I was actively involved in gymnastics as a teenager and soon became enamored with CrossFit. I made my competitive debut in 2010 and by 2014 I had achieved a Reebok CrossFit Games title. I use my success to help empower women everywhere. I want women to define themselves by what they can do, not just how they look. When I’m not in the gym, I also like to learn. I just graduated from the Université de Sherbrook with a degree in Chemical Engineering. I also enjoy volleyball, soccer, rugby and skiing. I’m Boulder, CO based and my favorite cheat meal is ice cream! You can follow my journey on IG, FB, TW @camillelbaz.

Proof: https://www.instagram.com/p/BU78YiQAJdx/

Edit: Hey guys thanks for coming i hope you all have fun ... it was cool to see the questions you guys had for me... talk to y'all soon

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francespardillo9426 karma

Hi Camille, meant to ask this earlier but as a college student I have a hard time balancing school work and gym life. I saw that you earned your degree in chemical engineering. How were you able to juggle both at once? Thanks for doing this AMA for all your fans. :)

CamilleLBaz28 karma

i think like during final.. i would put my fitness a little on the side like not kill myself in training but maybe just run to clear my mind for more study :) and when school is a little more relax i focus more on training... laos make sure you know exactly the order of your priority... ex I'm okay getting B-C at school but not okay not qualifying for the games ;)

kurelek25 karma

Camille! Big fan!

What's Dave Lipson's guilty pleasure movie that he cries in every time?

How do you take your Tim Horton's coffee when you're back in Canada. Do you miss Timbits?

Good luck this year! Hope you can fight your way back to the top of the podium. You're a great role model to young girls and women out there.

I got gilded?! Sweet! Thanks, internet stranger!

CamilleLBaz22 karma

hahaha those are great question... dave mostly cries during transformer or rudy... hahah tim hortons is not for coffee but definitely for tidbits hahaha i do miss them a tone... my parents always bring me some back when they visit

kurelek5 karma

Awesome! Thanks for replying! Hope you and Dave have a great summer!

CamilleLBaz11 karma

thanks buddy... dave said hi

ehnogi23 karma

Most important question of all:

For toilet paper- over the roll, or under the roll?

CamilleLBaz83 karma

girl don't go to the bathroom :P

Halle92317 karma

I got to watch your heats live in San Antonio this year. A good friend of mine was also competing. The divide skill wise between the top tier athletes and everyone else was staggering to see in person. When you first started out competing did you get the feeling that you were no where near the same level as the the top tier athletes?

CamilleLBaz12 karma

i think when i started competing and up to this day is was always just for the love of being part of it... back then i was just impress and inspired by the stronger athlete but i never felt not part of it :)

JarethKingofGoblins15 karma

What made you decide to go into Crossfit rather than one of the other fitness disciplines?

CamilleLBaz32 karma

I love that it was community oriented.. you just go have fun with your friends and it is not at all about appearance. No mirror no ego just have fun and work hard

melvinismad14 karma

Hi Camille!

Just wanted to drop by and say your 21-15-9 complex from 2014 was what inspired me to get into crossfit and it never fails to get me pumped up whenever I don't feel like training lol

Also, what's your favorite ice cream flavor?!

CamilleLBaz17 karma

thanks by far one of my all time best memory just because of how the crowd reacted... I still have goosebumps thinking about it... In my head i thought previous heat did it also unbroken so i had no idea...best ice cream=chocolate and peanut butter and a good pistachio

leroi714 karma

What is your best piece of motivation or advice for someone looking to get in shape?

CamilleLBaz41 karma

i think understanding that you will not always be motivated and that no one is always motivated but you just do it and you can take pride in just making good choice... then it just become more of a habit and then you end up enjoying the challenge and the trill :)

jaglikesads13 karma

how many grams of protein do you consume daily?

CamilleLBaz25 karma

all of it hahaha 145g ish

how_do_i_land12 karma

What do you feel about ring dips being included in future games programming because of the number of injuries at regionals? And box jumps vs box jump overs?

CamilleLBaz17 karma

ring dips has been involve in crossfit for ever... in 2012 on the final event we did Elizabeth involving the same amount of Dip then at regional and in a faster workout and everyone was fine... box jump has been there for ever also... I think they are both very good test and it is the athlete responsibility to practice them smartly and prepare for them the right way... It really breaks my hearth to see people get injured and i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy... i don't agree with saying it isn't good programming i think it is good programming... I think people push so much harder when they compete and maybe they just passed this line above what their body has ever experience or is ready to experience. Again it makes me very sad that some people did get hurt and i wish all of them a speedy recovery

jollyrog811 karma

What position did you play in rugby?

CamilleLBaz18 karma

number 12 or 13 i did both/ got tackle quite a bit hahaha

Pleaux10 karma

Hey Camille! Hope you're doing well after regionals! Was wondering, what does your training schedule look like pre-open and post games? How many times do you train a week/day? And any advice to someone trying to get to the games/regionals?

CamilleLBaz15 karma

right now all my life is pretty much dedicated to train recover and eat well... i train around 6 hours a day right now with i wouldn't recommend anyone else to do lol unless they did qualified for the games... if you are trying to do better in the open or get to regional i would say make sure to focus on your weakness and build your GPP

praetorian9610 karma

How can I get jacked like Dave Lipson?

CamilleLBaz23 karma

hahaha its all in the beard

SalamanderCaveBear8 karma

Hi Camille! Just wanted to say hell of a job, I'm also a recently graduated Chemical Engineer, pairing that with your level crossfit must have been a hell of a commitment. Just wondering, how did you prioritise effectively and decide when one had to come before the other?

CamilleLBaz15 karma

I think like you said its figuring whats you priority.. I think at a point i figured out i can go to school forever.. not that i recommend it hahaha but i don't know how long my athlete career will be... so i think my mantra for school became D for diploma at the end haha and i took off a lot of anxiety once i was okay not getting A in everything

nicolas120897 karma

salut, je me demandais c'était quoi un bon exercise afin d'améliorer ma mobilité des épaules?

CamilleLBaz9 karma

jaime bien m'étirer les epaules avec ce que j'appel l'étirement du dormeur... sleeper stretch

XOridianX7 karma

Hi Camille, big fan, really enjoy watching you compete!

Just wanted to know how has your mental game changed over the years of competing?

CamilleLBaz7 karma

i think like everyone any challenge force you to grow.. I am just enjoying what i do there is no trick just have fun

gwillad7 karma

Hey Camille! Thanks for doing this! I'm a big fan and will be rooting you on in madison!

How do you feel about the criticism that doing crossfit makes people prone to injuries, especially for beginners?

How long do you think you'll be competing in the games as an individual?

CamilleLBaz9 karma

Crossfit is base on teaching movement in a rehabilitation way...we teach people how to move again via functional movement and the first effect of that should be being more prepare to face life and build an edge against decrepitude. People are more prone to injury by doing nothing and the reward is way greater then the risk... I think ill be competing for a couple more year and hopefully try tokyo in 2020

ScottLifts6 karma

Congratulations on completing your Chemical Engineering degree! Do you have plans for "life after crossfit"? Are you planning on going into something in the CE field, or will you likely try and stay in the health and fitness realm?

CamilleLBaz3 karma

I would love down the line to be able to pair all my passion together so hopefully i can do some charity work with chemical engineering through my own business

JulianKarst186 karma

As someone who workouts (just normal weight lifting) what would you say made you go into CrossFit? And what would you say would be the easiest way for me to try it?

CamilleLBaz4 karma

just the community and how fun it is... just go in any one and try

th3An0nyMoose4 karma

Which one of the girls is your favorite?

CamilleLBaz12 karma


22SAS4 karma

Clean & Jerk or Snatch?

CamilleLBaz17 karma


sap_123 karma

Have you ever put butter on a pop-tart?

CamilleLBaz7 karma

no i didn't knew it was a thing

Desay3 karma

How much do you squat?

CamilleLBaz14 karma

all of the weight :P

crossfitron3 karma

Excited to see you compete at the Games this year!

When you have a training day or event that goes south, what helps you rally and get back in the game?

Also, who have been inspirational people in your life and why?

CamilleLBaz9 karma

i think one of my biggest inspiration is my mom and my dad... I think when we see end product of people succeeding we don't really see the hard work that goes behind but i grew up with a mom and a dad that just worked so hard and never complain ... so i think they both are my biggest inspiration and some of the people i always want to make proud

porkchaaps3 karma

Hey Camille! Big fan! I've always wanted to know, in the 2011 CrossFit games, final event, iit appears your Concept rower malfunctioned. What was going through your mind during that final event?

CamilleLBaz12 karma

hahaha yes my rower wasn't working... in my head i was just hoping no one would see me cry but then i looked up and my face was a close up on the jumbotrone hahahaha so bad lol

Weekend-Warrior3 karma


Ma blonde est une grande fan et tu l'a beaucoup inspirée comme, je pense, beaucoup de québécois et québecoise. J'ai pas vraiment de question qui me vient en tête... Est-ce que le Québec te manque?

Lâche pas la patate :)

CamilleLBaz8 karma

hahahaha merci... je m'ennuie beaucoup de parle français lol mais je ne m'ennuie pas de la temperature hahaha

poopsquad113 karma

Hey Camille big fan of you and thank you for being so open with fans. You always make time for us and are available on video which is amazing. For a question, how do you feel about the dumbbells in the open and regionals? And, more importantly, what is your best advice for people who are a few months into Crossfit and are trying to become more fit? Thanks for the AMA!

CamilleLBaz6 karma

i kind of really enjoyed the variety that we've been seeing so far this year during the open and regional... this is my 8th year going to the game and it is super refreshing to still be surprise and challenge in new way... to be more fit more is not better but better is better... so one workout as HARD as you can is the way to go

ChavitoArg2 karma

Ive started CF like 3 weeks ago but i always feel sick after training, did u felt something similar when u started training or it was easy? Greetings from Argentina.

CamilleLBaz8 karma

hahaha I've done crossfire for 8 years and still feel sick sometimes... means you are pushing hard so thats good... it will get better... maybe look what you eat before and maybe not eat so near of training

Knightsparda2 karma

Hi im from Spain, and you trained in 2015 in my Box DC Crossfit in Madrid with your Canada team, did you enjoyed that? if you remember ofc xD Im i big fan of you by the way, the most skilled female athlete in the scene actually, i follow some of your youtube videos for master my skills haha

CamilleLBaz5 karma

We loved Madrid you guys were so awesome... love how much passion people have down there

Javi_in_1080p2 karma

My gf refuses to try weight lifting cause she says she doesn't want to look manly. How could best show her this isn't what happens when women lift?

CamilleLBaz13 karma

i think once women start lifting and it boost their confidence everything changes

glassjoe1032 karma

I was spectating at the crossfit games when you won it all in 2014. It was an awesome weekend and people going crazy when you went unbroken on the pull up bar for the pull ups, chest to bar and bar muscle ups. Good luck this year in Madison, WI.

My question is what's your favorite place to get poutine in Montréal? And what do you like on your poutine?

CamilleLBaz5 karma

haha thanks for the support buddy.. La banquise has really good poutine and i like the italian kind :P

glassjoe1031 karma

haha awesome. Thanks for replying! I love La Banquise! I'll have to try the italian style.

CamilleLBaz4 karma

its like spaghetti sauce on top

TrentWatts2 karma

Bonjour, Camille! I've been following you on instagram for almost a year now. Love the energy you bring to the sport and how you entertain your followers!
Question: What's your go to for a quick serving of protein?

CamilleLBaz2 karma

I pretty much use protein shake for xenduance its just good quality and give me 20g easy and quick

BlueHQ2 karma

Hey my girlfriend is a huge fan and loves watching you compete, she is wondering when you first started getting into crossfit? Thanks again for this AMA

CamilleLBaz9 karma

I got into crossfit late 2009... literally just got challenge to try a class and i got hooked right away

SushiRoe1 karma

Hey Camille,

I struggle with my overhead squat, do you have any tips or training cues that help you with this movement?

Good luck in Madison!

CamilleLBaz3 karma

I would just practice squat therapy! its literally the best drill to help with position :)

Redsummersun11 karma

At my box I find that I'm always trying to do better than one of two others because we're very similarly built or have the same general capacity. Do you have any friendly rivalries within the sport? Women that you feel that you match up well against and mentally want to beat?

CamilleLBaz4 karma

hahaha thats cool... having people to compete with is just the best... lets say i have 39 other girls i will compete for the tittle of the fittest soon :P

brebra161 karma

Hey guess who!? (hint: You know me) Whats the best way to mentally get over no reps in competition? I tend to get caught up in the heat of the moment and get irritated or panic when a no rep happens.

CamilleLBaz14 karma

literally practice getting no reps and also just know that getting mad won't change anything

Alkhwarizmi_AB1 karma

Hi Camille, big fan here!! You're the only crossfitter I follow on Instagram and I followed you because you're also a chemical engineer. I'm a chemical engineering student (should be graduating this December) and I started crossfit last August and fell in love with it. My questions: how did you manage to balance between crossfit and pro crossfit? Did you attend classes? Or did you have to take online classes? How long did it take you to finish the degree? Do you have any idea what fugacity is?

Also, I love how your name sounds!! Camille Lablanc-Bazinet.

CamilleLBaz3 karma

Congrats on your degree its no joke... i had to take lots of class at distance or half presence because of pairing with travel and competing... not easy to study in hotel and plane but you do what you have to do :) my degree took 6-1/2 year hahaha ye si know what fugacity is hahaha

iamdeereyna1 karma

Hi Camille! I just wanted to say I'm a big fan and I absolutely love you!! You were the first athlete I found when I started CrossFit and you completely changed my perception on how I wanted to look!! I definitely was no longer scared to be "bulky", I just want to look fit like you!! :)

Anyways my question is... when you were injured during gymnastics and no longer continued it, how did you mentally prepare yourself for CrossFit and the possibility that you may get hurt again? I injured myself during front squats and I can't seem to get over that mental fear that I'll get injured again. Thanks so much if you get to answer my question!!

Also Hi Dave and Hi Max!!

CamilleLBaz3 karma

thats so sweat!!! thanks for the support :) i think i was definitely scared of hurting myself again when i started crossfire and was compensating a little bit... but i really focused on moving perfectly and it pushed away all previous injury and made me a lot more balanced and stronger

brebra161 karma

About how often do you eat cheat meals? Do you ever feel guilty after? This is Brandee and im running out of ideas by the way lol ;)

CamilleLBaz3 karma

hahaha i don't feel guilty after a cheat meal because i know i work hard for it and i eat good the rest of the time... but right now no real cheat meal until the game... normally ill go for ice cream or pizza

pepper_puppy1 karma

What is your favorite junk food?

CamilleLBaz3 karma

we are on a pop tart kick right now hahahaha but normally any chocolate dessert

Duncan_Disorderly_1 karma

Hi Camille! Massive fan of you and all the crossfit elites. My question for you is... have you ever reached a massive 'sticking point' in your crossfit training, and how did you overcome these? I have been trying to get a muscle-up for 2 years!

CamilleLBaz3 karma

yes all the time... i think thats when you just need to maybe step back and go into more variance... variance is key and its pretty crazy how doing something different makes you better at everything else

Javi_in_1080p1 karma

Any tips on ring muscle ups?

CamilleLBaz3 karma

practice the basic of gymnastic and master them :)

Jurgen_Haabermaaster1 karma

Love watching you compete, what is the worst injury you've sustained and how long to fully recover?

CamilleLBaz4 karma

i partially rip my hip flexor in gymnastic... took a while to heel and crossfire was a big part of my recovery process

zeuzbmr1 karma

Hey Camile big fan. My gf has viewed excercise and being active in a very positive light thanks you, and your accomplishments. One question. How did Dave Lipson achieve such a quality beard?

CamilleLBaz4 karma

i think the beard come with living in the mountain

FingerPowered1 karma

Hi Camille! Hope you're having a great day. What's your favorite movie right now? And your favorite excercise? Big snuggles to Max!

CamilleLBaz3 karma

I'm really into rematching rocky right now hahaha favorite exercise is ya know just crossfiting right now :)

francespardillo941 karma

Oh my gosh... I'm speechless. I am your biggest fan!!! What is your favorite dessert to splurge on?! Thanks for answering - you're awesome! Rooting for you all the way!

CamilleLBaz3 karma

thanks :) anything chocolate... haha

brebra161 karma

how did you know when you were ready to start butterfly pullups back in the day? i can kinda get the general motion but i knock myself off rhythm easily or i rip my hands

CamilleLBaz6 karma

once i could get 20 kipping pull-ups i started to practice butterfly... that way i build my shoulders strength and stamina first