My short bio: Hey all, my name is Pianoimproman! I'm a professional pianist, singer, and entertainer who streams full time in the creative section of! Livestreaming has completely changed my life! I opened up Twitchcon 2016 and had a blast :)

Reddit has been so kind to me in the past, so I thought I'd come back to say hey and spread the love of music! Ask me anything you want in the comments, and I'll also record and post the most upvoted requests. This isn't my first rodeo ;)

You can also catch me on Twitch today at 7pm EST at :)

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tiamdi52 karma

Can you do Sandstorm by Darude?

ThereAreNoUsers9 karma

I love you

pianoimproman17 karma

I love you more <3

Reddits_owner7 karma

Do you love me? :)

pianoimproman15 karma

Yup! :D

phyllisMD20 karma

What happened to all your mods? You use to have a very active mod group but I only see a couple anymore.

pianoimproman18 karma

Pianoimpromom is able to manage the majority of what goes on in the chat now :)

skylandersspyro11 karma

Why is this AMA inactive? You'r Streams are great!

pianoimproman10 karma

I wish I knew! Thanks <3

AlexanderLeGrape9 karma

I love this idea! Could you do Schubert's Erlkönig, specifically Liszt's transcription? Or maybe the crowd pleaser, Liszt's Hungarian rhapsody no. 2? Or even better, Flight of the Bumblebee? Thanks again :)

pianoimproman14 karma

AlexanderLeGrape7 karma


That was incredible. Thank you so so so much. You are certainly an undeniably talented musician. Thanks for making a classical music lover's day/week/year.

pianoimproman6 karma

So glad you enjoyed it :D Would love for you to visit my stream tonight and I'll play your favorite classical song :)

Zacoftheaxes8 karma

Any request you've gotten tired of hearing over the years?

pianoimproman5 karma

No, because I like to improvise songs in so many new ways :)

Supernova67 karma

Could you please do "Sweden" by C418?

Supernova63 karma

AMA of the frickin year right here

thank you so much! :D

pianoimproman5 karma

Thank YOU! :)

samwise09126 karma

On a personal level, what are a few of your favorite films?

pianoimproman10 karma

I love The Godfather! Also a big fan of Star Wars :)

Playa7526 karma

acoustic piano or digital piano ?

pianoimproman12 karma

I like both :) They both have a place in my heart! Nothing will ever touch my Steinway though!

chriscosta775 karma

Could you do your favorite Elton John song?

chriscosta773 karma


pianoimproman5 karma

:') <3

Deadisred24 karma

Can you do shape of you? Or maybe cheap thrills?

pianoimproman4 karma

totally! here you go!

furbot14 karma

Wow, you are awesome! If I said to you "make me a totally original song on the fly" would you be able to?

pianoimproman13 karma

The Furbot1 Song!!

This was so much fun to do :)

xBik4 karma

What are some of your favourite bands? i know its hard to pick one so maybe just some that pops into your head first after reading this question, just so we can know your personal musical taste :)

pianoimproman7 karma

I love Coldplay, the Beatles, RHCP, Fleetwood Mac :)

LucienSoul22 karma

What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song?

pianoimproman10 karma

Landslide! :)

Shane863 karma

Is there any song or type of music you hate to sing? stichDance

pianoimproman4 karma

I don't like singing offensive music. Aside from that, I love to sing everything!

Bodymindisoneword3 karma

I would love to hear your take on Real Love by John Lennon


Any Alice in Chains song to be honest..

How is this thread so inactive???

You rock sir and make many people smile!

pianoimproman7 karma

I'd be happy to fulfill your request! here you go

I don't know why it's so inactive :( Maybe a bad time?

Thank you <3

Bodymindisoneword1 karma

It's beautiful! Thank you! Love your poodle!

pianoimproman4 karma

Thank you :')

Squigglypanda3 karma

Your dog is so cute! Is she/he a poodle? What's his/her name?

pianoimproman5 karma

Yeah she is! Her name is Samantha :)

Eastwoodsemptychair3 karma

Can you remember a moment in playing piano where you did something that made you that much better? What was it?

pianoimproman5 karma

Hours of improvisational exercises :D

Eastwoodsemptychair1 karma

Any as a tip?

whereyouwannago3 karma

How about Blue Rondo à la Turk?

albinobluesheep3 karma

How much time do you spend playing piano when you arent streaming?

pianoimproman4 karma

I would say 2 hrs a day :)

beefkorston2 karma

could you please write a jingle for t. beef korston's roast post?

pianoimproman7 karma

No idea what that means :(

animefan132 karma

What are your views on twitch chat? Are the people in your chat aids, or are they acting normal/friendly?

Also could you play this?

pianoimproman3 karma

Twitch chat is awesome :) Of course we get trolls but our chat is generally friendly!

And sure, here you go! Enjoy :)

teamvista2 karma

How about Loud Pipes by Ratatat? I'm curious to see what you'll do with that.

teamvista2 karma

That is rockin', man. Thanks for doing this for us! Love your stuff.

pianoimproman3 karma

Thanks! :D It's my pleasure! Come check out my stream in an hour and I'll play your request :)

coryrenton2 karma

Has there been any legal trouble with performing music owned by publishing companies? What is stylistically the most difficult music to play?

pianoimproman9 karma

To your first question, nope!

I'd say the most difficult music to play would be sight reading exceptionally technical classical/romantic music :)