Shonduras and The Spacestation Crew our full time job is making Snapchats oh and we make youtube videos oh and we are cool.

proof and stuff:

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BenniesToasters17 karma

Can you do a Shonduras or Spacestation Stuff video about your entire editing process from you sending footage to Chicken to him doing all the editing?

Shonduras16 karma

awesome idea.. coming soon..

conorgk16 karma

Hey Shaun

I was wondering if you share Tall Chickens origin story?

Shonduras22 karma

my parents adopted him when i was 9

meowchickenfish3 karma

How old was he when your parents adopted him?

Shonduras9 karma

like 14 i think

yungboogaloo10 karma

have you had any missionary opportunities as a result of your snapchat/youtube endeavors or do you prefer to keep work seperate from faith?

Shonduras15 karma

i love discussing that stuff in person with people... but i dont share much publicly, try to share what i believe by example.

ProfitOfRegret8 karma

The Spacestation Crew has grown a lot lately, does Jenny ever feel weird being the only girl?

Shonduras11 karma

she hangs out with everyones wives, but yeah, she is usually the only one on camera and is pretty cool about it!

conorgk7 karma

Hey guys. I was wondering what cool videos and projects you have planned for the future ?

Shonduras12 karma

we just customized all the Drift Carts!!

Ramyrok7 karma

I know this is an old topic now, but I don't think you've ever addressed it: what are your thoughts on forced positivity? I don't ask this out of malice or distrust or anything as I genuinely enjoy your content, but I AM very interested in your perspective as someone who always tries to have the best day ever. How much of a challenge is it for you? Do you feel that challenge is a nuisance, or is it part of adding to your overall excitement? How do you feel about people who fake positivity and try to profit off of it? I'm really curious and eager to hear your thoughts!

Shonduras11 karma

i can only speak for myself, but my time spent in Honduras brought a ton of challenges, rough days, and hard situations... since i was there for 2 years i really learned how to focus on the positive, and it really made life more awesome. When i returned back home i tried to keep it going (example: you drop your phone and the screen cracks, your options are have a bad day and be mad, or not worry about it and continue having a good day) it takes practice but is something i actually try to keep going..

soooooo when i made the youtube channel i wanted to share that message..

Justinh87 karma

If you can go anywhere in the world where would you go?

Shonduras25 karma

chickens internet history

LeggLife6 karma

In your draw my life video you talk about going to Alaska. I live in Anchorage, what do we have to do to get you to come back?!

Shonduras10 karma

have the mayor or governor call me

protoplast6 karma

Who would do best behind Brandon in the "First We Feast" Chicken Wing Challenge?

Shonduras4 karma

all my money is on pookie (only if i cant put it all on brandon)

nicktheblazer6 karma

Do you ever feel like youtube consumes your life? Or have you found a way to incorporate your YouTube life with your family life without it affecting it too much? Thanks! I love your vlogs

Shonduras5 karma

really helps to have a team... just filming my fun feels natural (been doing it since the skateboarding days) then i am able to chill and do other stuff while while it gets edited.

Feddy_Wap4 karma

Will you make a new snapchat tutorial on tips and how you make your awesome stories? Also, which one of you want to 1v1 me rocket league?

Shonduras4 karma

i would crush you

protoplast3 karma

  1. When will you do an updated "Draw My Life" Video?
  2. Who wins in a celebrity deathmatch, Olive or Koopa?
  3. When will the truth about Brandon And Smores Troll's love affair become public?

Shonduras5 karma

1- when adley turns 10 (exactly 10 years after the first) 2- Olive (you wouldnt know it but she is super smart and aggressive when needed) 3- you are close, just one sister off ;)

stonedOCTOPUS43 karma

can we see more BDE from pookie, tall chicken, holiday and brandon? love seeing them do the BDE while you were traveling! SPG club 4 lyfe!

Shonduras6 karma

definitely!! we talked and are gonna have them film a bunch more, especially while i travel!

jesscakes3 karma

How do you really know chicken!? Watch you everyday and it drives me crazy all the different answers lol

Shonduras10 karma

we started a lawn mowing business together like 6 years ago, chicken mowed over someones cats tail, so we got shut down and decided to start doing snapchat and youtube stuff together.

haciaarriba113 karma

Chicken, do you still not tip??

Shonduras4 karma

chicken is very generous with the tip

-Underhill3 karma

Are you ever concerned about having Adley in the videos and potentially disliking that once grownup?

Shonduras6 karma

nah, she likes watching herself on the vlog the next day!! its cute

Parker_Bareman3 karma

How did you and Brandon meet?

Shonduras27 karma

protoplast3 karma

When you hit 1 million subs and build Jenny's dream house, will it have that awesome secret pantry door from the garage?

Shonduras3 karma

ha ha ha probably... btw great memory ;)

meowchickenfish2 karma

What is the meaning of life?

Shonduras12 karma

get cereal or die tryin

_damonn_2 karma

How did you come up with the name Adley?

Shonduras2 karma

Jenny thought of it!! and i LOVE IT

Danw222 karma

Will you and Jenny have any more kids besides adley and chicken?

Shonduras2 karma

yeah. we think one more probs so we have 3 total.

BoutSebm2 karma

What is your BIGGEST dream? If you could do ANYTHING, what would it be?

Shonduras8 karma

not sure how many surgeries it would take... but i want to become Tall Chicken.

lilzknapp22 karma

3 questions for my favorite youtuber

  1. When was the moment that you knew jenny was the one?
  2. If you could have any other job, what would it be
  3. What do you think makes shonduras, shonduras?

Shonduras8 karma

  • when i was born
  • tall chickens job
  • ok, real answer on this one, my hair really is how many people recognize me..


How do you all know each other? And do you all get along well?

Shonduras2 karma

everybody is in some way connected to me as a friend.. we all get along great honestly.

genghiscahan2 karma

Hey Shaun! Been following you for ages and love your snaps.

Have you ever thought about travelling to New Zealand?

Shonduras4 karma

obviously yes!! so amazing! hopefully someday!

manicminer__2 karma

A spacestation crew vlog... When Shaun is away on trips, have a proper vlog from Utah as well / instead / half and half

Not really a question but… please? 😉

Shonduras3 karma

they do that on Spacestation Stuff channel sometimes!

JGE0272 karma

If Pookie and Chicken were drowning, who would you save?

Shonduras7 karma

i would start looking for brandon to make sure he was safe.... once i found brandon i would return to pookie and brandon to see if one of em was still alive and i would save that person.

eatonjosh2 karma


How did you meet Casey? The spacestation crew, what exactly do they do? Are you really as happy as you seem in the vlogs?

Shonduras3 karma

snapchat project 2 years ago, they edit and make fun vids with me, yep

Fafa_g2 karma

What's the one song that has had the most influence on each one of you?

Shonduras5 karma

There is one song that has really motivated me the past 3 years during all this snapchat and youtube shtuff:

TheRealShonduras2 karma

Will @tall-chicken be performing in the upcoming JATA reunion show with Mercury Retrograde and Chris Yanetta?

Shonduras5 karma

yeah, we are thinking about bringing back the band that me and chicken started together in highschool "Anatomy of a Hate Crime"

DaddyHank2 karma

Hey Shaun & Crew!

When can we expect a Shonduras-brand cereal for sale? That would be awesome.

Also, what do you think about an "Iron Chef" competition between all of the crew for a Spacestation Stuff video. Dill?

Shonduras8 karma


handamer2 karma

Hey guys...big fan...quick question, is Brandon training for that marathon he was talking about yet? I'm a big guy 5'10" 265 and just finished my First marathon!

Shonduras3 karma

NICE!! yeah, Brandon runs often!

yetos2 karma

Hi shaun, Do you miss something about Honduras?

Here you have a viewer from Honduras.

Greetings to all the space station crew

Shonduras3 karma

i miss La Ceiba heart eyes emoji

calayon882 karma

What where the last 3 jobs you had before YouTube?

Shonduras3 karma

-- Snapchat

-- DC, Neff, Dragon Sales Rep

-- managing a Skateboard/Snowboard shop

taylornikolai2 karma

Shaun, I think what you have done on social media has been one of the fastest and strongest achievements I've seen since the early days of Vine. You seem to understand and be one step ahead of everyone else when it comes to personal branding. How have you been able to scale this quickly, without diluting your brand?

Shonduras2 karma

thanks man, means a lot, especially coming from someone who knows the industry well like you!! its a weird combination of keeping things random and weird..... while also running my social media like a business and planning out everything, longterm. its a balance

protoplast2 karma

Is chicken's name tall chicken because he's tall and hunts and pecks while he types?

Shonduras3 karma

kinda. not really.

Antherpanther352 karma

I have a question, what dating site did Tall Chicken find his computer on?

Shonduras3 karma


creathir2 karma

Did Tall Chicken ever pursue the Olive Garden girl?

She was crushing HARD on ya man....

Shonduras5 karma

remember that baby he was swinging in the vlog a couple days ago ;)

Jared__t2 karma

how come Brandon is the coolest out of all of you?

Shonduras2 karma

probs the beard, or the N7 Jacket, or the laugh, or everything about him.

TheRetroTech2 karma

Hey Shaun How many areas did you serve in Honduras?? Were you a district leader or zone leader?

Shonduras2 karma

like 4 areas, was in each one for a long time, never in the city... always in the mountains or little villages, it was awesome!! I had a couple leadership positions which taught me a lot!

Shonduras3 karma

Holladay was AP ;)

Brandoogg8052 karma

What do you do to stay positive when things get really tough? How do you make the hard days still the "best day ever"?

Shonduras2 karma

just a decision you have to make... takes awhile to get use to it and not focus on things that suck... i learned while in Honduras and then it just stuck... sure makes life more awesome tho