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What's sex like?

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I only have an inch of vagina to work with right now, I can either have surgery or go through Dilatation Therapy to achieve more... depth? I've only had sex with one man, and needless to say if he were well endowed it would have been quite painful. I've found it to be more enjoyable with another woman.

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I think I prefer women because, in my experience, they don't make as big of a deal about my condition as men do. That being said, I've been with more women than I have men, so maybe the first guy was just fussy.

zzz0404115 karma

Do you think your bisexuality is a result of your condition?

I'm sorry if this comes across as ignorant or rude I don't intend it to be in any way!

--Alyssa233 karma

Nahhh, I think I realized I liked girls the way I liked boys when I was very young, there was never a question of my sexuality growing up. I don't think your question is offensive at all.

SheepleAreSheeple163 karma

So, forgive me if I'm dumb, but does the lack of a uterus lead to hormonal issues, or, because you still have ovaries, you still get the proper amount?

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Hormonal wise I am completely fine. The ovaries control that bit.

GarlickNotts149 karma

Did you ever feel like something might be unusual about your body? Were the results/diagnosis a surprise?

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Honestly I was never really worried about the fact that I wasn't getting a period until I was 14, I was sent to an endocrinologist who, after ordering an ultrasound, proceeded to misdiagnose me with PCOS and an "infantile uterus" for a good 4 years, when I was 17 and it was clear I wasn't going to have a period with the medicine she had me on, I was sent to an OBGYN at the same hospital, and that one wanted to give me an internal ultrasound. My primary care physician called BS and sent me to a well known OBGYN, who, on the first visit, suspected that I had MRKH and ordered an MRI. I still don't stress about it too much, I am a bit upset that I can't be a mother in the traditional sense.

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Wow, that sounds like US grade healthcare to me

--Alyssa55 karma

Pretty much!

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I don't know the details of this case, and I saw what OP said, but an "internal" Ultrasound, also known as a transvaginal Ultrasound, would have been able to see there was no uterus present and the vaginal abnormality.

Comrade_Snarky816 karma

They wouldn't have been able to get the wand in with only 1" of vagina.

hubris10548 karma

Which would have also told them quite a bit.

Comrade_Snarky830 karma

Or you have some idiot sonor tech who is like "why won't this go in?!"

--Alyssa4 karma

This is the #1 reason why I'm so glad I didn't have that ultrasound.

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Thanks for doing this AMA - it's very brave of you.

Who, in your opinion, would win in a fight between a honey badger and a gibbon?

--Alyssa141 karma

Honey Badger, I've heard stories about them and honestly they sound nuts.

--Alyssa103 karma

I am in dire need of sleep, but I'll make sure to answer any questions when I wake up, good night to you all and thank you for stopping by!

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Can you have sex and if not, do you have ways to satisfy yourself?

--Alyssa335 karma

I can definitely have sex, whether I feel up to the hassle it is is another question haha. Men tend to be either way to enthusiastic about the thought of having sex with someone who can't get pregnant or nervous. I've yet to find a woman who's found it an issue. Either way, orgasms are no issue with me, and if I can't find someone to do it with, I do it myself. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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To clarify, it's not just the fact that you can't get pregnant that makes men too enthusiastic. It's the fact that you have a vagina.

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Oh, you wouldn't believe the things men have said they wanted to do to me upon finding out about my condition, but thats another story for another time

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Is there any sort of corrective surgery available or would that not interest you?

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There a few forms of surgery I can have, each having basically the same result, the creation of a psuedovagina. I use what are pretty much hard plastic dildos in various sizes called "Dilators" and hold them inside for a period of 30 minutes every day to stretch what canal I do have, the hope is that by the end I'll be able to work up to the largest size. Then there's surgery, which I do not have access to due to the only surgeon who performs it being a pediatric doctor.

LazyTheSloth34 karma

Why is it only available to pediatric?

--Alyssa87 karma

It was some rule set up at the practice he worked at, didn't quite make sense to me when I heard it to begin with. Doesn't make sense now really.

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Soo, he can make a kid's vagina bigger, but not yours? Or am I reading something very, very wrong?

--Alyssa83 karma

Pretty much, turned me away when they realized I was 18.

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Serious question. What about anal ? Fan ? Or not so much ?

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Never tried it! Inevitably it'll be in my future, I'm willing to try anything once.

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Seems that most questions are sex related. But I'm curious as to what your short term and long terms dreams are? What city state are you from? What was the last good movie you watched? Is America doomed?

--Alyssa99 karma

I'd like very much to be a mother, there's hope that one day uterus' can be transplanted to other women to allow people like me to carry their own child. I am from Virginia. Last (good) movie I saw was probably the live remake of Tarzan, I at least thought it was fantastic. If our walking, talking, cheeto of a president doesn't stop running his mouth and doing generally stupid shit, yes.

LazyTheSloth46 karma

What is the condition?

What are its effects?

What is your day to day like with it?

What is dilation therapy?

Have you had any paranormal/inexplicable experience?

How do you feel about sloths?

--Alyssa117 karma

Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser Type 2 is a congenital birth condition that comes to light usually during puberty(or in my case, late teens), it is usually diagnosed after an ultrasound/MRI reveals the lack of a uterus, or in rare cases, a remnant of a uterus. Women with this condition typically have hearing an bone issues, those with type two will also either have a unilateral and/or a misplaced or underdeveloped kidney. I cannot have children myself, although pregnancy through a surrogate is possible, as I do have ovaries. It's a massive mental burden, I often struggle with depression as a result of it. My lone kidney is incredibly enlarged due to compensating for the missing one.

Some days, it doesn't bother me at all. Others I want to hide under the covers and forget the world exists because it's so overwhelming to cope with. A lot of people expect me to happy and carefree that I won't accidentally get pregnant, when in reality it's something that haunts me day and night, because in the end, I didn't ask to be like this. Many don't think of the underlying health concerns there are, or the fear that I have that I'll somehow screw my only kidney up, what if I accidentally have an energy drink? What if I eat one too many bananas, am I getting enough Vitamins? I have a suspicious pain on the right side of my back, should I go to the hospital? And then of course there's the embarrassment of having to explain my condition to every employer I'll ever have, because what if something happens when I'm at work? Which has happened before, my boss didn't know about it and simply assumed I was lazy when in reality I needed to go to the hospital ASAP. I think what Iit comes back to it's an extreme mental burden.

Dilation Therapy involves multiple differently sized plastic dildos that essentially stretch the vaginal tissues over time to create a wider, longer vagina. They're supposed to simulate a penis but they do anything but, if anything they feel like needles.

I don't believe so??

They're pretty chill, I like them.

hotliquidbuttpee30 karma

I'm sorry, but I can't focus on anything other than "what if I accidentally have an energy drink?" First, is one really that big of a problem? Second, accidentally?

--Alyssa58 karma

Yes. One energy drink is what it took to send me to the ER once, and one is what'll take to send me again. Energy drinks are bad enough for you to start with, add in the fact that I only have one that it's about twice the size it should be due to compensation and it becomes a recipe for disaster. My kidney is finicky to say the least, and acute kidney failure runs in the family, thanks genetics! As for the second part, I work in a massive grocery store, you'd be surprised about how many things are loaded with caffeine but don't necessarily have it glaringly marked on the label, I may or may not be a bit ditsy on top of that.

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--Alyssa69 karma

Yes, I can feel everything ahah

Krocant29 karma

How did you first mention it to people you had sex with? And how was their reaction?

--Alyssa86 karma

I maintained close friendships with the people I've been with, and most of the women knew long before we had sex, their reactions ranged from 'Wow okay' to quite literally 'No wonder you wear so much white'. The guy I was with found out hours before, and our thing was kind of heat of the moment but I knew he worried a lot that he had or would hurt me. I've never had a negative reaction, thankfully.

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Couple questions, hope you don't mind me asking.

Since you lack a uterus and the upper part of your vagina, are those areas of your body just hollow?

Is your vagina like a shallow cave (closed off at the end) or is it more like an open tube that isn't connected to anything up top?

--Alyssa39 karma

I don't mind at all! 'm really not sure, to be honest, I believe it's filled in with flesh of some sort, not really sure what's there though. It's closed off at the end, and I can feel where it does.

tellurianmonkey21 karma

Are you thinking of a Vecchietti procedure?

--Alyssa56 karma

Unfortunately, there is only one doctor in my state that performs this procedure, and one can only schedule an appointment with him if they are pediatric, I actually waited a good 6 months to see him and was at his office before his secretary notified us that this was the case, I've been preparing myself to go through dilation therapy.

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--Alyssa28 karma

It's completely safe for work, haha, I'll edit it in there. It's just a bit of paper.

nitr0smash12 karma

The document in your proof says that you are missing the upper vagina.

Would I be correct in guessing that your clitoris and urethra are unaffected and that, at glance, your vulva appears "normal"?

--Alyssa3 karma

You would in fact be correct.

OGSpacemanSpiff11 karma

What is your favorite food? What about your favorite movie?

--Alyssa28 karma

My favorite food is is mac and cheese hands down, my favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan.

throw_itawaytoday8 karma

Does this condition effect your hearing? Does it effect any other parts of your body or functioning (besides your kidneys and vagina) Are you able to drink alcohol? How do you live your day to day life that's different from the norm?

Thank you and all the best for the future :)

--Alyssa3 karma

My hearing is absolutely horrid, you could scream in my ear and I wouldn't flinch. It's something I noticed when I started work this past November, I haven't been to talk to my doctor about it yet, guess that's something I should get on ahah My heart and bones appear normal for the most part but I'm still under going testing as well. I can, I have in the past, I don't want to in the future because recently I've been having some major issues with my kidney.

Schnecky6 karma

Since there is more room inside your body, does this have positive effects on you? Like a flatter belly, or bigger lung volume?

--Alyssa2 karma

I mean I can eat a hell of a lot but I'm not sure if that's because I don't have a uterus or because I'm a pig.


That must be difficult to deal with, especially having to think about fertility issues at an age where most people wouldn't think about that yet. And as a woman with recurring uti's, I can imagine living with one kidney would make you nervous.

I wonder, do you have hearing problems as well? And does anyone else in your family have this syndrome?

--Alyssa2 karma

I'm the only one in my family with it, I have multiple family members with PCOS however. My hearing issues have come to light only recently, you could say something point blank and I'd have to ask you to repeat yourself.

AtrociousVirtuoso6 karma

Who do you main on Overwatch?

--Alyssa4 karma


StraightOuttaMoney3 karma

Do you still have eggs in your ovaries?

--Alyssa2 karma

I do!

iatealltheapples2 karma

Can i see it? And if not can you tell me what to google please

--Alyssa17 karma

It's not a thing that you can see per say, hell I'm not even sure if there's a camera designed for it? So I wouldn't know what to google.

ZeroSternritter172 karma

How did your parents react did they force you to have a surgery or something ? Also Do you watch Rick and Morty ? :P

--Alyssa2 karma

They would never force me to do such a thing, for the most part they stay out of it. I haven't seen it yet but I've been interested in watching it.

agenthesh1 karma

Can you get pregnant? If no, does it sadden you?

Sorry if this is crude

--Alyssa11 karma

I cannot get pregnant, and yes, it messes with me quite a bit. It's not crude of you to ask at all!

TallDankandHandsome1 karma

Why does the medical documentation look like a printed word document, and has anyone every tried to use this in a pickup line to you?

--Alyssa2 karma

It looks like a printed word document because I used a box cutter to remove any sensitive info such as my ssn, name, and address. If I could put a camera in my vagina and take a picture of it I would, because hell, even I'm interested in seeing what it looks like.

No, mostly due to the fact that I keep it somewhat private.

kaylaleesantana0 karma

Hello (: Do you go to college? Do you plan on ever moving from your state and if so... where to? What are your likes or interests at the moment? Favorite tv shows? Favorite movies? Sorry if this is a lot (:

--Alyssa3 karma

I'm not in college at this very moment, but I am consider taking some classes in the fall. I live in a fairly bipolar state, and I'm not sure if I'd like to move just yet, but if I do it'd be to someplace much warmer. I enjoy reading and writing, although I am very fond of gaming as well. My favrite TV show is AMC's The Walking Dead, my favorite movie is Saving Private Ryan :)

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Welcome to ask for more proof? As in a picture? You perverted robot.

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I'm not sure if I can fit a camera up there, I can get an B for effort though, right?

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My mom just got her uterus removed due to an ovarian cyst. Luckily, it was not cancer. How long did it take you to feel completely normal again and regain energy? When did the pains go away?

--Alyssa8 karma

I was born without mine, it wasn't removed so I wouldn't know, best of luck to your mother though!

RubberDong-9 karma

so pictures of your vagina are out of the question?

--Alyssa17 karma

Yes siree

mandibunch-19 karma

Why did all of this suddenly become an issue only when you realized you weren't getting a period? I mean, you were a baby once who had diapers changed by someone who had to have noticed that you only had half of a vagina, right? It's not like you knew the difference until you saw what someone else's looked like, but did your parents ever raise the issue when you were a child?

--Alyssa22 karma

Outwardly, people with my condition look normal, it's not as if we're missing part of our labia or anything of the sort, the problem is inside. It's not something that parents would just see, my parents had no clue that I had this.

Keaton0001-79 karma

So. You have a tiny bat cave. Why is this relevant to an AMA?

--Alyssa59 karma

What I have is a rare medical condition, that little is known about. It's a syndrome that affects me every day of my life, and I, at least, think that's pretty interesting.