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GoTomArrow1 karma

Do you get paid to do this AMA?

asaengineer1 karma

No lol. They'd probably be awfully upset I did this AMA considering I was a real hassle the second time.

JulianKarst181 karma

So what would you say your hobbies would be when you have some down time in your life?

asaengineer2 karma

My hobbies include a variety of things. I really enjoy being active, I workout a lot. Hiking, camping, kayaking, stuff like that. I also read quite a bit. I read a lot of fashion history type of documents, specifically I read a lot of Vogue history books and the like. But I also enjoy reading books on Quantum Mechanics and String Theory. Really just a wide range. Then I also just love hanging with friends and drinking.

JulianKarst181 karma

Thanks for the answer! As another science nerd studying physics; if you haven't already, you should read the book Reinventing Gravity by John W. Moffat very interesting book that talks a lot about some interesting concepts. If you also have time for one more question: When you did GDP was there differences in payment based off of what you where willing to do? i.e. Facial, anal, etc.

asaengineer2 karma

I've actually heard of that book! I will certainly read it.

No, there were no differences in payment (which there normally are in the porn industry) but not with GDP. You get the same money for doing anal as you would for getting gang banged with GDP. lol

Thorolf_Kveldulfsson1 karma

Wow, I just watched your second video for the first time yesterday. I can't believe they treated you so poorly both times - I figured they'd have realized how uncomfortable you were in the first one (and how much it put viewers off) and tried a little harder this time around. I'm glad you at least got what you needed out of it, and I think it'll blow over soon enough.

For the question, what's your favorite book?

asaengineer1 karma

Yeah definitely unfortunate. Thanks for the kind words friend.

Favorite book? American Sniper.

forava71 karma

do people recognize you in public? Is that a little awkward when they say how they know you too?

asaengineer1 karma

Yes sometimes. Nah, it's not awkward. I usually just laugh and smile. Make small chit chat

Jase78911 karma

Just out of curiosity, how many partners had you been with prior to doing porn? What kind of sexual experience did you have?

asaengineer5 karma

I had a normal sex life if that's what you're wondering. I'm not commenting on number or detail.

I did not have sex with a large number of partners prior to porn. If this helps answer.

Jase78911 karma

I'm sorry if I seemed intrusive with my questions but I am honestly interested in a more accurate picture of your psyche as someone who has been willing to work in the porn industry. I'm not interested in specific details just general ones. I don't know what a "normal sex life" means.

asaengineer2 karma

My psyche was that I needed money. There was a goal, this helped me reach said goal. My sex life and sexual history had no factors in choosing what I chose to do.

Hope this helps answer anything you're confused about. But please feel free to ask more if you still don't understand.

xatero0 karma

I haven't seen your video, but of course I will be checking it out now. Just want to know ahead of time, were you entirely truthful in the little interview scene they always do before the sex? Like how many guys you've been with and all that? And how much acting did you do during the "act"? You said you cried a couple times :( but otherwise, if you moaned at any point can I trust that you were enjoying it? Also, at what point did you learn it was a hardcore scene? When you saw the modeling ad, or after you contacted them? Were you looking to just pose at first?

asaengineer11 karma

I wasn't really all that truthful in the beginning interview scene (privacy reasons and some script). My age was true and so was what I wanted and had planned to study in University. That's about it I think.

I don't think I did that much acting considering I was screaming in pain and crying 90% of the video.

I did not enjoy the scene. The male actor was unattractive and had a creepy, ulterior motive (to get as much pussy on and off film as possible) and the size of his penis was big and I am very small.

It wasn't a hardcore scene, his dick was just really big and I was uncomfortable.

I saw the ad before I contacted them. I wasn't sure what it was at first.

asaengineer9 karma

Not at all. I think I look really cute.