Hi Reddit! I’m Joelle, the Social Media Coordinator for Mofos, a porn site that specializes in POV videos. I’m here with the Mofos team to answer any and all of your burning questions. We’ll talk about anything – behind the scenes, production questions to the weirdest things we had to photo shop out. If you got a weird question, we want to answer it.

Edited We had a great time guys! We hope you did as well!

Team members here to answer your questions: (Me) Joelle – Social Media Coordinator Bruce – Product Manager Bors – UI/UX Designer Joe – Video Editor Daran – Ads Mark – Ads/Video editor Jeffrey – Production Lead Jon – Scriptwriter Erin - Scriptwriter

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BigGuysBlitz156 karma

Do you ever wish that you could go back and make a full length, plot driven movie like they used to do in the late 70's?

MofosOfficial255 karma

Not really. That's not really our brand identity. But Jeffrey, our Production Lead, would like to produce a 400 minute porn but is afraid you'd bust a nut in the first 12.

Harmbar133 karma

I've always wondered, are fluffers a real thing?

MofosOfficial258 karma

Definitely not. Performers jerk off in the corner like real men. ;)

Wymorac128 karma

Any of your camera crew ever get awkward boners while on set?

MofosOfficial564 karma

No. They're perfectly comfortable with their boners. - Jeffrey

zgold219299 karma

How did you get started in porn short of "I'm 14 and this is obviously my dream job" ?

MofosOfficial152 karma

We didn't choose porn, porn chose us.

lost_in_life_3498 karma

How do you handle bring your kids to work days? Or what about career day at school?

MofosOfficial95 karma

Are you speaking about the office or on set?

SeveralChunks67 karma

What does a porn script actually look like? Is it just dialogue? Or do they actually script out the way the scene moves and acts performed and whatnot

MofosOfficial105 karma

Less dialogue, more scenario and action. While leaving room for the talent to improvise. - Jon and Erin

RedHawwk59 karma

Is porn still enjoyable or after working on the other end, as general crew/staff, are you all porned out by the end of the day?

MofosOfficial92 karma

We only look at spreadsheets, so no. - Bruce and Vivian

MofosOfficial74 karma

Hell yes, I love multiple niches. - Daran

justcallmedanger44 karma

Hey, I'm a big fan and long time subscriber. My question is in regards to POV porn. You guys are really the only huge multi-site platform with a huge focus on POV. Why do you think more large websites aren't jumping on board with it? Do you think porn is heading in the POV direction?

Also, here's a tip from a fan, people watch POV because they want to feel like there's doing the screwing, so why have cameras at weird angles? as if you're just sitting next to the male star and not acting as the male star. Have the camera pointed as if it's your eyes. Thanks for doing the AMA!!

MofosOfficial60 karma

Thank you! We're very proud of our work in the POV niche. And no. We don't think porn will ever go in one specific direction. Too many people. Too many kinks. Regarding your second question, we hear you. We have something planned. :)

greenmountainboy44 karma

Do you guys produce anything I might have seen?

donaldfranklinhornii24 karma

You should mark that NSFW!

MofosOfficial33 karma

Thank you Donald. Edited.

Imwristt43 karma

"Product manager" does it mean you "test" the product before filming 😏?

Legit question: Why do you think people are paying X$ for porn when there are millions of free hd videos online?

MofosOfficial74 karma

Quick access to FULL HD videos, huge library, better user experience, exclusive content, consistent updates, niche catering... - Bruce

tylak2133 karma

What was the funniest moment when you were recording a scene?

MofosOfficial42 karma

Pornstars spills, slapstick never gets old. - Jeffrey

smutxmachina31 karma

What's the yearly lube budget? Are big porn producers like you guys the reason this exists? https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B005MR3IVO/

MofosOfficial30 karma

We're still running our tab from last year.

DoDoDooo21 karma

Scriptwriter, where do you draw your ideas from? What's your creative process like? Do you question your friends' sexual exploits and write up a story based on that?

MofosOfficial58 karma

I draw my inspiration from personal experiences (OK, not so much) movies, imagery, books, video games, pro wrestling, office gossip, rumors, and fever dreams. -Jon

greenmountainboy7 karma

I've heard that the fastest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Is this true?

MofosOfficial69 karma

It depends how hard you punch. - Jeffrey