Worked at AMC for about 6 months. It's honestly a great job but does get extremely weird sometimes. I have also developed a pretty decent understanding of the business side of movie theaters.

Proof: (Pretty crappy proof but it's all I really have)

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Immortal_Azrael49 karma

How many times have you caught people having sex?

thequietpenguin75 karma

HaHa good question. Personally only once. It was kinda fucked up because it was in the back row of Cars 3. We do find interesting sex related things in theaters while cleaning though. Especially after 50 Shades release.

love2go24 karma

such as?

thequietpenguin62 karma

Cucumbers. handcuffs. Condom wrappers. My supervisor found an actual dildo once.

cobaltcollapse39 karma

Worst selling candy? When I worked at a theatre, it was Nutter Butter Bites.

thequietpenguin45 karma

We do not carry Nutter Butter Bites. Our worst selling is probably Red Vines or Butter Finger bites. Takes us forever to sell a full box of both.

CrayonRed24 karma

I love butter finger bites!

thequietpenguin8 karma

LOL some people do

noodlez201737 karma

How sanitary is the popcorn and drinks? Meaning do you clean the machines often or no? Same question goes for the seats and such, are they actually cleaned or not really?

thequietpenguin53 karma

On week nights the employees that close are responsible for sanitizing all dishes, ovens, fryers, popcorn machines, etc... On weekend nights that is the janitor's responsibility. We use Coke freestyle machines for drinks and those are also cleaned as a part of the closing process. Popcorn and other items left on seats are picked up or brushed off throughout the duration of the night. The only time we will sanitize or wipe down a seat is if something is stuck on them. The seats are only deep cleaned at the end of every night. Cup holders, however, are wiped down between each movie showing.

iRasha23 karma

How do you deep clean the seats?

thequietpenguin35 karma

Vacuuming in between the seat cushions and under the seats. They also use sanitizer spray to kill germs on the seat cushions and in the cupholders.

imacub48 karma

Definitely more cleaning than I would have imagined

thequietpenguin39 karma

AMC is strict on keeping clean.

beanwateroner13 karma

when I worked at a movie theater, it was bought out by AMC. They had a meeting with us and informed us it takes too long to clean each theater, so just "push the trash under the seats, and the janitors at night will clean it up"

thequietpenguin6 karma

That is not how my theater was trained

Kylemd9736 karma

Hi there! I'm actually a supervisor at an AMC Theatres. What's a way I could improve the job for the Film Crew members I work with that would be beneficial to the company and for them?

thequietpenguin33 karma

Just connect with them. When there is down time (and when everything is stocked and cleaned obviously) have conversations with your crew members. We all think of our supervisor as one of us and we have a great relationship. This helps us to respect his authority and when something needs to be done we do it.

Sonofarakh25 karma

My local theater recently converted from a Carmike to an AMC. What changes should I expect (aside from the increase in matinee price)?

thequietpenguin42 karma

They are going to gut the theater and completely redo it. You guys will most likely have leather reclining seats and self-serve coke freestyle machines. They may also put a full bar in the lobby. The theater I work at took over a small family owned theater that was poorly managed and did all of the above.

Slap-Happy2723 karma

How often do people trip and fall on those stupid steps that are like two regular steps and then one twice as long step and then one regular step and so on with next to no light?

thequietpenguin14 karma

Not as often as u think. We keep our steps well illuminated and when a light is out we fix it as soon as possible. The people who trip and fall are mostly older guests and kids.

javoir17 karma

What's the worst thing you've had to clean up?

thequietpenguin38 karma

Probably puke. People also leave behind loaded diapers in their seats. (Think about that next time you sit down in a movie theater lol)

ScotnCan3 karma

Baby diapers or ones for adults?

thequietpenguin2 karma


nomad202015 karma

Currently going through code of conduct stuff for a new employer myself.

What's the worst dirt you're willing to give us on AMC theaters?

thequietpenguin34 karma

Thankfully I love my managerial staff and supervisors so I do not have many complaints. As for dirt, there is not much. AMC is actually a very wholesome company and they treat their employees extremely well. One thing that most people already know is that movie theaters in general over charge big time for concession items and they benefit big time from a ridiculous profit margin. However, this is one of the only ways AMC makes money due to the fact that we see a very small percentage of box office revenue. Box office revenue basically covers the theater's rent and that is about it.

mark_de_triomphe12 karma

What is the process when parents bring a baby into the theatre and don't leave when it inevitably begins to cry?

thequietpenguin28 karma

We unfortunately have to remove them from the theater after 2 warnings. However, we do offer them a full refund or a readmission pass. Sometimes both.

sumfukfromjersey12 karma

What was the most annoying movie you've had to see over and over again?

thequietpenguin27 karma

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was a fantastic movie. But after watching those end credit scenes over and over again while cleaning theaters made me loath it.

ScottishRabbi12 karma

Hi! I used to work at a local theater. Mostly concessions but also as the ticket taker and usher. When I was usher, I made the discovery that leftover popcorn & soda created a horrible smell when combined in the trash. Have you made a similar discoveries?

thequietpenguin10 karma

YES! That is why it is imperative that we empty trash cans frequently and trash out at least 3 times a night.

Ttechnicolor9 karma

My buddy got fired because he ate a pack of candy that was accidentally cut open by another coo worker , how normal is this sort of strict policy?

thequietpenguin8 karma

Firing seems a little harsh. However, there is a very strict policy about situations like that because it happens more often than you may think.

IdiidDuItt8 karma

What's the job title of the guy who plays the movies in that room? Or is this a job that's rotated among employees?

thequietpenguin13 karma

We have a few employees trained to do it. We call them booth operators. All of our managers and supervisors are trained in booth as well.

toaurdethtdes7 karma

Favorite movie?

Worst interaction with costumer?

What is your favorite part of working at amc?

Thanks if you answer

thequietpenguin12 karma

Favorite Movie was Baby Driver. Loved it. Favorite part of AMC is the friendly coworkers and free movies saves a ton of money. Worst interaction was last night actually. A guest screamed at me for not helping her in box office despite it not being her turn in a line that was only 3 people deep.

dayoldhansolo7 karma

What's some of the coolest things you've found left behind after a movie got out?

thequietpenguin17 karma

Everything we find has to be turned over to a lost and found. We constantly find phones, sunglasses, and a million fidget spinners. The coolest thing i've ever found was a limited edition pikachu DS.

dayoldhansolo6 karma

I left my theater job before fidget spinners were ever a thing. I can only imagine. The coolest thing I found was a little multitool that I keep on my keychain like this

thequietpenguin2 karma

That is actually super cool

BlankImagination7 karma

Do you guys get to watch movies for free on your off days? If so, how often do you actually use that perk?

thequietpenguin16 karma

Yes, we get free movies as long as they are not sold out or close to selling out. I use this perk quite a bit and in fact it has made me 10x more interested in film than before I had this job.

tomanonimos7 karma

What is the best way to sneak in snacks?

thequietpenguin10 karma

Pockets lol

tomanonimos1 karma

What about backpacks?

I've always been curious if backpacks send red flags.

thequietpenguin2 karma

As long as u aren't acting suspicious backpacks are fine.

knumbknuts7 karma

How the black jujyfruit problem these days?

thequietpenguin9 karma

AMC does not carry jujyfruit (thank god). All gummies are a pain in the ass to clean up. Especially on a leather reclining seat.

mutmonkey6 karma

I've been going to my town's Regal Cinemas for the past 14 years. What are some reasons I should stop going to Regal Cinemas and drive across town for my local AMC instead?

thequietpenguin10 karma

We pride ourselves in cleanliness and customer service. If there is ever an issue at our theaters our managers take great care of our guests. At my theater we rarely see guests that leave in a bad mood. We have many customer complaints/ issues in a daily basis and all of them are handled to please our guest. Also the comfort level at many of the new Amc's are top of the line.

thing_in_a_thing6 karma

Why'd they change the nacho cheese to that Tostitos brand shit?

thequietpenguin5 karma

Corporate decision

beamish145 karma

Have any projectionists at your site been trained to screen 35mm/70mm prints?

thequietpenguin13 karma

I will be 18 in a week and it is AMC policy that nobody under 18 can handle projectors. Therefore I do not yet know that much about the projectors at my theater.

pm--me--your__boobs5 karma

Do you guys care when we sneak in food?

thequietpenguin8 karma

Personally no. However If u make it obvious we are supposed to stop you.

nowholdon4 karma

I just watched a movie at my local AMC. In one line were 40+ people waiting to get food and drink. In the "Premier" line next to it were four or five people. This line had access to three cashiers. The "regular" line had access to one. Needless to say, most people in the regular line were incensed.

Do you get a sense that management and/or corporate realize that they're actually losing customers to other theaters - rather than gaining Premier members - by treating people that way?

thequietpenguin14 karma

That should never be the case. We balance our premier members and regular members when calling them in line. Your best bet should be to contact AMC about that theater because that is a theater management issue that does not reflect AMC as a whole company.

hackdevil3 karma

How hard is it to sneak into another movie?

thequietpenguin3 karma

Very hard. We have reserved seating.

Oldmenplanttrees3 karma

Is there much opportunity for promotion within AMC?

What is the best way to compliment an employee corporate, local manager, just tell them?

Do you all get after hours access occasionally or is that mainly small chains?

thequietpenguin8 karma

Yes. My theater gives raises based on performance (between $.50-$1 per hour). They are constantly moving managers and promoting supervisors which opens up an opportunity for a crew members to be promoted.

We love compliments and yes just tell the crew member or manager.

We rarely get after hours access. We start closing the theater about 15 minutes after the last movie time.


Do you think working at AMC is a good idea for a person like me who has mild anxiety?

thequietpenguin1 karma

It depends. If you usher then no. However any position dealing with guests can be overwhelming sometimes to people who don't even have anxiety.

YenThara3 karma

I just looked at my account on my app and realized I have seen over 65 movies this year. Do you think that is too much?

thequietpenguin4 karma

No. I wish I had time to see 65 movies. I would if I could.

Ic3man3tika3 karma

Hey I'm 15 and I really want to work at a theatre when I'm 16. Do you commonly get 16 year olds work there?

thequietpenguin10 karma

It's not common because we don't receive a lot of applications from 16 year olds. However we did just hire one and she's great. Age will not determine whether u get hired or not. I'd say go for it!

CrayonRed2 karma

Do people ever show up to one movie and then try to sneak into additional movies after the first is over?

thequietpenguin3 karma

Constantly. We have reserved seating so they rarely get away with it.

twocannnsam1 karma

Who gets to take those awesome movie ads home?

thequietpenguin2 karma

We have a list for who gets to take what poster home. It's first come first serve for employees. Obviously managers automatically get dibs.

Ganwho1 karma

Hey, I film crew at an AMC too! I've been working half a year now, but recently became AMC in March. Was your theater always AMC or was it independent/Carmike Cinemas in a former life?

thequietpenguin2 karma

I've only ever worked for AMC. Before I got there the theater was independent.

Pixelmasterz1 karma

How was the emoji movie?

thequietpenguin6 karma

Haven't seen it. It is making a fortune though.

mqrocks1 karma

Ok, so how many of you are stoned out of your mind at any given time?

thequietpenguin7 karma

Haha. Doing this job stoned is nearly impossible. We all smoke and like to have a good time but when we are working we are all straight. Could u imagine smelling popcorn for hours while stoned and not being able to eat any of it?

CaptainJaneway_1 karma

Would you recommend working at a movie theatre over a supermarket etc? I'm looking for a job right now and working at a movie theatre seems like it could be fun.

thequietpenguin1 karma

Yes. If you are looking to be entertained go with a movie theater

thequietpenguin1 karma

I ask myself that question after I clean any movie xD

BPGXMG1 karma

Just how nasty can people be in the lobby? When they view a film they didn't like? Kids?

thequietpenguin5 karma

People tend to get very upset. I feel like it is worse where I work because I work in a very upscale market. Everybody feels entitled to something. However we always treat our guests with respect and if they start yelling you just stand there and take it. Kids aren't bad at all. Teenagers (especially middle school age) are the worst.

llg141 karma

Please tell me is the annual premium membership is worth it?

thequietpenguin2 karma

Extremely. Get one and see all your movies on Tuesday's. You will save so much money

llg142 karma

Ok. How do Tuesdays work? What happens on Tuesdays? Thank you very much for responding!


$2 off tickets, free refill for large popcorn and $5 reward every 5'000 points (20 points per dollar spent).

thequietpenguin1 karma

Pretty much correct except premier members get $10 for every 5,000 and up to 5 dollars off tickets and upgraded drinks and popcorn

CallMeBanjo1 karma

Premiere members still get $5.00 every 5,000 points, they just earn 100 points per dollar spent and not 20. So they get a $5 reward for every $50 spent as opposed to every $250 spent.

thequietpenguin1 karma

Ah yes