In October of 1997, I was a vault supervisor for armored truck company Loomis Fargo, when I made off with $17.3 million. At the time it was the second largest cash robbery ever to happen on US soil.

A movie based on the heist starring Zach Galifianakis, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Kate McKinnon and Leslie Jones and directed by Jared Hess (the guy who made Napoleon Dynamite) is out now on Blu-ray and DVD.

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Los_Silverado775 karma

What happened to the 2 mil that is still unaccounted for? Did you really only go to Mexico with 50k?

DavidScottGhantt959 karma

No idea where it is I only ever had what I took with me and what was sent to me.

DontmindthePanda568 karma

Would you tell us if you knew? ;)

DavidScottGhantt1744 karma

hahahaha! nope

CLT9er674 karma

I've read that once the FBI actually closed in on you, you were relieved because you were fearing for your life at that point. Any truth to that? How did it actually feel when the FBI took you in?

DavidScottGhantt1066 karma

I felt relieved, I knew that things were getting ready to come to an end and getting caught was a stress reliever even if I knew I was going to jail.

UsernameChecksOutt_660 karma

The movie is hilarious. How accurate was the movie?

DavidScottGhantt1404 karma

Well, it's 'based' on a true event, and there are accurate bits sprinkled throughout. However, it's a Hollywood comedy.

DavidScottGhantt623 karma

So my AMA hour is up, thank you all for the great questions and swinging by to Ask Me Anything.

Digishine553 karma

Why did you do it?

DavidScottGhantt1228 karma

I just wanted to change my life, in hindsight the quick and easy way is not always the best way. I do not recommend doing what I did.

MyGrannyTheTranny417 karma

But would you recommend it if you had not been caught?

DavidScottGhantt1474 karma

No....philosophically I would not recommend it, however a life in the Caribbean wouldn't have been soooo bad I think.

VanLo508 karma

Prior to planning and executing the robbery, would have you ever thought of yourself as an armoured car robber? If not, when was the turning point?

DavidScottGhantt3428 karma

Prior to, I would have never even considered it but one day life kinda slapped me in the face. I was working sometimes 75-80 hrs a week for $8.15 an hour, I didn't even have a real home life because I was never there I was working all the time and unhappy which is understandable considering how old I was at the time. I felt cornered and one day the joking in the break room about robbing the place suddenly didn't seem so far fetched.

CLT9er448 karma

David, what do you feel like was your biggest mistake in the heist? Getting too many people involved? It seems like you got away with it for a while until all of your cohorts started talking too much.

DavidScottGhantt980 karma

To be honest, doing it at all was my biggest mistake but that thought comes with a bit of perspective. I will say though, if you have a "secret" it's best to keep it to yourself, lol.

__dilligaf__446 karma

What are Jandice and Kelly up to now? Did you stay in touch with them? Masterminds was a fun movie. Were you offended that they portrayed you as an idiot being so easily manipulated?

DavidScottGhantt661 karma

No idea. No. Glad you like the movie. And it would take a lot more than that to offend me, I thought it was funny.

AmandaJoye391 karma

What is the biggest difference between the real you and how you were portrayed in the movie? Something that was super accurate?

DavidScottGhantt904 karma

Well I'm taller than Zach and we have different Carolina accents. He even says that he played a much 'dumber version' of me, I'm actually pretty laid back. Something that was very accurate was the victory dance when leaving the vault.

UsernameChecksOutt_344 karma

Was the victory dance caught on cctv like in the film? If so, is there anywhere we can go to see the real victory dance? lol.

DavidScottGhantt671 karma

Truthfully I don't know , I kinda hope its out there somewhere , lol

ThatAstronautGuy344 karma

Has this affected your ability to get a job? Being a quasi-famous bank robber and all?

DavidScottGhantt715 karma

Good question , Oddly most employers are very understanding as long as you are honest with them up front .

SavageLeopard1988472 karma

Curious, how would you even begin? "I stole $17 million from my last employer but I did my time and it won't happen again?"

DavidScottGhantt365 karma

there is no "gentle " was of broaching the subject , must don't , really believe the 17 million dollar part at first .

ThatAstronautGuy77 karma

Have you had problems getting positions of trust at all?

DavidScottGhantt222 karma

I ll be honest and say I probably have to put forth a bit more effort

oneflan322 karma

Hello David! How was life in prison? And what is the biggest lesson you learned from this whole experience?

DavidScottGhantt921 karma

well move into a broom closet with two other people ,and eat hospital food every day . That part really sucks , its supposed to suck to discourage returning . Freedom is a precious , precious thing

Chtorrr278 karma

Did you get to spend much time on set? What was it like to have a movie based on your story?

DavidScottGhantt596 karma

I did get to spend a good amount of time on the set in North Carolina and having a movie based on my story was a bit surreal and a bit funny to be honest. When I first got there nobody knew who I was, they just thought I was another producer or something and when they realized they were very gracious and curious.

Drunken_Economist213 karma

What did you dream of spending the money on?

DavidScottGhantt514 karma

well my long term plan was to bank the money , buy a boat and kinda cruise around , the Caribbean fish and dive . Kind of a permanent tourist if you will.

Drunken_Economist467 karma

So basically this was you

DavidScottGhantt447 karma

lol, good meme, thank you.

Durandal-1707140 karma

Why didn't you do this? I assume you got caught first but why not make a beeline for a country with no extradition laws/international water?

DavidScottGhantt363 karma

Well, you know what they say about hindsight.

HerbertMenninger140 karma

What do they say about hindsight?

DavidScottGhantt419 karma

Hindsight is 20 /20

Hambonered40 karma

What kind of boat would it have been?

DavidScottGhantt127 karma

I wanted something that would go mostly unnoticed . I was looking at a small (40 ft. ) trawler

Pickles1788192 karma

Did you have to claim the stolen money on your tax return that year? That might sound like a dumb question, but think about it... Once you were caught and everything was sorted out, there must have been a known amount of money in which the FBI, etc. determined that you had spent at that point. The spent money would have technically been untaxed income, so I'm just curious if the IRS or someone contacted you one day said "so yeah... we need you to pay taxes on the $_____ that you spent". Or did they not even bother and consider it lost currency? All my other questions were already answered :(

DavidScottGhantt274 karma

good question the short version is that it was all added onto my fines which add up to around 3.8 million .

Arithered192 karma

How do you feel about your actions 20 years later?

Would you have not done it altogether, looking back, or would you have done things differently to make sure you got away with it?

DavidScottGhantt610 karma

If I hadn't have done what I did, my life would be completely different now. The things that have happened in my life since then have led me to having a lovely wife that I wouldn't have met if I didn't move here after I got out which led to us having a wonderful child. That being said my actions years ago were from someone who was very different than I am now and while I think what I did was wrong, well, at this point it is what it is.

JamesTheJerk238 karma

Honestly, you've accomplished a pipedream fantasy that many people hold. Embrace your success and failure both. I note you as being inspirational, not criminal. Hey, very few people have done what you have and that makes you absolutely an interesting man, not to say that other things don't, but you are elite.

DavidScottGhantt275 karma

I humbly and honestly Thank you .

ConanThePerson176 karma

How much did you make off the movie?

DavidScottGhantt690 karma

I didn't get money for this, what I got was a great vacation and a chance to tick something off of my bucket list. I know that isn't exciting to most people but I, regular Joe, had the chance to be on a movie set...who wouldn't want to do that? Plus the food truck was awesome, my wife called me a hobbit for having second breakfasts.

reddiliciously146 karma

How is your life now? Can you relate to the one you were before all this?

DavidScottGhantt287 karma

My life is actually pretty ordinary, the movie really did not change a thing. I still get up in the morning and go to work just like everyone else.

Paydog7136 karma

You didn't hide any of the money???

DavidScottGhantt213 karma


Turtleking19145 karma

If you could have anyone besides Zach Galifianakis play you in a movie, who would it be?

DavidScottGhantt629 karma

Morgan Freeman, he's calm like I am and has a great voice, like, he could read the back of a lunchable and I would listen.

freakuentflyer144 karma

Did you manage to bury any of the money before you got busted?

DavidScottGhantt546 karma

Nope. And FYI, American currency uses an ink that never really dries and burying money can lead to mold and rot and thus worthless money.

allisslothed115 karma

Do you get royalties from the movie? That's kind of a roundabout way to get rich off of robbing an armored truck.

DavidScottGhantt319 karma

Nope, not a dime. That would be profiting from a crime which is a no no and I'm on the straight and narrow.

GeovaniRocha109 karma

What was the dumbest thing you purchased with some of that $?

DavidScottGhantt303 karma

The 4 pairs of boots I bought in one day [shrug] what can I say they were nice and I was impulse shopping.

MyGrannyTheTranny72 karma

Did u enjoy your time as lead singer of the Spin Doctors?

DavidScottGhantt116 karma

Hahaha, sadly that wasn't me and my wife doesn't recommend singing as a career for me.

GibsysAces62 karma

So I haven't read your story or anything but what was your thought process going into the heist?

DavidScottGhantt164 karma

I planned backwards, where I wanted to go and then how much I would need to get there.

willdemo52 karma

Did you help at all with the movie, directing, explaining how it went, etc? If so how was working with them?

DavidScottGhantt121 karma

I consulted on some of the props and sets in the movie, it was a joy working with Jared, Zach and the rest of the cast and crew.

The80sWereCoolo48 karma

Whats your favourite film with zach galifianakis in?

DavidScottGhantt162 karma

Actually my favorite thing with Zach in it is his show Baskets however Due Date was pretty hilarious.

forava740 karma

how did you feel with Zach Galifianakis playing you?

DavidScottGhantt88 karma

I feel fine. I think he did a good job and is a really great guy.

bdoerksen37 karma

Do you feel more recognized now that a movie has been made about you and has it affected you lifestyle?

DavidScottGhantt83 karma

my social media has gone a little crazy,but my lifestyle remains mostly unchanged.

TheChickenPerson3 karma

This must not have been the first thing that you stole. How did you start and work your way up to the big jobs?

DavidScottGhantt17 karma

Actually it was. I was whistle clean before this.

llIllIIlllIIlIIlllII1 karma

Why aren't you in prison for life?

DavidScottGhantt14 karma

Under the federal guidelines what I committed was bank larceny, this implies that it was a non violent offense and what they call mandatory minimums can apply. They take into account your prior record, military service, and things of that nature. I didn't hurt anyone, nor did I want to, I made a really really bad decision though.

llIllIIlllIIlIIlllII7 karma

Well you certainly lucked out. Guys in prison for 25 years for some weed and you did 7 for millions? Sheesh

DavidScottGhantt22 karma

yeah the Federal guidelines for drugs is very lopsided , throw in the conspiracy law and whamoo 25 years .

themeatbridge0 karma

Dude, spoilers!

So what was it like seeing yourself portrayed on screen?
Do you feel that the actors captured your personality and motivations?
Would you change anything about the movie?

DavidScottGhantt8 karma

It was an interesting experience, I mean how many people can say that something they did became a movie. The actors were playing a Hollywood comedy. I think that some things were cut that would have lent to the movie.

thesseusisback-5 karma

Did you spend the money on drugs, alcohol and hookers?

DavidScottGhantt14 karma

Uh, no. I can say that I wasn't bored but the time that I spent in Mexico with the cash I had at the time was actually pretty normal for anyone on a vacation...if there was something touristy to be done there in Cancun then I did it.

IronicAntiHipster-51 karma

Nothing truer to the American film industry than glorifying crimes for the sake of a quick Buck or tax write-off.

I've never stolen anything, where's my biopic? You've stolen 17 mil, let's watch a movie about you. Can't wait to see the movie about the person who steals 18 mil.

DavidScottGhantt24 karma

I don't disagree with you, the whole thing seems a bit ridiculous but so is life sometimes and I'll probably go see that movie too.

UsernameChecksOutt_2 karma


DavidScottGhantt6 karma

My wife is actually working on a book (as in is almost done) with the David Ghantt she knows as opposed to what everyone thinks.