NOTE: Day 2 is LIVE now! Please come ask some questions!!


I'm in Las Vegas at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo today helping 4 legendary Japanese pornstars with their AMA!

Hitomi Tanaka - /u/Hitomi-Tanaka
Kaho Shibuya - /u/KahoShibuya
Anri Okita - /u/Anri-Okita

This is day 1 in a series of AMA's that we're doing live from the show floor throughout the AVN expo. We'll begin answering questions today at 3PM EST.

My real name is Humpy Leftnut and I run a NSFW site that raises money for CHARITY. We're running a Japanese porn bundle at Hump the Bundle today supporting Able Gamers, a truly great organization. We hope to have your support!

Most of the girls speak limited English, and so we'll have translation help from who have brought these beautiful ladies over for the convention this week. Their parent company is, by far the largest porn site in Japan. Many thanks to their team for making all this happen.

In addition we'll have the help of Reddit JAV porn royalty /u/PanKing92 today, whom many of you already know very well from long nights shining your palms at Reddit.

We've also built a near-live video response tool for the girls to use as they answer your questions. It does a really great job of upholding the important tradition of text responses in AMA's, while adding extra value through video clips. We think you'll really like it.

Aaaand last but certainly not least we're very lucky to have an early test unit of a SUPER slow motion camera called the Chronos 1.4, which recently raised over $500,000 in a Kickstarter campaign. It shoots up to 21,000fps, and we're hoping to get some great boob and butt shake videos with it. :) Very thankful to the Chronos team for letting us borrow their camera.

Let the games begin!



Anri Intro

EDIT Thanks for the questions guys! We'll be back at around 9PM EST to answer some more questions. We had some bandwidth problems with the conference wifi. The video responses will be added within an hour or so.

EDIT We're back! We will begin answering questions again shortly starting with Anri.

EDIT That's all! Thanks for the questions everyone! The second batch of video responses will be available soon.

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nate0113365 karma

To Hitomi: Is there anything you'd like to say to your Number one fan Matt Mcmuscles of Super Best Friends Play?

He talks about you quite a lot in his YouTube videos!

hitomi-tanaka166 karma

I don't know him! I'm sorry.

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Ianoods296 karma

To Hitomi - Are your breasts still getting bigger?

hitomi-tanaka481 karma

Antoids253 karma

Ms. Tanaka, can you please tweet this profile:

With literally anything you want to say? I think he's your biggest fan, and he's one of the reasons a lot of Westerners even know who you are.

hitomi-tanaka122 karma

I'll try to get her to do this later. She wants to know if we have pictures of him!

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PanKing92157 karma

Kaho and Hitomi - Do you two have any plans on collaborating together in a video or perhaps a photoshoot?

Anri - What are your plans for the near future? Are you going to continue to do more photoshoots? And is there any possibility on a return to AV?

Julia - What is your favorite video that you've ever shot?

hitomi-tanaka118 karma

I hope, but I dunno yet. It hasn't happened but I hope. Because Kaho is very sexy and cute, so I want to shoot with her in Japan.

I love Anri, I love working with her.

I'm so sad that's she's retired.. But I'm happy for her because she had a dream! She's very talented.

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PanKing92109 karma

To Hitomi: PPPD-511 is my favorite video of yours due to your dominant attitude. Do you enjoy these types of roles where you get to be more in control and dominant as opposed to being more submissive?

To Julia: If you weren't doing AV what would you be doing instead?

hitomi-tanaka125 karma

She really likes the dominant roles, even in her private life she's very dominant and likes that.

I asked her if she has a favourite film of her own and she said she likes all of them... Then squeezed her boobs. :)

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decoy-octopus69 karma

Everybody likes funny stories. Can you tell us some funny stories from behind the scenes from making adult movies?

hitomi-tanaka49 karma

Nothing? I'm so sorry I'm so boring! Nothing happened! It's just normal, going to work. I follow the script!

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ThunderHawkLives62 karma

Hitomi, you have a crush on Norman Reedus, right? Does he know about that? Also, Anri and Kaho, do you have any celebrity crushes?

hitomi-tanaka95 karma

Yes yes I loooove him!

I don't know, I know his manager knows me...

I just dream to give him a big hug, it would make me so happy.. I got to hug him once already in Japan.

(Hitomi not impressed I don't know who Norman Reedus is...)

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Nglyco34 karma

To all of the girls 😃

Do people often recognize you in real life, how do they act with you/talk to you and how do you deal with them ?

hitomi-tanaka56 karma

We just shake hands, that's it. No pictures please! Or hugs!

dst70333 karma

Hitomi and Anri - do you two plan on working together again?

Julia - what was your favorite film you made in 2016 and do you ever watch your films after they are released?

Everyone - how was your flight to Vegas and what do you enjoy most about being in the States for AVN?

hitomi-tanaka36 karma

We shot in Germany, and movies, very sexy pictures and movies. We'll definitely still be working together, I hope!

It's a long time.. I'm just tired! I love New York, and also Los Angeles. And of course Las Vegas. The food, the people, American men is very sexy for me. :)

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Ohura28 karma

To Julia:

Last year someone asked if you wanted to do films with some of the other actresses, and you seemed really excited. However, over the past year we didn't see you do any videos with them. Do you have plans to do videos with them in the future?

To Hitomi:

Are there any fetishes / genres you haven't done yet that you're interested in doing?

hitomi-tanaka61 karma

Uhmmm.. Bondage. I like bondage. Many people ask me if I want to shoot.. You know.. asshole.. But I'll never do it. I'm scared. I know it's popular here in the USA

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LowMeHigh24 karma

To Anri: You were good friends with Ai Uehara and she made an appearance in your last AV after she retired in May of last year. My question is if you still talk to her or any other performers that you made friends/worked with?

To Hitomi: What's it like going over to Germany to shoot and do videos/photos focused on breasts? You seem to enjoy them and are you planning on doing more this year?

To Kaho: What's it like to have gained so much popularity over the last year? Is it stressful because so many studios want to work with you or is it good that you have some many opportunities and just like the work?

To Julia: How does a performer stay consistent in the business? What's the secret to getting good work and making great videos that will make fans excited for the next one?

hitomi-tanaka20 karma

Yes I will go back to Germany pretty soon. I think with Anri maybe. But we have fun there.

I don't think it's much different there between shooting in Japan. I think maybe they can come to Japan, because I don't really like the long trips

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scomister22 karma

have your families found out? If so, what was theri reaction to your occupation?

hitomi-tanaka44 karma

Yes! My parents are always supporting me.

(I called her Hitomi Tanaka and she corrected me - She's just Hitomi now)

My parents are okay with it. They said it's okay. It's shocking I'm sure at first. Especially for my Dad.

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MrMegaGamerz18 karma

To each specifically, any chance you'll make videos outside if Japan? Is there a reason you choose to only have Japanese men in your videos so far ? Are they because of language barriers or contracts

hitomi-tanaka70 karma

I dunno! I want to try American porn but in my position it's very difficult.. But I still want to try. I want to have sex with the American guys!

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(To any performer): For an average shoot, how many production members (not counting actresses and actors and 汁男優!) are on set? What was the fewest? What was the most?

hitomi-tanaka18 karma

Maybe 10 people is normal, 21 maybe is the most, 4 probably the fewest

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(For any performer) Recently some former Japanese AV stars have came out saying they were coerced into doing adult video. I’m inclined to believe that even if these accusations are true, they represent a very small percentage of those doing AV and I believe most women enter into the industry without any deceit from the agencies and scouts. Do you all agree?

Have your own experiences during the days before you did your first ever AV shoot match these accusers or were they just regular nervous days leading up to a new stepping stone in your life?

hitomi-tanaka21 karma

nononono. No. laughs. The first time I had sex on camera it was a little upsetting to me though, and I cried.. I think just nervous. It's a lot better now!

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curiouslyboy11 karma

To Julia: you are my favorite performer of all time! Do you have a preferred category/ film to make? Also, what are your career plans? I don't have to worry about you retiring soon, do I?

To any girl: how long does a shoot typically take for you? Do you ever get to keep the outfits afterwards?

(Edit) also, any girl: what's your favorite perfume?

hitomi-tanaka12 karma

Maybe around 15 hours! It's a long time. I only do one scene a month so it's easy for me.

Perfume? Anything! I love Victoria's Secret pink body mist. It's good.

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LeepII10 karma

Do you know of any production company that provides English sub titles for your films?

hitomi-tanaka7 karma

No idea!

lolsmasher9 karma

To all of the girls - If you started lactating, what would you think about that? And would you be willing to make any breast milk movies?

hitomi-tanaka22 karma

Uhmmm. No. If I'm pregnant, I would retire.

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To any performer:

Have you ever experienced any discrimination in Japan from those not in the industry? For example, bank accounts being closed, having an apartment rental application rejected, etc.

How often are you spotted in public? On that note, any really interesting instances of fans encountering you in public?

hitomi-tanaka12 karma

Yes of course.. They wouldn't let me rent an apartment. As a model, I don't have a regular paycheck so it's harder to prove.

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Wilbur_the_Great9 karma

Hello everyone and thank you for answering questions.

In the USA we have Vegas and Los Angeles where the adult film industry is a normal part of the local culture. Does Japan have similar cities or locations?

hitomi-tanaka10 karma

No, just Tokyo

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gauchocam9 karma

To any performer: if you can work with any Western adult performer (male/female), who would you choose and why?

hitomi-tanaka31 karma

Asa Akira! She knew right away. She's my friend we've met several times.

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Johnny_Monsanto8 karma

Julia - Would you ever consider doing another uncensored scene? Do you have any plans on doing a scene with U.S actors?

Anri - Do you enjoy any video games? The fighting game community is a big fan of you it would be cool if you sent them a shoutout!

Kaho and Hitomi - What are some of your favorite movies? Do any of you happen to enjoy anime?

hitomi-tanaka16 karma

I only know the name in Japanese, sorry!

Naruto and Dragonball!

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MarcoThePhoenix8 karma

Question for everybody -

Are you able to work and have boyfriend/girlfriend relationships? If so what are the challenges?

If not, is a long term relationship something you'd only consider after retiring?

hitomi-tanaka16 karma

It's alright to have relationships but the challenge is if he cheats on me he could say well, I'm doing adult films! But porn is just work, that's my job, that's all

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joshanaitor8 karma

What are a few must place things to do and visit if in Japan?

hitomi-tanaka16 karma

You have to go to Akihabara! and... buy my DVD. :) hahaa

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Kross9997 karma

To anyone- What's been your most memorable experience since starting to do porn? Also, what are you favorite types of scenes to be in?

hitomi-tanaka23 karma

Just.. A lot of porn! I've been in a lot of movies. I love sex.

I like romantic scenes. My private life is so boring, just me and my dog.

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printeriiii7 karma

I'd like to know how you think the reception of JAV in America or Europe has changed in the last few years? Are more fans coming? You feel like it's getting more attention nowadays or it's still niche? At least here in Europe it still feels that JAV just isn't a topic.

Keep up the good work and best of luck for your future.

hitomi-tanaka16 karma

I think because of these kinds of shows it's increasing

Video Response


(To any performer): It seems like it’s essentially a requirement for an AV star to belong to an agency. What are the merits and demerits to this? Could an AV star theoretically hire her own agent to manage her career and potentially make even more money or do some studios only hire actresses from certain agencies?

hitomi-tanaka9 karma

In Japan you can't just go to a production studio directly, you have to go through an agency. So it's a must.

If I change agencies I'd have to change my name, I wouldn't be able to use Hitomi anymore!

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Rkappa91er6 karma

what are your favorite video games?

hitomi-tanaka12 karma

I love Mario. The original.. and Donkey Kong

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theJAPANties4 karma

Big fan of everyone! :D With things like events, shows, stuff like Ebisu Muscats, and movies together, out of the other jav stars in the industry, who are you close friends with? I know Anri and Hitomi are good friends and theres clips of Julia teasing and playing Tsujimoto An a lot too!

To Hitomi - You wished SHINee's Jonghyun happy bday on twitter before and though time passed, it generated a lot of good buzz to western kpop fans xP So what's your favorite SHINee song? :D

To Julia - I'm a huge fan! You've been in JAV for a long time now, how did you feel when you were going into a shoot for the first time?

To Kaho and Anri - how do fans usually react once they find out that you guys can actually speak fluent english? Say for example, you're at AVN right now, some fans walk up only to be surprised that you are fluent?

Last question, might be weird to ask, but do you have a fav male actor to work with? Apparently Shimiken's the kind of guy to always make everyone on set laugh lol, thanks :D

hitomi-tanaka7 karma

Ding dong!

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IsaidAngloSaxon3 karma

To all the ladies, what was your favorite subject in school, or university? Do you still have interest in that subject?

hitomi-tanaka11 karma

Sports! Track and field... I like Ping Pong and Badminton too.

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CapitanEspresso3 karma

How does everyone like their coffee?

hitomi-tanaka3 karma

I'd like a Latte please. I don't really like coffee much because it's very bitter

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weealex3 karma

After a hard day's work, how do you like to unwind?

hitomi-tanaka6 karma

I like to take a long bath. Evvvverrrry dayyyy.

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taron1232 karma

Does dick size matter?

hitomi-tanaka3 karma

I don't like very huge, and I don't like small either. Just normal. And not soft, very hard

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