Hello reddit! I am a 92 year old, born on 6/28/1924 in Boscobel, Wisconsin. I am an American WWII vet, retired medic from Walter Reid Hospital.

I also have my dual-engine pilots license.

Important: Typing is done by me, the great-grandson, and this is also my account, not his.

Proof: Me now and in medical scrubs

Edit #1: Grandson here: Thanks for all the questions! We are going to take a lunch break and we will be back in a bit to answer more.

Edit #2: Grandson: I'm not going to answer much about politics because it doesn't need to be here. If you want politics go to r/politics

Edit #3: I think we are going to call it a day. Thanks everyone for the opportunity that me and my grandfather have had. I've learned many things that I did not know about him. I have to go to work soon, so sorry that it couldn't last longer. Like I said, Thank you so much!

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VballHerk3642 karma

I know this is probably a silly question, but old age and history fascinates me. Do you have any stories passed down from relatives about the late 1800's?

Tydy226636 karma

Yeah, my great aunt told me when she was a little girl that she remembered many times that their was a family of indians that walked across their farm.

My grandfather told me that when he was a little kid that they lived in a log house, and their parents had a bed. Under it their was a drawer and they would put the kids into it at night to sleep. My grandpa said he remembered seeing the stars through the cracks.

MiltownKBs129 karma

Do you still live in WI? If so, where? I never heard of Boscobel. Going to look it up. Cool to spend time with your grandson like this. The times spent with my grandpa, a Korean war vet, remain as my best memories ever. God bless you and your loved ones. Thank you for your service. Cheers from Milwaukee.

mlj2129949 karma

I'm actually OP's (the grandson) friend. Boscobel is in southwest WI. Small town of about 3000. Not a whole lot to do here but we've grown up here our whole lives, and there is some beautiful areas here. But it's rather a small area with lots of other smaller towns around it.

Tydy2266 karma

I know you?

LazySmart2169 karma

Do people actually scream Medic! Medic!?

Tydy223131 karma

Yes, I've had them holler at me in the hospital ward.

Zak70621796 karma

Thank you for doing this. You say you were a medic, was it ever difficult for you coming to "work" and seeing the ravages of war up close?

Tydy222091 karma

It bothered me sometimes because we had a lot of patients who were injured in WWII.


I've heard that American support for US involvement in WWII was more controversial than many think today; what were some of the attitudes on the war in the years leading up to it?

Tydy222620 karma

Well Great Britain was always after us to join and help them out. My family was for helping Great Britain.

EnderCreepZombie1630 karma

Did you make any friends during the war?

Tydy222418 karma

Yeah, but they strayed away shorty after. We were all miles apart.

tomatoaway992 karma

Ever pen a letter or meet for a followup?

Tydy223239 karma

Yes, several for a short time. Me and another communicated for a long time, but he stopped answering, so i assumed he died.

Mondmensch1301 karma

How grateful are you to have such a nice great- grandson? ;)

Tydy221723 karma

I couldn't be happier or more pleased.

sheep_taco708 karma

That must be nice to transcribe :)

Tydy221563 karma

Well I'm his great-grandson so he wasn't talking about me! 😂😂

stick_to_your_puns1287 karma

Did you stay in the military after the war? How was the t adjusting back to civilian life after the fighting had ended?

Tydy222403 karma

I didn't see any of the fighting, so it was easy. After the war I raised chickens for restaurants.

Alpha-Trion855 karma

How many chickens did you sell a month on average? Was it a good business or was it hardly livable?

Tydy221524 karma

We would dress out 500-600 a month. And yes, it was hardly livable.

-pine4pple-985 karma

Worst injury you ever saw?

Tydy221953 karma

A man who was sun burnt and blistered on all sides of his body including his armpits.

ThatsMyHoverboard975 karma

When it comes to Hollywood and their interpretations of World War II on the big screen, what would you say are the most accurate and/or close to home?

Tydy222395 karma

I think "Hacksaw Ridge" had one of the best interpretations of the War.

Haaazard793 karma

What was the most horrible thing you saw?

Tydy221393 karma

A plane wreck at an airshow in Livingston, WI. I was 50 feet from where he wrecked. He wanted to land by doing a flip, but nose planted into the ground.

angela0040540 karma

Can you tell me when this happened? I've got family in Livingston and I'd like to see if they remember this.

Tydy22870 karma

Probably around 1937

Tomcat1108729 karma

Sir, thank you so much for your service. I, myself, am retired from the USAF. Which theater did you serve in and where was the toughest action that you saw?

Tydy22878 karma

I was drafted after the shootings stopped, but was still in the medical wing at Walter Reid Hospital in Washington, D.C.

Flui21710 karma

What's the best/funniest thing that happened while you were there?

Tydy221300 karma

I was working on a ward with only one nurse. We called and ordered a pizza, and a man kept driving back and forth from street to street, and once he actually found us the nurse said "here's your money; now go."

BlaueKrieger654 karma

What is some of the best life advice you've been given throughout your life OR what is some general good life advice you would give young people today?

Tydy222322 karma

That if you are going to do a job, do it to your very best ability, or don't do it at all. Also if you're working at something you don't like. Quit and find something you like.

taco_whisperer491 karma

Do you think the Packers will win tomorrow?

Tydy22731 karma

I had high hopes of it, but I heard Jordy is hurt, and now it is a bit questionable to me.

tomatoaway478 karma

What is the best curse word used to describe the enemy that you've come across?

Also, what do you think about when you fly?

Tydy22894 karma

"Them dirty bastards"

ElPepinoV2428 karma

What is the kindest thing you saw someone do?

Tydy22665 karma

I was delivering mail, and saw a car in the ditch on it's side, and their was a lady in the back seat. A man from the rescue squad crawled in their and got her out.

PikpikTurnip401 karma

What do you feel like our country has forgotten that we need to remember? Please, list as many as come to mind.

Tydy22956 karma

Many people have forgotten and don't understand how crazy the war was.

twoquarters394 karma

Was there a moment before Pearl Harbor happened when people you were around knew the US would be involved some way?

Tydy22735 karma

We didn't know it, but we sure guessed it, but never the way it did.

Hobbit_amid_Gandalfs387 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA, and thank you for your service!

Do you think veterans care has helped significantly since WWII? Would you change anything based on what you've experienced?

Tydy22630 karma

I think veterans are treated very royally actually. I would change some of the people in charge of it. Some of them think that the veterans are working for them so that they are God Almighty, but their are also those that treat you like saints.

Skyguy21356 karma

What was one of your most interesting stories from the war? Any interesting wound a soldier received?

Tydy22851 karma

There was a guy who had both of legs cut off, and he came out one day and one day he came out with two legs. Over time I saw him walking on his own with his new legs. He was in the other ward so I don't know how he got it.

Grandson: Gotta remember this was in the late 40s not 2017, so yeah must have been crazy for him to see.

liveerasnettim352 karma

Wow thank you for taking the time to do this AMA, and thank you for your service, sir! I was wondering what is your fondest memory from your time serving? Also, do you have any advice for people going in to the medical profession now? Thank you for your time.

Tydy22535 karma

Helping patients get comfortable and relieved from pain and suffering. If you enjoy seeing people become relieved from pain, I would certainly advice going into the profession.

ArkGuardian302 karma

I just wanted to say sir that you look outstanding for your age. How do keep fit?

Tydy22518 karma

I've got no proof, but i've taken a tablespoon of honey and vinegar almost every day.

BravoBuzzard296 karma

I'm a Veteran who has witnessed some horrific events that have haunted me for many years. Do the images ever go away?

Tydy22492 karma

I don't really know because I was never in the front lines.

Firsttimedad2017251 karma

What advice would you give to an upcoming first time parent?

Tydy22580 karma

To love and cherish that baby from birth on.

LANA_WHAT_DangerZone218 karma

Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?

Tydy22362 karma

The 100 duck-sized horses.

chaosaurus190 karma

What do you like/dislike about Wisconsin ?

Have you moved ?

Tydy22385 karma

I like the four different seasons we have, and the older I get the more I dislike the cold weather.

Yes, we moved to Arizona for a bout 10 months until my wife got home sick and I couldn't make a living.

cbelt3149 karma

Thank you for your service! How long were you in the service after VJ Day, and how was veteran care back then compared to the current VA system ?

Tydy22201 karma

13 months after VJ Day. Back then they didn't have things we had today.

futureformerteacher136 karma

What was Basic Training like in the lead-up to the war? I can't imagine what it would be like to do basic training with millions (9% of the entire country) in such a short time frame.

Tydy22256 karma

It was something that nobody was ever used to. And no one knew what is was like or what it would be. Edit: It was really training to break you down so that you would obey orders.

Gondy12198 karma

Are you going to watch the Packer game tomorrow? If so, what's your favorite game day snack? Go Pack Go!

Tydy22169 karma

Yes, I don't usually snack much, but popcorn would be the most common.

RToelke96 karma

Thank you for doing this, and thank you for your service. I have tremendous respect for anyone that fought in WWII, I can't even begin to imagine what that would be like. My question is a general one, what is it like serving in such a great conflict? Is it possible to ever relax and have fun or are you on edge and terrified the entire time? What goes through your head at a time like that?

Tydy22167 karma

You've got to relax and have fun or you would be put through a psych ward. I thank god that I didn't have to see it and only saw the aftermath.

CountVilheilm82 karma

Thank you for your service. Do you have one story that you could share that changed your view on the war, or life in general?

Tydy22235 karma

This guy had a pair of tiny swimming trunks on and fell asleep on the beach. We had him lay in a bed and sleep in salve.

Grandson here: Not quite what you were asking, but he said this has made him worry about people in the sun!

Alice201507667 karma

When did you see the first death ? Was it in war or the medical practice before war ? How was it ? How did you feel ?

Tydy22227 karma

The first I remember was my baby brother.

TylerSmith363 karma

Hello Sir.

First, thanks so much for your service.

My question: what's your best advice for young men looking to join the military?

Tydy22134 karma

It's a wonderful chance for a person to prove their ability in the service. If they want, they can work their way up.

jiebyjiebs60 karma

Are you able to forget some of the horrific memories you obtained during war, or are they still vivid in your mind?

Tydy22211 karma

I didn't have the experiences that some of the guys had in the first line, so I don't really know. Edit: Some of the horrendous stories my friends have told me about their experiences on the front lines. The situations they encountered, and then i think about how they do this for the government officials sours me very much.

udder_mudder33 karma

Were you a part of the The Rheinwiesenlager ?.

Tydy2265 karma

No, I was stationed in D.C.

SirBroheim33 karma

Air Force medical services veteran here.

How did you get into the medical corps, during a time when full mobilization of warfighting units was needed? Was it based on intellectual aptitude? Luck?

Thank you for your service, Sir.

Tydy2265 karma

I was put into the medical corp after the fighting was done. I was just selected.

i_have_anxiety15 karma

How did you meet your wife?

Tydy2248 karma

She worked at a factory in Fennimore, and she was friends with my sister. One day my sister brought her home.

debe123665414 karma

The Beatles. Did you get to experience the Beatles?

Tydy2245 karma

I never went to a concert.

vortish11 karma

I know you saw terrible things. By the way thank you for serving your country! Were were you deployed and what units were you in?

Tydy2229 karma

I was deployed in D.C. I don't remember the name I had.

dannysonn5 karma

What are your best memories while serving the military & what cool places did you visit/ were stationed in? Also, what branch of service were you in, if you don't mind the barrage of questions lol.

Tydy2230 karma

Working at the hospital. Norway was probably the coolest place, and I was in the army.

unr3a1r00t5 karma

Thank you for your service. Do you think the Packers will go all the way and win the Super Bowl?

Tydy2214 karma

They would have a much better chance if Nelson was in there.

Grandson here: I think we have a good chance of winning if we beat the Cowboys, but it will be tough.

somerandomdipshit4 karma

What is your favorite Green Bay Packers memory? Predictions for Sunday?

Thank you for your service, sir. I'm proud to live in a land with you in it.

Tydy2210 karma

When Bart Star made the quarter back sneak to win the Super Bowl or the Ice Bowl. I'm questionable about the win now that Jordy is out.

Cameron_Sosa3 karma

Hello and thank you for your service! I'll give you a break, what do you think of the Badgers new coach Paul Chryst? You guys looked pretty good last year, watched them vs W Michigan in the Cotton Bowl.

Tydy2213 karma

I don't know much about him.

kittykittybangbang882 karma

Thank you for your service!!! What is something from the "greatest generation" that you miss the most that doesn't exist today?

Tydy224 karma

Families were more families than they are today. They were more close-nit than they are today.

jihnen148802 karma

I also have my dual-engine pilots license.

How long did that take?

Tydy222 karma

A couple months.

DoucheSandwhich1 karma

What is one of the most interesting rumors you heard while serving during the war? Did it turn out to be true? How far fetched but some what believable things did you hear that you remember being rumored? Thank you for your service and helping build the greatest country ever to be birthed.

Tydy226 karma

What we heard was that once we left camp hope, we would be shipped overseas, but it stopped in D.C.

twisted_tele1 karma

Do you remember Karl Rendlesbaker at Rice Lake airport?

BTW - I was the guy that installed all of the weather computers at the regional airports for Wisconsin Aviation DOT in the early '90s.

Tydy221 karma

No I do not.

DanDan851 karma

Did you develop any tendencies that you still carry on to this day from serving in the war? Thank you so much for your service!

Tydy222 karma

I kind of slacked off, but for many years it was keeping my shoes shined.

Kaseman7421 karma

Thank you so much for your service sir! As the son of a navy pilot, I know what a strain being deployed has to be on family relations. I'm thinking about going into reserves as a pilot after college to get flight hours for the airlines, I'm just wondering, did you do any of your flying for the military? If not, what made you want to get your dual engine rating? Also, what did you fly?

Tydy223 karma

No I did not fly for the military. An instructor on the field said he would get in a dual-engine plane if enough people singed up for it. I was the first person on the list.

Kaseman7422 karma

Did you have your PPL prior to this?

Tydy222 karma

Yes I did.

icon92-1 karma

What was life like when you were a child growing up? What did you do for fun etc?

Tydy222 karma

We made our own fun. We didn't have many toys although I had a few tractors and a dump truck.

memeeater56-3 karma

What race were you? What country were you in? What role ( ground troop, bomber etc) Did you involve to help or hurt the holocaust and on what way?

Tydy228 karma

I am caucasion. I only ever stayed in the US, and was a medic. And I helped by keeping others alive.

memeeater56-2 karma

Were you able to save any Jews from the holocaust or save people who rescued Jews from the holocaust

Tydy225 karma

No that was just not applicable from where I was stationed.

MCP1291-3 karma

How do you feel about today's generation of "men" compared to he MEN of your generation?

Tydy222 karma

I think Men nowadays do not treat women how they should be treated.