Hey everybody, this is comedian Pete Holmes. I am coming on Reddit to help promote my new series Crashing, which premiered on HBO last night you can watch it here for free! and will be on every Sunday night 10:30 ET/PT for the next seven weeks. You may also be a fan of my podcast [You Made It Weird]((http://nerdist.com/you-made-it-weird-1-kumail-nanjiani/)), or my [YouTube page]((https://www.youtube.com/peteholmes)), or my HBO special [Faces and Sounds]((http://www.hbo.com/comedy/pete-holmes-faces-and-sounds).. I’ve been on [Kimmel]((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3snHkk3nnXw)), I’ve been on [Colbert]((https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u1S9BXg3XeU)), I was the voice of the e*trade baby – I mean, who cares? Maybe you even know me as Batman from the College Humor videos “Badman.” So go ahead, ASK ME ANYTHING…Harvey Dent!

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THANKS FOR A GREAT #AMA, Reddit! Peas and dove. Peace and love. Pees in glove.

cosmiccraze353 karma

When are you going to be on Doug Loves Movies again? Miss you in there with TJ, Bert, and Garlin! Keep it Crispy

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we need to bug doug about this!! #BUGDOUG

MrBigBMinus295 karma

Pete you are one of the people my wife has told me she would leave me for. Your portrayal as batman is one of the best I've ever seen. Since rumor has it that Ben Affleck wants out what are the chances we see you take up the role in the Justice League future movies?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-353 karma

hahahaha, zero. i like muffins too much!

but i'm honored, and don't worry, you put on a batsuit your wife will see it's mostly the mask she loves :)

OK_SO209 karma

Pete! The premiere of Crashing was incredible!

I want to thank you for the past five years of YMIW. Your vulnerability and honesty about comedy, relationships, and spirituality have meant so much to me. I broke away from an evangelical Christian church three years ago, and in that rough transition, I was immensely comforted by hearing your journey.

And then just two months ago, at the age of 26, my wife left me. Again, in the midst of the loneliness and hearbreak, your story has been a huge help to me. You give me hope that I can do the work of self-examination, stay open spritually, and maybe find love again someday. (Congrats on the engagement!!).

Keep being your authentic self! As I commented once, "I don't listen to the podcast to hear my own views represented."

Question: Leon Bridges added a lot of richness to the first episode. What was your process for choosing his music and all of the music for Crashing?

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First, thank you and HANG IN THERE! it really does get better :)

Two, judd was the one who picked heartfelt, soul music for the show to juxtapose against my pasty white dorkiness! i think it works!

Ilovesunnysideeggs204 karma

Crashing was amazing why did TBS cancel The Pete Holmes Show 2 years ago?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-371 karma

it was all numbers! not enough viewers. i think they liked it! at least that's what i tell myself ;)

Edwinfamilyguy201 karma

Q. Wash my damn towels!?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-351 karma

A. bsolutely!

sarah_awake186 karma

Hi Petey Pants! First, I wanted to say thank you for the amount of joy you bring to my existence. Nothing makes me laugh more than re-listening to you and Bert Kreisher belt out some Celine and Kesha. I actually signed my divorce papers this Friday and watching Crashing last night, well, it put everything into perspective. I just wanted to know how you stayed positive after the big D?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-468 karma

that's a big one. you have to allow yourself to grieve and process that heartbreak. and it may be quick and it may be long. but allow it and love yourself through it. it's normal and you'll be okay. dive in.

then, slowly you'll see that every moment is a new opportunity to start again. we are swimming in infinite possibilites and your heart will soften. you'll laugh quicker, and, if you keep an eye out, you'll find joy has been there the whole time. joseph campbell says "joyfully participate in the sorrows of this world." with practice, we can!

HeartOfAlabaster165 karma

Pete! Thanks for doing this AMA! I've been a big fan for a few years now. I was wondering how you met sweet lady Val? Congrats on the show and your engagement!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-232 karma

SLV and I met after a show in San Fran! She was in the crowd and i asked her to get a drink. so glad i did! <3

Icarusandher138 karma

Did gamefly ever pay you?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-188 karma

hahaha. yes! ALL THE GAMES!

CopperNT105 karma

Hey Pete. I love the podcast. The Not Feeling It bit is one of the hardest times I have laughed. Would you ever consider having a random fan of the show as your guest on YMIW? It would probably get pretty weird.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-104 karma

i'm trying to figure out how to do that! so yes!

thatguy5285 karma

Was that Doug Benson who yelled "my wife" when you were bombing in the premiere?

Huge fan and weirdo!!! Thanks for all the laughter!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-71 karma

hahaha, no but i wish it had been!

Lineman72T72 karma

Hey Pete. Love the podcast and loved the premier of Crashing.

With all the very talented and funny comedians involved in Crashing, I was curious to know how much of the show is scripted and improvised? In my head I imagine you're given an idea of what's supposed to go on in the scene, and then you guys improv some or all of the dialogue. I was hoping you could maybe provide some clarity on that for me?

Thanks, and keep up the awesome work

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-101 karma

oh, so much was improvised! we'd shoot the script once or twice, then just let loose. the letting loose takes were most of what we used, at least for the comedy scenes. it was so fun!

Negative__D69 karma

Petey pants! Big fan since 2012.

  1. I noticed in the premiere of 'Crashing' that your character's stand up consisted of some jokes you've done on the road in recent years (at least in your stops here in Toronto!). How did you decide which material would go in the show, and which to include in your HBO special?

  2. Many of your old, close comedy friends are as busy and as involved in a variety of projects as you are (Kumail, T.J., Mulaney). You've spoken in the past about how important and substantial these relationships were in becoming the comedian you are today. How difficult and how important is it for you to maintain relationships that nurtured a significant period of growth your life?

  3. You've somewhat vaguely alluded a couple times to a book you're working on. What’s currently the status of that? Could you speak more on what it’s about?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-100 karma

wow that's a triple header! i did a lot of old material from my first years of standup, plus a few jokes that i've written recently about God to really drive home the religious aspect of my character! so some old, some new. then the rest went in the special! 2. it's hard to stay in touch with comics because we tour a lot, but we make it work! we just have to pick up where we left off! 3. i just made a book deal! i'm writing as we speak! (not literally, but i'm working on it!) :)

Icarusandher62 karma

The world wants to know.

How did Artie find a piece of pizza in the subway that fast?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-110 karma

he's from Jersey. they know stuff.

stebedebe62 karma

Hi Pete! Did you really walk in on your wife cheating? If not, how did you discover she was having an affair?

Love youuu! Congrats on everything!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-231 karma

no, but that's what it felt like! really she took me to dinner, got my a glass of wine or two and then told me on the bed, where we had all our serious talks. yikes. this one is sad. BONERS!!! BONERS ON CLOWNS!!

PyroNecrophile54 karma

Pete!! I'm such a big fan, and so grateful for all the times that you've made me laugh and cry, and restored my faith in humanity.

I've always been really curious about what it feels like to have this strange, one sided, intimate relationship with so many of your fans. Sometimes I'll read something, and catch myself thinking "OMG, Pete would think this was so cool!" and then I immediately feel like a huge creeper, because we're not actual friends! But when you've listened to someone be so open and emotionally vulnerable for literally hundreds of hours, it feels like we're good buddies! I promise that I hold no delusions that we are, but I've found myself thinking about how strange that feels many times. What's it like on the other side of that? Do you ever want to pull back and share less with your fans, or is it ever awkward when people that you've never met talk to you like you've been friends for years?

Thank you so much for everything you do, and putting so much joy out there, and especially for that amazing chicken that's never feeling it!!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-57 karma

i think what's weird is that i don't think it's weird! i just did WTF with Maron today (a short talk) and was like I KNOW YOU BETTER THAN YOU KNOW! so i get it. i like that with fans we can cut to the good stuff, the personal stuff and just laugh.

peteypumpkinpants54 karma

Hi, Pete, huge fan (obviously by my username) I was just wondering if you ever kissed T.J. Miller and if he's good at it (better than Kumail?) Also wondering why Leif's Laverne and Shirley tattoo was never mentioned in the show because it had me rolling and no one brought it up.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-70 karma

hahahaa! that's george's real tattoo!! hahah. so funny. it's real!

and no i don't think i've ever kissed TJ on the lips. but on his scratchy face for sure and it was as good as kumail. BOOM! :)

TheSeanz4150 karma

Petey! First of all I would like to say that I love you and I think you are one of the most beautiful souls on this earth. You have inspired me, given me joy and happiness, and sometimes when I'm down on life YMIW has lifted me up out of those times. You talk a lot about how you learned to worry less about things and say yes more and you're quote "live it up, we all die one day" is one I repeat to myself almost daily. I'm wondering, how did you learn to believe this and apply it to your daily life? I struggle with it myself and am curious to how it happened for you. Thanks for being weird :) oh! Also I saw you at the Gramercy the other night at the first show and I laughed so hard I couldn't audibly laugh anymore, so thanks for that first in my life.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-67 karma

thank you for all these kind words! so nice to hear!

that's a tricky one. i try to live with an appreciation for impermanence (a very buddhist thing, if you're curious) -- meaning, we die, let's live! but i struggle with it, too. for every day i can go out and smile and meet people and have exciting experiences, there's probably a day out there somewhere where i just played video games or watched a movie alone. so it's a daily practice. i keep telling myself to rememeber so one day it will become second nature. let's LIVE IT UP! <3

AuntyVillain44 karma

I absolutely love your chase bank phone conversation bit! My mom, husband and I are constantly saying "This is SHE" we cracked up so much the first time we heard it! Do you have any other hilarious ways to go about talking to telemarketers?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-53 karma

hahaha, that's my best advice! I'M IN THE BATHTUB!! :)

123Cycle29 karma

Pete! I feel like too often I hear you ask your guests questions that I really want to hear you answer yourself. My biggest one is, "Dead over?" You are a beautiful soul and send my love to SLV

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-56 karma

i like what ramana maharshi said when he was dying: "Where could I go?" the question isn't what happens when we die, it's "Who is dying?" The universe certainly seems to be into recycling, so while i don't think my ego makes it persay, i think our essence isn't going anywhere! :)

notokaycj26 karma

Hey Pete, big fan and aspiring comic here.

So much of comedy is negative and cynical, but people tend to describe your comedy with words like "positive" and "optimist." Did you find it difficult when you were coming up in the open mic scene to keep up that upbeat outlook among a sea of depressed dick jokes and empty audiences?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-41 karma

hahah, of course! find the people who are keeping their inner lights alive and stick with them. it'll be less windy!

keep at it and before you know it you'll be in greener pastures. :)

SlamDunkarooContest23 karma

Pete! Huge fan of "You Made It Weird." Thanks for re-introducing me to the works of Rob Bell.

My question is somewhat related. Aside from Rob Bell's, what are some books that have had a big influence on you? Spiritually or otherwise.

There's my question, but I also want to let you know what an impact you've had on me. As someone who had a similar upbringing (right down to being brought up in a youth group and going to a small Christian university), I relate strongly with your perspective on the world.

Lately, I am pretty much agnostic most days, but I find it refreshing how often you talk about God in your podcast. The way you do it really speaks to me. I love how candid you are with your doubts. I still try to stay open minded and listening to you has helped with this. Your podcast is a "blessing" to me. (I know how you love that word.) Listening to it makes me feel like I am back in college debating/discussing God with a close friend in the dorm room.

Keep it crispy!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-47 karma

thank you so much! so happy it's helping. it helps me, too!

BOOKS ABOUT GOD that i love:

Falling Upward by Richard Rohr Everything Belongs by RR Love Wins by Rob Bell What We Talk About by Rob Bell Be Here Now by Ram Dass Grist for the Mill by Ram Dass The Lazy Man's Guide to Enlightenment by Golas The Power of Myth (the book) by Joseph Campbell and Richard Moyers

That's a good start!!

OldBenNoBottoms21 karma

Hi Pete! I'm an old hermit that lives out beyond the Dune Sea. You haven't happened to have found an old R2 unit of mine, have you?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-42 karma

Old Ben No Bottoms?

Notapseudoliberal18 karma

How are you balancing all these projects?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-88 karma

When it's all done and coming out it seems like i'm very busy. in truth i nap a lot and have played Witcher 3 almost to 100%.

i've also seen every episode of black mirror. and tons more. and naps.

HeIsMyPossum18 karma

Hi Pete!

Huge fan of yours in all of your work. Your relentless optimism is something that has helped shape my life over the past few years. I aspire to always have the same attitude as you do. Really looking forward to the new show as well.

I recently listened to your YMIW podcast episode with Key-My-Key (Keegan Michael-Key), and the improv and "Yes and"ing was just wonderful to listen to.

I'm currently one of the leaders of a small Improv troupe in Cedar Falls, Iowa. We've been trying to raise money to bring in some Improv coaches so we can really learn the craft. How do you find good professionals tp come to such a small area? We have been saving all year to bring in someone great, even if only for a day, and could offer a flight, hotel, etc. or whatever was needed.

The problem now is how to find someone who would be worth the money! How do you find someone reputable when you're in a small town, far away from the regular "improv" scenes?

Thanks for everything!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-31 karma

hmmmm... good question! i would use that money to maybe produce shows and perform as much as possible. reading books by Keith Johnstone or Del Close could give you some theory, but nothing will teach you like the stage and performing as much as you can! Watch great improv, it will help you do great improv. Maybe take the team to chicago for a few shows? That will be hugely helpful! Good luck out there! :)

thatoneeyedkid18 karma

Hi Pete! Just watched the first episode of Crashing, really dig it... congrats!

Judd asked you on the last YMIW if you were ready to face the possibility of losing your anonymity as a result of the show's success. Is that something you've seen people struggle with? Have any friends/colleagues dealt with there success in a way that you didn't like or that you would want to mimic?

Also any chance there's a second life for FrontPageFilms? Y'all were my favorite early youtube sketch comedy .-)

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-24 karma

i WISH we had more time for FPF! i love oren and matt dearly. so maybe!

i haven't had a friend lose their privacy to fame just yet. maybe Amy Schumer, but we're "work friends." so far, everybody is at a nice, even, workable level. which is great :)

anddowe18 karma

Hey Pete, thanks for doing the AMA and shamelessly plugging your show. What's Spock Jockerman like in real life? and lastly, if you could have a super power drink with anyone in history, what's your favorite color?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-40 karma

hahaha. i love mushrooms, too!

Icarusandher17 karma

What kind of soap do you use?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-39 karma

Dr Bronners'? Spelling? It says "ALL ONE!" on it, which is something Ram Dass' guru used to say all the time. Plus it smells nice.

ImRichieDagger17 karma

Hi Pete! I loved the first episode of Crashing. I really connected with the line when you and Lauren were arguing and she asked you to stop doing bits. Was the intent behind that line that you deflect your problems with humor, or that you can't turn off that part of your personality? I've started seeing a therapist recently and it's making me realize how I react to certain situations that make me uncomfortable.

Anyway, I'm a huge fan of your podcast and stand-up and I hope you get to make Crashing for many seasons.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-37 karma

that's it! you see why Lauren wants to leave in the first 30 seconds. pete loves comedy before anything, even her in a way. so he can't be serious. i like to say he's having an affair, too. with comedy!

but as i got older i calmed down a bit. i'm sure youll find the same. so keep joking, the world needs laughs. but don't be afraid to feel, either! Ride the ride, baby!

BodakKlack16 karma

Donde esta los drugos?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-27 karma

yo no se. ask harvey dent! :)

Chtorrr16 karma

What is the very best cheese?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-71 karma

i don't really fuck with cheese. but it's blue cheese. SORRY GORGANZOLA!!

cflayman15 karma

How challenging was it to decide which details of your breakup story (such as being left alone on your birthday) should be told as they truly happened vs. dramatizing for a better story?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-36 karma

that was Judd's expertise! he knew all the stories and picked the ones that, frankly, weren't TOO sad (like birthday, perhaps) and just right. Like Goldilocks, but for sadness!

neillgl13 karma

Hey Pete! I started listening to your podcast and stand-up when I was in middle school, and now I'm a college freshman. You've helped me all through growing up, and I couldn't be more thankful. it's so cool to see you succeeding in such a big way. congrats! It's much deserved. I'm living in Manhattan and just starting to do stand up and writing things, and I'm sure you get this a lot, but, any advice? Thanks for all you've done for me and others, keep it crispy.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-47 karma

1 get on stage as much as you can 2 do the comedy that would make YOU laugh 3 ask yourself WHEN would i laugh if i was listening to myself? if the answer is "i don't know" then neither will the audience 4 hang with people who don't tear you down or break your spirit 5 listen to the greats, let them influence you, then shed them when you find your voice 6 don't be a dick! good luck!

HighlandAve12 karma

Hey Pete!

As the mood of climate change seems to be heading back in the wrong direction, I was wondering if you are going to change your stance on the use of hotel towels?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-22 karma

haha. yes. i reuse my damn towels now. :(

eff_this_shiz12 karma

Pete, we discovered YMIW on a cross-country road trip this summer and your podcast made the miles fly by. But more importantly, when my Dad died in December, the many conversations you have had, especially in the lightening round, have brought me a weird peace in what is (still) a difficult time. The quote (I think its from Dana Carvey?) about not knowing where he came from before his life, so why be upset about what comes after, brought me a lot of peace especially. So thank you so much for your part of this thing you didn't know you were doing.

I also appreciate your silliness. It makes the dark times easier to weather. And from that, I pose my question: How do we make the world a sillier, more fun place?


(P.s., my dad also had Dupeytron's contracture. I wonder if CW CBD would have helped him with it and his illness. If only Louis had been on a year ago. I have since tried it, and I think I need a stronger dose, but think it's a great, quality product, so thanks for that too!)

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-17 karma

we're only not silly or fun or joyful when we're not locked into and tuned into the moment! when we can put aside our anxieties and fears and problems for a second, we can see silliness was there all along, just waiting for you to bounce the ball with it!

Notapseudoliberal11 karma

Do you believe in aliens?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-77 karma

of course! i'm a big believer in most things. guys like me ruin medical studies. "This DID improve my eyesight!"

attackline6 karma

This message brought to you by CW hemp and Alpha Brain.

I actually love your openness to try new unverified things. Pseudoscience can be fun! (I apologize if it's verified, I just assume both of those things are not evaluated by the FDA)

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-9 karma

hahaha, there are a lot of studies but honestly, those things make HUGE differences for me. not just wishful thinking, promise!

Icarusandher10 karma

Have you ever thought about writing a screenplay about Harris Whittles? Do you think it's appropriate? Would you help me write it?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-25 karma

I love harris and whatever is done to honor him would be lovely and welcome. i don't feel like i'm the right person because we weren't SUPER close, but i do love him and miss him lots. but godspeed!

Tk143889 karma

Who would you rather actually have to crash with, big jay or Jim norton?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-27 karma

oh my god. that's a no-win situation.

Icarusandher9 karma

Pete. I am a massive fan. I have heard every episode of the podcast and I am on my relisten.

I am an aspiring comedian and writer.

College may not work out for me and I am trying to figure out how to move to la and fully dive in.

I just wanted to know what advice you'd have for someone who is moving out to la to do comedy but more importantly

Can I be your prodigy?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-13 karma

haha, i'm honored! hopefully if you move to LA or wherever you do comedy you'll find a supportive scene filled with proteges for you to learn from and show things yourself. best of luck out there!

Dasuperfly0079 karma

Riddle me this, If you aim to give us a shot, we'll riddle you. What are we?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-28 karma


shamiamiam9 karma

Loved the show and the soundtrack. Can you send a link for the music?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-18 karma

I don't have one! Leon Bridges!

gnatalie_138 karma

WILL YOU PLEASE COME BACK TO PEORIA? We promise to make up for last time!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-14 karma

hahahah, that would be so healing! nothing against peoria, i just wasn't good yet!! :)

SmartestIdiotAlive8 karma

I don't know you, but because I'm a Latino, I was wondering, how's it going, Holmes?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-13 karma

asi asi!

Notapseudoliberal8 karma

Why do people argue about the humor of women? Isn't comedy universal and therefore gender neutral?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-30 karma

i think men are scared of giving the authority to women to make them laugh. it's a powerful position and sometimes my gender can be a little backwards when it comes to giving women a chance at driving the car, so to speak. but anyone who says women aren't funny needs to watch Natasha Leggero, Maria Bamford, Sarah Silverman and countless others.

sayshoe7 karma

Hey Pete huge fan! How'd you feel being the recipient of so many Howdies this year? (To Jason Mantzoukas' dismay)

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-15 karma

anything to crush Zooks is okay with me! take that, ZOOKIES!!

Cptn_Hook7 karma


I've been a huge fan for a while now. The podcast has helped me through a few down times in my life and honestly shaped my personal growth quite a bit.

I once had a dream about you in which you told me you were a little offended I hadn't come up to say hi when you were at the High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver. I said I just didn't want to bother you. This was the real reason I would have told you in real life, and plus I was pretty sure I'd frightened Kumail the day before when I recognized him on the street, so I was a little wary in general. Either way, after the dream, I was listening to your podcast, and you mentioned your therapist, Dr. Gary Penn, asking you about one of your dreams, something along the lines of you being every character in your dream. I applied that same question to myself, realized I want people to admire me for my restraint, and decided maybe I was being a little too critical of people not noticing something designed to be unnoticeable. In effect, you ended up helping me learn about myself by being your own inter-dimensional translator.

I've always wanted to tell you that story, and I don't think I'll be relevant enough to be on the podcast in a short enough time that it's worth saving.

I'm not under the impression that putting a question here is going to make this less self-indulgent, so let's just lean into it. If you had to fight Paul F Tompkins for the title of my favorite comic, what would be your strategy, and do you think it would work?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-11 karma

I'd mess up his dapper hair and pull on his bow tie, of course! (Not IRL, love PFT!!)


Tad_Disingenuous7 karma

What does Artie Lange smell like? Is it a combination of professionalism and cigarettes?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-14 karma

BEEF AND CHEESE! Will Ferrell was right!!

(sorry my computer dies with NO WARNING. thanks, apple!)

ozymandias117 karma

How many seasons do you envision the series lasting assuming everything goes well?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-27 karma

Six! PLUS A MOVIE (jk). But six is what i imagine when i map it out

thiefx7 karma

You are one of the most infectious happy people in the business and it's hard not to smile when you're on screen. Also a few of my friends and I quote "DOUBLE SNAKES" often because of you.

Who is one of your biggest inspirations for becoming a comedian?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-22 karma


steve martin, bill cosby was big before all the awfulness, seinfeld, brian regan!

slackbro7 karma

Long time listener, first time caller. Seriously, I've been listening to your podcast since it's inception. My favorite guest of yours was Kirk Fox. He spoke like a written book and his life story is simply incredible. Who has been your favorite guest and why?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-13 karma

oh man, hard to say. my fav is often the most recent, for real! the author reza aslan just did it. incredible! out soon

theslyder6 karma

Hi Pete! Loved Crashing! Congrats on it and your engagement to SLV!

I would love to hear you discuss the art of cartooning and creating new yorker cartoons! Any chance you will be having a cartoonist on the podcast again?

Also, I'm obsessed with seeing other people's writing process and habits, would you give us some insight to yours?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-11 karma

I'd love to have another one on! So fun. Maybe Bob Mankoff himself! (The editor)

I get up early and write before i have a chance to remember that writing is hard. :)

TheVulgarian6 karma

Did you laugh as hard as I did at Artie's line about his cousins best man speech?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-14 karma

oh my god, it was SO HARD to not laugh at artie the whole shoot! he killed it!

rookiefilmmaker6 karma

Hey Pete! Loved the premiere last night, and I'm so excited for the rest of it.

I feel like we have a lot of similarities. I dropped out of Bible College, now use your language of "christ leaning spiritual person" for myself, and I'm pursuing comedy and writing. I was wondering, how has it been writing (from my understanding) your first narrative show, vs. writing jokes or punch up for other scripts?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-13 karma

Good luck! That's great.

Writing a script is different because you have to write from different perspectives other than your own. I had to write lines for my fictional wife, Leif, Artie... you have to imagine more than just your own opinions. A very good excercise just in general!!d

MilosRaonic6 karma

What are you going to eat for dinner tonight? And how often do you eat sushi?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-23 karma

that's so funny. i have plans with Zach Cregger to eat sushi!!

i'm mostly plant based, but sushi is my weakspot...

KINGKONinG6 karma

Hey Pete, I'm a big fan of the podcast, Crashing, your standup (you really knocked it outta the park with faces and sounds) and just wanted to thank you for being your vulnerable, hilarious, loveable self.

I'm a standup comic from Canada who is about 3 years deep. I love every second I'm onstage and when I'm around my peers, comedy has really been my rock for the past 3 years. I'm wondering what your opinion on moving to a bigger city (New York/LA) would be for a canadian comic? I don't want to stay here for too long as it seems there is a real ceiling here for success but I also don't want to get swallowed by a bigger city. I really do want to do this for the rest of my life and would love any advice you have for any new(er) comics who are in my shoes as well.

Keep it crispy!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-15 karma

stay where you are until you're PRETTY sure you're one of the best. THEN move when you're 90% sure you should move. it will always be scary, but that's the whole game. you do things JUST AS you think you MIGHT be ready... if you wait until they ask you to come it will never happen. be bold! believe in yourself! but listen to what comedy is saying back to you, your path could be a multitiude of things. :)

ToyStory3_WasOkay5 karma

1) In 7 words or less, describe groping Lauren Lapkus' breast.

2) What does Rich Roll smell like?

3) Marry, Fuck, Kill: Kumail, Emily, TJ.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-11 karma

no no no no no no no. Francensense. i'd have a polyamorous marriage with all three of them.

shmirstie5 karma

Pete! The show was so great, I can't begin to say how happy I am to have you on my HBO lineup. It's you and girls so thanks Judd!

I've been shopping for religions. I was raised not practicing religion but I want spirituality in my life now. I can't help but feel that religion will be a superficial way to get this but I'm giving it a try. If it doesn't work out, what advice do you give in getting spirity in daily life without religion?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-12 karma

the buddha said, when you're looking for water, don't dig six one foot wells, dig ONE six foot well. so, pick a practice and stick to it until it's time to shed it. i love Buddhism, Sufi, all that, but really my MAN is Ram Dass who calls himself a Christ Loving Hin-Jew!

mjmyers4715 karma

Pete! Congrats on the show. Is 30 too old to get into stand-up will we ever get treated to more You Made It Movies? Thanks

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-10 karma

no, and maybe! tim allen was in jail when he was 30. and rodney dangerfield didn't break till way later in life. it's never too late to try and live creatively and authentically! just take small steps.

i like to say, follow the dream that's following you. it has to want you back. so listen when your dream speaks back to you!

Reading_Rainboner5 karma

Hey Pete how bout you break out those testies?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-12 karma

hahaha, not now. ask when i'm drunk.

Cyborgsumo5 karma

How can Louis CK make jokes about child molesters and sexual assault and still be loved my most other people in comedy?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-28 karma

Tricky one. While I understand how those topics can be dealbreakers for a lot of fans, there is something about joking about our darkest areas that can be cathartic!


I went to the Comedy Cellar my first time in NYC but you weren't there (I was hoping to line up the trip so that I could see you, but it didn't work out). But then there was a pic of you there that very night, and Judd Apatow was there too, apparently I missed you guys hanging out. Which seems cruel of life to do. So I guess my question is, why?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-10 karma

oh man. i just don't know.

2SpookyMC5 karma

Hi Pete! Loved the first episode of the show! One thing that I enjoyed was how natural the dialogue between characters were. And Artie's improv was fantastic!

Question: I hear you talk about meditation and it has really peaked my interest. I think it would be a good way to teach myself to be more present and decrease stress levels. Do you have any recommendations for some reading or people to look up about this?

Also, saw/met you in Philly this month and you were the best. Thanks for being so cool!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-21 karma

the buddha (the story goes) just sat in a comfortable, seated position, straight back, and focused on his breath. the feeling of air going in, the feeling of air going out. if you have thoughts, send them love but go back to the breath. it's all in the going back. do that for 10, 15, 30 minutes! it's great in the morning or before bed. or before a party you're too anxious to go into.

attackline4 karma

Loved the show Pete!

First I just want to thank you for being so open with your life on your podcast. Many people including myself share a similar background of youth groupy closed-mindedness, and it's refreshing to hear how you had to change the way you experience the world.

How do you prepare for your podcasts? I hear you taking and referencing notes that you take on the fly, but how much prep goes into a show that ends up being a 2+ hour session? What are your tactics for working with a guest who doesn't want to open up?

P.S. Dear Sweet Lady Val, you are the spirit of positivity and perfect for Pete. Congratulations to both of you!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-8 karma

thank you for the kind words!!

i spend the 30 minute drive to meltdown just thinking about the guest and how i want it to go. picture them laughing, myself listening, us connecting. a little visualization. then a quick Wiki search, three Alpha Brain (for real, not a plug -- www.alphabrain.com/weird) and ONE sip of coffee. :)

nk7074 karma


-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-17 karma

hmmmm... The Robcast with Rob Bell! and Crabfeast!

alexanderstein4 karma

Pete, so much love for you and the joy and light you've brought into my life. Congrats on the show and your engagement to Sweet Lady Val! I recently bought some CW Hemp Oil from your recommendation and was wondering how you take it? Do you just go straight up or mix it with anything? Thanks so much

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-9 karma

I usually just do it straight to the old mouth hole, but just this morning i put it in my smoothie. and CW gave me a cake with it in it! so there are other ways. they say NOT to vape it, it's better to eat. :)

lilkrizT3 karma

Have there been points in your career where you felt stuck and unmotivated? Or too discouraged to keep writing?

What do you do to get out of these funks?

(Congrats on the show!!!)

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-10 karma

oh, absolutely! it all comes in seasons and waves. the best we can hope it when we are called on, we are in a creative season! and if we're not, sometimes that panic of a deadline is enough to snap me out of it. but it's all self love. if youre blocked, love youself anyway. it's a better strategy and will make it go away faster than being hard on yourself. take a nap! take a walk! take a drive! watch a movie! it's all writing. just in your subconscious

aoxunw3 karma

Do you have any plans to write a feature film?

I can't wait to see The Big Sick - though I can't look at Kumail without hearing your impression -- "EEMMIILLYYYY".

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-7 karma

I'd love to at some point!


micahaaronalex3 karma

Hey Pete! Congrats on Crashing! I'm a huge fan of all your work, YMIW in particular. I love the episodes with other comedians where you really break down the art that is standup. Who are some new or lesser known comics that you like? Also, what advice would you give to someone interested in the humiliation that is getting started in standup? Thanks Pete! Keep it crispy!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-6 karma

if you want to try it, just go to an open mic and watch. if it speaks to you at that level, try it out! it only gets better from there.

and i like Jo Firestone and, he's not new but, Matt McCarthy, Sean Donnelly, Aparna N

gusmoreno153 karma

How is your show about a stand up comedian in New York different from the billion other shows about stand up comedians in New York?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-32 karma

My character doesn't wear underwear.

DmRofAtoZ3 karma

P. Pants,

I've read you saying here & there how responding to, or even checking comments on all the various sites is both tricky & sticky, and you generally abstain . . understandably !

But if you'd ever joined the weirdos ( and many of my friends ) who greatly enjoyed the "mash-up" I did just under a year ago, entitled You Made It Weird Again ( Not Feelin' Crispy ) (Pete Holmes - with Guests & Friends vs Steely Dan) . . would you say so ? ( Don't pause this AMA for a 6 min, audio w/ video just now . . maybe after ! )

You got me into "game-changing" hemp-oil a few months ago, and if I can distill the wide-ranging spirit of YMIW and give a bunch of heartwarming joy back to You, it would mean the whirled !

( I'd surely make my "joy noise" )

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-6 karma

i'll check it! thank you!

Icarusandher2 karma

I'm a photographer and would like to be on YMIW. I have a lot of stories and I've heard every episode of your podcast.

My Instagram is @icarusandher.

So I guess this is my question.

Would you have a stranger with a dream be on your podcast? It would take me a while to save up the money unless I took a train. It's a 36 hour train ride though but I would do it for you.

I love the show and I love.

Congrats on the engagement! I hope she fulfills every dream a relationship could be.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-5 karma

I'm trying to find a way to creatively and fairly have a few Weirdos on one special episode, we'll see!

ImNotTheZodiacKiller2 karma

Hey Pete, I absolutely loved the premier last night. I can't wait for the next episode. When can you make it to Tampa next and can you PLEASE bring Duncan?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-10 karma

i'll try! i love Duncan!!! :)

_tx2 karma

Could you please give me your "elevator pitch" as to why I, who has never heard of this show or of you (no offense intended just my own ignorance of you), should give it a shot?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-10 karma

there hasn't been a show that shows what it's REALLY like to start out as a comedian, or really about what it's like to be religious and have that challenged by your wife leaving you for a weird hippie. plus it's judd apatow! that's the real elevator pitch. "JUDD. APATOW!"

Doctor_Riptide2 karma

Hey Pete, loved the premier! Awesome job.

Two questions, if I may. I've been listening to your podcast for about 3 years now, so I feel like I have to ask you, which guest did you have the most fun with over the years and why was it Keegen Michael Key?

Second question, how far would you go to get Daddy Goss to agree to sit down and do a YMIW with you?

Thanks again, love you man <3

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-8 karma

oh man Daddy Gos would be great. IF he'll talk. not Drive Gos.

and yes! Key My Key, Jenny Slate, Josh Ruben!!


You've appeared on Kimmel and Colbert, so are you planning to appear on Conan O'Brien's show in the future?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-13 karma

Yes! I've been on Conan many times, he's my dude. Soon!

greenlalablue2 karma

What's this show about? Know nothing about you or the show I have no way to judge if I want to see it.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-5 karma

I'm avenging my brother's murder by entering a kung fu tournament. And my wife leaves me and I stay on Artie Lange's couch. and judd apatow. if you like judd you'll like it!!

LykatheaBurns2 karma

Who's your favorite wrestler?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-9 karma

i only know the undertaker and the ultimate warrior. so ultimate warrior. that undertaker guy was scary as f.

gynoplasty2 karma

Hey, I like your new show. Are you really religious IRL?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-13 karma

I'm hugely interested in who we are and what we're doing here, absolutely. Ram Dass represents my views perfectly. He has talks on YouTube and iTunes!

harekyleharerama2 karma

Baba Pete, since you (and Duncan Trussell) introduced me to the teachings of Ram Dass my life has been completely transformed. So as a recovering Christian (Mennonite, no less) thanks a bunch. Do you have a favorite kirtan chant or song? Also, Krishna Das, Jai Uttal, or Bhagavan Das? (Krishna Das, obvs.)

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-3 karma

oooooh good q.

i love Bhagavan Das' "All Alone" maybe above all others. it makes me cry! but KD is my daily listen.

i love the simple ones. if i'm trying to remember the words i'm not dissolving into the mantra. so i'm a hare krishna kind of guy :)

SteveBuscemiandMe1 karma

Hey Pete, big fan, I love you and the podcast. I'm a early stage stand-up and have learned so much from listening to ymiw. There's so many amazing things in there about growing as a comic (and person). Do you still feel like you're as much a student of the craft today as you were when you were first starting? And if so what kind of things are you learning when you get on stage nowadays?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-2 karma

one of the things that makes stand up so compelling is you're never done learning. it's like golf, i guess. i don't play golf. but it's not something you can ever really master. i would say i'm more concerned with being ME than i am with just killing. more than i was when i started. so the game changes the longer you play!

toiletting1 karma

How do you come up with such great dad jokes? Also appreciate that you're always smiling and want everyone to smile along. You're a good dude.

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-4 karma

thank you! my dad is so weird just quoting him is hilarious. oh man. he's the weirdest.

gnatalie_131 karma

Pete! Much love to you. I can't even tell you how much of a presence you have amongst me and my friends (we had a great time at the New York show last week!).

What is the current standing of the book you'd like to write? Like, what direction do you see it going in?

I love the "third act" stuff and I appreciate you lots. All the best!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-2 karma

i just made a book deal! so i hope to have it done this year. it will be about God and how i've come to know the divine in many different forms. :) (and boner jokes)

xabbusarmy111 karma

Are you hungry? Or did you just have a banana?

Haha I don't know why but that one line has stuck with me for so long. Everytime one of my kids say they're hungry, I say in probably the worst Pete Holmes voice, "Sophy/gavin, you just had a banana!"

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-3 karma

hahaha, that line is based on my friend Chris Marrs and his wife who said that to him once. ahha!

gahfobee1 karma

Petey Pants!! Been a weirdo for several years now and I can't express enough how much YMIW has gotten me through some tough times! Needless to say, I'm a huge fan. Anyways, what's the last good lucid dream you had?!?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-5 karma

oh man, i had a lucid nightmare a few nights ago! i was WEIRD. then, because i was lucid, i flew away. no better feeling than "this isn't real. fuck this shit!!"

-UncleRapey-1 karma

Any relation to John Holmes in person or in the dick department?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-11 karma

in my family we call him "shorty." BIG OL DICK OVER HERE!

Bamitchell1 karma

Hey Pete! I'm a big fan of your podcast (and your work in general!) I particularly like the spiritual aspect you bring to every show. Besides the obligatory Ram Dass and Rob Bell, what books would you recommend in that department? Second, I've always wondered what kind of protocol is expected when approaching celebrities. If a fan sees you in public, what's the nicest and most respectful way they can express their appreciation of your work?

PS. If you don't mind, after listening to several of your podcasts with John Mulaney my friends and I are curious....What is pot of soup?!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-2 karma

soup is an inside joke with john and i. i think we do it the first time he was on YMIW.

i gave a list a few questions up! Richard Rohr for sure. anything by RR. and Power of Myth the book!

thank you!

Icarusandher1 karma

Why haven't you done LSD and do you ever think you will?

Or is that too much for a soon to be married man?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-2 karma

I have micro-dosed it! It was amazing. Def open to it.

kind_of_temporary1 karma

When you are creating/writing, what does your inner critic say?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-3 karma

mostly, "Judd won't like this." he almost always does, but i'm always afraid he won't. or really deep down, "people will see this and stop loving you." That's the base fear we're all dealing with, creative or not! that's why self love is so important.

tellMyBossHesWrong1 karma

How often do you hit your head on doorways?

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-4 karma

3-82 times a week

chloobugg1 karma

Petah! I absolutely adore YMIW, the talk show and your specials (KING!) more than I can describe and have been so incredibly excited about Crashing. What was the weirdest moment of deja vu/flashbacks you had while filing Crashing? Also, any chance TBS will bring back the clips from the talk show to You Tube or that you'll come back to Gordon? You're the bomb dude, keep it crispy!!

-PeteHolmesJoyQuota-4 karma

i don't think i'll ever come back to gordon except to maybe drunkenly wander around at night, and i really hope SOMEONE buys TPHS and puts it online (LETS GO ALREADY!) and the weirdest thing to recreate was the BOMBING! oh man so painful.