Hey what's up everyone - it's David and Andrew from the Fung Bros. We're YouTubers, foodies, comedians, NBA fans, rappers, lit nerds and former TV show hosts. Welcome to our first Reddit AMA ever! LET'S GO!

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Thank you everyone for asking questions! Hopefully we added some value and that you got to know us a little better. Peace!

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collegeeeee25 karma

question for david- do you recall about maybe 16 yrs ago when some annoying kid in chinese summer school kept calling you david FUN?


fungbros12317 karma

David: Vaguely! Was that you? Haha! What's up bro!

dalt0kki21 karma


Here is my question: Do you ever use/lurk reddit? If so, what are some of your favorite subs? Do you ever read the Asian-American subs?

fungbros12329 karma

Andrew: Yeah we definitely have lurked before. Some of our videos have been discussed in the Asian-America/Asian Masculinity forum so we definitely read those posts. Obviously some people were fans and some weren't. It's always interesting to see what people write tho!

We also read the NBA reddit sometimes too. Some people on there are like basketball geniuses lol. Are there some other subs we should check out?

chirrutking15 karma

Can you make a video about asian girls who have white fever?

fungbros12311 karma

What do YOU think about it?

ankistar13 karma

Hey guys!

What's one thing (habit, tradition, food, value, idea, terminology) that you would like to include in the nascent Asianamerican culture/consciousness that you guys are helping develop?

And how do you imagine Asianamerican culture 20 years from now?



fungbros12310 karma

I would say that I'd like kids to continue to consume American culture but also understand Asian culture and fuse the two. But of course, that's a lot harder than just consuming one or the other and not thinking about it in a meta perspective.

sop123212 karma

Why do you guys move so much ?

fungbros12311 karma

Just trying to figure out where we fit in this crazy world haha

Wheelsawn8 karma

Hello Fungbros! Thanks for making some awesome videos, keep it up :)! If you guys weren't making youtube videos for a living, what sort of career or job would you guys be doing right now?

fungbros12312 karma

Good question haha...does stand-up comedian count?

gracieLee245 karma

Are you guys single? :P

fungbros12311 karma

Yep lol

Pyruslord4 karma

Yo why does Richie love the color Olive so much?

fungbros1236 karma

Hmm ask him in his comment section, I don't think anyones ever asked him before lol ;)

fungbros1234 karma

Alright everyone - thank you so much for participating! We are ending this Reddit AMA officially. It was such a great experience and I hope we can do it again in the future! PEACE!

BobXCIV3 karma

I'm a big fan. Glad to see you guys doing an AMA now!

Will you guys do more Level: Asian videos in the future? Or is that up to someone else? I really liked the videos focused on Asian-Am lifestyle.

Also, will you ever visit UCLA in the future and do a video? I wanna get featured in your videos!

fungbros1233 karma

We're currently in a huge transition so hopefully you'll like what we put out!

Daveising3 karma

I'm aspiring to become a youtuber! I understand if you don't want to share, but I'm curious on how much ad revenue you make on Youtube? Anything you are willing to share will be appreciated!

fungbros1234 karma

The more views you get the more money you make haha

sop12322 karma

Harden or Westbrook for mvp?

fungbros1237 karma

Tough to say but overall probably Harden. He's deserved it in years past but wow Westbrook is like in NBA 2K when you run everything through 1 player and it still works decently (which is amazing)

onion__rings2 karma

Hey Fung bros -- big fan! I have the choice between attending university of washington or ucla for college and was wondering which city you guys like better/would recommend based on your experiences there? Thanks!

fungbros1233 karma

It really depends on you as a person, I could see either or being better...I love how UW is IN SEATTLE the city core though versus UCLA being in Westwood. If you're more fearless hipster go to UW lol

P0tatoFTW2 karma

What do you think of the grime scene in the UK?

fungbros1233 karma

It's cool. I remember several years ago when we heard Dizzy Rascal's FIX UP LOOK SHARP we recognized the unique sound.

vincilicious2 karma

Fung Bros,

Thanks for doing this AMA. Watching your content over the last few years has been a pleasure; it's one of those things I wish existed when I was growing up. The food vids are definitely my favorite.

I too have a brother and over the years we've adopted different ways of perceiving the world around us in addition to remaining close. How has your sibling relations grown with your career? I'm a huge fan that you guys collaborate your skills together and it would be great to get some insight on the things you've learned regarding family and working together.

Thanks again! (We) vincilicious out.

fungbros1236 karma

That's cool to hear!

I'd say that you two just gotta have the same goal. We're different people with different life experiences and expectations despite spending all this time together, but our mission is aligned.

When you have a larger mission at hand, all that little stuff matters a lot less. MISSION FIRST!

jimbobuckets2 karma

You have been sentenced to death. What is your last meal?

fungbros1234 karma

Definitely my mom's steamed salmon fish, with soy sauce and ginger/scallions.

peacockpizazz2 karma

Hi guys! So are there any phobias that you guys have that you wouldn't be too embarrassed to share? BTW, thank you for what you guys do for the Asian community :)

fungbros1231 karma

Good question haha

P0tatoFTW1 karma

When are you guys going to come to london? (I want andrew to give me a trim!)

fungbros1231 karma

For a hefty fee, I will fly out there and cut your hair lol

peacefulfiasco1 karma

  1. What do you think about the current divide between Asian American men and women that is stemming such controversy?

  2. You guys came from an area that has a decent Asian population but then moved to an Asian bubble. If you guys ever had kids would you choose to raise them in a bubble to help discover their identity or do you believe they can gain that identity without being a bubble?

  3. Do you think Asian American men are finally gaining a coolness outside of just Asian bubbles and the west coast?

  4. Do Asians outside the US know about the hyper sexualization of Asian women and emasculation of Asian men?

  5. Best place in the US to live as an Asian American and why?

fungbros1235 karma

  1. Could you further clarify that question?
  2. Nowadays you can raise a kid in a lot of places and instill some sense of Asian identity within them (with the internet etc). It's just tougher in certain areas.
  3. There's progress everyday. There's a ton of other factors in play but in short: yes.
  4. Yeah I guess you could say it's kind of a global thing at this point. But I will say, in Canada it seems like Asian guys generally do better lol
  5. Depends on what you want and what type of job you have. But generally, The Bay, LA, NYC are not bad choices.

Papabearr1 karma

Hi guys.

Been watching your stuff for a while now. How big is your production team? Do you mostly do it yourselves or leave that up to editors? Any tips for aspiring YouTubers?

fungbros1231 karma

PRODUCTION TIP: Craigslist.org

Sheeneng1 karma

Favorite fast food place and which gas station do yall usually pump gas?

fungbros1231 karma

Oh that's tough, I like different items at each fast food spot

Hongjohns1 karma

Favourite kicks that aren't hella expensive?

fungbros1231 karma

I always recommend some Vans or Alphabounce or something...as far as cheap Nikes the Huarache runners are good

theJAPANties1 karma

Hey guys! Long time fan and viewer :D I have a bunch of stuff to ask!

1 - From Fung Bros food, what's your favourite meal you've come across so far?

2 - What's the most over retail you've paid for your sneakers and what's your current holy grail?

3 - Richie's blowing up, would you guys consider each other as rivals now and banter with each other? Hypetalk vs Fung Bro vids pls lol

4 - What happened to Tang Mup and why did you replace him with AB? lol but seriously I really like the guy's input on viet/asian food and sneakers so shoutout!

That's all from me, thanks :D

fungbros1232 karma

  1. Tough to say, but some of the most memorable were Nigerian, Indo, Tibetan, Hmong so many really but ones that stand out are the cuisines that aren't very well known. It's a lot more about the overall impact than just the food.
  2. Nike Air Yeezy 2's lol...had to sell those cuz they're just too expensive to keep
  3. Nope we are brothers...Hypetalk is a hilarious show...I hope they're not our rivals because we'd be losing tho haha
  4. Tang Mup is AB who is AnhBan who is the Philly Fly Boy who is also AnPanMan (Japanese cartoon character)

schnau1 karma

Hey, big fan. Wanted to know a couple of things: Whats the biggest obstacle you've had to overcome? Favorite streetwear brand? Favorite place to visit? Thanks!

fungbros1231 karma

BAPE is probably our favorite overall, also because it's from Asia but LRG was the original 'American streetwear brand'

liusipeng1 karma

What was your favorite part of being at UW and what was your least favorite part?

fungbros1232 karma

My favorite: Being in Seattle and being able to participate in the larger city culture My least favorite: The rain and I think...bubble-mentality that Seattle sometimes has because there's no other big cities around

Sheeneng1 karma

If Nike or adidas came and wanted to do a collab, which of the 2 do you go with, which style of shoe, and what color way/design ?

fungbros1231 karma

For commercial I'd go with Adidas but actually my heart says Nike...

I'd do a Ultraboost and for Nike I'd prob do like...an VaporMax

pencilerasers1 karma

Why haven't you guys done a fung bros food on sushi yet?

fungbros1231 karma

It's coming soon! It's hard to actually get into sushi spots

SugaryStar1 karma

Will you have any more future meet ups in the SGV? I've seen you guys once years back, but I was too shy to say anything T_T

fungbros1232 karma

We're in Alhambra quite often! Come find us on Main St!

KungFuDabu1 karma

Have you guys ever shot any kind of guns before?

fungbros1234 karma

Andrew: I loaded and fired a real authentic musket before (it was part of a civil war project in high school)

jlee9121 karma

what's your favorite 626 boba spot?

fungbros1235 karma

David: Different boba spots for different purposes...the Ten Ren in Alhambra always has a bunch of YouTubers hanging out there...BonAppleTea is good, LABOBATORY is debuting a brand new Fung-Bros collabo flavor that's SECRET in a couple weeks

toaurdethtdes1 karma

Do you like the fine bros?

fungbros1238 karma

David: We actually get asked about other 'BROS.' channels before...people have mistakenly walked up to us and said "I like your kids react videos" lol...shout out to all of them but I more compare ourselves to the Wayans Bros. haha

jlee9121 karma

hi! love your videos on youtube! what made you guys want to move back to SoCal?

fungbros1236 karma

David: Thank you! SoCal has the best weather in the world, best cheap food in the world, and the entire entertainment industry is headquartered here - from traditional to new-school digital media! (which we are in!)

Tommaylay1 karma

What do you feel that you are contributing to Asian American culture? Is there anything that you want to tell in terms of identity of being "Full on Asian" or "Full on American?"

fungbros1236 karma

David: I think our biggest contribution has been sparking discussion and creating material based around the fact that Asian Americans have a real sub-culture and narrative to tell (while acknowledging how unique and distinct we are internally).

JacckkC1 karma

What is your opinion on some big companys removing ads from YouTube for hate speech, not really heard much from the creators?

fungbros1238 karma

It makes sense logically but as creators you see multiple perspectives

thirdey3vision1 karma

Favorite city, LA or NYC?

fungbros1235 karma

LA for work/career, NYC to live and for the culture.

heartclub1 karma

  1. Do you have any favorite places to eat in San Diego?

  2. Favorite boba/ice cream flavor?

  3. Oh my God Hi Andrew!

fungbros1233 karma

  1. Phil's BBQ is pretty good
  2. Boba - anything with grass jelly and egg pudding. I don't eat as many pearls nowadays
  3. What's up!!

inglasses1 karma

What's the one thing you guys miss about NYC?

fungbros1232 karma

Grand St. Park and Fat Buddha Bar LOL (that's 2 things sorry)

JacckkC1 karma

Are you ever going to feature on a hypetalk that would be awesome to watch?

fungbros1232 karma

I think we will in the future! Send in a request to Richie lol

pussgurka1 karma

What do you guys like to do to relax?

fungbros1232 karma

Steam room + stretch + leg roller combo

mnopqrstuvw1 karma

Hey Fung Bros big fan here! Even as a fob kid I love a lotta stuff y'all talk about (especially food) and great to see y'all traveling around. Would y'all consider doing more stuff about fob side culture maybe? I loved the Asians take over colleges episodes but now things have changed. FOB stuff is distinct from AZN which y'all represent, but still plenty of good stuff. Would y'all come to South Carolina/Georgia some day? The south ain't as lit culture-wise as NY/LA but Asian communities here is large and would love to have y'all here.

fungbros1237 karma

Thank you that's means a lot. And yeah you're absolutely right. There's tons of conversations that we want to have, but it's just a matter of getting around to it.

We've always tried to represent a bridge between the FOBs and AsAm kids. I don't think everyone understands it though. We did travel down to SC/Georgia for our short lived TV show, but the love out there is real!

haroldfinchny0 karma

Thoughts on Lonzo Ball? Maybe to Lakers?

fungbros1231 karma

I think he's a great passer and would be great on the Lakers