My short bio: Over the last few years I’ve flown all over the world for super cheap. I started because we moved overseas and needed to come back to visit family, but I didn’t want to pay a small fortune just to see in-laws, and it grew into an obsession.

About 3 months ago I started a free email newsletter where I send out cheap flight deals to family and friends, and it’s grown to over 3300 subscribers already!. You can check it out here: Fly Almost Free

Some of the great deals I sent out recently: The Air Canada fare glitch that had international flights to Europe, Tel Aviv and more for $347, and business for $900

Washington DC to Paris for $257, All over Europe to San Francisco for 169 EURO, Los Angeles/New York to Kazakhstan for $399. Great Success!

My Proof: I've updated my homepage with proof!

EDIT 1 RIP MY INBOX doing my best to get to all of you

EDIT2 Been going at this for 6 hours, going to sign off for now.. I'll try and get to the 1000 + email and messages you guys sent me.

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ari_faf8440 karma

Great question, I'll do my best to answer this: Flystein is a great service but it's specifically for flights you've already looked at and are looking for cheaper deals. They charge per request, too. Really useful if there's somewhere you need to go at a specific time and you want to make sure you're not getting screwed.

Skiplagged is really for the US, it's for hidden city ticketing. See my comments further down in the thread. Also a great tool if you're comfortable with the risks.

Scott and Jack have great sites, but they use humans to do all the work, and so by definition they will miss deals. I come from a programming and automation background, so I'm able to grab a lot more of the deals. Scott says he sends out 20-30 a month to his premium list, which to me seems like he's missing a lot?

tayfife779 karma

Just signed up. It says a team of highly trained experts are finding me flights. It also says monkeys entered my email address into your system. Is your company ran by automation? or is ran by HIGHLY TRAINED EXPERT MONKEYS??

ari_faf1291 karma

the monkeys are powered by robots

chiprana810 karma

How do you benefit by all of this?

ari_faf312 karma

Chiprana - eventually I plan on opening a premium list:)


Just like the other 5 websites that do the exact same as your website and got popular from vote manipulating reddit? Because it is obviously all about that email $$$ with the upvotes you purchased.

EDIT: OP's account is one day old, got 500 upvotes within 30 minutes. Report this post guys, this is obvious money grab.

Viktor345202 karma

"Airline companies hate him !"

ari_faf308 karma

"I flew around the world in business class using this one (1) secret trick" :)

bdepz328 karma

What are your thoughts on buying "connecting flights" such as JFK-ORD-some random city instead of just buying the direct flight? This obviously doesnt work with checked bags though.

ari_faf380 karma

I mean, I think it's ok for Domestic Flights, if you don't mind not ending up where you need to go.. My list specializes in international deals that save hundreds of bucks.. Hard to do that with hidden city ticketing. My big thing with hidden city ticketing if you book JFK-ORD-Podunk, and the flight gets cancelled to ORD, they're going to send you to Podunk no matter what. Do you really want that risk??

Shiftlock045 karma

hidden city ticketing

Go on...

adrian-monk-88 karma

check out, its the same concept.

ari_faf111 karma

right, I don't really do domestic deals but I think is great if you don't mind the risk

TheMooseofMooseJaw269 karma

How fast do i need to flap my arms to get lift?

ari_faf323 karma

wrong list - you need Bernoulli, not me

GrahamCrackerDragon265 karma

Why can't anybody make these sites for domestic flights? I have seen a dozen people do this for international but I really need domestic sales.

ari_faf360 karma

Great Question! Because no one wants to pay for a premium service; and because the savings are a few bucks. Want to save on Domestic Flights? Get yourself the Chase Southwest card, get the companion pass, and go wild.

Proudclad110 karma

I'm a Filipino migrant worker working in Vancouver, any tips for flying cheap back and forth from MNL to YVR?

ari_faf72 karma

depends - can you transit the US?

Eglitarian51 karma

Also interested in this (in my case I can transit the US as it's easier for a Canadian citizen) as my girlfriend and I plan to go visit her family in antipolo at some point and don't want to pay $1100 per ticket.

ari_faf51 karma

right, there's a deal (or was) out of houston for $800, obviously might not be doable anymore..

MakeYourMarks56 karma

What are some of the best deals you have seen?

ari_faf168 karma

Good question. I've seen $287 dollar round trip flights on United (DIRECT!) from New York To Tel Aviv - that's a flight that usually costs $1000 most of the time.

In the last week, Air Canada fares were 80% off for about 4 hours because of a glitch in their system. To their credit, they're honoring the deal.

My personal favorite was an almost round the world trip in First Class from Myanmar all the way to the US for under $500, including suites in Quantas First.

chutiyapa-sunny40 karma

Only if i would have known about this few months ago, i paid 1100$ for round trip from Houston to kolkata(India). Is that a fair deal or you guys could have done better?

ari_faf44 karma

$1100 is a lot... Most of the deals I see in my database are to Mumbai or Dehli, tho

TardisDude3 karma

Subscribed !

I just bought a flight from Montréal to Rome and back for 982$ and thought it was a good price. What do you think ?

ari_faf6 karma

Hey TardisDude!, Thanks for subscribing. unfortunately, I don't think it's a great price. There's a fare sale that's been going on for a while to Rome from most of the US for about half that, so it would have been cheaper to come down here and go that way. I rarely send out anything at that price, unless it's business class.

briix12 karma


trying to get to south africa in december for a reasonable price. any tips/ideas?

EDIT: Flying from Toronto - sorry about that


ari_faf5 karma

you don't say where you are. Great fares out of Europe right now, otherwise cheapest I see right now is from Houston for around $890

simplicissimux2 karma

Do you have a favorite points/airfare story?

ari_faf19 karma

My favorite points story is the guy who bought a ton of chocolate pudding to get lifetime status from AA..

A lot of my favorite airfare stories are glitches - they happen less and less often, unfortunately. Some of my favorites are $440 AA business class tickets to Asia, $50 anywhere in the US biz class on Delta, or $250 across the pond in coach on AA.

But even without mistake fares, I find a lot of great deals on a daily basis just by constantly looking and messing around with timeframes.