had been in for many 2 months or so, so may have been your bunch?

M-Friis2 karma

It might have been, can't say for sure before I see their markings.

We get along quite well, ofc there's always the internal competetive hate to become the best group/regiment, but we all work well together if needed.

Have a nice day commando.

Old_man_Trafford5 karma

Marry, Fuck, Kill: Norway, Sweden, Finland?

M-Friis4 karma

Oh that is a tough one. Let me think about it.

SaltySolomon4 karma

Is your job primarily ceremonial or do you also care for the security of the royal familiy?

M-Friis8 karma

We're a huge part of the security force of the Royal family and their palaces, so the ceremonial part is only for looks, beneath that we're soldiers.

SaltySolomon3 karma

When not being part of a ceremony, are you wearing normal uniforms?

M-Friis3 karma

It depends on where you're on duty, if you're guarding Amalienborg, then we wear the ceremonial uniform, but if you're guarding the Fortress (Kastellet) then we wear our normal uniform.

SaltySolomon2 karma

So what is your favourite part about your job?

M-Friis1 karma

Being able to be part of something a heck of a lot bigger than myself and my ego.

suckbothmydicks3 karma

I saw your two rows walking through Gothersgade (in Copenhagen) the other day. Why do you do that?

M-Friis6 karma

We walk from the barracks to Amalienborg to change the guards, and then they walk home. That happens every day.

suckbothmydicks5 karma

So you´re just moving your asses through town, got it.

M-Friis4 karma

Free transport for the military.

GraafBerengeur3 karma

Hvor i Danmark er du fra?

Og jeg kender én fra Aabenraa, der blev kongelig livgarde da han blev færdig med gym i 2014. Kan det være du har mødt ham? Jeg skal nok ikke sige hans navn her, men hans initialer er O.T. :) stor, blond fyr, havde været barmand før. Hvis du har, og stadig har kontakt med ham, så må du gerne hilse ham fra Belgieren!

M-Friis5 karma

To keep this so people can understand it, I will answer in English.

GraafBerengeur is asking where I am from (in Denmark) and I currently live in Naestved, but grew up in a small town called Bevtoft in the southern part of Jutland.

He is then asking whether I know a specific person, which I sadly don't - If I get the chance to meet him, I will be sure to greet him from The Belgian.

Aidans153 karma

How similar is your position the the Queens Guard in England?

M-Friis8 karma

Very similar, except that our guns are always loaded. Major credit to the Queens Guard in England, they're some badass soldiers.

thinkB4WeSpeak3 karma

Will you always remain a royal guard or is it a special assignment like the Old Guard in the U.S. military?

M-Friis7 karma

There's a chance that I can become a sergeant in the Royal Guard if I prove myself to be good enough, but it is a special assignment.

Hecate843 karma

Do you have special training in case of bombs/terrorism?

M-Friis2 karma


GraafBerengeur2 karma

Could you elaborate?

M-Friis4 karma

Sadly I cannot - we're taught to be a soldier first, a parade guard second.

leclittoris3 karma

On a personal level, what are some of your favorite films?

M-Friis12 karma

Somehow I really love and always have loved the first Starship Troopers, oh an I'm a huge fan of Star Wars.

skitech4 karma

Starship troopers is so wonderfully silly. If you haven't you should check out Galaxy Quest seems like something you might enjoy.

M-Friis1 karma

It's noted, I will give it a look.

SIL3N7_ELIT34 karma

I think you will really like it, Galaxy Quest is amazing. Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, Sigourney Weaver and uhhhhhhhhhhhh whispers Tim Allen. You can't go wrong

M-Friis1 karma

Thank you for the advice on my next watch.

cARBONTacTIctZ3 karma

Why are you not allowed to lean on the lamp posts?

M-Friis16 karma

Because it's a lamp, it's not meant to be leaned on.

AgentElman2 karma

How much do you know of the history of your unit and the Danish military in general? Do they teach you that?

M-Friis1 karma

I know a fair bit, and yes we are taught some - but encouraged to read up on it ourselves.

KarlVonHapsburg2 karma

Are those Bear-Skin Shakos hot in the summer?

M-Friis1 karma

Yes, a lot.

jnetelle2 karma

What kind of physical training do you do after finishing basic training? Btw, congrats on completing basic training.

M-Friis2 karma

Thank you very much, well it's up to the individual person, but I train my core, and then I run.

[deleted]2 karma

What led you to become a royal guard and how do you feel about your position? Is it something you've always wanted to do or did you just fall into it?

M-Friis14 karma

There's a few things that led me to pick the Royal Guard. My Grandfather used to be a part of the Royal Guards nearly 60 years ago, and he always spoke highly of it.

I also wanted to be part of something special, something bigger than just myself.

The Royal Guard has the one of the hardest basic training in our conscription program, which eventually also influenced my decision.

I love being a part of it, I feel honored being a part of a regiment that is filled with honor, tradition and purpose.

Anon-Floofer2 karma

What's standard procedure for an attack on the palace?

M-Friis2 karma

To defend and fight back.

chickenwingsaregreat2 karma

Do you ever shag tourists that leave you numbers or wait for you after your shift?? Appreciate what you do, from the US!!

M-Friis1 karma

Haha they will have to wait for a looooong time for a guard to finish his shift - but I don't... my girlfriend wouldn't approve. haha

Though some of the other guards are having a lot of luck using the title when they go out drinking.

Alistarir2 karma

Are you trained with swords or other blades at all, or is it only guns?

M-Friis2 karma

We're not trained with swords or blades, I wish we were tho.

Burningmeatstick2 karma

Did you have to deal with annoying tourists?

M-Friis1 karma

Yes, that happens pretty often - but I try to start off by being polite.

VisLegis2 karma

Hello. How heavy are those hats?

M-Friis1 karma

I have no clue, but not that much imo.

hellomymellowfellow2 karma


I used to live in Copenhagen and went to watch the changing of the guard a few times.

My friend told me a few years back, she and some other female friends got invited to a party after meeting some of the guards by the palace. My question is: how often do you talk to tourists or is it like in London where you have to be silent and professional?

M-Friis2 karma

It's nice that you got to see the changing of the guard, I hope you enjoyed it.

We're not allwed to have conversations with people, we can answer questions with short and precise answers though. The things I say the most are usually "keep distance" "further back" "keep distance to the palace!" "Move away from the guard tower!".

hellomymellowfellow2 karma

Is army conscription mandatory across Denmark and is that how you moved onto the Queen's Guard? I never got a definitive answer from the locals.

M-Friis2 karma

Only a specific amount (low) are forced into conscription, the rest is voulenteers. The Queens Guard are all voulenteers, we can't have people protecting the queen, who doesn't want to be there.

Gemusen2 karma

By chance, if one of the royals asked you to do something for them, are you required to or is it not something required of you? By 'something' I mean follow me, or get me something.

M-Friis1 karma

We're guards, not servants.

The Royal family knows this, and they know that we cannot leave our post unattended, they have people that gets them stuff if they can't themselves.

The "follow me" example all depends on the situation, and most likely we would follow them, and get another guard to come to the post. (the ones in the guard room)

Chaspen2 karma

What do you think of foreigners mocking Queens Guardsmen? Such as imitating the walk, and the mannerisms?

M-Friis1 karma

Well for starters; I do not find their mockery funny, but they're not trying to humor me.

It's okay to some extent, it all depends on the situation and the level of mockery. If it disturbs me too much, then I will order them to leave the palace yard.

Victolabs2 karma

Random question.

Your on guard and what looks like a regular joe starts walking by you. But all of a sudden he stops, lights a flair, starts tap dancing his way down the sidewalk. What do you do?

M-Friis3 karma

I'd make sure the police knows about that flare, and then I'd just wonder why he is spending his valuable time doing that.

zakawer21 karma

Do you have actual combat experience or training? I would expect a royal guard to be badass and directly protect the royal family from violent attacks by attacking the provokers with their weapons, instead of just serving a stupid ceremonial role.

M-Friis9 karma

As written in the bio, we're trained as soldiers first, we practised a lot of sharp shooting with our rifles, and we have been trained in combat.

As it is a special assignment for the conscriptee's of this regiment they have no actual combat expericence because of the lack of deployments, but don't get confused... We will defend and protect the royal families, no matter the cost.

Putachencko-1 karma


M-Friis2 karma

Why what, Why I joined?

citoloco-2 karma

From Wiki:

Active personnel 15,034 military and 4,877 civilian (1 January 2016) Reserve personnel 12,000 + 51,000 volunteers in the Home Guard

Population • January 2017 estimate 5,748,769 (112th) • Faroe Islands 49,884 • Greenland 55,860

Why even have a military if this is the best you can do? Just put more cops on the streets. Then surrender ASAP when Swedes roll in.

M-Friis2 karma

I honestly don't get why Sweden and Denmark have to fight eachother all the time, both sides have won, and both sides have lost.

In my honest opinion we would gain a lot more from working together than working against eachother.

crackdaddy8k-3 karma

How can you take honor in this job?

Its a fucking joke and so is our royal family.

M-Friis7 karma

I find a lot of personal honor in doing this job, I do because I am proud to serve.

The rest is your own opinion, and you're free to have it, I just don't share it.

wolfoflone-16 karma

How worried are you about radical Muslims attacking the monarchy?

M-Friis30 karma

I personally do not believe that religion has anything to do with the terrible things that are going on in Europe and all around the world.

But to answer your question properly, it's not something that I worry about, we're just more aware of our surroundings and the people around us.

Conn3ct3d-20 karma

Are you being some sort of extremely politically correct apologist twat, or do you honestly believe it's just a incredible coincidence that the attackers are always Muslims?

M-Friis11 karma

There's no need to to turn this in to a religious discussion, therefore I will not spend my time answering your question - if you have any problems, then I will have to have a moderator take over.