My short bio: Hey everyone, My name is Infidelix.. I am the rapper from the subway video... I am setting up this AMA so I can talk about what happened with the video and the girl.. what I do as a street performer... and talk abit about my new album...

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Rheadhunter15 karma

Loved your passion and music. I've purchased your 4 previous albums. My fav track is Gold. How can we purchase your most recent album? Also. What is the legal status of your singing partner with the Anthem of the Lost track?

therealinfidelix13 karma

hey! So, my new album Busk Life comes out for pre order on the 15th through and then it hits irunes preorder on the 19th... then hits digital stores on the 29th..

But ya.. u can get a physical copy through that link i posted if u wanted.. if not.. just hold tight a few more days!!

Bonezey1 karma

Are the signed physical copies of the album sent from Germany and what happens if the campaign fails? Is it also possible to get a digital copy together with the signed CD to listen to it already while the CD being shipped? Really like "Anthem of the lost". The combination of your rap with the slower vocal parts is fantastic.

therealinfidelix4 karma

i get the money regardless if i hit the goal or not.. the signed copies will ship anywhere in the world.. and everyyone will recieve a digital link in the next days... everythign gets shipped out after the 15th

Bonezey1 karma

Thanks for the reply. Are the CDs shipped from Germany?

therealinfidelix2 karma

yes they are. I live in Berlin

Bonezey1 karma

Stupid question: if comes out on 15th for preorder but the campaign ends on the 16th, how does this work? Using a time machine? :))

therealinfidelix1 karma

haha. ends on the 15th... but stratedgy says.. extend for one more week after final date... just to allow the others one last time... haha. did u get your Digital Download?? I emaled out over 300 of them today.

therealinfidelix4 karma

hey!!! my newest labum will come out on the 29th. u can pre order it now tho and i send it off early.

Bonezey1 karma

Sadly no reply to my questions above :(

therealinfidelix3 karma

sorry, i had to go to the grocery store.. nothign is opened on sundays here lol

HerrKroete14 karma

Why did you pick Berlin?

therealinfidelix15 karma

i didnt really pick picked me. i was backapacking europe for a few years and once I got tired of living on couches..I wantedto realy.. I happened to be in berlin when I made that desicion. This city has shown me more love then anywhere and I love the people and the place because of that

Teddy_Raptor7 karma

I love Berlin man. People appreciate uniqueness and creativity there. There's a super interesting mix of business and pleasure there too.

therealinfidelix9 karma

so many cool start up companies and such. its like a hub of creativity

ValenceLP13 karma

Dude your performance of that song is absolutely amazing. That raw passion you had resonated with me and I always go back to that video if I'm having a shit day. Always makes me bob my head and try to write my own stuff even though I never plan on doing anything with it.


1: how long does it normally take you to write a song?

2: do you find lyrics to a sample or do you find samples for your lyrics?

3: what is your favorite part about performing on the streets?

Thanks man, you're a legend.

therealinfidelix7 karma

1: how long does it normally take you to write a song?

sometimes I can write really quick..other times songs take ages.. i cant sit down and say..okay infidelix...its time to write.. it doesnt work like that for me. i literally have to be in the right moment and in the right mood

2: do you find lyrics to a sample or do you find samples for your lyrics?

well sometimes I jsut jam beats and if I like it.. I write to it. When it comes to my producers.. some make the samples.. others use samples from online

3: what is your favorite part about performing on the streets?

the realness. You dont have to stop if you dont want to .. so everyone that stops and listens to me... well thats real its genuine. thats what i love

brotum2489 karma

Would you ever be interested in working with that girl again?

therealinfidelix36 karma

hell no. she refuses to show me paperwork from this video and she filed a copyright notice on me. She also had a lawyer contact me and told me I have no rights to anything. Fuck her

BassFromThePast5 karma

One thing I would recommend is flagging the video if you really want. Claim that they're making profit off the video of your music. Even if they refute the claim, their revenue from the video is temporarily halted and it gives a chance for the beat owner to make a claim and stop the piece of shit girl that lawyered up from getting any revenue. That way he can fight against her lawyer instead of you.

therealinfidelix7 karma

im jsut gonna wait till my army grows... lol then i will handle this

Ganthid5 karma

To me the situation speaks to how relationships in life can be. You met a stranger to collab and you made beautiful music together, but for some reason things just don't work out.

It's nice to think that music surpasses the bullshit that life can bring, but sometimes it's not enough.

therealinfidelix1 karma

beware of snakes. they are all around us.

therealinfidelix1 karma

i really want her to post the earnings paperwork she has recived... via the company she chose to motize the video with.. Rumble inc... or something

TarzanTheJungler8 karma

Your performance in both the subway and studio version of The Anthem of The Lost is incredible! It is so mesmerizing to see a person testing his own limits doing what he loves most. Great job.

With that, I've only recently caught on to your music and was wondering:What shaped your taste/who were your favorite influences throughout the times? Also, could we expect more songs like The Anthem of The lost in the upcoming album?

Thanks for doing this, you're awesome. : )

therealinfidelix9 karma

yes! people tho are expecting my whole album to be like this.. and the truth is.. its not. I am not always a sad person.. and I am not always a deep person. This new album Busk Life.. is a combination of both.

I am big into the universe and what I project to the universe. If all I talk is sad life is gonna be sad. So this album.. I have some more happy stuff on thier

OogieFrenchieBoogie6 karma

I would love to read the lyrics of your song anthem of the lost, are they online anywhere ?

Anthem of the lost is a great song

therealinfidelix3 karma

yes, many people I think have posted them on the youtube video. If not, let me know. I can send them

MrGalaxy934 karma

Do you enjoy eating Subway?

therealinfidelix6 karma

yes, but the ones here are weak. in the states you can make them dope... and quiznos is better

ntf19924 karma

Why did u choose U-Bahn Warschauer Straße? What took you to Germany? Are you going to try to rap in German at some point to?

Huge respect to you my man, rarely seen someone with so much passion

therealinfidelix5 karma

berlin is so multi culti. if i perform at warshauer... i can target people from all over the world. when people stop to listen...they are from italy, spain, etc..

omfg_its_so_and_so4 karma

I'm one of the randoms that stumbled upon your subway song, and was drawn to the depth and sincerity of it. You definitely have an incredible talent, but then I saw some of your other stuff about how weed is your first bitch, how big your dick is and how you're a real G. Can you comment on the disparity between Anthem of the Lost and some of your other material?

therealinfidelix3 karma

my music is about half and half. have real and important issues, half nonsense and bullshit..

i just like to write songs and make music.. i dont really follow any particular style or way of doing things

ilikepiesthatlookgay1 karma

Aalthough I wasn't lucky enough to see it live, I haven't been able to stop listening to this video, you look like a little kid playing with a new toy when you too get into it together on that video, genuine passion for the music, such a shame she fucked up any chance of hearing you two go again.

You should do more random collaborations on the street like this though, would be a good series of videos.

therealinfidelix3 karma

ill be rockking warshauer all summer

ilikepiesthatlookgay2 karma

Shit I might actually come and say hi, less than £60 there and back...

therealinfidelix1 karma

itrs worth it !

jonyboii893 karma

The girl is demanding money from you?

Edit: Read something about lawyers and money ...

therealinfidelix17 karma

no she isnt. That whole mess is crazy... if anything.. I am asking her to show me papers on how good the video is doing.. and she wont do that :( but I dont really care anymore tbh, this video has opened up so many doors for me... Im over the problems I had with her and this clip..

240to1803 karma


FunnyHunnyBunny3 karma

When are you going to come back to America?

therealinfidelix11 karma

its gonna be a while till that happens... I dont have any plans of coming back there anytime soon. They take ur foreskins and arm u with pistols. I really like where I am now lol

RedRamboJesus2 karma

Do you plan on coming back to the states to visit anytime soon or do I have to take my ass to Germany?

Do you bust any rhymes about your alpha lambda brethren on the new album?? Cheers bro, miss ya

therealinfidelix3 karma

ur gonna haveto bring ur ass to berlin. good reason for a vacation haha

Glen_Myers2 karma

Hey man i love your music! Would you be willing to write a song or allow me to use one of your tracks for my next film. Script linked below along with a link to my YouTube to check out some of my completed films. All the best man. Keep up the hustle.



therealinfidelix7 karma

hit up my team

[email protected]

FanofWhiskey2 karma

Who are you musical influences?

therealinfidelix5 karma

well thats tricky.. cause musically I listened to things like.. tool.. and smashing pumpkins and right now i really like chet faker for some reason haha. my influences in general are people who change the world like.. astronauts.. leaders of countries, crazy entrapenurs... etc...

with music .... i guess tho I could say the standard old school stuff.. I grew up on Jay Z as well..and one of my very first albums was Rage Against the machine..

tatertom2 karma

I like that song, and at least the premise of the other songs of yours I've heard, even if their vocals don't move me the same way. Just as you seemingly encouraged the female there to rasp out a bit, I think you do better at your edge. It gives the feeling of a direct connection from artist to audience, even if the message isn't convenient.

I'm interested in these busker amp setups though. How long can one go at it on a car battery or two? I'd think even a smaller cabinet like those I see you use in vids (as compared to a stage setup) would use a lot of juice, even keeping the volume down below cite-able levels. Do you just load it all into some luggage and roll away at the end of the day?

therealinfidelix5 karma

hey there! so i run with one car battery... it lasts for about 4 hours full power.. i runn a 1000k watt amp then have a 2500 watt inverter. So I first run the amp into the converter, then the converter to the battery... i want to get a lithium battery.. they dont leak acid and are not as heavy

Cyriss2 karma

Hey! I enjoy some of the stuff you're putting out there. Are you guys selling merch online?

therealinfidelix3 karma

i have a tshirt to this viral song availablew at

Cyriss1 karma

Cool thanks for the response! What brought you to this path in life? I see mentions of you being in a fraternity. I'm on mobile otherwise i would link the comment. Did your college education involve performing arts or did you pursue street rap separately?

therealinfidelix1 karma

college allowed me a patfform to meet other creative people. even though I did not finish school.. it was the beggning foundations of what I do now

derrickcurry332 karma

Does the song you sang in the subway have a name? I really like it!

therealinfidelix1 karma

i call it anthem of the lost

liveerasnettim2 karma

Hi thanks for doing this! What first got you into making music?

therealinfidelix5 karma

well theater actually got me into music. i love the stage.. as i grew developed into rapping.. then when I needed to survive... it turned into street rap

Theseus951 karma

Hello, Who is your favourite wizard? Cheers!

therealinfidelix2 karma

i dont have one. haha. i like astronauts tho

SundayDrinker1 karma

I love the video of you rapping to jazz music! Are there any rap/jazz songs like that on your albums?

therealinfidelix2 karma

theres some funky stuff on there ya, and im workign with more live interuments.. but i like that idea.. maybe i try a jazz track someday!

KaptajnKaffe1 karma

Where did you go and what did you do when life was hard for you personally?

therealinfidelix2 karma

i ran to the ubahn station in berlin haha. thats where all problems get sorted. lol

therealinfidelix1 karma

i just didnt allow failure to be an option. I have had many people want to slow me down.. but I jsut stay focused.. and when I accomplish goals.. I am happy.. Its like my drug

hippymatt1 karma

What were the toughest things you had to face when leaving your home country of Texas to go overseas with just a small wad of cash and your dreams? Both leaving and surviving while you were there?

therealinfidelix5 karma

leaving my dog, and also the fear of failure.

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therealinfidelix3 karma

let me know what i can show u and i will

tatertom2 karma

I don't think that robot is going to reply, though it did give you a handy link to follow to answer your question.

As a suggestion, since we all know what you look like from the video that introduced most of us to your work, you could easily post a pic of you holding a hand written piece of paper with today's date. I think that still pretty much does it for AMA proof, though I'm not a mod or anything. GLHF, HTH

therealinfidelix3 karma

how can i post a picture on this?

red_trumpet2 karma

Upload it to imgur and put the link in your post.

n1MaineCoon1 karma

Did you talked to the woman that appeared at the end of the video? (The subway video)

What did you/she said? (If you talked to her) :)

therealinfidelix1 karma

i never did. Alot of peopel were slagging her.. but I think that what she did was so beutiful. We have alot of beggars in the city.. and I feel like she was just showing us support the best way she knew how.