In 2013, former NFL player Al "Bubba" Baker appeared on Shark Tank to pitch his product, Bubba Q’s boneless ribs. Investor Daymond John became his partner, and now Bubba’s Boneless Ribs are available all over the country.

You can try them on the new Baby Back Rib Burger at any Carl’s Jr. or Hardee’s. Here’s what it looks like, and you can find one at a Carl’s Jr. location or a Hardee’s location.

Here’s our PROOF:



So now, let’s do it. ASK US ANYTHING

EDIT: Thanks for taking time to ask me and Bubba about the Baby Back Rib Burger...and everything else. Try them yourself at any Carl's Jr or Hardee's locations. I'M OUT.

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jcujcu49 karma

hey guys.. twist on a classic..

would you rather fight 100 duck sized Mr. Wonderfuls, or 1 horse-sized Mark Cuban?

TheSharkDaymond39 karma

100 duck-sized Mr. Wonderfuls, because I can keep kicking them. Coincidentally, I have about 100 ducks on my property.

rezzo78 karma

please make this an App Game!

TheSharkDaymond16 karma

Great answer.

YouOldHorseThief18 karma

QUESTION FOR DAYMOND (AND BUBBA??) If there was an eating contest on Shark Tank, which Shark could put down the most Baby Back Rib Burgers?

TheSharkDaymond38 karma

The Black Shark.

TheSharkDaymond20 karma


shaca_pap_a14 karma

Daymond, would you ever consider have investing in the marijuana industry? If not, why? If so. What area specifically?

TheSharkDaymond24 karma

Sure, but people don't think outside of the box. If I invest in software, or packaging, or wrapping, I can invest in the industry without dealing with the product directly.

Bonobo4214 karma

Which Shark is most different in real live versus the Shark Tank?

TheSharkDaymond38 karma

I would say that Kevin is much nicer in person than he is on the show.

bazutti10 karma

Daymond: What would you say are the top factors for you when you decide to invest into a company? I'm sure there's a broad combination of factors, but what do you value the most when making a decision?

Al: What were the top 2 hurdles you had to overcome regarding starting your business, and how did you manage to do so?

TheSharkDaymond13 karma

The person running the company. The other factors are whether the company is scaleable, and whether or not they've had ANY sales to determine whether the public likes it or not. Not a lot. Just any.

Wholesome_Linux9 karma

Hey! Huge fan!! This one's for Daymond or Bubba. I've been feeling extremely sad and unmotivated lately and leaving my projects and business unfinished. What motivated you during the TOUGH times in the beginning?

TheSharkDaymond27 karma

Practicing goal-setting. It's not simple. I'd recommend reading Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" and read your goals every night before you go to sleep, and then read them again when you wake up.

LiNixG33k5 karma

This was definitely helpful. I'm going through some of the same struggles right now...

TheSharkDaymond18 karma

Absolutely. I recorded this motivational speech that I think could help.

KinksAndHijinks7 karma

Daymond, what about being from Queens, NY helped you to become the man you are today?

TheSharkDaymond18 karma

I was fortunate enough to grow up in the same neighborhood as James Brown, Tribe Called Quest, LL Cool J, Salt n Peppa, Run DMC, Russell Simmons, Irv Gotti, Ja Rule, so to have those people to look up to was a huge inspiration.

mkicon7 karma

Daymond: Is there a product you passed on or didn't close the deal with on Shark Tank that haunts you to this day?

TheSharkDaymond8 karma

No. Either the deal wasn't good enough, I didn't like the entrepreneur or I didnt have the right vision for the product.

Mafiya_chlenom_K6 karma

Two questions (perhaps one foreach?)

I haven't watched this episode. Can someone give me a season/episode?

This one is more for Daymond. How heated does it actually get? I know producers want the show to look like there's a bit of drama at times.. but you all seem like wonderful people. Yes, I chose that word carefully.

Edit: It's S5E11 if anyone else missed it.

TheSharkDaymond9 karma

The show is extremely real. The pitches are an hour long but you only see 8 minutes of it. But this is our money and we don't want to lose. It's like playing football with your best friend: I'm gonna crack his head until the white meat, but then be friends after the game.

brittneymichelle6 karma

Daymond, I'll be attending your workshop here in LA. Any suggestions on what I should bring/expect?

TheSharkDaymond11 karma

You should bring determination. Also, bring a notepad. And then you can use your judgement from there to decide if it's something for you.

Kinowolf_6 karma

@Daymond: Just wanted to thank you for being one of the most entertaining Sharks on the show. Any funny Kevin stories to share?

TheSharkDaymond21 karma

Ha. Well, Barbara pantses him once a season. Kevin LOVES to dance to Rappers Delight while Mark and I rap. Trust me: it's horrible.

ProperGrahamer6 karma

As investors and business owners, what are the key things you look for in a business (and it's top people) that may not be obvious from following you through your appearances?

TheSharkDaymond6 karma

The operator. How many times they've failed and what connections I have to bring to the table.

Deesing826 karma

does the McRib make you sad or upset your fine rib sensibilities?

TheSharkDaymond14 karma

It does make me upset. It makes my stomach upset. I have to drink Pepto Bismal afterwards.

DisgruntledMillenial6 karma

Hey Daymond, what is a product that from Shark Tank that you use on a regular basis?

TheSharkDaymond11 karma

Several. The Mission Belt...I'm wearing one right now. Also, Bombas socks, Three Jerks Jerky. Aquavault. And of course Bubba's Boneless Ribs.

thegrease6 karma

I'm starving right now. Can yall send me some of dem ribs? They sound delicious...

TheSharkDaymond12 karma

Getting it to you RIGHT NOW is tough. But DM /u/hardees_official and they can help you out.

CAN1BA5 karma

@Daymond: What's your biggest investment regret?

TheSharkDaymond7 karma

Not rolling up my sleeves and diving deep into Heatherette. And I lost $6 million dollars in the process.

regular-toes5 karma

My dad is a big fan of the show and has a half dozen ideas he wants to pursue. The only problem is that he has a very demanding high ranking position at a large company that takes up all of his time. Hell, he's drawn up plans for inventions years ago that someone else got around to building first (ironically some made it to shark tank). He's getting super burned out but still holds on to those dreams. How can he reconcile having such demanding work hours while also wanting to pursue his own business?

TheSharkDaymond14 karma

Bubba had the same exact story. He had to make the same difficult decision: sacrifice the important thing for something even more important. It comes down to hard work. I worked at Red Lobster for 60 hours a week while starting FUBU.

iwas99x5 karma

Bubba & Daymond, do you hate when autocorrect on your phone and computer tries to or actually corrects your name? How annoying is that?

TheSharkDaymond25 karma

I'm dyslexic so I just type, and assume it's spelled correctly.

YelluhJelluh5 karma

Daymond: I'm a college student who can only dream of the success you've achieved - what was the biggest change in your life when you became successful?

TheSharkDaymond11 karma

The biggest challenge I've had is to learn the right things and not drown in opportunity. By the way, that's the first time I've ever been asked that question. Congrats.

UCFJed5 karma

Favorite BBQ Style: Memphis, Carolina, or Kansas City?

TheSharkDaymond8 karma

No question: Kansas City.

CAN1BA4 karma

@Bubba: How much input/control did you have in the creation of the actual Carl's Jr. sandwich?

BubbasQ605 karma

It's my rib, but I would have never thought to put a rib on a burger. They're the burger geniuses. Carl's Jr and Hardee's are the pioneers of the great American burger.

TheSharkDaymond7 karma

Why would we ever have input on The Wizard of Oz of burgers? We let them do their thing...and the Baby Back Rib Burger is amazing.

iwas99x4 karma

Bubba and Daymond, how long of time is Carl Jr/Hardee's committed to selling the rib burger?

TheSharkDaymond5 karma

The Baby Back Rib Burger will be at Carl's Jr and Hardee's location through July.

iwas99x3 karma

Daymond and Bubba,how many bites does it take to eat the BBQ Rib Burger for you two?

TheSharkDaymond4 karma

I'm about 8 and a half. And 3 licks on my fingers.

tcheiss3 karma

Can you guys give us your top-five locations to eat the Baby Back Rib Burger this summer? i.e. the beach, but more adventurous?

TheSharkDaymond4 karma

Hmmm, Friday nights when you're watching Shark Tank. Follow me on Twitter and you might be able to meet me at the restaurant and eat the burger with me.

brettryan3 karma

Whats your favorite sub on reddit?

TheSharkDaymond9 karma

This is my second AMA. I am working around the clock and I have a one-year old, so exploring sub reddits is tough for me.

Desanctify3 karma

Daymond, I'm a 23 year old, owning a clothing line that's completely cut and sewn by my hand, so maybe you can shed some light. Do you think is better to put out a collection with a wide variety product with lesser quality, or a small collection of highly detailed pieces with better quality? The fashion industry has turned into a very niche thing lately, and its been very sporadic on what brands start getting big and the reasons why they do.

TheSharkDaymond5 karma

Small collection and make a great product. It's like Kevin Plank from Under Armour. He focused on the same shirt for 10 years to make it perfect.

Bonobo422 karma

Thanks for doing the AMA guys. Bubba - amazing pitch on the show. And Daymond, I'm a big fan of yours.

This question is for Daymond. What are your thoughts on the valuations that Shark Tank companies seem to get versus the ones we hear about from VC firms? It feels like we seem $6M valuations for any start up these days but in the tank, those entrepreneurs are often laughed at.

TheSharkDaymond10 karma

Shark Tank is a real depiction of what's out there, but in Silicon Valley, you only hear about the deals that get done. There are a ton that get laughed at.

iwas99x2 karma

Daymond and Bubba, what are your hobbies outside of work hours?

TheSharkDaymond6 karma

I raise chickens. I throw knives. I fish. I occasionally race jet skis.

TheMagicalJohnson2 karma

How do you feel about Lavar Ball?

TheSharkDaymond5 karma

I went into great length on the Rich Eisen show yesterday about that guy. Give it a listen.

StraightCashHomie5042 karma

I thought the ribs were always going to be available in stores. What made you change to a restaurant? Logistics?

TheSharkDaymond5 karma

I just thought bringing it to Carls/Hardees was a great brand extension. It was a no-brainer.

Ben_Dover232 karma

Why do you have two first names sir?

TheSharkDaymond7 karma

That's a good question. Ask Elton John and let me know what he says.

Kruikoi2 karma

What's the difference between your product and something like a McRib?

TheSharkDaymond2 karma

Well, we have 100% real ribs on the Baby Back Rib Burger. Not sure what they're using.

pastanomnomnomm1 karma

What's your favorite food?

TheSharkDaymond3 karma

Generally, seafood.

knoknow1 karma

Have you thought about taking the baby back rib burger or Bubba's Boneless Ribs to stadiums and arenas?

TheSharkDaymond3 karma

We are bringing Bubba's Boneless Ribs to Yankees Stadium this season.

mattylou1 karma

Daymond: If you could be reincarnated as any shark what shark would be you be?

Bubba: What's the golden standard for barbecue? Have you achieved it yet?

TheSharkDaymond3 karma

Great White. No doubt.

Rawl_Bloodstar1 karma

What makes a great salesman? What're your predictions for the Super Bowl?

TheSharkDaymond5 karma

A great salesman makes you feel extremely special when they are speaking to you.

TheSharkDaymond3 karma

Bubba is busy typing, but he likes the Raiders this long as Carr stays healthy.

mkicon1 karma

Daymond: Back in the day, there were TONS of knock-off Fubu products. Was this flattering or frustrating?

Did any come down to lawsuits?

TheSharkDaymond6 karma

Both flattering and frustrating. Yes, we sued many people, but we realized that we wouldn't put a dent in counterfeit business, so we stopped throwing good money at bad money.

lmiller4681 karma

Daymond and Bubba! Daymond: Who is your favorite shark besides yourself? Do you all hang out often and are you friends? Bubba: Who is your favorite Shark besides Daymond? And do you see doing any other collaborations in the future with popular food chains/products?

TheSharkDaymond4 karma

My favorite Shark is whoever I did a deal with last. And yes, we all hang out. I believe we're all friends.