HI EVERYONE!! I've been sat here for three hours now and have tried to answer everything but I have to go and I feel like I've barely put a dint in all your lovely questions!! I'll try get back on here later this arvo and answer some more stuff! Thanks so much for being a part of this, and asking such great questions! I love you all!

Hello mates!

I am Wil Wagner! I play in The Smith Street Band and am a part of Pool House Records! We just released a new album called More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me and are about to go on tour to celebrate! I’m sitting here on my laptop and I'm ready to answer any questions you folks wanna throw at me!
Get the new album and tickets to our upcoming Aus/UK/Euro shows at thesmithstreetband.com

Here’s my proof- https://twitter.com/smithstband/status/850987506996621312

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jacjacjackie111258 karma

Wil, why do you always ask people to meet you at the corner of places in your songs?

wil_420270 karma

I'd never noticed I do that until just now haha... maybe drugs? maybe love?

KGIB_87 karma

Hay Wil,
At the end of laughing (or pretending to laugh) was the distortion put there to give people who have the vinyl a heartattack?

wil_420123 karma

Haha! A lot of people have asked about that! Basically that recording is a demo of the song from the 2nd time we ever played it! It was late in the day and I just wanted everyone to learn the chords and think about the song over night then we could get working on it the next day. But the demo turned out so nice and fragile that we figured we should release it. And that crazy glitch noise thing... no one knows what that was or why it happened so we had to leave that in as well! It just appeared at the end of the song!

supercooljack82 karma

Hey Wil,

First off thanks for taking the time to answer these. Due to the content of your writing, it's super easy for anybody to connect to it and hang on. So many people have your work tattooed on them (including myself). As a writer, how does that make you feel knowing people feel so intensely about your words?

wil_42086 karma

Hey super cool jack!

My pleasure! I love reddit so I feel very excited to be doing an ama! As a writer and as a person it's probably the greatest joy in my life. I absolutely love writing and the fact that so many people have connected to things that I've written is just astounding. It brings me so much pride and satisfaction and makes me so inspired to keep on writing and keep on trying to improve!

bingeandpurgatory64 karma

Hi Wil,

Can you please get us both a Bacardi Breezer, and we can continue having this conversation?

But seriously... I'm really enjoying the new album, I'd love to know what the main drivers were to release this under your own label? And has it made any difference to the band in doing so?

wil_42091 karma


Haha I'd love that! Glad you're enjoying the new album! We'd always wanted to start our own label, we have always been a pretty DIY band so it made sense to be releasing our own stuff. We only decided to start Pool House about half way through recording the new album. We were all so happy with how it was coming together and believed in it so much. It just made sense to start off on our own thing. And we asked some friends and got some good advice and figured fuck it, let's go for it. A few things have changed, we're all a bit busier now! But i fucking love it, we just signed Jess Locke and she got added to triple j rotation this morning and it filled me with pride and joy.

hoppuspears64 karma

Hi will

Has music streaming services helped or hindered you? Is it a good thing for the industiy services like Spotify?

wil_420197 karma

To be honest I've only ever known a world with streaming services so it's hard to say. On one hand I might live in a nicer house if Spotify didn't exist but the fact music pays my rent at all is more than enough for me! I guess the thing that streaming services have done is massively limit the amount of money you can make off recordings BUT massively grow the amount of people that hear those recordings. So if you're a touring band that wants to work hard and get your music to the people, which is what we are, then streaming services are good. In the same way that pirate bay and other sites have been a HUGE help to us in getting our music out there. I think it would be hard coming from an era where there wasn't lots of ways to get music for free but because I've never experienced anything different I'm not as upset by it. Also, to be honest, I just want these songs heard and I don't really care how people hear them.

Isdonisgoodyeah55 karma

Do you think Jeff Rosenstock gets the recognition he deserves and if not why?

wil_42095 karma

He's not President of Music so I think he deserves more recognition! He's a wonderful person, musician, role model, hero, lover, etc. He's had a positive and profound influence on my life and I love him.

aLeXmenG45 karma

Hi Wil! At one of your Perth solo shows about a month back, you gave my mother (Tdawg) a shout out for being there on her 55th birthday. She loved it, thanks for that!


Anyway, your music touches on mental health a lot. Do you find it hard or anxiety inducing to speak/sing so openly about these topics? And does knowing you’ve helped so many people that are struggling motivate you?


So much respect for helping break the stigma. I spent a month in a psych ward and was diagnosed bipolar on top of some other previous stuff like anxiety, depression, and an attention disorder. You made me feel less alone, and like I wasn’t completely fucked. I’m getting a tat of my fav lyric of yours from My Body is a Machine, that song alone got me through some dark, dark times.

I honestly don’t know where I would be without your music. I owe you more than you could know. Thanks for being such a beautiful human <3


P.s. new record is dope, hopefully my LP gets delivered today

wil_42071 karma

TDAWG!! How's she doing? Send her my love!

It does! For some reason I don't find it hard even though I know how difficult it is for a lot of people. I was first in therapy at about 12 years old so I've always been talking about it and I have a lot of supportive friends and an incredibly supportive family who have experienced similar things and are always there for me. I also think that in my incredibly privileged position I should be doing everything I can to make life easier for people who haven't been as lucky as I have. And if that means sometimes I'm oversharing and embarrass myself then so be it. And knowing I've helped and can help people is the most motivating and inspiring thing in my life. It's the thing that stops me giving up when it gets really hard and I find great comfort in the fact people relate to my words because it makes me feel less alone. So much respect to you for getting through that. I've had similar experiences and I know how fucking tough it is to go through. But things always get better. Love you mate!

jonumber41 karma

Hi wil!

First saw you guys at the old bar back in 2011/12 and have been a huge fan ever since. I always catch you guys whenever I can, mostly at Karova in ballarat but I duck down to melbourne shows when I can. Your music has been hugely influential on my life as I'm sure it has many others, and it's certainly helped me through some extremely dark times, so for that I have to say thankyou. Also I stood next to you once watching the front bottoms when you guys played with them at the corner so I feel like we've bonded...

1 - Have you guys ever toured with someone you've hated? You go on pretty long international tours and I can imagine it'd get pretty intolerable if there were some wankers on the tour.

2- Are you sick of playing young drunk?

3 - Should the pies fire bucks this year if we don't make the finals?

wil_42049 karma

Hey! Thankyou! I'm glad our music could help! And hell yeah how good are them lil front butts! 1- To be totally honest we haven't and I feel SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY about that haha! We've done some fucking gruelling tours and there have definitely been some... tense moments! But yeah, spending that amount of time in such an intense way with shitty people must suck and I'm so glad we've only toured with good people. Most of whom have turned into life long friends.

2- At rehearsal YES but at shows no way. Because we've played it so many times I can just kick into muscle memory and take a minute to look out and properly enjoy the crowd and kinda marvel to myself at how far that song has taken us.

3- Really tough one. I love bucks and the win over Sydney on the weekend was so stirring and he coached exceptionally well in that game. We have some big holes in our list but overall I think it's good, deep and young. Lots of potential for improvement. But wether Bucks is the right guy to harness that potential is very much up for debate. As some one who grew up LOVING him I'd hate to see him go because he seems like a genuinely good bloke. I reckon give him this year and one more, if we aren't in the 8 in 2018 maybe it's time to move on. Ps- please ask me lots of football questions everyone

paroxysm7738 karma

G'day Wil,

Stephen Baker's artwork for More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me has been incredible. How did you end up hooking up with him? What was the inspiration, process behind the cover and single artworks?

wil_42034 karma

Baker is an old friend of ours and an absolute genius! The working title of the album for a long time was "The Breaking of a Person" and after we decided we'd change the title we still wanted that theme. The idea is that all the songs, and the experiences that made me write them, have built me up and made me into the person I am today. So the fragments and shapes of colour on the album cover kind of represent that. But I had some ideas and general themes which I told to Chris (our drummer/general genius) and Stephen and then they ran with it. I love all the art they produced though, the full deluxe vinyl booklet thing looks incredible!

hbombf33 karma

Hey Wil, huge fan of the band. I was wondering what the evolution from 'Throw Me in the River' to the new album was like? The new one is shaping up to be a cracker and I wondered the challenges that came in coming off of that album? I was also wondering what effect your relationship with Georgia Maq had on the record. If she hadn't been part of your life would the album be the same, or be made at all? Thanks and much love!

Edit: spelling

wil_42065 karma

Thank you!

We just wanted to keep improving, keep upping our game. We always try and take things that work from past recording processes and improve on them and also grow as writers and musicians. There weren't really challenges for this record besides finding time to record it! Haha... I don't wanna go into a huge amount of detail on this one because I don't like publicly shaming people and I'll be the first to say that I'm not a perfect partner. But we dated for maybe 2 years and our relationship started, middled and ended badly and she's responsible for a lot of pain in my life and hence a lot of the pain on the record. She's very talented but can also be very cruel.

innuentendo6432 karma

its when your favourite musician does an AMA that you forget everything you'd ask.

Is there a particular lyric or verse with a hidden meaning that youre waiting for somebody to ask about so you have an excuse to explain it? please do that

wil_42026 karma

haha I know the feeling! hmmm... there's a bunch of these really but now I'm having the exact same thing you had and can't remember any of them! I'll check back in to this question if I can remember one!

bridsta31 karma

Hi Wil,

I was at your album launch party in Melbourne on Friday and couldn't help but cry when you sung with your dad. Thinking about all of the emotional hardship you write about and how you've opened up about your mental health made seeing him up there supporting you really overwhelmingly beautiful.

Is your dad also a musician? Was he your inspiration to get into music or were you his?

wil_42040 karma

Dad is a musician yeah! He writes, plays guitar and sings and has always been a huge inspiration to me! He made me start learning guitar when I was a kid and both my parents have been so encouraging and supportive of me. I'm so fucking lucky to be a part of my family.

needforfrogshit30 karma

Dune rats or violent soho ?

wil_42087 karma

Soho for life

BlueSyrupy31 karma

"shoutout to dune rats who are backstage in our dressing room with 15 other guys who look exactly like them doing a shit load of cocaine!!"

wil_42055 karma

That was very true and after our set I walked into our dressing room and accidentally knocked the mirror with all the cocaine on it over. Love my lil dunies

wildlyoscillate30 karma

Do you miss your Social Research Centre days? The options are Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Disagree or Strong Disagree.

wil_42029 karma

Strongly Disagree!

waywardsonsk29 karma

When are you coming back to the US, and can you bring The Bennies and The Sugarcanes with you?

wil_42038 karma

We'll be back in September or October, just working it all out now! I'd love to bring both of those bands with us everywhere!

_irrelevant-28 karma

Love you, Wil. Who is your hero?

wil_42065 karma

Bruce Springsteen.

sammuel199328 karma

Hi Wil, big fan here. I remember the first time I heard TSSB, I was driving home from uni listing to Triple J and your live at the wireless performance from 2014 came on. It was only about halfway done when I arrived home, but I sat in the car listening until the end, utterly transfixed.

I've seen you guys live a few times, and one thing I have found really endearing is that you are not afraid of addressing and calling out security staff when you feel they are being too rough with members of your audience. Have you ever faced backlash or hostility from venues in response to this? If so, how do you manage it?

Thanks heaps for doing this AMA,


wil_42060 karma

Woah that's amazing! Thankyou! We've faced a bit of backlash for it but I'll happily cop shit for protecting people. And the backlash has been nothing compared to the amount of praise I've got for trying to protect people. To be honest, I think I've gone too far a few times in the past though, by being preachy and angry. My approach to any crowd/security violence stuff now is to try and set the most positive example possible, fill the room with love and create an environment where no one would even think to do anything shitty. It's hard to not get frustrated sometimes but I think positivity and empathy is ALWAYS more effective than just telling people they're shit. Having said that, I'll always stop a song to stop a fight and I'll jump in the crowd to break it up if I have to. I just take it on a case by case basis and I'm always learning how to handle stuff better.

ninjaemperor26 karma

Hey Wil, just wanted to say that "My Little Sinking Ship" was the first song to ever make me cry in public. You captured so many of the aspects of a positive brother/sister relationship that you unfortunately so rarely see in media. The bit where you talk about not abandoning her or the family that you left behind really hit me hard, as I first heard the song soon after I moved out for the first time. I sent the song to my younger sister immediately after I heard it, and she had a similar reaction to me. So from both of us, thank you.

Also, since I have to ask a question, why do you think positive brother sister relationships are so uncommon in media?

wil_42016 karma

Oh woah! What an honour! It's a strange feeling to be moving away from a family but in no way abandoning them. I have a fantastic relationship with my entire family but I moved out of home when I was very young. That probably helped our relationship because I was a little shithead haha.

I'm not sure, I've never really thought about it to be honest, but it's a great question. Maybe sibling rivalries? I think that also a lot of successful people don't come from happy homes, there is something about a negative home environment that spurs some people on to greatness. Also maybe people like you and people like me are just very lucky to be close with our siblings!

witty-pseudonym24 karma

Would you rather fight 100 Sinclair sized Bosmas or 1 Bosma sized Sinclair?

wil_42046 karma

I'd fight neither, pet both.

PattyK8824 karma

Hey Wil, how do you guys go about finding bands to tour with? Your support acts are all so good, and I've discovered some of my favourite bands by coming to your shows. Bands like PUP and The Front Bottoms for example.

wil_42022 karma

We just pick bands we love and people we think we'll get along with! We want to make tours as fun as possible, for us as well as the crowds, and we are lucky that we can afford to bring out awesome bands from around the world! Glad you like Pup and TFB, they are wonderful people

NotAToyota23 karma

Hey Wil!

I loved hearing Laura Stevenson on Run Into The World. What other artist would you like to collaborate with, either with TSSB or solo?

wil_42027 karma

omg same, I wrote that part and always wanted her to sing it and was so fucking stoked when she did! Dream collaborations are Bruce Springsteen or Run The Jewels. But me and Joelistics are hopefully gonna make some music sometime this year, I'd love to do something with AB Original cause those dudes fucking rule and I'm getting more and more into producing bands and being collaborative in that way!

CrassEnoughToCare23 karma

Hey Wil!

I've heard somewhere that when you guys recorded the Southeast Facing Wall EP you did a studio version of "Golden", wondering if one day we'll get to hear that on a compilation/rarities album or something of the sort?

And when you're writing songs what does the process look like? Do you usually start with a melody, or with words or what? I'm an aspiring songwriter but I never know where to start when attempting to write something.

Also come back to Canada eh, wanna convert my friends into TSSB fans. Thanks for all the music, the new record has been on repeat since Friday.

wil_42045 karma


Haha I knew there would be a question about Golden! To be honest I'm not the one that needs convincing on that song! I wish we'd released it when we recorded it, which I think was during the No One Gets Lost Anymore sessions, but I don't think we ever ended up finishing it! It'll come out in some way one day! I intentionally don't have a process when it comes to writing because I'm always writing in different situations. I love being at home with my full set up and loop pedal and guitar so I can loop a riff/chord progression and pace around improvising lyrics and record the entire thing. But most of my writing is done in the notes section of my phone in the back of the van or somewhere like that so I just try and grab any moments of inspiration and wring as many words out of them as I can. The job of a song writer is to live a romantic life and try and interpret everything you experience into words so my main advice for aspiring songwriters is to go out, meet people, get your heart broken, see as many bands as you can and write EVERY idea you have down.

Lord_of_Jam19 karma

Hey Wil, recently saw you play The Zoo in Brisbane and you (and the supports) were fantastic. Actually writing a piece on it now for uni. Love the new album as well!

I know in an interview you said you were a big Kendrick Lamar fan. Are you a rap fan in general and/or like any other rapper right now?

wil_42025 karma

Hell yeah thanks! I fucking love rap and hip hop and I think we are in a pretty golden age for that kind of music right now. I'm a sucker for lots of modern production, I love D.R.A.M and Lil Yachty and that crew. I also love a lot of the classics, MF Doom, Wu Tang, Tribe, etc. But my favourite style of hip hop is the kinda indie rock influenced stuff, that blends rap with more organic sounding music. Why?, Astronautalis, P.O.S, Sole, etc. those dudes rule

FoozerFan18 karma

Hey Wil! You're one of my favorite songwriters and I really really love the new record (and all your old ones TSSB are one of .y favorite bands)! You guys killed it on this one! I guess the only question I can think of is, in When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish, what is the sugar cube? Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

wil_42030 karma

Hi! Thank you! The sugar cube is a sugar cube of acid, I don't know how the kids do acid these days but back in my day the dealer would drop a lil drop of liquid acid onto a sugar cube and you'd eat it!

camp-cope18 karma

Favourite beer?

wil_42040 karma

Bacardi Breezer

emotionalist13 karma

I read this as "favourite bear" and would also like that question answered.

wil_42047 karma

Tough one but probz Grizzly

-mewse-16 karma

Wil! I love you. I've been listening to More Scared Of You Than You Are Of Me on repeat since it came out.

My question - Theres a really heartbreaking story through the entire album, and you reveal a lot about yourself through the entire thing. how do you feel about opening yourself up to so many people like that?

For what its worth, thank you for doing it. I have cried along with your experiences and it has comforted me through my own. Run Into The World gave me my partner's perspective as I struggled through my own mental illness and made me appreciate him even more.

Can't wait to see you in Brisbane!

wil_42020 karma

Hi! I love you too! Hell yeah thank you! There is a very heartbreaking story through the entire album but I'm totally ok with opening up like that. I can't really explain why, I feel like telling such personal stories should scare me more but I just trust the people who listen to our music to be understanding and caring. I've never really been worried by talking about my vulnerabilities because I think it's fucking important to talk about. And, for me anyway, song writing is such a personal and honest thing to do. If I force emotions in songs it sounds fake and I owe it to myself and the other guys in the band and all the people who listen to be genuine. Thank you for listening and I hope you can stay strong and keep finding comfort. Those Brisbane shows are gonna be magic, can't wait to see everyone!

lukepalmer516 karma

Hi Wil,

Huge fan, I was at the launch party at Second Story on Friday and it was bloody magical.

My question is out of Chris, Lee and Fitzy, who would you fuck, who would you marry, and who would you kill?

wil_42017 karma

oh my god what a question...

I'd defo fuck chris, he's gorgeous. I'd marry Fitzy... But I wouldn't kill Lee! I love Lee! Oh man this is hard!

seamoluvsatune15 karma

G'day wil

Lyrics to the first song you wrote?

Favourite song of all time?

wil_42034 karma

The first song I ever wrote was called Just For You. I was about 13, had a break up and tried to write a Placebo song about it. The first verse started with

"I shed my tears just for youuu sounds pathetic but its true..."

And the chorus was

"I feel this way cause of us. It sounds like hurt, fuck it does

I've grown up but not that much, I've grown up but with your touch."

So it's fair to say I set myself a pretty sooky standard from the get go. My favourite song of all time is Born To Run by Bruce Springsteen.

BorkaBorkaBorka15 karma

I’ve never been able to wrap my head around the lyrics of ‘When I said us I meant them.’ What’s that whole passage a reference to?

wil_42034 karma

I was basically referring to how stories get switched around and embellished and exaggerated by people to suit their own needs. It's about dishonesty basically. But it doesn't make a huge amount of sense haha

Fiyn15 karma

Hey Wil,

I've seen you guys almost every time you come to Philly. I think 5 times now. The new album is absolutely incredible.

Question: Hypothetically, if someone was going to get a tattoo of your face on their body, what picture would you want them to use? No pressure, it'll just hypothetically be on my body forever.

Love you guys!

wil_42024 karma

Hey! Fuck yeah thank you! Love Philly! Hahahaha ummmm I don't normally like photos of me given what I look like in them but maybe one where I'm smiling and don't look like Shrek!

j3robinson414 karma

Hi Wil, huge fan! Just wondering what your hobbies are outside music? Also, I am a Journo student in Melbourne and was wondering if you would let me interview you for an assignment? Cheers!

wil_42014 karma

Hey! Thanks! I actually really love sport, especially soccer, AFL and cricket. I enjoy playing video games, going to the beach and listening to podcasts. But 90% of my time is devoted to music. And yeah absolutely!

brynms214 karma

Hi Wil! Love your solo work, and Smithies too, of course. My question is this-- did you think that people wouldn't notice that the vocal melody for I Scare Myself Sometimes is the X-Files theme? I was impressed as heck when I figured that out 😎

wil_4208 karma

I hoped people would notice, I like throwing in references to music when I'm writing! Well done on hearing it though! The truth is out there!

mace14413 karma

Hey wil!

Latest album is fantastic, really loving song for you. Coming to see you wed in Brisbane, couldn't be more excited.

Wanted to ask:

1) What was your reasoning behind writing Laika? It's such a beautiful song and is one of the few that makes me tear up and hug my dog every time.

2) Also any chance of another solo album coming soon?

3) You recently started Pool House Records, do you think this had an impact on the latest album, or was it going to be pretty much the same regardless of whether you were with poison city?

4) Can I buy you a beer when you are in Brissy

Thanks Wil!

wil_42024 karma

Hello! Thank you!

1) I just read the story of Laika and it really touched me. I was having a bad day, I'd been on hold with Centrelink all fucking morning and I was feeling depressed and for some reason stumbled on Laika's wikipedia and the song just poured out of me. It's the only song I've written that isn't entirely about me haha.

2)I'd love to, it's just about finding the time. There's a few other musical projects that have been on the back burner for me for a while that I'd love to make happen one day!

3) The album itself would have been more or less the same either way. Poison City always let us do our own thing. Only thing that changed was our sense of ownership over the songs increased and there was all of a sudden even more relying on the record being good because we were gonna launch a small business off the back of it.

4) No but you can buy me a Breezer :)

drpisspants12 karma

Hey Will,

Whats your favourite ever line in a song you've written?

wil_42064 karma

All I've ever needed is to be part of something meaningful and all I've ever wanted is to leave this world more beautiful

wil_42049 karma

hope i didn't get the words wrong haha

dabblingdon12 karma

Hey Wil! First off, the album is everything I expected and more, incredible job from you guys. Wanted to ask, when you sing about losing your shit live on German TV, was that a real incident? If so, how did that come about?? Also wanted to say that I think the music you guys put out has really helped me identify some of the reasons I feel the way I do (mental health and all that), so thank you so much for that!

wil_42018 karma

Fuck yeah thankyou! It is, we were on tour in Germany and I was just a wreck. We played on this awesome German TV show and straight after I just kind collapsed and had a panic attack. Then a day or two after I had to stop a show half way through and just get off stage, my sadness and my anxiety where just over powering me. Thankfully that hasn't happened since and the band and our crew over there couldn't have been more kind and supportive. It was a tough time though. Thanks so much for saying that, I'm really glad we could help!

6781212 karma

Hi Wil, I've been to all of your US tours since I first saw you open for Frank Turner at Terminal 5.

Laika is one of my favorite albums, is their any chance of you doing another Wil Wagner album?

Also if I ever see you hanging out at a show is it cool to come talk to you?

wil_4208 karma

Fuck yeah thanks so much! Will do more solo stuff eventually just gotta find the time! And absolutely you can!

themagiconly11 karma

Hey Will! Love the new album, what's the craziest thing you and the band has ever done? together or individually

wil_42039 karma

The first international tour we ever did was in China and was very surreal and amazing. Probably still my favourite tour ever. My craziest moment on that tour was playing in a lecture hall at a university somewhere in rural china and all the power went off during our set so I grabbed an acoustic and walked up and down the aisles of the room playing Young Drunk. I'll remember that forever.

As a band, we once did a tour that was 36 shows in 36 days across Europe. That was... tough.

Strummerthecat11 karma

2 questions

  1. How is Sinclair?
  2. When will you be back in Denver?

wil_42011 karma

Sinclair is doing great! He just walked past me actually! And we'll be back in Denver as soon as we can because I love it there (hopefully in September)

SeePea11 karma

Also, super super happy you decided to take Ceres with you for the tour. What was your favourite track on Drag it Down On You? And why is it Baby's Breath?

wil_42024 karma

yes i love ceres! and my favourite ceres song is a new ceres song that might have a special guest on it!

demampcamp11 karma

Hey Wil! Please know that you have helped me feel comfortable in my own skin, and your music has shown me that we aren't alone.

This June, I get to see you for the 5th time in the last 2 years. My Dad introduced me to you guys when I was going through a messy break up, and I latched onto your music. He's been with me at 3 shows so far, and this will be the 4th, and it's one of the best things I get to share with him. Thank you (and all the guys) for that. You are an inspiration and an incredible soul. Thank you for everything man, keep on being a rad person.

So, questions...

  • 'Girls Just Want to Have Fun' for the June tour? Please!

  • Chris already let me know his thoughts back around Christmas, what did you think of Awaken, My Love?

  • I'm new to the Western Suburbs (Kingsville, near the Celebrations on Somerville Rd), what's your number recommendation for the area? Bars, cafes, record store, social knitting events etc.

wil_42011 karma

That's so fucking cool you and your dad come to shows! I love when families come out to see us! Thank you so much!

Haha we've definitely talked about covering it before and I can play it on guitar at least!

Took me a while but i fucking dugggg it! I like Childish a lot.

Little Saigon in Footscray is great for food, The Reverence Hotel is the best pub in the world, get a tofu roll on Barkly St, go see a movie at that cool old cinema in Yarraville, there's plenty to do out here in the west!

CJWagstaff10 karma

Hey Wil, Hope you are well. I have two:

Did you ever have a point in life where you had to choose music over something else to commit to?

What advice would you give someone without in depth knowledge of musical theory but a passion for listening to and making music nonetheless?

Thanks! good luck !

wil_42017 karma

No, I don't really have any other talents or skills haha. I knew I was gonna be a musician when I was about 15, but I never expected to be at all successful.

Fuck music theory! I can't read music, I'm more or less self taught, I think just find your voice and make whatever instrument you play sound like you and go for it. There are definitely some good things to learn from music theory but so many more good things to learn by finding them yourself.

hayneb10 karma

Wil you said the album is about the process of a relationship, breakup, and moving on. How did you envision this to sound? Was Currents by Tame Impala an influence on the new record?

wil_42025 karma

It's more in the lyrics than the sound. To me, and of course I'd say this because I write the lyrics, but the sounds are always there to compliment the words. So when the words are angry the sounds are harsh and loud and distorted and vice versa if they're happy. And... I've never really listened to Tame Impala... I know that they are great and I've seen them live and they were amazing but for some reason I've never put a record of theirs on. You know what, the album I was just listening to finished so I'm gonna put Currents on right now!

athenienhelmet10 karma

Hi Wil. Not to be prying but when you write about girls and women in your songs do these all date to personal experiences?

wil_42018 karma

Absolutely yeah... For better or for worse all the stories in my songs are from personal experiences and things that happened.

NatureDump10 karma

Wil, could you please go on genius and annotate your lyrics? They have such deep meaning, but sometimes a line just makes little sense without knowing the meaning attached to it PS. I cry every time I listen to ducks fly together

wil_42010 karma

What's genius?? I'd like to do something like that for sure!

NatureDump8 karma

genius.com Traditionally used for hip-hop/rap music, it's a site that allows users to add the intended meaning behind lyrics. It'll change your life

wil_42011 karma

Woah awesome

greatexpectations289 karma

Hey Wil! Huge fan for a while, loving the new album so far. Anyway, you're lyrics have always communicated mental illness in an incredibly relatable way for me, and helped through some really hard times, just knowing someone else was going through the same thing. So with that said, how were you able to overcome some of these type of struggles and translate them into something as incredible as your music? Second, less serious, favorite American city to play in? Would love to get u a drink next time y'all are in the states!

wil_42012 karma

Thank you! I wouldn't say I've overcome those struggles, I think that a lot of them stay with people for their entire lives in some form or another. Writing music has always been a form of therapy for me, a way to honestly talk about things that I might be tentative to say out loud. I think I just found my coping mechanism early in life and it was writing and I'm very grateful for that. Really boring answer but New York is always insane. We have lots of friends there, it's such an inspiring place and I love getting to play there. I'd love that too!

Butterzc49 karma

Any chance of a sneaky appearance at the bennies bi-annual 420 blaze up bonganza?

wil_42015 karma

I'd love to be there but I think we're flying up to Mt Isa for one night stand that day! If we aren't travelling I'll defo be at the bennies!

rainwatersoup9 karma

Hey wil, big fan from the philippines. What can i do to help bring TSSB to our country? Also, how do i get merch?

wil_42012 karma

We would absolutely fucking love to tour the philippines! [email protected] send us an email let's make this happen!

pineconeexpress8 karma

Hey Wil,

Thanks a bunch for your music - loving the new album. I've got a few questions - take your pick :)

-You talk a lot about mental health in your music - how do you go about managing your mental health / making sure you are looking after yourself with your busy schedule of touring?

-I've always been struck by the community at your shows and the high expectation you set for the way people behave; both punters and security. As you are playing bigger venues now, is this something you worry about? Have you got any thoughts on curbing shitty behavior at gigs (particularly from the “lads”)?

-And lastly what music were you listening to while you we're making the new album?

Thanks for taking the time!

Josh :)

wil_42011 karma

I just try my best. Being in this band is sometimes the best thing for my head and sometimes the worst thing but I just find what works and find ways to contact people when I need support. Lots of sleep and not much booze tends to help.

Nah, if I worry about it then it tends to make it worse. That sense of community is hugely important to us so we go out of our way to set a positive example and be inclusionary and bring lots of love into the room normally nothing bad happens. I think if you be positive and tell people they are good then they're less inclined to be bad. But I'm always learning new ways to deal with this stuff better.

Japanese Breakfast, Frankie Cosmos, Astronautalis, Run The Jewels, Jeff Rosenstock, Hop Along, Frightened Rabbit, Why? D.R.A.M, Pavement, Chance The Rapper, Constantines, Diners, Guided By Voices, Kendrick Lamar.

mans01058 karma

Hello mate,

Your vocals on this album are heaps emotive and powerful and I'm damn jealous. Any tips for someone trying to sing and shout in a punk rock band?

Ps see you tomorrow night in Adelaide!!

wil_42012 karma

Just be you! The best vocal takes I've ever done aren't perfectly in tune but are perfect personifications of what I've been trying to say. It's a cheesy response but you just have to find your voice and get the best out of it that you can.

kundensupport8 karma

Hey Wil, greetings from Germany and thanks for your music. Among others TSSB (like Modern Baseball and The Front Bottoms) helped me through a rough break up. Love you guys! I saw that you'll be in Cologne soon and hope I can be there.

Q: What are some bands you'd like to play a show with?

Cheers man!

wil_42015 karma

Hey mate!! Love you!

Bruce Springsteen, Hop Along and The Weakerthans would be my big 3 bands I'd wanna play with right now. I'd say Against Me but we are lucky enough to be doing a bunch of shows with them this year!

Pilkers18 karma

Hi Wil! Stoked you're doing an AMA.

When you and Jeff Rosenstock came to Sydney last year it was actually the best. Also packing out pub venues in Canberra is an underrated achievement.

Your lyrics get pretty heavy sometimes, and I like how honest they are, but does that ever get you in strife from your family or friends? I'd be worried I would upset people I love if I was that open about how I am.


wil_4208 karma

Hey! Just sneaking on to answer a couple more questions! I loved doing those shows with Jeff! I do worry about other people being upset by my lyrics so I try and never write anything nasty. I'll be angry, I'll be honest but I don't wanna write stuff to just to hurt people who have wronged me. They'd be shit songs anyway. And as far as talking about myself goes, I'll always just tell the truth and hope the people around me understand. I have to explain myself sometimes but people always understand!

BorkaBorkaBorka8 karma

What does “The Grand Experiment” reference from ‘It’s alright, I understand’?

wil_42016 karma

I read somewhere some one referred to America as "the grand experiment" but I can't remember who!

BBruce8 karma

Hi Wil,

First up, for being a constant source of inspiration and reminder of the power in consistency and determination.

I wanted to ask about the transition from Young Once to Laughing; it feels like Young should be the last track... It's got that big chorus and fade out ending. Then Laughing starts with your perfectly mumbled vocals and ends in a scatter of sounds and words. I almost feel like Laughing is a prologue or... Secret track. Was that the intention?

wil_42016 karma

Hi! Thankyou!

That is exactly the point yeah! In my head it's the song that comes on as you leave the theatre, Young Once is the big crescendo and then the house lights come on and Laughing plays you off into the night.

BorkaBorkaBorka7 karma

What’s your rap name going to be?

wil_42012 karma

I've given this soooo much thought and it's a really hard one! I have heaps of names but none of them I'm sold on... Any suggestions?

singlemalestayingfit7 karma

Hi Wil, massive fan. Was just wondering if you have in plans in the works for a rural tour of Australia any time soon?

wil_42011 karma

We do and it's gonna be fuckin epic. Remember this comment when we announce it later on in the year!

phalluss7 karma

Hey bud, well done on the newest, some of the best smithies songs I've heard

Anyway, what is the best venue you have played around the world and why is it The Brissie?

wil_4208 karma

The Brisbane Hotel is my favourite venue in the world because the people that run it are perfect, Hobart is the best city in the world and I love smoking pot on the roof of the bris.

Ediko6 karma

Any plans for a US tour for the new album? Are y'all going to be headlining or supporting? Cheers from Austin!

And did you ever find out if anyone pissed on that milk crate?

wil_42014 karma

September we'll be there! Bit of both! I think Austin will be a headline show!

No but I did find out that the car park that line is about, that I've smoked many joints in, is actually the carpark to a Magistrates Court and I'm very lucky I never got in trouble for literally smoking pot behind a court.

cameronwyatt76 karma

Hi Wil,

I've seen a few videos where you talk about influences and stuff. I was wondering if you had any Australian influences? Bands like the Oils, Cold Chisel etc. If so, who were they?

wil_42014 karma

Midnight Oil, Something For Kate, You Am I, Paul Kelly, Hoodoo Gurus, The Go Betweens and Nick Cave are all greats but I think Rowland S Howard is the best songwriter this country has ever produced.

guamman646 karma

What's your favorite Bomb the Music Industry! album?

wil_42010 karma

The last one but I love them all

hoipolloi9066 karma

Hey Wil. You wrote a song about Surrey Dive. I spent countless hours of my childhood hanging out around there doing stupid shit - such as throwing rocks at the model boats on a Sunday. As far as I'm aware, we are the same age. Does this make us friends? Also, great work with everything mate!

wil_42013 karma

Woah fuck really! That's amazing! I spent so long hanging round there doing stupid shit as well! I bet we met as little shitty kids haha how beautiful! We absolutely are friends!

SeePea6 karma

Last one from me,

Where do Collingwood need to finish this year so that Bucks keeps his job?

wil_42011 karma

This year is all about getting games into the youngsters and I'd be happy with anything above 12th. I think next year we need to make a proper tilt at the top 8 though.

teebs___6 karma

Hey Wil! My boyfriend and I are flying down to Melbourne for your tour as we're going to miss the local leg. As a local, you got any personal fave recommendations of stuff we should do while we're there?

Looking forward to it, love the new album!

wil_42016 karma

Hit up the Reverence Hotel in Footscray, Smith and Deli in Fitzroy and Lentil as Anything in Abbotsford! And go to the footy at the MCG if you get a chance!

TheaAmy6 karma

Wil, Straight up no bullshit. Would you date a fan of TSSB?

wil_42014 karma

Yeah! I mean if you like the band you probably have a fair idea of what I'm about and the only way I meet people is through music anyway! I've kinda only dated people who have at least heard of the band if they aren't fans!

areyoureadyable6 karma

Hey Will - Where, in your opinion, is the best food in Footscray?

wil_42010 karma

The Reverence Hotel is my fav pub and does awesome food. I love Sapa Hills for Vietnamese and Roti Road does good Malaysian!

LoudFastRules6 karma

Did you ever buy the other guys that case of beer for the hair-cutting bet you lost? (PS I am loving the new album! it feels like a perfect storm. Thank you and looking forward to seeing you guys again in Boston sometime!).

wil_4208 karma


no. but thanks for reminding them I might have to buy those beers now!

SunshineTechnology6 karma

Hey Wil! I saw you at the Corner in November and it absolutely ruled.

I've got a stack of your solo stuff (Including Us Boys Run and Trespassing CDs and I Hope I Don't Come Across Intense) and really like the how different the vibe is compared to full band stuff. Do you have any plans to do more solo work (music or tours) in the near future?

Also a bonus question, what is your favourite TV show on right now and your favourite show of all time?

wil_42012 karma

I would love to do more solo stuff but smithies is very time consuming! One day I'll release more solo material!

Bob's Burgers and The X Files

catsmeow4fun6 karma

hey Wil, thanks for the new album i spent 2 hours in a hostel in mexico in a hammock half crying and half laughing with pure happiness listening to it. Looked like an idiot but felt fucking great. Thanks also for the AMA. 2 questions

  1. The new album is so rich in emotion and so deep and I was wondering if there are any songs or albums that have gotten you through the tough moments where you didnt want to be alive anymore?

  2. A few weeks ago you posted that beautiful Sinclair was missing, did you find him?

Thanks again

wil_4207 karma

Woah! That's beautiful thank you!

1- The entire Weakerthans back catalogue, Alopecia by Why?, the last Bomb the Music Industry record, Crooked Rain Crooked Rain by Pavement.

2- We did! He's happy and healthy here at home!

ndrewdevine6 karma

What's the best/worst advice Jeff Rosenstock gave you as producer?

wil_4208 karma

Best AND worst advice was to always go for falsettos even if they don't quite suit the song!

darrenfx6 karma

Hey Will,

did you get any word from Tony Abbott for the single "Wipe That Shit-Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face" and it's album cover?

wil_42012 karma

Haha no! We did hear from someone in his office that Tony knows the song exists but don't know much more than that! Tony Abbott, now there's someone who should do an AMA...

willywag6 karma

Wil, I don't actually know who you are, but this thread caught my eye because my name is Will Wagner.

I do have a question for you, and that is: do you need to borrow an L?

wil_42011 karma

Woah really! Hello! I've met another! Haha I'd love to borrow one thanks!

romanraspberrysorbet5 karma

Hey Wil, what American snacks do you like? I'll get you something the next time you come to Chicago.

wil_42016 karma

omg thankyou! I like mike and ikes, ruffles, that trail mix that has lil bits of chocolate in it, oh oh i love chocolate drizzled popcorn or whatever that's called! I also like all snacks with weed in them!

SteamedHams355 karma

Hey Wil! Loving the new album. My question is what is your favourite song that you have written and why?

wil_4208 karma

I think my favourite song I've ever written is a song called Laika that's on a solo album I put out a few years ago! I just think I did a good job of telling the story and I'm really proud of the lyrics!

sunburn955 karma

Hey Will, are you guys gonna do a national tour anytime soon or is it capital cities only? Newcastle wants you back

wil_42012 karma

We will later in the year! I love Newcastle, it has always been very kind to me and I can't wait to get back there!

amatatatatata5 karma

Hi Wil,

Longtime fan of yours, back to pre-SSB when you were just doing acoustic stuff.

Recently there seems to have been a lot of what I can only characterise as "Anti-SSB" comments and murmers popping up in various FB groups and twitter. I can't tell if they're alluding to some sort of specific drama within the Aus music community that you guys are somehow involved in, or it's simply a case of 'tall poppy syndrome' type stuff, but regardless I'm wondering if you've personally seen a shift in the way people treat you and your bandmates now that you guys have gone from playing tiny shows to worldwide sellout tours over the last few years?

Not a question I would normally bother asking a musician, but given that I know that the community that you are a part of generally goes out of their way to talk shit on 'big punk bands' it's probably a valid one.

In general, the way you guys have exploded is exactly what a band should hope for when first starting out, but I know that within this 'scene' that can be seen as a negative thing (mind you, only to small-minded idiots who are stupid, but still - it's a pretty prevailing sort of mentality nontheless).

Thanks all the same mate. Good luck with everything.

wil_4206 karma

Yeah, I've noticed a bit of that around. People spreading mean rumours about us and saying shitty stuff online or whatever. It does get to me, I would love to say it doesn't but it definitely hurts my feelings. Especially because we're very caring people who care a lot about others and our community and would never do anything to be mean to others. I've heard stories about us that are not only completely untrue but so adverse to any aspect of our personalities that it does really fucking upset me sometimes. I guess the thing I can hang my hat on is knowing that it is all meaningless, we're good people who have got where we are due to hard work and being kind to people and no matter what anyone says I'll always know that to be true.

I also think the concept of just shit talking on bands is stupid and lame! Bands are allowed to be successful and when I see bands get successful I think fuck yeah good on that band for being successful I hope they enjoy it. Being in a band is fucking tough and I wish people where able to share success more rather than begrudge it. We always try and use our success to help as many people as we can, be that by doing stuff with charities or through Pool House or even just me saying stuff on stage that might empower people. So at the end of the day if people wanna talk shit that's their problem. I wish I felt more comfortable going to certain pubs and shows. I wish people wouldn't make up intense stories about me and my friends. But at the end of the day I wouldn't trade my life for anything.

SeePea5 karma

Do you fellas own the 'pool house' now? Or have you been renting it all this time?

If the latter -- is the landlord stoked with that he can probably just sell it using TSSB as the big selling point?

Need to know, and love the album (x100), cheers heaps, Wil.

wil_42010 karma

Haha no, we wish! Been renting for years. And no... the landlord doesn't love us at all haha!

Thanks heaps!!!

Dumbdog274 karma

Hi Wil,

Loving the new album, backing up from Throw Me In The River seemed an immense task, but you nailed it.

You guys are out on the road an insane amount, do you like the touring lifestyle? What's it like travelling around with the rest of the group?

wil_4209 karma

I love it! I love seeing the world, I love meeting people and I absolutely love playing music! There are absolutely some tough times but the fact I get to do this for a living is constantly exciting for me! The other guys in the band are great to travel with, as are our crews all over the world. The immediate band is like a family though. We fight like brothers but we always make up and we really love each other.

BlueSyrupy4 karma

Hey Legend! I had the pleasure of meeting you at Festival of the Sun backstage last year and I got to hold ans check out your Fernandes guitar. Can you talk a little bit about your perfect tone, what pedals you love and whats essential for a guitar to have for it to be an instrument of your trade? Cheers

wil_42010 karma

YES I WOULD LOVE TO!!!!! I love my Arc Effects Klon clone, it's a perfect low gain over drive. I love my MXR phaser. I love my Hoof fuzz and my Swollen Pickle fuzz! I love guitar! I love pedals! I also unashamedly love the guitar pedal we designed and released recently, I have the prototype on my board and I love it.

But seriously, my role sonically in the band is to provide what I call a "beefy jangle". I like some spank in my sound, I like a bit of bounce but I also like a nice round low end (all of this sounds vaguely sexual) to thicken up the songs but still sit nicely between the lead guitar and the bass. I love that Fernandes so much, it's a 1976 japanese made strat copy with seymour duncan p90s in it. And after years of trying to replicate that sound I've decided I'm just gonna keep buying old japanese strats and putting p90s in them. I have a greco sitting next to me that I'm about to put a couple of lollar p 90s put in and I'll hopefully be using it on our next tour!

speakmannz3 karma

Hey Wil, new album is killer! Are you champs looking to jump the ditch and play some shows in good old NZ in the near future?

wil_4206 karma

Absolutely! We'll be there atleast once before the year is out!

Julzy1153 karma

Were there any points in your career that you thought you were going to give up? And if so, what motivated you to keep going?

Also love the new album guys!

wil_4205 karma

There have been for me yeah, but it's never been band related. More I was struggling to cope mentally with stuff and didn't know how I would go on. But I'm always motivated to keep going by the fact we can help people and my complete and utter love of writing music.