I began my legal career in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office. In 1994, I joined the prosecution team alongside Marcia Clark in the famous O.J. Simpson murder trial. The case made me a pretty recognizable face, and I've since been depicted by actors in various re-tellings of the OJ case. I now works as a criminal defense attorney.

I'll be appearing on Oxygen’s new series The Jury Speaks, airing tonight at 9p ET alongside jurors from the case.

Ask me anything, and learn more about The Jury Speaks here: http://www.oxygen.com/the-jury-speaks

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[EDIT]: Thank you everyone for the questions. I'm logging off now. For more on this case, check out The Jury Speaks on Oxygen and go to Oxygen.com now for more info.

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Ino_things8620 karma

Is it true that OJ could come out publicly now and say "yes, I did it. I killed them both" and nothing could be done about it?

Christopher_Darden22519 karma

Yes, that is true. He has been found innocent, and to prosecute him again in state court would constitute double jeopardy and would be precluded by law. Did I say innocent? I meant not guilty.

broncoblanco6958 karma

Hi Christopher - had you been a criminal defense attorney at the time, would you have had a problem defending O.J.?

Christopher_Darden13390 karma


pogiface4453 karma

If you were walking down the street and saw OJ or he approached you, how would you feel? What would you say?

Christopher_Darden17323 karma

I wouldn't feel anything one way or the other. I sure as hell wouldn't be afraid of him. I'd probably tell him to get the fuck off my sidewalk and take his ass across the street.

notepadow3940 karma

Loved your quote (paraphrasing) "OJ may have been a model prisoner but he's far from a model citizen." Priceless !

Moving forward, what advice would you give to other prosecutors trying similar high profile cases against celebrities? How can we preserve objectivity without making a mockery of the legal system?

Christopher_Darden7077 karma

I think that it’s important to have available to those prosecutors a mental health professional and someone to manage the media and social media. I think that will help a prosecutor stay grounded and focused. If it’s going to be a long trial – 8 moths, a year — I think it’s important to have a nutritionist available. By the time the Simpson case was over, I’d lost more than 20 pounds and 2 teeth, had 4 root canals, and God knows what else.

t3ach3r243701 karma

Do you feel OJ really put forth his best effort when trying on the glove? To me, it has always appeared that he bent his hand just enough to prevent the glove from sliding on.

PS - Loved how honest you were after the parole hearing the other day!

Christopher_Darden7281 karma

Thank you. And no, he played around with it and tried to avoid making it fit. I hoped the jury would recognize that, but they couldn’t see it, because they didn’t want to see it.

FresherUnderPressure3663 karma

How do you feel on the whole 'if the glove doesn't fit, you must acquit' saying? Do you think they could have made a better rhyme?

Christopher_Darden8611 karma

Well, quite honestly, I did not appreciate at the time the impact that little ditty had on the jurors. I thought it was a kids rhyme for idiots, to be honest, but it was effective.

Kymoff3275 karma

Did Sterling K. Brown contact you or attempt to meet you before his portrayal in the most recent tv series?

Christopher_Darden8879 karma

He called me at 3am Pacific Time to tell me he had gotten the role. I chewed his ass out.

DinoTIme453023 karma

What actor has been your favorite portrayal of yourself on television?

Christopher_Darden7954 karma

I haven’t watched, but everyone says Sterling K. Brown is a better me than me.

TreasonousTeacher2981 karma

How did Johnny Cochrane change the tone of the trial from murder to racism so effectively?

Christopher_Darden9231 karma

Cochran used the media to change the conversation as effectively as Donald Trump does.

therealquiz2895 karma

What is the greatest public misunderstanding about the work of a prosecutor?

Christopher_Darden7545 karma

I think it has more to do with prosecutors in general. I think it is a mistake to assume that because someone is a prosecutor, that he or she is somehow more honest or has more integrity just because they are a prosecutor. Most of the prosecutors I know are good people who are committed to protecting us from those who would prey on us. But these days, I sometimes run into prosecutors who just don't seem to have the character we used to have 20-30 years ago. People need to understand that prosecutors are lawyers, and like my grandmama once told me, a law degree is a license to lie.

oopleeaze2694 karma

Who do you think was the most credible witness in the trial?

Christopher_Darden3066 karma

Philip Vannatter.

medic65602398 karma

If you could not be an attorney, what other career would you consider?

Christopher_Darden14929 karma

Politics. I'd run for President of the United States. Except I might lose because I'm over-qualified.

IceCubeTrey552382 karma

What was the reaction of your family and friends after they learned you had taken the case?

Christopher_Darden7018 karma

I didn’t really have any friends outside the DA’s office. And a lot of those friends were supportive while others, even though they were prosecutors, went about the business of stabbing me in the back every chance they got. But that is the nature of lawyers — to consume their own.

brusty2313 karma

What was your relationship with Johnnie Cochran like after the OJ verdict?

Edit: Spelling

Christopher_Darden5334 karma

When I began my solo practice as a criminal defense attorney, one of my first clients was a man referred to me by Johnnie Cochran.

Kymoff2080 karma

Given your experience, what are your thoughts about television cameras in courtrooms? Do they help or hurt the justice system?

Christopher_Darden6227 karma

I think cameras in the court room are a mistake. I think they have a way of reducing a serious somber proceeding to a reality TV show and a mockery of what a trial ought to be.

Ino_things1860 karma

What are your thoughts about him recently making parole?

Christopher_Darden3963 karma

I fully expected that he would make parole. It was kind of nice seeing him in handcuffs and knowing he was in prison all those years, but I understand the Nevada parole board’s decision.

bernaste_fourtwenty1830 karma

Thank you so much for doing this Ama!

My question is, you mentioned you were the prosecutor in the OJ Simpson case but that you now work as criminal defense attorney.

What pushed that shift from prosecutor to defense attorney?

Also, after OJ was found not guilty how did that effect your career moving forward?

Thanks again!

Christopher_Darden3686 karma

I became a defense attorney after the district attorney’s office terminated my employment.

FlashbackX1790 karma

Is Fred Goldman's mustache as intimidating in real life as it is on TV?

Christopher_Darden6767 karma

Fred's mustache is created by God as the eighth wonder of the world, and there's something about Fred, that when he talks, you want to listen. He is a straight-shooter. He never minces words. And he is as good a man as his mustache looks on television.

aFamiliarStranger1732 karma

Hello Mr. Darden. Thanks for doing the AMA!

My question is in regards to the suitcase that was in OJ's custody on the day he arrived from Chicago; later, Rob Kardashian walked away with it. I'm not asking for speculation on what was in it, but rather curious how big of a focal point it was for the prosecution team to obtain it? Do you think the state could have gotten the contents of the suitcase? And finally, how do you personally feel about about potential evidence walking out the front door for the "Trial of the Century"?


Christopher_Darden3498 karma

Every time I see video of Simpson handing the Louis Vuitton bag to Kardashian, it makes me sick. We never learned the contents of the bag. I brought Kardashian to the Grand Jury and asked him about the bag under oath. There's nothing more I could say about that.

IceCubeTrey551704 karma

As a professor, would your students try and make references to the OJ case in their papers? Would it get them extra credit or would you flunk them? =P

Christopher_Darden4399 karma

My students made references to the trial in my Trial Advocacy class. It's a great teaching example and I was fine with students referring to the trial, so long as they didn't say "the glove did not fit."

sammiesinghal1581 karma

Hi Christopher! Which do you think was more harmful to the prosecution's case: having O.J. try on the gloves (which ended up not fitting), or the fact that Mark Furhman was exposed as a racist cop who very likely planted evidence?

Christopher_Darden4165 karma

Furhman. I'm sure as hell not going to say it was the glove. Duh.

smahoho1500 karma

Thoughts on Faye Resnick?

Christopher_Darden3288 karma

LOL. LOL. Laughing my ass off.

draxlon1418 karma

You're probably sick of dealing with the OJ case after all these years, so I'll ask something different.

What your favorite TV show?

Christopher_Darden2674 karma

Gunsmoke. The episodes get better after you've seen them 60 or 70 times.

TellMeToMyCrotch1360 karma

Do you feel the Rodney King beating/LA Riots and elevated racial tensions had an impact on the Simpson verdict?

Christopher_Darden2870 karma

Absolutely. It made the jury more willing to accept the ridiculous idea that LAPD officers framed Simpson.

Ana_xoxo1341 karma

How did they not think of the fact that leather shrinks in the trial?

Christopher_Darden4732 karma

I take responsibility for the glove issues, so if there is any blame or fault to be assessed, it fell on me. And it should be assessed to me because I'm the only one strong enough to carry that burden.

gensleuth1226 karma

I remember reading that your kids did not know you were famous. What do they think of this now that they know?

Christopher_Darden2889 karma

They don’t like it at all. They see and they read the social media and the comments that people make and they’re hurt by it.

VirtusAlpha481184 karma

Knowing what you know now and looking back on the case, would you have done anything different?

Christopher_Darden3095 karma

I would have done lots of things differently. First thing I would have done differently was to not announce beforehand that I intended to arrest O.J. By signaling to him that he was going to be arrested, it allowed him to get into his Bronco and take us on that slow speed Bronco chase.

39thversion1254 karma

arguably one of the strangest things ive ever seen on live tv. the whole thing was a goddamn circus from start to finish. how glad we're you when the trial was over? did you take a long vacation to decompress from it all?

Christopher_Darden2825 karma

I tried to take a year off and decompress, but during that time, they fired me. And that was one hell of a vacation.

Californib970 karma

Hi Christopher - There seem to be a ton of docudrama TV shows about the trial and OJ in general, especially lately. Do you ever watch any of them? If so, what do you think of them?

Christopher_Darden1790 karma

I have never watched any of them.

brusty899 karma

Do you think OJ will commit more crimes once he's released?

Christopher_Darden2370 karma

You mean like crimes against nature? I don’t know. I hope not.

jjh0102873 karma

What actor would you have liked to portray you on the television?

Christopher_Darden5099 karma

I don't know. I think that Sterling K. Brown is now me for the ages. I wrote the best book for that trial. My book was on the New York Times best seller list at #1 for weeks. However, no one in Hollywood discovered just how good it is. I think that 20 years ago, Denzel Washington would have made a good Chris Darden. I think that Tyrese Gibson would make a good Chris Darden if the series focused more on my personal life than my legal life. But I do hope one day somebody does do a movie about me and my life, perhaps just to enrich my children, if nothing else. But so far, people just steal my words and my images and don't even fucking bother to buy me a two-piece chicken snack at Popeyes.

LouisvilleMedia837 karma

What do the think of the theory that OJs son killed Nicole and Ron? Did your office explore this before the trial?

Christopher_Darden2881 karma

I think the theory that OJ's son was involved in the murders is defamatory and untrue.

thisditisred774 karma

what first got you interested in law?

please ask the assistant who set up the lighting rig in your bedroom to also make your bed!

Christopher_Darden1973 karma

I grew up at a time when there were a number of public trials involving civil rights leaders and what were referred to as "black militants." So there were a number of political trials and I knew how important the law was to the black community, and I admired those lawyers who took those cases, and I wanted to be one of them.

exXboxer683 karma

Thanks for doing this! Have you talked to Mark Furman since the trial and if so what was the interaction?

Christopher_Darden1764 karma

I have not talked or spoken to Mark Furhman since the trial. For obvious reasons.

AFbeardguy671 karma

What's your favorite flavor of ice cream?

Christopher_Darden1850 karma

My mama and daddy grew up in the south in East Texas, and my favorite ice cream is black walnut.

malfeanatwork244 karma

Would you rather fight a horse sized duck or a hundred duck sized horses?

Christopher_Darden1007 karma

I'll take the horse sized duck. I'm sure the filets would be much more tender.