Here’s the team of PornHD (the biggest HD porn tube, NSFW, 18+) ready to tackle your questions today. The site is serving 1.5m visitors/day and we’re dedicated to providing our users with a high quality experience. Plus we’re the only site with cumshot guarantee... at least within the videos. ;-)

Ask us anything in regards to content, technology, user experience, design, marketing, business or anything else you are interested in the porn context - we’ll do our best to provide you with an informative answer. And we’d be happy to receive any product feedback of course. We like Porn!



We answered as many questions as we could in the past 7 hours but now it’s time for an end. Thanks for your engagement - it was a fun session and we hope an interesting one for you.

If we couldn’t answer an important question, please bring it forward via [email protected] and we’ll be happy to get back to you. And we definitely consider doing this again - what a blast! :)

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wonderwallpersona5428 karma

How do your ads keep getting through my ad block? ;)

pornhdcom6408 karma

It's working - you made our day! :D

Good_bot600 karma

Depending on your adblocker you can usually right click and block element. That should block any ad that appears in that slot. Also, noscript will fix a lot of the moving ads.

pornhdcom2539 karma

Would you spend 1 dollar to get an ad-free version for 1 year and support the business of free porn?

elronaldo4816 karma

What counts as NSFW at your office?

pornhdcom5150 karma

Ha, that’s an interesting one. Fantasy Sports maybe… can get you pretty much addicted. :D Other than that, there’s obviously not a lot.

idma1817 karma

so....can i start fapping out of no where? Your whole business is about providing fapping material

pornhdcom1312 karma

Preferably not on your work place but if you need a toilet break - go for it! :)

d0gsbestfriend4527 karma

Can the ads on the side bar really make my dick bigger in less than a few weeks? or is it just click bait?

pornhdcom8544 karma

The ads definitely don't make your dick bigger, but the pills just might. To be honest, we haven't tried yet. Additional insight: These pills are most popular in Asia.

Iwillpickonelater3051 karma

What's up with recent rise in incest porn within the last few years? Is it really that popular?

pornhdcom3706 karma

What's up with recent rise in incest porn within the last few years? Is it really that popular?

Not sure how far your definition of incest goes but what we can see is that these plots including stepdad/stepmom/stepsister settings had quite a popularity boost in 2016 - mainly in the US though.

expresidentmasks1228 karma

Any idea why?

RandomGuyQuestions1313 karma

I have a theory that it's not only realted to the incest iself but the existence of an actual plot.

Some people, like me, like a decent plot leading into the sex. And step-relative porn usually has better plot than most other categories, in my experience.

Edit: I'd also like to clarify that step-porn is not my go-to porn. But that's the appeal I see in it.

Bunnymancer982 karma

Also has a selection of actors that look a certain way; generally no silicone, not looking like teens and looking like normal humans. That being the stepsister one. Can't speak for the rest.

pornhdcom392 karma

Fair points in both comments!

wonderwallpersona2984 karma

It's your workplace really professional, or do you guys joke around and hit each other with dildos?

pornhdcom4547 karma

Initially most of us thought it’s gonna involve dildo hitting or at least there will be Cleanex boxes all over the place. The truth is, it’s actually quite “real” work - sometimes maybe even too real with all those close-ups involved. But yes, you have to be professional - the competition is huge and only the hard-working survive.

frogspa572 karma

Speaking of close-ups, is there a demographic who enjoys them?

I've always thought they were taken by an over-enthusiastic cameraman who'd taken too much cocaine.

pornhdcom687 karma

Is there any reasonable amount of videos without a close-up? We think it has become an inevitable part in any plot. Wasn't it also included in the 10 golden rules of every porn movie as written in "The Cocka Hola Company" by Matthias Faldbakken?

bayIvan2611 karma

Which is more popular - boobs or bottoms?

pornhdcom4968 karma

According to our stats: Butts before Boobs. According to our team: 50/50. :)

bayIvan1126 karma

Does the job affect your "regular" dose of porn (do you watch less porn at home)? Did your "tastes" evolve as a direct result of your daily duties?

pornhdcom1788 karma

Mostly the “regular” dose increased - it’s probably natural if you’re exposed to porn throughout the day. Also the scope of interests widened for most of us - there’s stuff none of us even knew before so it’s like being in a huge super-market with a lot of exotic choices: You won’t like ‘em all but you sure try. :)

Natdaprat1901 karma

Do you get random boners while working?

pornhdcom3107 karma

Yes. Definitely. Random and on purpose. You simply can't help.

AtL_eAsTwOoD1606 karma

You guys hiring?

pornhdcom1648 karma

Yes, we always look for talent. If you're interested take a look here:

Beyond_Birthday3544 karma

Looked through the copywriter description.

"Composing interesting and unique titles to the adult videos we are streaming, while including the right SEO keywords."

As an English major I feel this is my true calling in life.

pornhdcom1067 karma

You never know. Give it a try! :D

Downbound92350 karma

Is "assblast" an SEO keyword?

pornhdcom305 karma

Not yet but let's see if it trends...

cccchainsaws362 karma

Even though I am not a Canadian Satanist, can I still apply to become a backend developer?

pornhdcom187 karma

Well you miss out on one important criteria but you could still compensate with others.

BD-TxState193 karma

As a Business Intelligence software developer im impressed you guys are looking for a data analyst. It says a lot about the growth of your company when you need to start hiring an analytics IT team. What kinda of metrics are you guys looking at/ how is it helping you company beyond just what content to provide? What software do you use to analyze your data?

pornhdcom292 karma

Actually we sit on plenty of (anonymized) data that can unveil quite some magic if put into the right hands.

We mostly care about engagement data i.e. how do users interact with our site, what kind of user journeys are they taking, what are meaningful segmentations of different user types, what content do they like, how do our product changes reflect on the user behavior, etc.

Additionally to that we also analyze the technical data streams e.g. bandwidth, loading times, etc. We have various software for analysis and also various data sources which results in quite some complex environment.

A perfect playground for a data junkie! :D

d0gsbestfriend1509 karma

What do you guys offer that other sites don't?

pornhdcom3672 karma

Quick elevator pitch: We have every (!) video available in HD (obligation to our name), every video has a cum shot (like every movie needs an end), really powerful streaming (if you experience differently tell us), curated content (we don’t want no shit), always fresh videos (the world's moving on). :)

And for the geeks: No Flash player since October 2014 = first mover in HTML 5!

SimReb1748 karma lesbian stuff or solo scenes?

pornhdcom545 karma

There's quite a lot of videos not involving guys, so yes.

pornhdcom1340 karma

So there goes the "cum shot" guarantee claim... :/

pornhdcom244 karma

True true. But the claim is still true. Just not for those single woman and pure lesbian videos. We don't have the heart to remove them...

DeepMusing472 karma


pornhdcom125 karma

Thanks for your suggestion! That is indeed a sophisticated feature and we have to admit we've been thinking about it. The only way to do this is either via a revolutionary recognition software or via user involvement. For the first we're not Google and although we have committed devs, that's above our reach. For the second it's actually possible and we keep it on our list. Not sure if it's going to be a competitive edge as it might not attract to a mass audience necessarily. But who knows...

shith_lard1358 karma

Let's say you want to blackmail us. How much info do you guys have on your average Joe?

pornhdcom1788 karma

Let’s state it loud and clear: What happens on PornHD, stays on PornHD. No blackmailing. :) Now that we’ve come clear on this, we have statistical information about usage (not users) like every other website has that uses any kind of web analytics software. We need this to shape our product and monitor the user experience - otherwise it’s like flying a fully occupied plane without instruments.

majnus309 karma

That silence is disturbing

pornhdcom343 karma

We broke the silence... It wasn't intentionally but there's quite some questions (fortunately) and we want to spend an appropriate time on answering them.

d0gsbestfriend1156 karma

If you have children, do you keep them away from sites such as yours? Do they know you work for a Pornsite?

pornhdcom2419 karma

Some of us do have children and yes, for the time their age is not suitable we keep them away from such sites - to our best effort, as all responsible parents (hopefully) do. Most of our kids know that we work in “online” - which is also the standard answer to our parents. :D

jhunt04790 karma

Are the kids disappointed that they cannot have a "Take your kid to work day"?

pornhdcom522 karma

Actually their moms prefer to not have them come in for such occasions. This is where it gets tricky to explain. Mostly we add "confidential stuff" to "online business" if asked about our jobs.

youcantdenythat1106 karma

Why has no one invented the porn filter yet? For example, anal turns me off so why can't I filter out anal porn?

pornhdcom1084 karma

We actually have been thinking about this feature a lot but we thought it might not attract a decent group of people. It appears more like a "sophisticated" need to have an "exclude filter" which for most "porn tourists" is too much. We'll think about it again.

ILoveATastyArse779 karma

Do you feel desensitised to porn after spending most of your time around it?

pornhdcom1651 karma

There’s definitely some kind of desensitisation but mostly at work itself. There are situations where several people gather in front of a screen to check out something product related and we focus so much on the specific detail that only after a few minutes we actually notice that there’s quite some action going on in front of us. :) There was also this one time where we had a product launch party in the office and we had a catering that we forgot to inform about our business. So we had this big screen running in the background showing the new features etc. and while we were busy eating our hors d'oeuvres one of us figured that the catering guys actually stopped working and kept starring. ;) Privately we'd say that most of us are still true to our spirit: We like porn! :D

recentlyunearthed571 karma

What will you do to prevent videos labeled "lesbian" from being about two women having sex with a dude? I hate that.

pornhdcom416 karma

Actually it shouldn't be the case. Even if 2 women are in a lesbian action first, as soon as a guy is involved we strictly label it "threesome". You have any example where this is not the case?

BrikTamlet234565 karma

How do you verify if the videos uploaded are illegal? Age, consent, illegal trafficking and other shady stuff? Do you rely on the community to report it?

pornhdcom430 karma

We don't have any video uploads except from approved sources. So fortunately we don't have an issue with all the things you describe.

camerondnls2482 karma

Are hot single moms in my area really wanting my D?

pornhdcom366 karma

It's funny you have that too. They seem to be all over these days. What made them so horny lately?

Caustic-Echo409 karma

is jerking off in the bathroom still a bad thing to do? or is it more like a coffee break?

pornhdcom534 karma

According to our stats it must be the most common usage scenario. Mobile rules with 70% and there's a lot of traffic during work hours. Actually in Italy the highest court ruled that watching porn during lunch break is not a sackable offence.

My3centsItsWorthMore361 karma

So i found out the other day that you guys actually run a whole bunch of the major porn sites. Pornhub,youporn, youjizz and redtube are a couple that i know. To me they all seem to cover porn quite generically rather than niches. So my question is, how do you guys consider these sites to differ, and if they don't, why so many sites instead of 1 massive library?

pornhdcom457 karma

Some of the sites you mention (PornHub, YouPorn, RedTube) are operated by Mindgeek which is a competitor in the field. You're right, they look also quite generic to us, however our feeling is that they mainly focus on PornHub as their major brand and the others are in "keep-alive" mode because they still have masses of traffic due to their remaining brand recognition. Shifting this traffic would always result in a loss so that's why we think they don't do the "one site to rule them all" approach. YouJizz is run by another company and on a side note one of the major targets for legal prosecution as they have tons of illegal content on their site. Still they could survive for many years now.

basiq0n272 karma

First: How is it possible that any stream starts directly without buffering in a high resolution? With no other service I have this experience of smooth no buffering time. Second: Where do you get your files from? How do you choose what to upload and what not? Or do you just upload everything that you can get? Thank you and sorry for my English I am not a native speaker.

MacLouders615 karma

They are using the Pied Piper compression ;)

pornhdcom316 karma

Who doesn't? But we couldn't get hold of their click farm yet. :D

pornhdcom272 karma

First: How is it possible that any stream starts directly without buffering in a high resolution? With no other service I have this experience of smooth no buffering time. Second: Where do you get your files from? How do you choose what to upload and what not? Or do you just upload everything that you can get? Thank you and sorry for my English I am not a native speaker.

First: Great you recognized our efforts in that area! :) Seriously: We invested quite some effort and money to get to a sophisticated video streaming which includes local datacenter streaming (via CDN). We believe we reached quite a good state in that. Where are you based just for information - so we can tick this location off. ;)

Second: For PornHD we have two origins - licensed videos (videos we buy ourselves) and sub-licensed videos (videos we get from producing companies in exchange for promotion on our site). We have quite a strict QA in terms of video quality (resolution, data rate) as well as plot (see also the “cumshot guarantee” mentioned in our intro) i.e. we don’t post anything that doesn’t fit into our definition of quality content.

Fr33z0r237 karma

Is or was porn addiction ever discussed at your office?

pornhdcom196 karma

It is a topic, yes. We had one employee in the past where you could have assumed he was addicted in a way that he was suffering because of it. We mutually agreed in the best interest of everyone that he should be seeking for another professional field. Addiction in general is a complex field:

Zenom233 karma

  1. Is there any type of video that you guys flat out refuse to allow on the site?
  2. On average how many unique vistors do you get per day?

pornhdcom343 karma

  1. We don’t post anything illegal (of course you could say but it’s not the case on every major site) and extreme hardcore (gore, blood, rape, animals, etc).
  2. About 1.5m unique visitors per day.

Cyaas210 karma

Thanks for doing an AMA, I was surprised. Now my question, where do most incomes come from? And you guys work with the big porn busineses (I guess). How does it work where you guys get the content from?

pornhdcom239 karma

Thanks for joining!

Incomes mostly spread across advertising, affiliation e.g. revenue share for advertised services and direct sales e.g. our “PornHD Exclusive Ticket” which is a subscription for exclusive content as well as an ad-free experience.

leatomicturtle154 karma

Why does going to your site in mobile endup being this big adfest which tries to hijack my browser?

pornhdcom148 karma

Sorry for that. We keep fighting against the ridiculous stuff but it stays a tough game. Advertising is still one of the major income flows... If you can tell us a bit more via [email protected] we'd be glad to chase it.

phadaphunk786 karma

How the fuck did you get the domain? Did you buy it in the 80s?

pornhdcom134 karma

We bought it early before HD actually became a trend. Good timing. :)

ColonClenseByFire56 karma

You hiring?I am 30 year old UI/UX designer who knows his way around a Dillion Harper video... or 5...

pornhdcom34 karma

Give it a try! :)

gregthefeg21 karma

What's the weirdest thing you've seen working for a porn site?

pornhdcom13 karma

Well maybe not the weirdest thing but actually we had to look twice if this was serios -> oursite/videos/43846. Definitely top 10.

WinterDevils19 karma

I'm curious as to what's the ratio of male to female users on your site. Possible to share?

pornhdcom15 karma

90:10. So clearly male dominated.

lordsachter14 karma

You have the best videos out of all porn sites. How do you do it?

pornhdcom32 karma

Feeling flattered

We focus quite a lot on content as we want to achieve a really qualitative product for our users that we like to use ourselves. So it’s important to have good sources and deliver fresh content from there. A big thanks goes out to our video editors at this point.

Additionally it’s also important how videos are “treated” in terms of encoding and we invested quite some effort here to achieve the best encoding with reasonable bit rates.

Kagan2612 karma

Well, this is an awkward 1st AMA i've been on time for... well anyway.. what's a normal day on the job like (for you)? What kinds of "departments" are there in this business? Is there a lot of on the scene work or is it mainly just web management? (BTW Preemptive thank you for replying)

pornhdcom23 karma

Thanks for joining in - it’s not akward at all! :)

A normal day is pretty much the same as anywhere else we guess - the only difference is the amount of porn at work. ;)

Actually we have all departments that a classic web company has as well (product management, design, development, system administration, marketing, sales, SEO, QA, etc).

Additionally we also have to have a focus on the content side of things (it’s about the videos in the end) e.g. we have content scouting (checking for new stuff) and content processing (cutting, tagging, etc).

I_Am_King_Midas6 karma

Will Mia Khalifa come back!?

pornhdcom5 karma

Many of us hope so, but chances are probably low... :(