I’m here to answer all of your questions about my new show I Love Dick, now streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Proof: https://instagram.com/p/BT-VuK4lIr0/

Edit: Thanks for your questions. I had to run, but I hope you enjoy "I Love Dick"!!! Until next time!

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Hideous-Kojima7022 karma

Would you do a cooking show called Kevin Bakin'?

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON6436 karma


krisleeds5881 karma

Mr Bacon - Would you like to see, and/or star in a Tremors remake??

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON13193 karma

we are working on that!

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON5315 karma

Hey Vammy 1 degree!

bellegaudreau12134 karma

What is your favorite bill Paxton memory?

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON2947 karma

I loved that man, you could not be in a bad mood around him. so enthusiastic

TheGreatSwagsby1507 karma

Hey, Mr. Bacon! One of my favorite films you've starred in is James Gunn's Super. Did you enjoy working on that movie?

Also, how do you feel about the Kevin Bacon jokes on American Dad?

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON2048 karma

I loved doing super! and I don't mind jokes at my expense

WreckyHuman1400 karma

Do you like bacon?

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON1988 karma

hell yes!

MagicalPoolNoodle1079 karma

How often do you play six degrees of yourself?

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON1278 karma

hahahaha never happens

KilgoreTout830 karma

Hey Kevin. Big fan.

I just recently watched the movie Cop Car and thought you were a great in it. So much fun to watch you be the bad guy.

Any plans to play a piece of human garbage again in the near future?


love beingh the bad guy!

OU812A617 karma

Kevin, how hot was it on a set of "Wild Things" with those hotties almost naked?

I-AM-KEVIN-BACON1100 karma

very hot. Miami in august!

curlywurlyhippy316 karma

You're quite adept at playing heroes and villains. Which one do you personally enjoy more? Cheers!!!


i like deep well rounded characters

shembop277 karma

Amazon Prime and "I Love Dick" in one sentence = You have my undivided attention. So what's the show about and what's your role encompass, Mr Bacon?


it's about a couple who's love life is re kindled by their lust for another man

julzthemadman691230 karma

Hi Kevin Bacon, what is your advice on living a successful and happy life?


wow , stay in the day. breath!

Ryltarr137 karma

What's the worst joke you've heard about your name?


lot's of sizzling stuff

panor86115 karma

Will there be a footloose 2 in the future?

Thanks Kevin!


there was one!