We majored in artificial intelligence at Hong Kong and Amsterdam university and discovered that there are no solutions or certificates outside of these rather expensive and specific studies. Useful information about AI is scattered all over the internet, and thats why we came up with the idea of an AI platform, with specification for different industries. We want to make this information accessible to the public and achieved this by summarizing our knowledge and best practices into an easy to understand, fun, and engaging 24 page document combined with an extensive industry overview and frameworks for managers!

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Edit: I aim to answer all the questions, so please keep them coming! But expect some delay in my response.

Edit 2: We received a lot of valuable feedback and will invest a lot of effort in fixing the issues that some users suggested. Please keep in mind that we aim to continuously update our website and want to work together to make this project a success!

Edit 3: We received a lot of offers from users to help us with improving our content, some of these replies got buried unfortunately. This motivates us to incorporate all your help so we can improve AIcompany even more! This is why i created /r/AIcompany where we encourage everybody to post their feedback about our company. Suggestions are more than welcome and we are more than willing to cooperate since we do feel that there is a lot of potential in this project based on the majority of positive reactions and willingness to participate!

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Signager198 karma

If feel that there is a lot of misinformation going around about AI these days. What are some common myths about the dangers of artificial intelligence, and what do you think are some real dangers of making one?

AIcompany273 karma

The end goal of the artificial intelligence might be to create a self-conscious mind, but the current state of the industry is creating algorithms that are replacing repeatable tasks. You teach a bot to replace tasks and see patterns which can replace a lot of jobs. The biggest danger of this is the replacement of ordinary jobs for which people might be specifically employed which can increase the unemployment rate drastically . CPGgrey made a interesting video about it a while ago (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Pq-S557XQU) and i think this is the biggest danger that we will see in the near future.

AIcompany1 karma

We are currently implementing machine learning, the biggest danger of this is the loss of countless of jobs. Most manual repeating tasks can be replaced by algorithms so we need to look at solutions for this in the future. Creating a self-conscious intelligence might be the end goal of artificial intelligence but right now we are mainly focusing on learning computers to think for themselves while performing tasks without contemplating their existence.

boxerhenry151 karma

For a decently experienced programmer who has not done much AI. What are some projects that you would recommend creating for learning?

AIcompany74 karma

It depends on what you want to learn of course. Starting with creating simple predictive analysis tools for small data sets is a great way to get started.

OnePunchManatee59 karma

A bit of advise:

1) put page numbers

2) the 3rd? Page says there are 2 types of modeling, then it lists 3 items.

3) the definition of p-value is wrong. It is the probability of getting data at least that extreme, given the data is generated from the null hypothesis. The probability of the null being thue is either 0 or 1.

Number 3 is a pretty sad mistake and makes reading any further pointless.

Ps. I just scanned the first few pages. I am sure there are many more issues I didn't see.

AIcompany2 karma

We will look into it!

fkdsla32 karma

Are you going to answer all of our questions with "Go read the Bible"?

AIcompany-1 karma

We are not trying to create a new religion so I will decrease my bible references then

iwas99x14 karma

What city is your company based out of?

AIcompany20 karma

We are currently working from Amsterdam and Hong kong

temp_throwaway_ai10 karma

Hello! Hope I am not too late to the party!

  1. Did you guys study AI in Asia? How is the AI scene is Asia?
  2. For a traditional software engineer - likes of who does full-stack web dev at best - how do you guys feel AI is going to affect the industry? How is this going to change how the industry works?


AIcompany3 karma

You are never late to the party. I personally studied in Amsterdam and most major cities in the Netherlands have devoted AI master programme's which creates a big and accessible community. There are some differences between the cities and most of them have a favor towards different applications. I will ask my partner about Hong kong but he's switched of now (7 hour time difference) but his general perception is positive!

Machine learning and AI will affect all different branches and not just minimum wage or repetitive work, the software industry is filled with people designing algorithms to replace the job of their colleagues.

iwas99x8 karma

Will you charge a small amount of money 💵 to read this info? If not why not?

AIcompany15 karma

Our learning materials are completely free, we also devised a framework which can be implemented by mangers and an extensive industry overview. We do charge money for the certificate, but this will often by covered by your employing company or can be seen as a good investment in your resume.

rheemy7 karma

How do I access this knowledge hub? :D

AIcompany14 karma

You can simply download our AIbible at this link https://www.aicompany.co/content-learning/. We hope you can learn something from it! Let us know what you think about it too, all feedback is more than welcome!

iwas99x7 karma

How did you 2 meet?

AIcompany9 karma

We are both Dutch, but met while studying in Asia. There was a quick connection on the topic of Artificial Intelligence of course!

iwas99x5 karma

How often are you on reddit and what are your favorite subreddits?

AIcompany2 karma

I devoted a lot of time to todayilearned and found out that I was able to provide a 'useless' fact for almost every conversation topic. I also like worldnews for the fact that it combines a lot of different news sources, but i avoid the comment section.

iwas99x3 karma

How will you spread the word about this guide?

AIcompany8 karma

All sorts of channels, and mainly throughout our contacts within the industry. We are doing everything online though. Making sure that the AI Bible we created, is world-wide acknowledged, is our main goal (content is free).

John_Mica2 karma

How long do you think it will be until somebody has an AI do an AMA?

AIcompany3 karma

It will basically be like cleverbot.com but i doubt that people will find it entertaining, but who knows it can be sooner than we think. There are already a lot of disguised bots on reddit.

fez1o12 karma

What woud an AI's favorite flavor of ice cream be?

AIcompany5 karma

I think it will most likely avoid most water, but if it would be a westworld-like AI it would most likely try out as many different flavors before making a decision resulting in a deep hate for icecream

Sirius22941 karma

As an amateur programmer who is still learning, will I be able to understand what is in this document or does it require knowledge about AI?

AIcompany3 karma

No we created it with the specific purpose to be understood and engaging for both managers and amateur programmers!

iwas99x1 karma

What are your favorite new technologies' with AI?

AIcompany1 karma

Deep Learning solutions for sure! We listed some of the more exiting ones at our industry overview page.

trackerFF1 karma

I feel that in order to really know what's going on under the hood, you'd need at least 3 to 5 years of college/university-level knowledge in areas like Math, Statistics, Signal Processing, Programming, CS Theory, etc. Hell, most Machine Learning and/or AI jobs prefer Ph.D level candidates.

Would your material be aimed at the people that jut want to scratch the surface, and teach applied AI at it's most basic form?

I'm finishing up my Masters in Machine Learning, and I really don't think that the field of AI is something you can learn in a couple of months, if you REALLY want to know what is going on, and be able to keep up pace on a theoretical level (i.e reading scientific and research publications)

AIcompany1 karma

We live in a time where a basic understanding of machine learning / AI is beneficial to most professions. Not all people are programmers or aim to apply for top level machine learning positions so we want to educate them in an understandable, engaging and fun way. Our main certificate will still be applicable and can increase someone's resume and skill set to differentiate yourself from others.

Educating someone up to the point of an AI master would require us to start a university our own, which is opposite of our mission. We also want to engage managers to give them an understanding when working in IT projects

Michcode1 karma

Where can I get the information?

AIcompany2 karma

All information can be found at our website aicompany.co

Toshirin-Akaza0 karma

Have you heard about AlphaGo? If so, what are your thoughts about AlphaGo?

Edit: Do you think AlphaGo will lose a game this year?

AIcompany2 karma

We lost the board games to concepts like AlphaGo, we can still win competitions where improvisation and a change of environment might cause a bot to be confused but board games have a set number of rules, which makes it it perfect for bots to operate within, so unfortunately not.