Hi IAmA, We are : /u/fortherefugees-Marc (Marc-André Séguin), /u/4therefugees-Michael (Michael Simkin) and /u/fortherefugees-admin (Our volunteer sysdamin who prefers to stay anonymous, but you can call me E.).

Marc Will be here from 1:30 to 2:30 EST

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Marc and Michael are immigration lawyers, /u/fortherefugees-admin is a Sysadmin/SRE

When Edward Snowden left the Mira Hotel in Hong Kong, his lawyer, Robbert Tibbo, kept him safe by hiding him with asylum seekers.

This came to light with the release of the Oliver Stone movie, 'Snowden'.

We're trying to help get these brave refugees to Canada. They also are forbidden from working in Hong Kong, and have had their funding cut by the Hong Kong government.

Our site is https://fortherefugees.com

Our donation page is https://fortherefugees.com/donate/

My Proof: Our site: https://fortherefugees.com/reddit-ama-verification/

We've Been tweeted about and have been on the news:






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DO_NOT_GILD_ME10 karma

What is the biggest obstacle you see in getting these refugees to Canada?

fortherefugees-Marc7 karma

Time is a clear concern to us.

It is beyond any doubt that these individuals meet the legal definition of a refugee. But Hong Kong is actively trying to deport them from its territory back to their home countries of Sri Lanka and the Philippines. If sent back, they will be apprehended, tortured or killed.

Now that formal applications have been made to Canada, and that the urgent nature of their is clear, it is important for Canada to act fast.

Andy_Schlafly9 karma

Why do you believe that they would be tortured or killed in their home countries? Has the US been pressuring those countries to make these people disappear?

Dimmadab_Throwaway6 karma

What inspired you to take this specific path for asylum seeking?

fortherefugees-Marc7 karma

We cannot get into the specifics of the legal case or strategy per se, but what inspired us was to do the right thing by these exceptional families. Their lawyer in Hong Kong, Robert Tibbo, is a fellow Montrealer. As Canadians, we felt it was important to not let these families behind.

fortherefugees-admin6 karma

On my part, I was @ 33C3 last year, and happened to attend this lecture

I knew that as a human being I had to help these people in any way I could. I talked to Robert Tibbo, who put me in touch with Marc, and I've been helping on the technical end of things in any way I can.

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fortherefugees-admin4 karma

We will be happy to submit more proof if requested, just reply to my message here or hit me up via PM.

OP will deliver.

Andy_Schlafly3 karma

Do you have plans to bring Edward Snowden to Canada as well? How likely is it that the US will retaliate against us for supporting people who helped an enemy of the US?

fortherefugees-admin2 karma

You can read the stories of our clients here:



Supun and Nadeeka

We've also had reports that the Sri Lankan CID has been searching for our clients (see: http://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/law-crime/article/2073439/hong-kong-asylum-seekers-who-sheltered-edward-snowden-fear)

Sri Lanka's Security forces have a very poor record on human rights

*Edit: Whoops, I replied to the wrong question. Please disregard, my bad. (It was meant for another question from /u/Andy_Schlafly, will post this there.)

TanikstheFallen3 karma

Obviously there will be people that want to come over and do harm, what is your plan?

fortherefugees-admin5 karma

That's not really in the scope of what we are doing. We're trying to help 3 families of refugees, who helped hide Edward Snowden in Hong Kong. They also have a well documented past.

4therefugees-Michael4 karma

Citizenship and Immigration Canada screens all applicants for any security concerns.

fortherefugees-admin6 karma

And I can tell you first hand it's a fairly extensive and comprehensive process, even for non refugees (study permit, work permit, PR).

[deleted]2 karma


fortherefugees-admin2 karma

I think there's a bit of a misunderstanding here. We're aiming to help 3 families of refugees, who helped hide Edward Snowden in Hong Kong. They are from Sri Lanka and the Philippines. They are:



Supun and Nadeeka

Shawnj22 karma

Hello. Just wondering- what work do you do outside of bringing the refugees to Canada?

fortherefugees-admin6 karma

I'm a Systems Engineer/SRE/DevOps/Security guy (I wear many hats). I work remotely for a Y Combinator startup. I'd say which one, but we are a small org, so I'd be immediately identified. Management here is pretty sympathetic to this cause, and has been more than generous in letting me spend some time helping.

Marc and Michael are lawyers

haxxeh1 karma

Want to bring a Norwegian over? Hehe after i had to move from Canada back to Norway after my visa expired nothing has really felt the same(Also got my best friends and girlfriend over there). Don't get me wrong, Norway is beautiful and nothing to complain about. But it feels like it is not the place for me if that makes any sense. Regardless of that, from what i can see you guys are doing great work. And i highly respect what you guys do.

Is there any immigration lawyer i could contact by the way?

fortherefugees-admin1 karma

Thanks for your comments and question.

I'll preface this with IANAL, but I can speak to my personal experiences.

I've gone through the process to obtain a study permit, then a work permit, then a PR. Assuming you have needed skills and a clean criminal background, it's mostly a bureaucratic hassle if you are from a first world country (like Norway). You also have to do an English or French test to get your PR. I didn't use a lawyer.

The new express entry system for PR is, imho, pretty great. I was for example eligible for PR under the CEC and FSW classes, and with one application I was considered for both, and ended up coming in under the FSW class.

It's much, much better than the paper forms you used to have to fill out, imho.

They've also been modifying the criteria to make it more accommodating/reasonable, I see.

If you want to move to Quebec, the process is different, so I can't comment on that because I don't know. (I don't speak french at all, so Quebec was never an option I considered)

Overall, I'd say you don't necessarily need a lawyer, but if you still want one after my response, I can link to Marc's firm (or, you know, you can google his name from the bio, and add 'immigration lawyer' ;) ), assuming the mods approve of that.

Bored_Montrealer-1 karma

This is such a great cause! What is a good way that I, as a fellow Canadian, can help assist in this effort? Further to that, how can the rest of the world help?

fortherefugees-admin2 karma

  1. Call Minister Ahmed Hussen’s office (1-613-995-0777))

  2. We can use non monetary help (everything from front end dev work, to compute credits, to social media presence)

  3. Donations are also, of course, helpful.