EDIT: That was great!!!!! They are ripping the laptop away from me... throwing me into an unmarked SUV... and driving me do an undisclosed location for more questioning... wish me luck. You guys were great. Thanks for all the weirdness and meaningfulness. Peace.


Hello Reddit! This is actor, filmmaker and Hunger Games co-star Josh Hutcherson!

I just directed a short film called ‘Ape’ as part of The Big Script, a film incubator that is developing emerging young writers and directors. It just came out today and you can watch 'Ape' and all of the films here: https://thescene.com/watch/presents/the-big-script-ape

Proof I'm me: http://imgur.com/a/VdInM

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davefranco9021 karma

hey josh! the other night i was really high and felt like i was you. did you feel it too?

EDIT: okay guys this was fun but im clearly not actually dave franco, im a 23 year old canadian girl with evidently too much time on her hands. i have zero affiliation with dave franco and honestly don't know much about him this /u/ just happened to be open three years ago... anyway thanks for the 15 minutes (7 hours? idk) of fame.... but my watch has ended

EDIT 2: josh im sorry for hijacking your ama i love you lots bye

Josh_Hutcherson_Real8197 karma

Wait... was that monday?? I felt something then...

danwins232874 karma

If Peeta tried to fight you, could real life you take him down?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real3416 karma

fuck yeah!!! well... maybe not. I have a ferocious side that I can tap into.

LemonCoughDrop2787 karma

What are the kind of things you learned while working your blockbuster role in "The Hunger Games Trilogy"?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real3814 karma

TEAMWORK. we had massive crews and it is not possible without all that.

spinaltap5402700 karma

There's definitely a theme of dealing with mental health issues in your film. Is this something you've dealt with personally?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real3672 karma

There have been moments where I've questioned my mental state... haven't gone too far down that road but I think it's beyond interesting to try to empathize and deal with people who are dealing with those.

mrbubblesisalie1492 karma

Hi Josh!

You and I went to the same school, and you even lived in the same neighborhood as some of my close friends. We’ve never met because you always looked like you wanted privacy and I wanted to respect that, plus I’m a shy person who wouldn’t have known what to say. I’ve always wondered if you felt like you sort of missed out on your high-school experience, and if that impacted you on a social and mental level.

I’m trying to pursue my dream of becoming a published author, but sometimes I just feel like it’s never going to happen and that I’ll never be successful in the only thing that I’m passionate about. What advice would you give to someone who’s been told over and over again to give up their dream and focus on a more practical plan for their life?

Thanks for doing this AMA! It’s really awesome seeing someone from Union doing what they love!

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1690 karma

I think that going for something different in life is for sure the most important thing to do... FUCK THE HATERS!

Only you can stop yourself from going for it.

that should be on an inspirational cat poster...

samschampions1412 karma

Josh! Favorite 80's movie?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real2366 karma

Lost Boys

Frajer1412 karma

What was it like working with Mark Ruffalo?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1949 karma

Hes the best guy in the world. I love that human!

nishitd1011 karma

Hi Josh,

You got second class treatment from Rosemary Telesco and continued with Katniss Everdeen. Does it hurt your feelings?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1517 karma

hahaha.... life imitates art...

Logaline914 karma

What do you define as your first "big break" into acting and that business?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real3415 karma

For me my first ever job was personally my big break.. I was 9 and I held a goat in the backgroud for a bible study video in ohio.... everyone starts somewhere...

I_like_mango904 karma

hi josh, I'm not very good at english so I can't write a good question but do you like mango?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1386 karma

yes... im human. never trust someone who doesnt

tubbadog900 karma

Hi Josh (my brothers name too) What is the most Hollywood thing you have done/seen so far?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real2210 karma

dont ever come to hollywood for a vacation... its tacky and nothing like they make it seem. hah.

dome76923872 karma

Do you miss working with the Hunger Games cast?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1390 karma

yes... they were the best! family forever. i miss them all dearly... however we still hang now and then and keep in touch.

its_me_carly751 karma

Hello, Josh! As an aspiring filmmaker, I know how tedious making any sort of film can be. What gets you motivated to create? Also, what’s your favorite snack? Cause, duh, snacks are some of the best motivators.

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1500 karma

Honestly I think i get inspired when i see a dope movie... like when i saw moonlight i just wanted to go out and create something personal and important.

Also sitting in a restaurant looking around and making up stories about the people...

Snack..... kale. Fuk off kale!! frosted flakes

SysTomBrady562 karma

How would you beat up Donald trump?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real4169 karma

With knowledge.... it seems to be his biggest weakness...

Classy_J449 karma

How do you go about choosing a script that you want to work on, both for this project and other professional work?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real684 karma

I want originality. Characters that are bold and have clear voices. i also want to push the boundaries of what reality is.

ohyeahpotribute405 karma

Do you want to repeat the experience as a director??

Josh_Hutcherson_Real686 karma

No doubt. I loved it. its extremely addictive and Im feining fo some mo.

SoYoureALiar381 karma

JOSH. Huge fan, you're awesome, yadda yadda ;)

You're such a strong ally to the LGBT community. How did you get involved with your organization, Straight But Not Narrow? What is your advice to the community in the wake of certain political events?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real750 karma

We started SBNN becuase it felt like there was a lack of outreach to bridge communities together... especially in schools where bullying is brutal. I think now more than ever showing your support to your neighbors is paramount in surviving whats going on.

We are all here and human

Myladychele333 karma

Are you looking forward to doing the full length APE?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real456 karma

YES!!! The plan is to fastrack this into production after the short comes out. the feature is even deeper and darker... gonna be weird...

LostLazarus333 karma

Yooo RV was a dumpster fire of a movie...that being said, how awesome was it to work with Robin Williams??

Josh_Hutcherson_Real684 karma

hahahahah! Robin is a saint... biggest heart in the world and never a dull moment. he was the best.

lucalucaria324 karma

Hi! What's your favorite television show to watch?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real1349 karma

the Bob Ross painting show... i can benge for hours

Jackiet609312 karma

What kind of movies would you like to direct in the future?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real915 karma

I like stuff that bends reality and questions the human condition... bending the rules. I love films like being john malkovich and eternal sunshine of a spotless mind

HRLZZNYC294 karma

Hey Josh! Congrats on your director debut of "Ape." Were there things you did differently as an actor because you were also the director? How did it change your perspective?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real404 karma

it was hard... I liked it a lot but it was tough because i couldnt watch the monitors obviously so i had to make notes in my mind while acting in the scene... i realy liked this experience though and i have somehow even more respect for directors than before.

monicain2016253 karma

Would you rather be attacked by 50 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real460 karma

One horse sized duck.... no question... Ive seen some big ass ducks...

liamquane215 karma

Do you have any directorial advice?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real346 karma

prepare!! Its so important to know what you want to make so when youre there on set you have it all set up.

The script is the absolute base for everything. understad it inside and out.

klamonic1204 karma

Hey Mr. Hutcherson, is there any actor (that you have not yet worked with) that you wish to work with someday?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real401 karma

so many.... joaquin phoenix is up there for sure.

thekanuck77190 karma

Because Im sure you get the same questions over and over - what's your favorite day of the week, and why?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real480 karma

Thursday... not becuase im here... but because i like how the word looks. and wednesday is finally over.

mysensor123 karma

JOSH is there anything you couldn't live without?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real581 karma

my freedom of speech and gluten

ski3103 karma

Hey Josh! What is the craziest encounter you've had with a fan?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real172 karma

i had two girls and their mom show up at my door a few years ago during christmas with my family..... that was..... awkward. Im not answering the door next time. haha

Hutchin789 karma

Was this role challenging for you to play and how do you think you did?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real126 karma

It definitely was challenging... its a deep and dark place to go to and I like tapping into that side of myself... I think I did alright... Im my hardest critic

Jessren072486 karma

Hey Josh! What's your all time favorite movie or a movie you think everyone needs to see?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real193 karma

Two for the Road. 60's film that was way ahead of its time and has inspried so many modern love stories. its great!

harleyshutch77 karma

what is the number one thing on your bucket list?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real239 karma

go to patagonia...

hedakatniss67 karma

Donald Trump or President Snow ?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real383 karma

I mean... one in the same right?

jensfairytail61 karma

Do you believe in a real life happy ending? If yes, what would you tell someone who kind of lost hope?

I love you, you're amazing! & congrats on your directing ❤

Love, Dana

Josh_Hutcherson_Real188 karma

I think a happy ending is possible. I really believe its all about perception. If you can learn to manage that then you can find ways to be happy all the time

LionRW8660 karma

What's your idea of a successful person. What would make someone successful in your eyes?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real231 karma

A person who is comfortable in their skin... I'm defintely not. I have gotten better as time goes on but someone who is and who is genuine is successful for me.

Ravenc10942 karma

Is it harder to be an actor or a director?
Have you thought about being in another large franchise such as the hunger games?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real79 karma

Hmmm. I would say that directing definitely requires a shit ton more focus and work!!! Id say thats more challenging for sure

April_Kesh9237 karma

Josh Do you have any Tips for a Happy life?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real159 karma

Inner happiness... you wont find it in anything else in the world. thats the only way to get by and be happy

elysianism28 karma


What is your dream role, if you could have any in the world, and what is your dream directorial role (genre, plot, cast to direct)? If you had to pick one of these, dream role or dream directing opportunity, which would you prefer to do?

Now this is the obligatory thank-you part that I could not pass up the opportunity to post, considering how much your LGBT+ work has meant to me:

I figured this would be a good opportunity to send some well-deserved thanks your way and hope you see it…! This idea of wanting to thank you started in a letter I started writing a good few years ago now… which I still happen to have in my bedside table, because it never got sent. (I don’t think I ever figured out where to send fan-mail to you, which didn’t help my cause.)

I don’t remember, when I was younger, knowing of any out actors. I’m 20 now, but up until my mid-teens, there was a big blank space around the ideas of ‘LGBT+’ and ‘the world’ being connected for me. I’ve known I was gay since I was 11, but the experience was very isolating, not knowing any gay people in real life. I had no foundation to go on, no experience in this, and obviously felt as though I couldn’t talk with anyone about it, even though I remember very few support-type services.

I remember seeing you in Zathura (my Dad loves Jumanji, so it was bound to happen) and ever since then, I think I’ve just sort of stuck with you. I must have seen that movie when I was about 12/13, and I think that’s when I started to hear what it was you were saying, because I noticed it was relevant to me. I followed what you were saying, and as I got older and more aware of myself and the world, it really started to have an impact on me. I felt as though that was my connection, as though that was my way of learning partly about who I was.

Even though you weren’t gay, the fact that you were only a few years older than me and were into the things and the field I also enjoyed really helped me relate to you. Because I related to you and because you actually meant something to me, the message you seemed so passionate about really resonated with me and it gave me a sort of courage and hope I don’t think someone older (or just generally someone whom I didn’t look up to) would have been able to instil. For the first time, someone I liked and someone I respected was talking about this thing I wasn’t able to share with anyone else. And they were a proper force in the ‘wider world.’

I never really struggle with ‘being gay,’ but I struggled with what other people might have thought, and again your dialogue helped with that. It was just so amazing to see someone whom I respected acting in a way that showed me he would treat me and people like me just as he would any other person. Even though it wasn’t a two way conversation between us, I felt that because you were a person with such a big stature who was brave enough to say this in public, that surely you knew people like me were out there and you were at least partially talking to us.

In the big scheme of things, I didn’t have it as hard as some others do, and I never want to take that for granted. My parents are relatively liberal and Australia is an OK climate to LGBT+ in. But I still found that it was hard to relate who I was with something bigger, and it was scary thinking about whether I would have to start a journey of discovery (not just self-discovery, but a discovery of ‘everything LGBT+’ I suppose you could say) on my own. Simply said, you helped me bridge the gap that I think sometimes people forget exists, even for young LGBT+ people in “supportive” environments. Just because they’re supportive doesn’t mean they’re informative or comfortable.

Nowadays, I’m so happy when I see younger celebrities come out, because I know how much that visibility and that platform means to young LGBT+ kids who simply want to see someone like them on television or in the media. Ellen Page, Charlie Carver, Tom Daley, Troye Sivan, Gus Kenworthy, etc, are all fantastic people that I just know will help make all the difference in someone’s life, as you did in mine.

So, all in all, I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done and continue to do for me and everyone else like me! I think it’s fair to say you’re not just an ally, but a friend too. I hope one day I get to shake your hand and thank you in-person for what you’ve done.

(...well this is the most personal thing I've ever written on this website.)

Josh_Hutcherson_Real66 karma

Of course! I think its beyond important to give people their voice and fair shot at what they want from life. GET OUT OF THE WAY HATERS!

Only light can drive out dark.

mikricks20 karma

HEY JOSH! I'm so glad you have finally done an AMA!

What advice would you give you're teenage self when entering the theatre/acting community?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real70 karma

thick skin. actors are the most insecure and insane types of people... with that you need to have thick skin to deflect the dissapointment and let downs and judgements.

jhutcher_2715 karma

‼️‼️‼️ BERNIE SANDERS !!!! ❗️❗️❗️❗️

now that i got your attention,

Do you watch TV SHOWS ? If yes which one

You are such an inspiration to me. After almost 10 years as a fan, im really proud of you and everything you've achieved! I cant wait to watch ALL your upcomings projects and you are such an AMAZING human being Joshua. Thank you for everything. Seeing you in Paris in 2015 was the best moment of my life, i hope i will see you again and talk with you. Please don't forget your fans, we love you so much. (We missed you so much) Will you ever come back in France? :)

  • @jhutcher_ on twitter ❤️

Josh_Hutcherson_Real35 karma

THANK YOU!! that made my day=] I love france and would love to come back!

I do watch some tv... not so so much. I really love GIRLS. that show is so perfect in so many ways. Ive never seen a show that feels more flawed and honest like that one. Best characters ever.

NoraDelpieu12 karma

Hi Josh ! How are you ? Will there be a French subtitled version for Ape ? I'm a French fan :) Thank you !

Josh_Hutcherson_Real36 karma

oui... i think.

mary_ferreira8 karma


Josh_Hutcherson_Real38 karma

Its kinda dope,... maybe try changing it for a bit?

cazamtothemax7 karma

Really wanna know if you'll keep supporting Bernie although the election is over?

Josh_Hutcherson_Real31 karma

ABSOLUTELY. we must. things are crazy now but we need to vote in local elections and keep our voices loud. I miss the days when Bernie was a real option...