My short bio: Hi everyone! My name is Jo Lucey, and I am standing in the local elections in the UK in May. I am standing for the Liberal Democrat (LibDems) party in Hertfordshire. Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I will endeavour to answer!

My twitter: @Jo_LibDem

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ProfessorPugh858 karma

Do you think the Lib Dems have recovered from the loss of student votes due to the controversial student loan rise? and what is your opinion on potential plans to raise it once again?

Jo_LibDem414 karma

I opposed raising student tuition fees in 2010 and I oppose it now.

I feel the situation has changed greatly since then in the wake of the EU referendum and other factors. Of course, ultimately it is up to the voters to decide!

89JT574 karma

You can introduce or change one law in the UK - what is it and why?

Jo_LibDem256 karma

This is a very difficult question to answer! There are so many laws I'd like to change!

My priorities would probably be switching to proportional representation (PR) for elections, introducing stronger legislation to close the gender pay gap and enshrining into law the NHS not being privatised.

monstrinhotron217 karma

Would the Lib Dems repeal the Snooper's Charter and Digital Economies Bill if they got into power? If so, you should be shouting it from the bloody rooftops. It would win you some votes if people knew just how invasive and restrictive respectively those laws are and that you would repeal them

Jo_LibDem321 karma

I fully support repealing both! I think the Tory government's intrusion into people's private is unacceptable in a free society. Civil liberties and the right to privacy are very important to me.

baftap175 karma

What was your view on Brexit and if you had complete control how would you handle it?

Jo_LibDem232 karma

Whilst obviously the EU issue is not something that is handled at the local level, I was disappointed by the outcome of the referendum. I do however respect the result. What I don't agree with is the 'hard brexit' being pushed by the current Tory government, which entails leaving the single market. That was not on the ballot paper for the referendum, and most people I have met who voted leave did not vote to leave the single market. Therefore there is no mandate to do so currently. I also believe that leaving the single market would be a disaster for the British economy.

Mel_Shitson119 karma

Is decriminalisation of cannabis a liberal democrat policy?

Jo_LibDem270 karma

Yes. We support the legalisation of cannabis.

X4ulZ4n102 karma

I live close to the Fracking site on Preston New Road, Lancashire. The local council decision was overturned by govenment to allow Fracking on the site. This to me shows that the government are removing power of local councils in their favour. Lib Dems have said they oppose Fracking. What are your veiws on Fracking, and your veiws on local councils having to disregard the veiws of the local people because the govenment say so?

Bonus Questions...What's your favourite cartoon?

Jo_LibDem145 karma

I also oppose fracking. I believe it causes damage to the environment whilst prolonging our dependence on fossil fuels. Of course as a local politician I also support decisions being made locally!

I quite like The Simpsons.

tb-talex65 karma

Thoughts on May's Orwellian surveillance laws?

Jo_LibDem116 karma

I oppose the Tory government's intrusion into people's privacy. I very much support people's right to privacy, and believe such investigations should only occur when there is reasonable suspicion.

Swarsie45 karma

Have you watched Parks and Recreation from start to finish?

Jo_LibDem127 karma

Nope, I've never seen it! I don't watch much television.

VagueSomething14 karma

What do you feel can be done to fight the disenfranchisement and apathy that holds so many poor and younger people back from voting?

Jo_LibDem53 karma

I feel it's important to give people something to vote for! Our terrible unrepresentative first-past-the-post system creates many 'safe seats' where people's vote does not count equally as it should. On top of that many younger people I have spoken to feel that the majority of politicians occupy a relatively small range of viewpoints.

supremecrafters10 karma

What is your favorite monument or historical site located in the United Kingdom?

How do you feel the UK has handled education so far?

Is there anything you would do to change the education system?

Would you support increasing or decreasing funding for the NHS?

Jo_LibDem65 karma

I like the Roman remains at St. Albans and Natural History museum in Tring.

I feel the UK's education system, whilst good, could do with more support. Schools could do with more funding to prepare individuals for modern life. I do not support faith schools being funded by the state either directly, or indirectly via tax exemption.

I support increasing funding for the NHS. I feel the Tory government have intentionally defunded it, thus causing the current crisis and giving them a false reason to privatise it.

SideshowKaz4 karma

What are Ĺ·our parties views on the current treatment of the disabled? Just to clarify the film I Danial Blake is quite accurate.

Jo_LibDem7 karma

The current Tory government's treatment of the disabled is horrible. I have worked for many years as a care worker and have seen first hand the disastrous effects of government cuts. I have also been in contact with many disabled people who have been directly affected by them. I think the UK being investigated by the UN for abuse of the disabled says all you need to know about how terrible things have become.

PubliusTheYounger2 karma

Since your twitter bio suggests you are in favor of reform: Why shouldn't the UK move to a traditional written constitution? From my American perspective, an unwritten constitution appears to be little better than no constitution.

Jo_LibDem9 karma

I am in favour of electoral reform. I think a system of Proportional Representation for elections and reform of the two houses of parliament.

As for a written constitution, I do believe that may be a helpful protection against abuse of power.

_Calvert_-41 karma

In the united states, democrats are the modern day iteration of european fascist ideology from the 1920s and 30s and far from anything that can be called "liberal"...what does it mean in the UK?

Jo_LibDem-9 karma

The Liberal Democrats were formed from a merge of the SDP (Social Democrat Party) and the Liberal Party, which previously ran under the 'SDP-Liberal Alliance'. You can read more about our political vision here: