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bolharr225027 karma

How do you justify your work, when you know that it may be submitted as the students own papers? Or do you refuse to do "assignements"?

Also what's your opinion on sites like Fiverr and Upwork compared to freelancing on your own?

I mean no offense. I was a tech writer myself and wrote an article or two I suspected of being used as plagirism. Just interested on your stance.

lukekit1 karma

On the first question, we credit ourselves as tutors in the sense that we help students complete assignments. The work we give should only be used as reference and guidance. It should not be submitted as "as is". I only refuse assignments which I think me and my team cannot manage. Fivver and Upwork offer a wide variety of services. The options is unlimited on the website. However, the competition towards building a reputable profile and getting jobs in general is very high. In terms of plagiarism, i use turnitin.com which su widely used by many universities to check for website. Moreover, by doing research and crediting all used books and articles ensures no plagiarism

herennius2 karma

Do you think that suggesting your clients not turn in the work "as is" is a suitable defense against their academic dishonesty (and your complicit role in it) by having you perform their research and writing in the first place?

lukekit2 karma

But that would mean a decline in the income

lukekit-1 karma

It is I must agree but usually this information is hidden somewhere in the terms and conditions.

bolharr22502 karma

Thank you. I personally never liked that excuse, as copy editing or concept help always seemed more helpful than an almost ready to go, cited essay, but maybe that's just the way I studied. More power to the students who are able to use those essays without turning them in or copying anything.

I agree that getting jobs on Fiverr/Upwork is hard. I attribute my ability to get clients simply by my US citizenship. I think that there is a significant negative prejudice against freelancers from countries that dont speak English nationally.

As a follow up question, Is there a reason you write essays on the exact subject the student needs, instead of a more general subject that couldn't be turned in as-is? Also, do you watermark your essays?

Thanks again for the QA, I apologize if any of my comments are hostile.

lukekit-1 karma

There is big discrimination against non-native English speaking countries. But I do not blame them. Some people out here are just filled with malice. On that question, websites I work for are very strict on the writing. So you just do as required. Maybe once I reach the upper echelon maybe i can dictate how I do things 😁😁

OverworldGamer9 karma

Where did you learn the "norms" or little things about the different places you write for? For example, even in scientific writing, sentence structure and word choice vary per region. How do you accurately emulate that?

lukekit2 karma

The only problem I have encountered is writing in a given language, say native US or UK. In terms of the technicality, sentence structure and word choices we have writers for each given field. They are proficient in the wording and so forth. Also, we have editors who review the quality of the work. I mainly deal with physics, maths, and social sciences since I am a teacher by profession

rolexking881 karma

How much do you profit from essay shark?

lukekit1 karma

In a month i make between 1000-3000 depending on job availability

hands_on_tools-2 karma

Did you do a thing with Cracked recently? I feel like I read something about Kenyan paper writers recently.

lukekit0 karma

Im not sure how you mean

TommyToad2 karma

And you write papers (in English) in exchange for monetary compensation?

Having a hard time understanding this.

lukekit2 karma

It is as plain as it is

8urfiat-4 karma

I've been asking this a lot on iAmA and nobody can tell me. I'm hoping you could. How the hell do you use the three seashells?

lukekit1 karma

I dont know