Chris recorded platinum, gold and Grammy winning albums and CDs with many artists including Bob Dylan, Cher, Natalie Cole, Aretha Franklin, Miles Davis, Patti LaBelle, Michael Bolton, Michael Franks, Lionel Hampton, Billie Holiday,Tony Bennett and Quincy Jones. Hear The Chris Parker trio.

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JonathanFeinberg7 karma

Hi Chris Parker! So nice to see a "drummer's drummer" getting a little attention. You and Matt Chamberlain have always been pocket masters to me. (I played drums on Lisa Loeb's "Stay", and other stuff.)

Do you still woodshed? If so, what does a typical practice session look like?

Roven_Records6 karma

Yes I still woodshed! Daily.I have a studio where I spend a minimum of 3 hours everyday and longer when I'm approaching a performance for the endurance factor.Typical rudimentary stuff and bass drum control,then try to come up with a groove I haven't made really comfortable yet.

flotador75 karma

Who do you think is (or was) the best drummer out there, and most importantly why?

Roven_Records19 karma

Buddy Rich is still without comparison, in what he could do technically,how well he accompanied other artists and the excitement he generated with his solos.My friend, Steve Gadd, is also amazing technically,a great accompanist and a beautiful soloist.To be a great drummer takes being a musicologist too. You have to be aware of all the music that's going on in the world today and that's a huge amount.To be open to other approaches,other dynamics and other grooves is very important to your vocabulary.

man_mayo5 karma

What live performance do you always look back fondly on?

Roven_Records10 karma

The last one! But seriously,playing with Stevie Wonder in DC was a real dream come true;playing with Ray Charles was unbelievable!A concert in France with Bob Dylan where Ringo sat in and we played double drums!Another concert when George sat in with us-such a sweet beautiful guy and great player!

nucleargloom2 karma

What was Bob Dylan like?

Roven_Records2 karma

Bob Dylan was great to work with! So unbelievably talented, artistic and wise.And the poetry!!

AGallagher4102 karma

What is the most important advice you could give to anyone trying to make a living playing music? Asking for myself and my band Whiskey Crossing

Roven_Records9 karma

Just like anything else.Consistency,conviction,courage and persistence.I've been very very fortunate since I was 11 years old to make a living at music,travelled all over,put two kids through college, and worked with some of the most amazing talents in the world but it's also always been a roller coaster ride with ups and downs,artistically and financially.Hang in there and don't give up!!