I'm going to be on The Nasty Show as part of the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal - doing 11 shows from July 19th to 29th as part of a killer lineup of Godfrey, Yamaneika, Big Jay Oakerson, Jimmy Carr and hosted by Ari Shaffir

Proooooof http://imgur.com/a/terxL

Buy tickets here: http://www.hahaha.com/en/show/nasty-show-0

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YouAintGotToLieCraig142 karma

Bobby, in this clip you went on an hour long rant, trashing a bunch of comedians. Did any of them get mad over this?


JustForLaughsFest121 karma

That was a great whale joke. Fucking bravo, great whale joke

deanthecleanmachine133 karma

Hi Bobby, #Big fan! How difficult is it shooting a scene for a show/movie when the set isn't near the ocean?

JustForLaughsFest137 karma

You're the worst fans in the world. Love you. But not that hard

Gushers4Lunch124 karma

Hi Bobby, I love you on the Chip Chipperson Podacast! Have you ever thought about doing stand up comedy?

JustForLaughsFest120 karma

No. That's a homerun you cock sucka

deanthecleanmachine111 karma

Hi Bobby, #Big fan! In Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, what messages were those aliens sending you?

JustForLaughsFest106 karma

I just spit my water out

I-take-beast-shits101 karma

Hey Bob would you rather be on the Titanic or be forced to be on Opie's horrendous afternoon radio show?


JustForLaughsFest131 karma

Everybody knows I can't dodge anything

MrCocklefroth96 karma

How difficult is it for you to not step on greggshells considering you weigh the best part of a tonne?

JustForLaughsFest104 karma

That's mean and hurtful

BoongChook86 karma

When you eat a steak does it also make you crave cock?

JustForLaughsFest104 karma

Not anymore

OkaySeriouslyBro74 karma

If you had to pick one cast member from MTV's Jackass to have sex with your wife while you watch, who would it be and why?

JustForLaughsFest98 karma

Johnny Knoxville, cause I know his dick's broken

jkrick1363 karma

Do you feel you look like more of an albino orca, Lebanese house maiden, or morbidly obese Mexican?

JustForLaughsFest113 karma

I knew this was a bad idea but #2, a lebanese house maiden

68rouge59 karma

how's your knee man?

JustForLaughsFest146 karma

I broke my knee dude

TheGhostOfAbeVigoda26 karma

Yeah, how's your knee dude?

JustForLaughsFest61 karma

I broke my knee dude, it's doing fine

bonniesretardsister58 karma

Do you really need 12 open mic comics on the same podcast?

JustForLaughsFest77 karma

First of all, no. Second of all, I only have 3 comics on - 3 limit.

They're not open mics, they're middlers

sherockradio54 karma

Which fat are you on and how many fats do you have left?

JustForLaughsFest80 karma

Okay I am on my 7th fat, I have moved directly from the 6th. I did not go back down to the 5 skinny, I most directly to 7. I have 8 in me, only 1 to go


Bullshit you told Colin you were on number 11 and then you commiserated about deserts and hotel mints. Just another #Big fan

JustForLaughsFest109 karma

Yeah I was being sarcastic you literal ass. One question per douchebag

JMueIIer201252 karma

Hi Bobby. I hope the answer to this is yes. Do you ever think about your miserable childhood and how your mother literally gave you away and get so sad that you eat even though you aren't hungry?

JustForLaughsFest76 karma

Your wish is granted. Yes

JustForLaughsFest84 karma

Now I'm going to get a sandwich

jkrick1350 karma

Is there a correlation between rising ocean levels and your wading in the shallows?

JustForLaughsFest64 karma

Fb fans are awesome, reddit fans are trolls with different names. I get it, it's a moon joke. I'm as big as a planet, I get it

andycumiashow42 karma

Hi Bobby. I'm a huge fan and respect you as a human being. My wife is terminally sick and my family is having a really hard time coping. Do you have any words of encouragement?

JustForLaughsFest133 karma

I hope your fat wife dies. No I'm sorry, scratch that, I hope your whole family dies

deanthecleanmachine40 karma

Hi Bobby, #Big fan! Was it troubling staying still on the flat bed when Jesse, Randolph and Rae were helping you escape from the park?

JustForLaughsFest56 karma

I really wanna laugh at that reference but I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. #gofuckyourmother #loveyou

Griz-x39 karma

Who is the next BIG comedian to die, and why is it Artie Lange?

JustForLaughsFest65 karma

I love Artie I would never say that to him. Keep all the mean shit to me you piece of gaaaarbage

deanthecleanmachine31 karma

BOBBY!!! Question about your time on the show "Louie" - Were you on set when this scene took place? http://i.imgur.com/Mq62pPt.png

JustForLaughsFest57 karma

That was actually me, I had just gone back to Aruba

Gushers4Lunch31 karma

Do you get hard looking at sinks?

JustForLaughsFest42 karma

The right sink

bonniesretardsister31 karma

Why do you pretend female comedians are funny?

JustForLaughsFest28 karma

Bonnie MacFarlene is one of the funniest comedians I know. Idiot. Yamaneika, who happens to be on the Nasty Show from the 19-29 - for tickets go to hahaha.com is hilarious, crazy funny. Michelle Woolf is good. And Judy Gold is good

BoongChook31 karma

Would you rather be fat and dying or skinny with aids?

JustForLaughsFest46 karma


TPuffs39 karma

*would you rather be yourself or Jim Norton

JustForLaughsFest61 karma

See above

TPuffs28 karma

Do you think it's to late to change your characters name on SDRR to Lards Ulrich?

JustForLaughsFest68 karma

You're too wordy. Have someone punch that up and get back, there's something there

sherockradio26 karma

I'm sure you've gained a lot of new fans here. My question is, is the festival exclusively for laughs, or is that just a marketing ploy?

JustForLaughsFest40 karma

That was too intelligent of a joke for me, dumb it down stupid

BabyDinosaurHead25 karma

How hot does magnesium burn?

JustForLaughsFest40 karma

First off, how do you spell magnesium. But if I were to guess approximately 3100 degrees celsius

JustForLaughsFest33 karma

It produces intense white bright light when it burns

Gushers4Lunch24 karma

Why do you love food more than your child?

JustForLaughsFest46 karma

Stop with the fucking, stop getting real, don't make statements. Either be funny or fuck yourself

sherockradio24 karma

Is this your year? Are you finally going to make it?

JustForLaughsFest67 karma

No, absolutely not

ohpipedown23 karma

Hi Bawby, thanks for giving Chip Chipperson a spot on The Riotcast Network. He's a national treasure. What happened with Sex, Drugs, & Rock and Roll?

JustForLaughsFest45 karma

You're welcome. It kills me to say you're welcome. He's the #1 show on Riotcast. Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll got cancelled, that's why I'm doing this

Steamer100023 karma

HI Bobby big fan. Is it true that Opie is rasping bam margeras son, and that his biological daughter is retarded?

JustForLaughsFest25 karma

This is too wordy, I don't even know what this means. Stop trying to get your point of view out there, just ask fun questions

TheDarkFezRises22 karma

What was that weird noise you made getting out of the car that one time?

JustForLaughsFest29 karma

I don't know what that was, that was so weird

Griz-x22 karma

Bobby, what was the meanest thing Patrice ever said to you?

JustForLaughsFest51 karma

He said so many mean things. He's called me a fat lesbian, I dunno there's too many mean things to come up with

DooshLord21 karma

How long does it take you to scrape the barnacles off your face every morning?

JustForLaughsFest47 karma

I get it it's a whale joke but too hacky, try harder

Griz-x21 karma

Who were you more scared to sit next to at the Cellar table, Patrice or Colin?

JustForLaughsFest81 karma

Patrice cause he's dead

TheDarkFezRises19 karma

Why is nobody taking about the fact Bill Burr created a human/ape hybrid?

JustForLaughsFest20 karma

I dunno what that means. What does that mean?

Coosaw15 karma

Hold my hand man?

JustForLaughsFest40 karma

Hold my hand dude

johnnyjohnjohnson6915 karma

Do you actually do bang bangs in real life and if so what is your favorite cuisine pairing?

JustForLaughsFest24 karma

Yes unfortunately I have, it would have to be dinner then chinese

Caprichosa414 karma

You've mentioned several diets in the past. What are you currently doing, if anything, to be healthy?

JustForLaughsFest43 karma

It's called the no sugar no grain diet unless you're at an airport in which case you can only eat sugar and grain

ohpipedown11 karma

You're a delightfully lovable creep, Bobby. What was the meanest thing you said about Vos at the roast the other night?

JustForLaughsFest92 karma

Bonnie was dating Nathan Fillion from Castle and Firefly, and she dumped him and ended up marrying Vos. I put up a photo on the big screen of Fillion and read his credits. Firefly, Guardians of the Galaxy and a network ABC show with 170 episodes, 100,000 an episode

Then I read Vos' that started with Maxwell's and Poughkeepsie - what a bad choice she made

H_is_for_Akeem8 karma

Were you drawing from personal experience with your scene in Sirens? It all seemed so real

JustForLaughsFest11 karma

Oh when I had the coke bottle stuck in my ass. No I've never used a coke bottle

salmon_fillet8 karma

what do you think it will take to leave your child without a father?

JustForLaughsFest18 karma

Lie - eggs whites with orange slices

Truth - two eggs sandwiches and a cuban cigar

oladipo7 karma

Joe List, Luis J. Gomez, Dan Soder...you need to fuck one, marry one, and kill one...which do you do which with?

JustForLaughsFest15 karma

Good question.

Fuck Dan, marry Joe kill Luis even though he's got really great lips

If it was kiss marry fuck kill I'd kiss luis

thesurvivalproject7 karma

Will you dress up as Victor, the Just for Laughs mascot?

JustForLaughsFest9 karma

I think I already am. I look very similar right now. Just paint me green and take my clothes off

DirtBagCurtain6 karma

Got my tickets to the Nasty Show, in your opinion, who will be the nastiest comic?

JustForLaughsFest20 karma

I don't know man, that's a good one. Probably Big Jay he's fucking disgusting

__justacityboy5 karma

Where’s your go-to places to hang in Montreal?

JustForLaughsFest14 karma

Stogies, over on rue and crescent. Love that place. Love Dunn's too, and the Hyatt, the 19th to the 29th. Go to hahaha.com for tickets