Hey reddit, we are back for another AMA with you. Here on the keys is John Famliglietti (bass & software) and Benjamin Miller (drums). We had a great time last year with you and back for more, at least 8 hours today.

Our third remix album DISCO3, a companion to DEATHMAGIC with three new songs, is out today on Spotify and iTunes. The real important thing is for the last year we have been taking calls on the HEALTH Hotline, a direct line to John, to talk about anything fans want. Some conversations have been very emotional, some have been looking for advice through a difficult situation, and some have been just whats up. Today we are calling everyone back and checking up on them while live streaming from the Funny Or Die compound in their Facebook page.

Cool things we’ve done that you may want to ask about:

  • being in the New Yorker
  • working with Tim & Eric
  • being on the pilot episode of Eric Andre Show
  • doing the entire soundtrack to Max Payne 3
  • touring with Nine Inch Nails.

Stuff happening during the live stream:

  • Hosted by Pauly Shore
  • Premiere golden ticket adventure video
  • Showing Rare BTS videos
  • All our music videos
  • A film by Vincent Moon
  • George Romero’s classic 1968 “Night of the Flesh Eaters”

Proof: https://twitter.com/_HEALTH_/status/832687316594356224

edit: This is getting press! Having a great time, hour 3 about to begin and we're not slowing down. http://www.factmag.com/2017/02/17/pauly-shore-health-call-fans-telethon-surprise-album-disco3/

edit 5PM: we are still here but taking a break from the facebook live stream for an hour. So many people answering their phones finally! Pauly is moving his car.

edit: 6pm: Live stream is back. Double reddit AMA craziness. https://www.facebook.com/funnyordie/videos/10155005887003851/ .

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ItWasUs11 karma

Have you guys ever thought about covering one of Tim and Eric's songs?

They can, in turn, have Steve Brule endorse your next album by saying, "for your HEALTH"

You guys are hilarious and I'm still spinning Death Magic.

_HEALTH_8 karma

Petite Feet

Would be Sweet

Thanks son

JellyfishPies6 karma

How did losing Jupiter impact the band? Is there beef between you guys or is everything all gucci?

_HEALTH_9 karma

Yeah its all gucci. it was the right thing at the right time, no hard feelings.

whamm0001 karma

Do you think Eric wareheim looks good in a motorcycle jacket?

_HEALTH_2 karma

Ive seent it on his Harley

...gotta admit looks pretty SICH bro

mmmeow_gal254 karma

Who runs the twitter? Thanks for keeping it 💯

_HEALTH_7 karma

Jake and John run it. Thanks bro.

jon_naz4 karma

Hi health! I saw you guys last year for the first time and it totally blew me away. Deathmagic is one of my favorite recent records. I have a few questions if that's okay!

  1. I love that you and Purity Ring remixed each other. How did you guys meet?

  2. Do you plan on collaborating more with Haxan Cloak?

  3. What was it like prepping the songs from Deathmagic for a live setting? I remember reading in interviews that it was a pretty digital/processed record (but definitely not in a bad way!)

_HEALTH_5 karma

  1. we have the same management, before that I was big fan. First time I heard them I knew they would be a huge band.

  2. Yes. But Bobby is stonewalling me. Pick up the phone dude. Why do I have to text your girlfirend. Whats up Illy yo the best.

  3. Serious ass pain.

GoldenCondition4 karma

Will DISCO3 have a video single like USA Boys? That song and video are fucking phenomenal. I'm also wondering if you guys will ever release wav files for remixing? I'd love to play around with FLESH WORLD (UK) or any song really. I just ordered DISCO3, can't wait to hear it, is the DISCO3+ available to anyone who text their email? I'm curious because I don't want to do that and fuck up my place in line. Also, fucking incredible promotion!

_HEALTH_4 karma

yes yes and yes

txt the HEALTH hotline and ill give you my email, to give you stems for FLESH WORLD (UK)

ill send u DISCO3+

flackachino3 karma

How do you feel about Death Grips?

_HEALTH_11 karma

Cool music. However they refused me for a beer at their trailer...Sad!

GrrNoise3 karma

You guys have been insanely inspirational to me as a musician, especially in the way you've adapted gear to your own purposes to create unique sounds.

Are you still using things like the Boss Slicer for loops or is it all DAW production and live backing tracks now? If the latter, what lead to leaving the slicer, etc. behind?

_HEALTH_4 karma

Slicer is the shit and without there is no DIE SLOW or USA BOYS

Now it is DAW first but not entirely but majority yes. Way more hi fi

mkillerbear3 karma

HI good people of Health. Saw you at Coachella last year, and it was the most impressed I've been by a band playing in the afternoon. Why didn't they put you on at night? (that's not my question) Main question: Toronto is fine or whatever, but can you please come to Vancouver? We have tasty ramen, a large park, and we are close to Seattle. Bonus Question: You played some shows with Deafheaven - any chance that would be a bigger tour? I can only imagine how face meltingly awesome it would be to see both of you arrrghhh

_HEALTH_4 karma

Coachella v sich, loving that fest my whole adult life. We play in the afternoon cuz we aint big enough to play later...v simple

We always play Vancouver all the tie, great shows, in fact one of the rowdiest shows from DEATH MAGIC tour 2015

Would love to tour bigger with DEAFHEAVEN, serious bros

VersusNinja3 karma

anybody that texts the health hotline can get disco3+ ?

And thanks you guys for making death magic it's one of the best albums I've ever heard

_HEALTH_2 karma


brokenshrines3 karma

Max Payne 3 is one of my top 5 games of all time and a HUGE part of that is the soundtrack. You guys really crushed it.

Two questions: Who designs your merch and album covers? Can I remix one of your songs?

_HEALTH_8 karma

Everything is designed by me and only me, unless it says ALienBody its my boy Travis.

BuckOHare2 karma

Are you free in Canada?

_HEALTH_6 karma

I love Canadian girls

Lunchb0x8122 karma

Hey guys thanks for the amazing tunes!

My question is, what was it like touring with NIN? Would you tour with them again?

I'd sell my organs for a NIN/HEALTH/Pictureplane tour😻

_HEALTH_3 karma


Would be pretty sweet

trade452 karma

I love you guys. The live show was a little strange watching y'all up there moving around to a big giant pre-recorded track. How do you feel about this? No h8.

_HEALTH_2 karma

I'm all about that bass

meesh-lars2 karma

What are a few of your major music inspirations?

Your hair is beautiful.

Thanks for being awesome and opening the snaps I send of dogs, even if you don't reply.

_HEALTH_5 karma

I prefer dog pics over dick pics, thanks though!

berlinesque1432 karma

Love you guys so much. Question:Is the band still as interested in incorporating noise in the music? What kind of role does noise have in the future of the band?

_HEALTH_6 karma


breakfirewall2 karma

Saw u guys in Shanghai u guys were fucking amazing as always. I know u guys did a tour in China years ago. Would u ever consider to do it again?

_HEALTH_5 karma

ABSO_FUCKING_LUTELY I love Shanghai I really wanna plug my favorite venue ARkham and my fav bar Arcade.

NiteShok2 karma

Hey guys, 'DEATH MAGIC' was my favourite album of 2015 and I'm still playing it regularly. Brilliant work.

I read in several interviews that you guys ended up writing then scrapping earlier versions of the album. Will we ever hear any of the material you scrapped, and did any of it make it onto 'DEATH MAGIC'?

_HEALTH_7 karma


you only missed one song truly: DRUGS BEACH

eplgr2 karma

Argentina tour /when/? Bring pictureplane with you ;).

I'm extremely happy to read that «waits are going to be extremely fast now». DEATH MAGIC is one of my favourite albums. Must sound weird, but it does make me feel alive. Thank you.

_HEALTH_6 karma

DYING to tour Argentina since the early 2000s

bob_johnson_441 karma

Next time you play Seattle (soon hopefully) can you do it in a venue that isn't 21+? :( Loving DISCO3 so far!

_HEALTH_1 karma

Its hard in the northwest but I see you.

_HEALTH_1 karma

Pretty sick that your young

KJCollins1 karma

HEALTH and Pauly, what are your favorite animated TV shows?

_HEALTH_3 karma

The Simpsons

_BlazeItGrandma_1 karma

Have you actually played Max Payne 3 and what was your favorite song from it?

_HEALTH_2 karma

Yes many times. I like vidoegames

We were very present in the scripting of the music in the game.

my favorite is probably...STADIUM

christinaanton1 karma

hi, heading to a casino tmrw, any advice? best music career moment? <3 c

_HEALTH_2 karma



SethRader1 karma

Will you ever play In Heat live? It's my second favorite after Men Today.

How do you stay entertained with all the long drives besides music?

Also fuck yeah to recc'ing Emptyset to someone.

_HEALTH_2 karma

Yes....v rough


Emptyset is SICH

rickmuscles1 karma

Saw you guys at Bottletree back in the day and y'all ruled. Why is your name Health?

_HEALTH_4 karma

damn son

hard to name a band in the modern age son

SethRader1 karma

I got a few more.

What's your favorite song title that isn't one of yours?

What's your favorite roller coaster?

Is there a question you've never been asked in an interview you've always wanted to hear or do you just take what you get?

_HEALTH_1 karma



Take it easy baby, take it as it comes, don't move too fast...if you want your love to last

Fleshytimes1 karma

How do you guys usually learn how to use new pieces of musical gear?

_HEALTH_2 karma

Trial and Error

danarbaugh1 karma

What was the working title for "Die Slow" and was that the title as of 10/31/2008?

_HEALTH_3 karma

BLADE RUNNER but Philip K Dick sued me

brayshizzle1 karma

John, I text you a year or so back before the gig in London at the Dome. I asked you if you liked kebabs. I went to the gig and then bought you kebabs after but the bouncer never delivered. FYI The Kebab was DELISH. You doing any gigs in or around LA during coachella?

_HEALTH_1 karma

not really.

Kebabs sich doe

[deleted]1 karma


_HEALTH_2 karma

Technically we've played Red Rocks,

but absolutely

OGvicdogg1 karma

Do you guys have any favorite obscure Simpsons characters?

_HEALTH_4 karma

Hans Moleman

Fantastic-Username1 karma

Loved DEATH MAGIC and really digging EUPHORIA. Two questions, I guess- Are you guys still a four piece? What's going on with that? Also, any plans to make another album? The wait between GET COLOR and DEATH MAGIC was so long... But the album was worth it, not complaining!

_HEALTH_6 karma

No we are a three piece. Waits going to be incredibly fast from now on. DISCO3 OUT NOW!

hoppipp1 karma

How do you cope with telephoning and doing this AMA at the same time?

_HEALTH_2 karma

I got my boy here Justin Sewell of the theonering.net

MattisBest1 karma

What bands would you dream to tour with? Also are you guys planning on coming through any of Toronto, Ottawa, or Montreal this summer?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Toronto probably the fall

Mashu0091 karma

What's the most foul picture you've been sent through text ever since starting the hotline?

_HEALTH_8 karma


aaroncontreras1 karma

Should I participate in the reverse telethon or listen to DISCO3 first?!

_HEALTH_2 karma

Why not both!

SyntheticMessiah1 karma

Trying to listen on spotify in the UK, but all of disco3 is blanked out. Is it streaming anywhere else?

_HEALTH_2 karma

Cafe Wha?

spectralconfetti1 karma

Death Magic was very cohesive in its subject matter and went in a new direction in the band's sound with songs like Dark Enough, Life, and L.A. Looks. Are you looking to continue exploring new directions in future HEALTH releases, or is Death Magic's sound and lyrical focus representative of what you want to do with the band for the foreseeable future?

Side note, did I hear something about a DISCO3+ disc 2 during the Funny or Die stream?

_HEALTH_3 karma

DISCO3+ is the 2nd disc

hit me up with your email if you want it

JellyfishPies1 karma

Any frivolous buys after your fat "Max Payne" paycheck?

_HEALTH_7 karma

My house

PoorMansMemory1 karma

I just called in and spoke to this cool guy named John. I didn't even know about this album was coming out! What is your favorite memory as a musician coming up?

Follow up: Favorite album of 2016?

_HEALTH_3 karma

John is me son

AMindEyeKnew1 karma

HEALTH is the shit. Saw you guys at FYF back when it was still at the LA State Historic park. I was instantly hooked.

Is there anyway to get a hold of your old merch?

Like the tourist sweatshirt or that one shirt that had the metallic rainbow design on it?

Are there any local LA bands that you guys are really into right now?

_HEALTH_1 karma


JellyfishPies0 karma

My three favorite things are HEALTH, Nathan For You and Kyle Mooney. Have you met those guys before? My mind was fucking BLOWN when I figured out that they're both huge fans of you guys.

_HEALTH_1 karma

Did it on FB LIVE guess they didnt type it

slimeygoth0 karma

Hey! I saw you last year at First Fridays (tall blonde and tiny kid) and at Beach Goth (yikes) and it was super wicked! My big question is, what's the weirdest place you've ever played, and why was it weird?

_HEALTH_1 karma

Did it on air

Xer0Signal0 karma

I know you probably have no real reason to, but, any chance y'all might come through South Carolina any time soon? Thanks for being the best, BTW

_HEALTH_1 karma

Love SC

Killer BBQ

MrSpontaneous0 karma

I managed to see your show at Rock and Roll hotel in DC last year. There seemed to be problems with the speakers in the venue, but you guys soldiered on and played. I can only imagine how frustrating it is to have that happen (especially when it makes the bass nonexistent). Do you remember that show? As a band, how do you get past that sort of thing and move on? Also, do the venues try to make it up to you?

_HEALTH_2 karma

It hurts.

matthearts0 karma

Matt from A Heart is a Spade here. SO excited for Disco 3. What's your least favorite Britney song? Let's talk on air. xo

_HEALTH_1 karma

DISCO3 is out now. Not a Britney fan

LexTron6K0 karma

Hey, so Ben already called me and I didn't realize what the fuck he was talking about until our brief dialogue had already ended, unfortunately.

Had I been on top of my shit I would've asked Ben the following:

During your AMA last year you guys agreed to let me get you high the next time that you come to my city of Minneapolis. You guys did indeed come to Minneapolis, but you did not let me get you high. Do you not want me to get you high, or were you just being difficult?

PS: Notacop.

_HEALTH_3 karma

BJ Luvs to get high

miserableface0 karma

We've seen some fantastic homemade T-shirts you've got pictures of on your instagram, have you got a favourite?

Coming back to europe soon?

_HEALTH_2 karma

Good ass ones. I hope so.

radicaljackalope0 karma

Would you ask Pauly what level homeostasis is at in that room?

_HEALTH_1 karma

Cafe Wha?

ryuken60 karma

Fucken love you guys! Saw you all 4 times in Chicago in the past year and each show was fantastic. Are you guys hitting the road this year?

_HEALTH_6 karma

Fuck I hope so, i gotta eat

chilligula0 karma

You guys added any new ingredients to the recipe for wacky sauce lately?

_HEALTH_1 karma

Absolutely. Collaborating with some Chefs as you would say

gray_foxxx0 karma

Hi guys! Do you plan to visit Russia? We're so long waiting for this moment, please

_HEALTH_1 karma

We played Moscow years ago. Was amazing would LOVE to come back

coberholt0 karma

Are you guys in contact with rockstar for any other "projects"?

_HEALTH_6 karma



houseofcards20 karma

Hey any summer/ fall plans to bring you back to New York?

Also will Disco3 come to vinyl?

_HEALTH_2 karma

We always come back to NYC

and YES

so thats yes to both

samwise09120 karma

On a personal level, what are some of your favorite films?

_HEALTH_5 karma


Kelossi0 karma

I'm just sorry that I was working when you guys called! I guess I don't really have any questions. I just think you're an awesome band.

Well actually, one quick one: when is Disco 3 hitting Google Play?

_HEALTH_1 karma

no clue


Sputnik30010 karma

For John: I found it funny that even Pauly Shore made a Steve Aoki comparison during the telethon. How often does that happen?

_HEALTH_2 karma


beansandink0 karma

If you could tour with any of your favorite artists/bands who would it be?

_HEALTH_2 karma

Anyone dead

wuhwuhwolves0 karma

Remember the 31g message board back in the day?

_HEALTH_1 karma

Hell yeah! my username is girlattorney yes I referenced my own song which was one of the first songs we written as a band

hoppipp0 karma

What was the best thing about touring with NINE INCH NAILS?

_HEALTH_3 karma

Catering and everyone on the Nails crew /band were the nicest people in the world especially at that level

hnanana0 karma

Hello guys!

1) USA Boys is one of my favorite songs, and somewhere I read that you recorded it with Trent Reznor's help and Alan Moulder mixed it. Is this true? And if it's true, is there any possibilitie of working with them again?


_HEALTH_3 karma


  1. We only toured Brazil and Columbia, been dying to do ARGENTINA AND CHILE. Please find an offer!

waterlaso0 karma

I've read you guys play Dark Souls 3, do you play on XBOX one and would you consider having an event where you play with HEALTH fans?

_HEALTH_1 karma

PS4 or NZXT bro

verstan0 karma

You guys planning a UK show anytime soon?

_HEALTH_1 karma


clivebavels0 karma

Came to your show at Heaven Under the Arches in London last year and in 20 years of gig going it was easily one of the best I've seen. Coming back to London UK anytime soon?

And what's this about DISCO3 second disc??

_HEALTH_2 karma

Hope so

If you want DISCO3+ txt the HEALTH HOTLINE an give your email

gothhstar0 karma

Quick question:

1) What DAWs do you use?

Also you guys are sick, keep producing unreal tunes!

_HEALTH_3 karma

ABLETON is your friend

gothhstar0 karma

I will aim to use it more than Logic! Thank you!!

_HEALTH_2 karma

Gonna smoke it for writing bro

Dawgma000 karma

Loved your last show here at Mezzanine in SF! Is there a title to the gonzo riff that you play as your encore song? Also, Totally Paulie needs to come back buuuuuuddddiiieeeeeeee!

_HEALTH_3 karma

Girl Attorney


Pauly sez hi

[deleted]0 karma


_HEALTH_4 karma

81. Jerk off.

Avirginforlife0 karma

Hey did you record anything with Trent? Pissed I missed the nine inch nails tour. Let me know when you guys come to philly. Play the Philamoca, I work sound there although it'd probably be hell being that is Caps at 200. Also check out street sects they are the craziest fucking band I've heard in awhile and congrats on disco three can't wait to listen to it.

_HEALTH_1 karma

I love Philly. Brother is moving to Philly to play for the Phillies.

foolygrips0 karma

Are you guys gonna stop by Atlanta this year? I know y'all were at the Earl late last year but I wasn't 21 then and I was going through shit. Still going through shit tbh.

Also what are your current favorite tv shows?

_HEALTH_1 karma

Sure absolutely

jamesfromnyc0 karma

What was it like touring with NIN? What is trent like?

_HEALTH_1 karma

V cool

Trent is v cool and v sincere

pesya0 karma

Hey to all of you guys, been listening for a long time, and death magic helped me through some dark times with losing my mom. Love your shit. Are you guys coming back to SF soon? Also -- do you have any musical recommendations? great records to get?

_HEALTH_1 karma




princerules6660 karma

What's your best experience with Dungeons and Dragons?

Also, I just had a break up recently and all my streaming services were in her name, so I can't check out the new album right away, but your last album basically got me through moving across the country for an already shaky relationship to New York City, where I knew no one. Like in a really fucked up dark way. It was cool as shit, so thanks. Looking forward to the new shit.

PS- sup dude u single?

_HEALTH_2 karma

I have a weekly group. V dedicated. Im the DM

Get a Spotify acct.

P.S. Sound like a dude dawg