Hi guys, I’m Brendon Small (you may know me from Home Movies, Dethklok, etc.) and I’m back for another AMA! I’ll be talking about my brand new album, Galaktikon II: Become The Storm, my new comic GALAKITKON (aka the Galakticomic w Eric Powell and Steve Mannion), and whatever else! Galaktikon II: Become The Storm is out as of yesterday, so check it out at the links below, and AMA!




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jfbenton32439 karma

will we ever find out how the Dethklok story was to conclude?

_BrendonSmall1155 karma

we did not. T'was yanked too soon. . .

collectiveradiobaby1248 karma

First off: I love you. I made these & sent em. Are those really your signatures or did I get played? https://imgur.com/gallery/VMJQi

Second: Who's the biggest dildo ever?

_BrendonSmall1489 karma

thank you

and yup that's legit- I signed it

OmniBlock1240 karma

Brendon I was a huge fan of Home Movies.

How much if any was based on your own experiences growing up? I felt like Coach McGuirk was too real for just being a cartoon lol.

_BrendonSmall1520 karma

a lot of home movies was "wishing" instead of reality. I wish that kids had that jokey relationships with adults. They don't actually. But it was all how I'd like to see things. McGuirk is ALL Jon Benjamin- he's a master.

mcslackens741 karma


1.) Is there anything you can hint at regarding Galaktikon performing live and/or going on tour? I really enjoyed both albums and would love to see them performed.

2.) When Dethklok played the Marquee in Tempe, Arizona a few years ago, you guys blew out the power. Did you see it as one of the best rock n roll moments like I did, or was this more of a huge pain in the ass because you were trying to play a show?

_BrendonSmall1036 karma

  1. All I can say right now is that we're working on it.

look live Dethklok shows we're super entertaining but expensive to produce. I'd like to top that- s that means raising money. Totally possible but takes time!

  1. I remember and loved that night. SO much fun to have a room clapping along in unison in the dark. Gene Hoglan is such a smart live performer that the second the power went out he just kept playing. I think crazy weird stuff like that unties a room and makes for a memorable experience!

DeniseDeNephew566 karma

First of all, let me say that your appearance on Comedy Bang Bang as Victor Diamond is one of the funniest things I have ever seen, and I have had that episode (and ONLY that episode) saved on my DVR for.... a year, maybe two? I keep it cued to Victor's entrance because that's why I kept it. "Adult freckle". I show it to everyone who comes over to my house and it has never failed to make people laugh. He's such a great character.

Anyway, how much of a typical episode of Home Movies was scripted and how much was ad-libbed?

_BrendonSmall506 karma

Thanks for digging Victor's CBB TV appearance. He was a character I had before home Movies. I love doing anything with Scott Aukerman & CBB podcast- so much great creativity and fast brains in the same room. So much damn fun.

Home Movies 1st five episodes were improvised off of outlines and we got into trouble w story telling but the characters and tone were totally there- so when we came back on the air Bill Braudis (amazing writer for Dr Katz) and myself wrote all the scripts. And we's read through each scene and try to do it from memory and allow for tons of improv. so it'd be a combo of both but the improvised performance were always better and more human

crmsndragonwngs430 karma

Hello!! Thank you for doing this AMA!!

First question: I know you said that you won't be releasing lyrics, but is there any chance of a tab book for the new album? Or even like a DVD or video series?

Second, if you do tour, please hit Dallas, Texas!! That's not a question. Oops...

As an aside, I just wanted to say thank you for your music and for Metalocalypse. You are literally the reason I picked my guitar back up after ten years of not playing. I rewatched Metalocalypse last year and it inspired me, and working my way through the Dethklok tab books has made me a better player. It's made me excited about guitar, and I didn't think I'd ever feel that way again. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for everything you do.

_BrendonSmall699 karma

Two of my favorite compliments regarding metalocalypse are these: 1. you got me into metal 2. You got me excited about guitar.

I can't think of hearing anything better than that. I love guitar and Metal and love that it reached you.

lyrics will be released at some point I just wanna draw everybody in first!

_BrendonSmall301 karma

and I'd love to come to Dallas again- loved playing there and all the folks!

_BrendonSmall302 karma

Thank you all for asking questions and being interested in all this baloney. Hope you guys like GII. THANK YOU!

tit_wrangler267 karma

Hi Brendon! Toki Wartooth is undoubtedly my favorite member of Dethklok. Which of them is your favorite, and why is it Toki?

_BrendonSmall443 karma

Ha ha you may not know this but you picked the darkest most violent character on the show!

I dont know favorites but I identified with Charles the most- trying to manage these characters in my head!

rascal_king209 karma

can we get a home movies reboot?!

_BrendonSmall580 karma

Loren and I get approached to do a reboot occasionally- we both feel like we like where the show ended- and coming back to it wouldn't be the same. We'd like to honor the show by leaving it where we left it- it ended exactly the way we wished to end it!

DeniseDeNephew158 karma

How was it getting high on camera on Getting Doug with High? Were you comfortable? Self-conscious?

_BrendonSmall395 karma

Loved it and even more- Pot cured me of migraines- so now it's part of my life. Actual MEDICAL Marijuana- who wouldve thought??

raider-x140 karma

Home movies?

_BrendonSmall300 karma

Good question.

musskulls125 karma

First, I just wanna say that I love the new album! I've already listened to it three times. OK. I know you said previously that "Dethklok is dead", but are we ever gonna get to hear (or see) how their story was supposed to end?

_BrendonSmall222 karma

Maybe you'll hear it. . .

Girzz365112 karma

Hey Brendon! Long time fan, absolutely loving the new Galaktikon album! Have you thought about doing any music videos for it?

_BrendonSmall163 karma

Yes. We have some really cool stuff that will roll out this fall- stay tuned!

jollypiratedonut1195 karma

I remember you teased a project called "M 3" on instagram a while ago. Did that song make it onto Galaktikon II? The Ocean Galaktik perhaps? When I first listened to the album, I prayed for a third Murmaider and couldn't help but grin like a dumb idiot when i heard the whale noises. The album is fucking amazing by the way.

_BrendonSmall114 karma

Thanks for digging the record. I remember teasing that. I had lots of crazy code names for these songs. And a lot of people are comparing the Ocean Galactic to the M series. maybe because of the guitar whale sounds right?

Fattybibbs81 karma

Brendon, do you have any plans for a sequel to home movies?

_BrendonSmall193 karma

I always thought it would be fun to see how not necessarily THOSE characters- but characters like that would survive in HIGH SCHOOL. probably be like my days in high school learning guitar and negotiating teen years. . .

sakuratsuji79 karma

Hi Brendon! Thank you for doing the amazing music you do - you got me to better explore metal and find such an immense appreciation for it.

My question is if you got another chance to work on/finish Metalocalypse, would you? Even if it wasn't with Adult Swim and was with another network (assuming you got full rights over it and whatnot) would you want to finish up the storyline or just leave it where it is for posterity's sake?

_BrendonSmall230 karma

All of that stuff is out of mine and the fans control- they have the rights. As we all know we tried to make it work and they said no and wouldn't even discuss- we know it'll go down as an injustice- the fans got screwed and I don't like that. I think we all know it was a bad move. I believe that the show is in its coffin forever. part of the reason I decided to make GII.

mandeemagenta68 karma

Will we ever see a fully functional Galaktibong helmet? That'd be pretty cool...

Also whatever happened to that guy Rikki Kixx choked to death? Like did he just leave his body there or

_BrendonSmall82 karma

My brother made that TRITON helmet and I really wanted it to be part of this whole album- I'm finding that when you can make something that was 2D into 3D something knocks in the imagination. Stay tuned because that Helmet (and much more) will be showing up

suznebula65 karma

Hi Brendon,

I used to attend university for violin but had to stop due to injuries from overplaying (tendonitis, carpal tunnel). I drifted away from music at that point.

Metalocalypse not only made me laugh but helped me rekindle my love for music, and I felt especially attached to the Dethalbums because of your knowledge of music theory and the way you combined that with metal. It's evocative and brilliant.

Your music has brought me back to music, and helped me get into metal and develop for it. Metal is profoundly beautiful to me, and I love your albums, especially Galaktikon II. Because of you, I'm determined to learn guitar, and apply my rusty music theory knowledge, and write my own death metal symphony.

My question is, what advice do you have for writing music that combines such distinct genres like death metal and classical music?

_BrendonSmall107 karma

I like hearing all of this.

I think the trick to writing good music is to have great influences. Rip them off and cover your tracks!!

ItinerantBanana61 karma

Was there ever anything in either Home Movies or Metalocalypse (scene or dialogue) that you wanted in that cartoon network just totally shut down? What an example of something that didnt make it into either show?

_BrendonSmall98 karma

Not really- the great part about working with them was lack of notes- we got more notes about home movies but thats because Khaki Jones who was our liaison back in the day loved and cared about the show so much

Science_Viking58 karma

Did you ever have a "dream guitar" when you were growing up that you always wanted to save up for, and did you ever get one? Mine is the Epiphone Thunderhorse, but I'm pretty far away from affording one, much less finding one lol. Also, I give Galaktikon II 10/10 Banana Stickers

_BrendonSmall78 karma

I'm slowly caring out my dream guitar. I love explores and used 2 prototypes THE SNOW HORSE and the NIGHT HORSE on this record. I'd like to switch out a couple things but those are pretty close. I also long for just ONE explorer with a whammy bar. I never use em but always fun.

thanks for the banana stickers!

knawledge_is_power48 karma

Would you ever consider making another show similar to Home Movies or Metalocalypse with another network or streaming service? I love both of those shows, thank you for making them a reality!

_BrendonSmall83 karma


CMDR_Flash45 karma

Hi Brendon! First of all, THANK YOU! The Galaktikon II is better than I've ever imagined. Totally out of this world. So hats off to all of you! Secondly, to those nasty questions: What is this obsession with the ocean and/or water? I mean, Go into the Water, Blood Ocean, the Murmaider songs, Ocean Galaktik... How are you always so energetic? Coffee I guess... Have you ever been to Hungary? Do you play video games? If not you should try some, for example DOOM. Thank you for your answers! \m/ Oh, and Where is the full Triton armor you've teased several times?!

_BrendonSmall99 karma

I think the OCEAN is something that I keep coming back to because it's a metaphor for the subconscious. It's that simple. I see that David Lynch uses waterfalls and water imagery to the same effect- not to mention his amazing sound design. I'm always looking for the 'mind hook' something that reaches into your brain and pulls you forward.

I've never been to Hungary but I'd love to go- so musically rich, such a landscape for fantastic composers.

and I have played DOOM. I suck at vidoegames but my brother and I sometimes drink beer and play together. That game has so much cool fucked up imagery and ideas

SocialBunny19835 karma

Hi Brendon, will there be any chance that the upcoming issues of the Galaktikon comics will also go through the story of Galaktikon II?

_BrendonSmall39 karma

We're gonna see how the first one does and then figure out how to proceed!

Rynomite199234 karma

Why did you choose to make the CD song order "just a group of songs" instead of telling the story like the vinyl song order?

_BrendonSmall67 karma

I did that because people listen to music differently. Some people don't care about story- they just wanna hear music. And though this album has a story there might be a curated version of music that rhythmically works well in a different way. I figure if I'm making my own records I'd like to try to do new things- like 2 separate orders of the songs.

DarkLord8433 karma

Hi Brendon,

  1. What is your favorite Metalocalypse episode and why?

  2. What was it like having so many famous musicians guest star on your show?

  3. Out of all of the characters that you voice, which voice is the hardest/most straining to do?

_BrendonSmall96 karma

I loved the DOOMSTAR the most. It had everything I love- characters going through change, music, the best animation we've produced, a 50 piece orchestra. . .

  1. It was amazing- i found a way to pay my heroes to hang out with me.

  2. easy- FACEBONES. my voice would just quit at some point honking out that garbage

ithinkthereforeIAN28 karma

Hi Brendon,

I really enjoy the work you do in music and musical parody, and as a fellow guitarist, think your skills are absolutely phenomenal. Thunderhorse was my white whale in guitar hero and on the real guitar I still can't quite get all of it.

Along with your music, I really follow your comedy career and I think Victor and Tiny, and - I guess Willy Mapleton - are my favorite comedy characters out there. Could you talk about their origin at all? And also can I write a spec script for their pilot? I'm not sure how you could play both roles though but I can't think of something with more potential.

Thanks for all the jams and laughs! Ian

_BrendonSmall36 karma

thank you

and I love doing victor and Tiny and have thought about making a TV show with them. They really are sweet guys who have each others backs and I love that about them. And I can pay both parts easy!

CraigularB25 karma

Hey Brendon, knockout job on the album. It's seriously awesome and I've had it on pretty much constantly since I got it. I have a few questions:

How did you flesh out the Galaktikon story for the comics? Was it something that was always there that you wanted to get out, or did that come after the album was released?

How do you decide what voice to use on what song? Is it driven by story and/or lyrics, by music, or something else?

Any chance we can get Doomstar back in print on vinyl, even unautographed? I missed out on that amazing album art and would love to have a copy.

Thanks! Looking forward to the rest of the Galaktikon issues and crossing my fingers for a tour!

_BrendonSmall52 karma

thanks for digging GII!

For the Galaktikon Comic I took the first Galaktikon record and divided up the 9 tracks into 6 issues to tell a bigger 3 act story. So as you read remember you're just reading a part of one of the acts and the story is moving fwd. and it was great to have Eric Powell from the Goon reach out and make the comic a reality. He's such a creative guy and we work well together- i love the team he put together for the comic. And Steve Mannion is so damn good! I think this makes sense as a comic book because I used to describe G I as an "audio comic book album"

and regarding voices on GII I experimented with BRUTAL and CLEAN vocals on every song until I felt like it was all lining up musically in my head- so there were vocal experiments for both on every song- I went with which voice fits the right mood/story/ sounded the coolest!

I'll work on Doomstar Vinyl!

TheJaybo22 karma

I've always wanted to hear an extended version of Dwayne's solo from Guitarmageddon. Any chance you have one of those lying around?

_BrendonSmall18 karma

I think it's all in the episode! my guitar playing has changed a lot since then!

bozobozo21 karma

What is your favorite dinosaur?

_BrendonSmall41 karma

If you asked me when I was 11 I'd have said stegosaurs

DanTheMan_62218 karma

Hey Brendon,

Just wanted to say GII is a sick record and I've been jamming it nonstop all weekend. I love that you've blended the Dethklok and Galaktikon sounds so perfectly.

Since I can't think of anything that hasn't already been asked, what's your favorite song on the record? Or what was your favorite to record? I honestly can't pick any favorites yet, every track is really solid.

_BrendonSmall23 karma

Thanks for digging!

I really like Ocean Galactic, Could this Be the End, To Kill A GOD. but I like them all- just really like the way those turned out- but it changes every day!

hardrocknguy17 karma

Loving the new album. Always loved the first Galaktikon also.

First Question: I like the little odd time signatures in the song 'The Agenda'. Was that always planned to do something like that in the song?

Second Question: Was there any particular piece of gear (guitar, pedals, amps, etc.) you loved using for the new album?

Third Question: Do you plan on continuing doing more story/concept albums in the future?

Thanks Brendon.

_BrendonSmall24 karma

It's funny that song SOUNDS like an odd time signature in the chorus but it's in 4/4- we're just accenting the triplet underneath.

I used 2 distortion pedals throughout the album the EVH 5150 pedal and the Andy Timmons JHS pedal for leads- I also used the HELIX and if you go into line6.com theres a little video with isolated tracks where you can hear how I used it on OCEAN GALAKTIK and TO KILL A GOD- very cool piece of gear

ha ha galaktikon is a little bit like grown up Star Boy (and the captain of outer space)

groovybraeden15 karma

Would you ever do a Galaktikon Cartoon? That would be badass

_BrendonSmall43 karma

why not live action??

Soundwarp15 karma

Did you ever think of doing any super limited edition variants of the Galaktikon record or a reissue of the original Galaktikon?

_BrendonSmall24 karma

the first- not yet

and the second- YES

Metal-Butterfly13 karma

Brendon, after the 6 issue comic of Galaktikon, do you have any plans of writing a different comic, or possibly more stories within the galaktikon universe?

_BrendonSmall18 karma

I love the comic book medium so I think I might just stick around a while. . .

dontdisappear12 karma

You gonna make any more shows?

_BrendonSmall26 karma

maybe I will

jfbenton312 karma

what are you listening to right now? fav new album?

_BrendonSmall62 karma

I am going through a Phil Collins Genesis phase. He (&Genesis) are under appreciated masters of song writing. I love their chords and pedal tones

love new masto and Gojira

staviii312 karma

Lyrics for become the storm? Did you take longer to make this second album because you had to incorporate a somewhat ending to dethklok as well as continue the story of the first album? I see there are some songs that tie into both story lines as well as some familiar riffs such as in murmai- I mean the ocean galaktik

_BrendonSmall22 karma

intersting interpretation. . .

Kauffmann61611 karma

Hey, Brendan, wanted to say right away that the Doomstar Requiem was one of the best things I’ve ever experienced, and, personally, makes you one of the Greats by itself. From the music to the climax of the Metalocalypse universe, I was enthralled during my first viewing and only listened to the album for weeks afterwards. I’ve been watching your stuff since Home Movies, and I’ve been looking forward to Galaktikon II ever since I heard about it. After listening to it all morning, I’m definitely pleased with the next direction.

All prostration aside, I have a couple questions for you. Since Metalocalypse couldn’t really finish like you wanted, I’m sure you have a bunch of ideas that you had to give up on. Is there any plotline from that universe you’d ever resurrect somewhere else? For example, if you could, would you want to do make a Galaktikon project in the style of Metalocalypse(or something more serious), or has the experience with Adult Swim kinda ruined that? As a writer, I can’t imagine how much it would hurt to leave something as massive as Metalocalypse “unfinished.”

My second big question is whether or not you would be interested in scoring a movie/series that isn’t completely yours? I would love to hear your material anywhere, but since Dethklok was a big contributor to my writing playlist for my Horseman of the Apocalypse trilogy, it’s hard to imagine some of my scenes without your music in the background. It’s a pipe dream, but when I eventually get these books on a screen, I know exactly who I’d want to turn to for the score.

Thanks, I know this post was way too long, but I’m a big fan and couldn’t help it.

_BrendonSmall20 karma

as a writer it doesn't hurt because I know the story. As a show creator actor musician writer Metalocalyspe is a jackpot scenario. Im lucky I got to do it.

I'm always open to working with other people on things. I love collaborating-- I've just been lucky enough to have long lasting projects that kept me from doing so

HorchataDeCoco8 karma

Hello Brendon! Thank you for doing this Ama and greetings from Mexico!
Have you considered to work with some company (like netflix for example) to make another animated series?

_BrendonSmall20 karma

I have a lot of things that I'm working on that I don't talk about- with all productions there are a lot of steps and until they cross the finish line they're not real. But I love Netflix and all those streaming platforms- they are the future.

skwisinferis7 karma

Will there be Galaktikon guitar tabs available? Also why won't you let Ultimate-Guitar.com have Dethklok tabs?

_BrendonSmall12 karma

maybe maybe maybe

Hanasmf7 karma

What type of music theory should I study to make music like you? I know a few modes, but that's about it.

_BrendonSmall17 karma

I studied a lot of chord theory at Berklee. It comes in handy in song writing for sure. I love inversions and polychords. That's part of the Dethklok Galaktikon sound. Modes are very helpful. I taught all this stuff (and a lot of shreddy technical stuff too) at the Galaktikon guitar camp I did this summer- would love to do more!

ZooYorkJohn6 karma

Last night's Baked! show was awesome! Even without the keyboard. Will there ever be anymore home movies stuff? Was that your McLaren parked out front? Excellent color choice.

_BrendonSmall7 karma

Thank you. I drive a crappy Prius. What a fun show! thanks for coming

plzjustthrowmeaway5 karma

Whoa its Brendon Small. Huge fan of Home Movies and Metalocalypse. This will probably get buried but I have a pretty specific question I've been wondering for years; Who/what might have influenced the creation and development of the character Nathan Explosion? Im wondering if it wasn't an amalgamation of metal-archetypes because while attending a certain college a particularly metal teacher of mine mentioned that you may have taken a few lessons with him/known him, and I was curious if there might be some basis to this or if I can put the thought to rest! Regardless, thank you for taking the time to do an AMA

_BrendonSmall6 karma

who is the teacher?

Private_Pyjak3 karma

Brendon, I want to thank you for opening this up, and for the work on your most recent album! Your work has given me a lot of great ideas to start composing, and it's been a trip since the first Dethalbum for me.

First, wanted to ask, will you have another week of guitar lessons in the future?

Second, in regards to what material you've released, what are you most proud of? What makes you say "see that shit? I did that!" more than anything else?

_BrendonSmall11 karma

thank you

I did that guitar camp for 2 reasons- I like showing people guitar stuff and maybe I'll write a guitar book in the future

But i was also thinking of traveling to different cities and doing a 3 day seamer- would you guys be interested in that?

das_mittel3 karma

How were you approached to create Disney XD's Motorcity Theme Song?

_BrendonSmall3 karma

That was a titmouse project and it didn't take too long- very fun! I think I borrowed a new amp & got a new guitar so I was inspired!

PenthusLuctus2 karma

Ahoy, Brendon! Huge fan of your work, stoked for Galaktikon II and I really love the "nobody is magic"-motto!
The question I have has been lingering on my mind ever since I saw your Doomstar Requiem-Duel-shredthrough, namely; why do you use your ring-finger to trill a half-step when anchoring with the index-finger?
I've tried it myself and it isn't as awkward as I thought it would be, but no benefit was apparent to me.
Also; any chance you'll release further tab-books/sheet music? (Doomstar Requiem would be the bomb. Libretti are cool, but scores are kvlt. Guess it is out of the question because of Adult Swim, though...)

_BrendonSmall5 karma

it's true- with guitar nobody is magic- they just put in the hours.

and regarding ring finger trill? I have no idea- maybe I like the tone that finger makes- I sometimes do unorthodox stuff- and later realize there's an easier way to play that way later.

I'd like to put out some tabs- so much to do!!!

Frodijr2 karma

I can't wait to sink my teeth into Galaktikon anfter how amazing metalocalypse and the doomstar requiem was! As a fellow guitarist, the way you write guitar harmonies is so influencial to me.

  1. Dethklok never played Europe (well.... in real life anyway hahah) any particular reason why or chance you may play live here one day? I get the feeling you aren't really into live shows?

  2. What is your favourite Dethklok and Galakticon song?

_BrendonSmall4 karma

Dethklok only really play North America because the network was a domestic one- I'd love to play Europe- I love traveling there. I spend 2 weeks a year in Italy- I'd love to spend more time traveling.

I don't think I have a favorite But I really like listening to Dethalbum III. and GII!!

ek11sx2 karma

What are you favorite guitar pickups?

_BrendonSmall7 karma

I toggle between Gibson Burst Buckers- I love the classic rock medium output bite and Seymour Duncans- the Alnico V's and I used the Full Shred's all over GII- also medium output. I don't use high output because even though I use gallons of distortion I want to HEAR my guitar underneath it all.

rpopelka862 karma

Hey Brendan,

Was Starboy and the Captain of Outer Space an early comedic version of Galaktikon or has the idea of a galaxy-spanning hero simply always been in the back of your mind? Been rewatching Home Movies and having a blast listening to all those silly tracks.

Thanks! Absolutely love the new album!

_BrendonSmall6 karma

I just answered that- you might be right

a long time ago, even as a kid I wanted to do a heavy metal space opera- so they keep showing up!

ExcessiveTurtle1 karma

Hey, I love Dethklok/Metalocalypse. Will there be any more story content about the band released with this album? Any Music Videos perhaps? Thanks and keep up the great work!

_BrendonSmall2 karma

no- everything is out there!

doofrunk1 karma

Since there is no lyric book in the album, will you ever be posting them online like you did with doomstar requiem?

_BrendonSmall3 karma

Yes- but when??

suckmylolly1 karma

Hi Brendon! Congrats on GII, you're music has played a huge part in my life, so a huge thanks for sharing your gift with us. My question is this; your music is thus far accompanied by a world or story, is there a reason for this? Do you think you'll ever create music without this back drop?

_BrendonSmall2 karma

what am I gonna do, make a record about my feelings??

who knows maybe one day I will- I grew up on rock operas and the who and king diamond- thats why we're all in this predicament.

wartoothexe1 karma

Hello Brendon! First of all, I would like to thank you; like some others who already commented here, you got me into metal music and you were one of the inspirations for me to start learning to play guitar (with the help of a more experienced friend of mine). I've enjoyed Metalocalypse in spite of a few years spent thinking I would never get into it, and I enjoy Galaktikon as well. I can't thank you enough for being such a huge source of inspiration for me and several others!

Now for my questions:

1) Any chance of you playing in Georgia at some point in the future? I'd love the chance to see you live! 2) Which song for Galaktikon II would you consider the most difficult to complete? Assuming this is applicable to any of them, of course. 3) Advice for budding guitarists?

_BrendonSmall2 karma

Hmmmm. . . all the songs go through the same trajectory. 1. I write an early version. 2. I hate them' 3 I love them. 4 I put the record out

some on every project I've done