[Finished - Thanks for all the awesome questions, everyone. I have to get the GameOverGreggy Show recorded, but this has been a blast!]

What's up, everybody? I'm Greg Miller, and in March, I'll celebrate a decade of covering video games on the Internet. I used to do a talk show at IGN. I've helped build Kinda Funny from a spare bedroom to a Patreon sensation by BSing with my friends. And I gave a speech at the Game Awards that resonated with a lot of gamers. Now, I'm here to hang out and talk about whatever your little heart desires.

Proof: https://i.redd.it/s64bywcpls7y.jpg

[Edit - Before, it sounded like I did KF on my own.]

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Remember when you used to say Twitter wasn't you're thing? One day in like 2009, I messaged you on AIM to warn you that someone was impersonating you on Twitter, and that very day you registered your own account. Does that make me a co-founder of the Greg Miller social media empire?

Also, 'member when we hugged at PAX East 2010? <3

With love always,


GameOverGreggy90 karma


(How could I forget?)

EmergencyVenus70 karma

Will you address the situation with the current admins of the KF Facebook group?

A lot of them a great but a few of them have clearly had a power trip and are making that place worse instead of better. Unfortunately anyone who tried to raise the point is instantly considered a troll and then banned (without warning usually).

Seems a shame to bring this issue to here but it's the only Way to make you guys directly aware that there are people actively ruining the whole "best friends" aspect of Kinda Funny by turning it into elitist pool.

Unfortunately yourselves are the only ones who can do anything about it because the people any of us would usually speak to are now the problem.

This by all means is not all of the admins, nowhere near in fact. It's a small handful of those who are of the "higher status".

Apologies and thank you in advance. Would be nice to have a discussion about this without being branded a troll.

GameOverGreggy53 karma

As we're in the middle of the work week and all the shows, I know the basics. Our brand new Community Manager Joey Noelle is giving me updates and working on the situation. The FB group is fan-run, and Joey's the first time we've had some kind of representative out there.

In short, though, I don't get community drama ever. I don't use FB/Reddit/the forums like so many of you do, so I understand I have no worthwhile input, but you're all here because you like the content. That should unite you more than ever when there's a disagreement. Be nice to each other. If there are rules for a space, follow them. If you don't like them, don't use the space.

Again, that's a super-outsider opinion, though. That's all coming from someone who mutes people and conversations on Twitter daily because I know there's nothing good to come from them.

EmergencyVenus21 karma

Thank you for replying.

The problem is certain admins will claim they represent you guys despite Joey (who is fantastic) being the only official representation.

This small group of people will be passive aggressive in the public eye and downright nasty to a lot of people behind closed doors (usually via private message)

There is a whole page dedicated to sharing smthese conversations. It has now gotten to he point where people are being outright told they are no long considered "best friends" and would not be welcome at Kinda Funny events.

The people I'm talking about aren't trolls or troublemakers they are just the people who raised issues they see with the way it works.

There are also certain admins who you give shout outs to on a regular basis (which is awesome and hard work should be rewarded) who use the fact you said their name on stream as a selling point when they claim authority over others.

Thank you again for your reply it's nice to have the problem acknowledged even in the slightest.

GameOverGreggy27 karma

Well, Joey is the only person who speaks for us, and she doesn't even have a week under her belt yet. Let's give her a chance on this one! <3

FidelAsstro58 karma

As a former Trending Gamer award winner, do you support /u/SirLarr in his quest for the title?

Side bar: I'll admit I never kept up with you all at IGN or anything, but since venturing out into Kinda Funny, I've really enjoyed my doses of you guys for the past two years. Here's to year three!

GameOverGreggy50 karma

I'll support /u/SirLarr until the end of time.

Thanks for giving us a chance!

fritschinator56 karma

Oreo Oration? Group Oreo Oration with the whole Kinda Funny group?

GameOverGreggy38 karma

I'd love to, but it's such a bitch to edit. I have multiple filmed episodes I've never gotten around to putting up.

mweep8 karma

Man, you must get this all the time, but I know there are tons of KF best friends with editing chops who'd love to volunteer their time to take some of the work load off your backs.

You guys do so much already, so of course it makes sense some stuff has to be dropped. Just know a lot of us are happy to help chip in to this community we've grown to care about thanks to the hard work of you dorks. :D

GameOverGreggy14 karma

If it was just the cameras getting edited together, that'd be fine. However, that damn side bar!

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Outside of Colin Was Right is The Pride's role at Kinda Funny diminishing? Feels like outside of that show we are sadly, seeing less of him. Is he still doing a lot behind the scenes? I need my Moriarty fix!

GameOverGreggy54 karma

Yeah, I don't really get that. He's not on 3 of the 5 morning shows. Arguably, he/me were missing that number often already. He's still on three weekly/daily podcasts, he has his own show, and he's all up in the Patreon content. He still runs social, he still goes to events, etc.

judgeraw0040 karma

Not to piggyback but Colin is on more shows than just about anyone. There should be no reason people are complaining about a lack of Colin. I'm in the camp of we need more Tim and especially Nick on stuff. I know Nick is tough because he doesn't have a lot to say on gaming related stuff, though

GameOverGreggy35 karma


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Hi Grey, In the universe where Gen doesn't exist and Colin is a woman, are you two a couple ? And in the universe where YOU are a woman, which Kinda Funny guys (C. Mo, Nick, Tim and Big Kev Dog) would you date ?

PS : Keep Kinda Funny awesome ! (I had no problem with Kinda Funny last year, don't listen to the haters) XOXO

GameOverGreggy55 karma

1) God no. We'd kill one another -- but the sex would be great.

2) Tim.

FelineRampage28 karma

Hi Greg!

Been a big fan since early Beyond! days. Hope you're well.

Would you guys ever do a "day in the life" thing? where we can follow you guys around and see whats happening etc. Be cool to see something like that.

GameOverGreggy26 karma

I agree it'd be cool, but we'd need to bring in an outside production team. Not impossible, but not on the agenda at the moment.

lamina1828 karma

Where did you guys have lunch. How was it?

GameOverGreggy40 karma

We ordered Beep's. It's on its way. It will be fantastic.

Shrubtim28 karma

Greg, what's your opinion on Bongos? Yay or Nay?

GameOverGreggy46 karma

Big yay.

MolotovMan126326 karma

Hi Greg,

Big fan since that old January 5th of 2015.

You have done well to listen to the fans this year and implement changes. I work 8-5pm on the east coast, so watching the Morning show wasnt possible on the days I dont work from home. So the youtube uploads are a great help!

Have you considered doing some Kinda Funny Unboxings? I miss Colins unboxing of Tales games' collectors editions and such, not to mention your Superman Batman statue on todays show.

PS: Has Colin played any Tales of Berseria yet? Ask him to tweet any early tidbits he can.

Keep fuckin that chicken

GameOverGreggy26 karma

Thanks for caring!

We did Unboxings for a bit, but the content didn't seem to be anyone's favorite. We'll do them for the big stuff rather than force them. I think you'll see more stuff like the Bat/Supes statue intertwined with our usual content or on social feeds.

PS: I think it's embargoed. He'll talk on the shows when he can!

Parmersan24 karma

Hello Greg,

I'm currently freelancing for IGN and would love to turn it into a full-time position. The problem is, I'm on the east coast and have no idea when I should make the move out west. I've been freelancing for IGN for about two and a half years now, and I love every moment of it! I mainly work on the wikis, but I also love writing articles as well. I want to turn my favorite hobby into my career, but also don't want to mess up in the process. When do you think the best time to move out west would be, and do you have any recommendations on how to move up from a freelancer. Should I reach out to other sites, or stick with IGN? -- I'm kind of lost on what to do next. This has all been great, and I never want to lose it! You and Colin have been a HUGE inspiration to me as well, and I love all of you at Kinda Funny!


Seth Parmer.

GameOverGreggy19 karma

Cast your net as wide as possible and work for as many people as possible! Go to events, get people's cards, and follow up!

playnetofficial24 karma

Hey Greg, big fan. What's the least glamorous part of your day to day routine at Kinda Funny? I always find it interesting to know the more mundane things that have to be done to keep an operation like yours afloat.

GameOverGreggy29 karma

Probably Email? There are so many boring back and forths about events, opps, and so on.

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odddino21 karma

Heyo Greggy! Any more word on KF getting to visit the UK?? (I would LOVE to go to Kinda Funny Live but I do not earn a lot of money and can't afford to go abroad)

Also, you talk about your love of comics a lot, but do you ever read comics that aren't about superheroes? Franco-Belgian style maybe, or small press comics? If so, what are some favourites?

Love you <3

GameOverGreggy28 karma

No word. I'm working on it, and I do think it'll happen this year. We were so close in 2016, but the cards fell the other way.

I read non-superhero comics, but it's largely Image stuff (L'il Depressed Boy), and I don't know if you count that. I pick up the occasional small press thing (Paul Moves Out) is a favorite, but it's on a whim.

ThatGumYouLiked12 karma

Registered to upvote this. I think the response to a KF UK appearance would surprise everyone. Huge following.

GameOverGreggy11 karma

Man, we know how many of you are over there. We WANT to get to you. We're working on it.

Chizuu18 karma

Do you feel like winning Gamer of the year changed your life in anyway, or has it been more the same? Did kinda funny spike in popularity? Do you get regogniced more often? Anything?

GameOverGreggy39 karma

No, it definitely changed my life. I think if you knew me or Kinda Funny before that, you knew us from a video or (if you were in the industry) from being on the shows. That was a moment where everyone was watching, so suddenly everyone knew something about us. It was amazing, and it definitely served as the perfect end cap to our first year of kicking ass.

eggsaladbob18 karma

Oi, Greg!

How do you manage maintaining friendships with people that you work with every day? Because you live AND work with Colin, for example, is there anything you have to do in order to make your relationship work that isn't normal compared to other non-work/house related friends? Do you two ever go on buddy dates or set aside hangout time alone or something to that effect?

I've been a big fan of you since your first episode of Game Scoop! back in the day and I've been following you ever since. Great work with Kinda Funny! Thanks for your time!

GameOverGreggy25 karma

This is something Colin and I are terrible at. We had a standing date when we were at IGN, but Kinda Funny has been so much work, it fell off the calendar. It's a struggle. Kinda Funny has definitely changed the way we interact -- in good and bad ways -- but like all relationships, they evolve. I think we both want to be better at being friends again.

RTJamerson17 karma

Greg, I've followed and loved you all for what feels like 30 years and I'm only 22, yet I have no idea where the bongos thing came from. Enlighten me?

Love you

GameOverGreggy35 karma

It came from Nick playing bongos. But the bongos were Kevin's belly.

harrismada17 karma

How long do you plan to do kinda funny? Just curious.

GameOverGreggy58 karma

Until I die or it dies.

BobSJ17 karma

Greg can you please coach Mizzou basketball back to its former glory? We're desperate here in CoMo.

GameOverGreggy25 karma

Sure, but I need 25 Anter assistant coaches.

FireFightingStarter16 karma

One of your staffers said this:

For better or for worse, Vita will be pitted against the Nintendo 3DS. But the comparison doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and even if you were to pit them against each other, Vita is still destined to sell better. That's because in addition to games (which Nintendo 3DS is still sorely lacking), it's also a much more powerful machine capable of doing a whole lot more than 3DS.


What did you think back then and now?

Moriarty-KF55 karma

I fucking love people's obsession with this article.

GameOverGreggy32 karma

It's the only time #ColinWasWrong. :)

GameOverGreggy22 karma

Really? We joke about this article all the time. :) Back then, I thought Vita had a shot. Now, I'm amazed at how traditional handheld gaming has fallen off. Save us, Switch!

huge_ox16 karma

What was your highlight of last year?

Anything you'd not like to repeat?

Wanna buy me a pizza?

GameOverGreggy31 karma

The highlight of last year? Man, probably because it's fresh on my mind from the video, but Kinda Funny Live 2 was insane. I never thought we'd perform for 1,200 Best Friends from around the world who just wanted to see us be dummies.

Also, obviously, the personal highlight is falling in love with Gen.

I'd like to not repeat the way it ended. We were worn out, some of the community didn't think we were listening anymore, and everyone was down. I think we're on track to have a more positive 2017 as we've brought on a community manager and really doubled down on talking to the kids.

Sure. How?

WavesRKewl15 karma

Hey Greg, what was 2016's best movie and why was it Suicide Squad?

GameOverGreggy37 karma


Suicide Squad broke my heart.

hanzman8215 karma

Hey Greg, did you try the Swedish Fish Oreos that came out this fall? If yes, what did you think?

GameOverGreggy14 karma

I never did. We were underwater. :(

rvarg00715 karma

If Cavill and Affleck weren't Superman and Batman, who would you cast instead? Bonus, who would you cast as Robin if the DCEU goes that way?

GameOverGreggy62 karma

I want a Kingdom Come movie. Superman would be John Hamm. Batman would be Keaton.

A Robin in the current movie universe? Let's do Grant Gustin and really fuck up the timeline.

Dubek0812 karma

Hey Greg, is there any Kinda Funny call we have if we ever see you or the other guys in passing? I'm assuming "Kinda!" or "Bongos!" would be recognized by you guys, but wasn't sure if we had a community call or something like that.

I live around Austin and if I ever run into you guys at dinner or something, I don't want to invade your table or anything, but would love to show you guys some love! I'm loving everything you guys are doing and can't wait to see what this year brings. Keep doing you!

GameOverGreggy18 karma

We've never made a better one than you yelling "KINDA!" and us responding "FUNNY!"

And you're always welcome to come say hi. :)

NoblePilsner11 karma

Will Kinda Funny ever hire an Xbox person?

GameOverGreggy28 karma

I'd love to. I'd love to have a future where we have an Xbox podcast and a Nintendo one.

kujo-prime10 karma

Hey Greg!

Love all the stuff you and 4 now 5 best friends do.

Loved the idea of the trophy consultant work you and Colin mentioned.

If you could pick one game and do trophy consultant work for, what game would it be and could you elaborate on what you'd do?


GameOverGreggy13 karma

It looks like I'm actually doing this, so I can't pick a game. :) I'd (I will) make the list fun and rewarding but not backbreaking.

kp241210 karma

What's the one game that gave you shivers down your spine and got you a tear in your eye?

GameOverGreggy17 karma

The Walking Dead Season 1.

shallard10 karma

I'd like to send you guys some jerky my family makes (we own a butcher shop). Should I send it to the PO Box?

Also, how is porty doing? Miss the little guy.

GameOverGreggy20 karma

Yup, PO Box would be rad. Porty is great; he thinks he's healed (he's not) so my life at home centers around trying to keep him from having fun and hurting himself worse.

sikeguy8810 karma

Buffalo wing connoisseur! Have you seen "Hot Ones" interviews with Sean Evans? Would you ever be interested in participating in that type of interview?

GameOverGreggy12 karma

I have! I'd LOVE to! Hit him up for me!

CatchingRays9 karma

Hi Greg,

Have you ever participated in a Ghost Pepper Wing Challenge? How many did you get down? How fast?

GameOverGreggy12 karma

Fuck no.

Lightingtechhfx8 karma

Hey Greg. Huge fan since the beginning. I'm an editor at a TV Station, would love to work on anything you need, For free. Would never ask anything. & can we get a tour of Studio B & rest of the place?

GameOverGreggy16 karma

Thanks, man. We'd want to pay if we used you; we want to be fair to all. Lots of folks are in the ol' inbox for help if we need it.

The rest of the space is still evolving. Studio B as an idea got ditched when we moved in; the studio is so nice and versatile, why would we want to leave? So "studio b" is more desks (we're hiring people) and the other rooms are storage and a little eating nook.

Campos638 karma

Hey Greg!

Chicago suburb native with a degree in Architecture. If I wanted to get into the games journalism field what would be your advice? I currently write for a small site called thatvideogameblog.com in my free time and have recently started my own blog. Camposcache.wordpress.com Any advice is much appreciated and I love all you guys do at KF. Keep up the great work.

Joel Campos

GameOverGreggy15 karma

You gotta do it every day and do all of it -- podcasts, vlogs, reviews, etc. -- every day. Here's a video about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LALu_kkI3TA

IgnacioRojasB7 karma

Hi Greg. Don't have anything good to ask, just wanted to talk to you cuz it's been a while since I last did. How are you?

GameOverGreggy8 karma

I'm good, Ignacio. How are you?

WorthersHD7 karma

Are you a fan of The Beatles? I mean, I'm not sure if they had any bongos.

GameOverGreggy16 karma

Eh. They're fine. Bongos were lacking.

Democrasee7 karma

Hello Greg! What games do you currently have inside your Vita's tummy? I've always been curious about which games you and Colin refuse to delete from your Vita. (I can't delete any Final Fantasy except 7)

GameOverGreggy9 karma

Man, I have SO many games on my Vita. When I went to Japan a few years back, I got that 64GB card so I didn't have to delete anymore. Currently, Shantae is the game I'm playing on the handheld. I'll never delete Lumines from my Vita.

seabass07 karma

Hey Greg! What's a typical day in the life for you? I can't imagine running a business like your small team does, along with travelling to conventions and stuff, and then also fitting in time to play some games every now and then.

GameOverGreggy13 karma

It's slammed. Google Calendar is our compass. Usually social media as soon as I wake, emails when I hit the office, morning show, meetings, at least on podcast, emails, home to Porty, cook, games, pass out.

Dragon_Small_Z6 karma

You've talked in the past about how Youtubers have to put on a fake personality on camera and how they start to resent the amount of energy they have to put out for their shows. How much of the real Greg do we see, and can you see yourself burning out in the same way? I like to think you are always a loveable maniac but that cant always be true.

GameOverGreggy16 karma

Whoa! I wouldn't say it's "fake" or they "resent" it. (Maybe I was talking about a specific person/example?)

Anyway, I always describe it as "amplified." I'm like what you see on camera, but on camera, I'm just dialed up. I have to keep the conversation rolling, there can be no dead air, I need to be engaging, I need to be smiling, etc. -- it's all stuff you don't need to do when you're on the couch chatting with your friends and family.

I always say I'm the me I wish I could always be when I'm on camera. Today's Kinda Funny Morning Show was me being crazy -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Co-i-fQ__sk. It's because I was so happy to be back with my Best Friends and to be able to focus. Even now, there are a dozen things going on that I'm involved with while I do this. On camera, I get to focus and be all in. I love that.

Efp7226 karma


Have you guys considered taking your Kinda Funny Live show on the road? Nothing huge (thats what she said), but maybe take it on the road for 3-4 dates across the country.

Thanks for all you do!

GameOverGreggy3 karma

Yeah, we'd love to; we're just so strapped for time on a daily basis that planning something like that is tough.

dawimp5236 karma

Hey Greg! It's PSWii2008 from Twitch, the KF forums and Discord. Congrats on KF's 2nd anniversary! Any chance you or the community could organize a KF meetup in or around Kentucky? I'm sure there are a ton of KF fans on the East coast, but it's difficult for me to go to the big conventions like Pax and what not. I don't expect you to come since you're so busy with everything, but if you can, Kentucky is a great place! Keep f*&$in that chicken!

GameOverGreggy11 karma

I'm sure the community cou-- hey, waitaminute! You're in the community! Why don't you set it up?! We'd help promote.

bender396 karma

Hey Greg!

Thanks for doing this AMA. How does it feel knowing you've changed so many lives?! Also meet up for Aus Rtx?

GameOverGreggy8 karma

It's incredible. The love and support y'all show me blows me away each and every day. We don't have our RTX Sydney schedules yet -- our panel is the best bet.

misterboo846 karma

How is the Vita relocation program going?

GameOverGreggy10 karma

Poorly. I have three Vitas and hundreds of homes that want them!

cherpxo6 karma

I can't attend PAX South this year. Would you like to give away my 3 day pass to a KF community member?

GameOverGreggy6 karma

It'll be easier if you do it, Cher. <3

tybone24685 karma

Did you enjoy the Habs game? When are you moving to Canada? Can you take your shirt off and send me a picture?

GameOverGreggy7 karma

I was very drunk, so I had a great time. I loved the fight song. When's poutine moving to me? Just Google a shirtless photo of me.

FixTheFernBack6165 karma

Would you come to Freelance Wrestling in Chicago? Best wrestling in the midwest, I do commentary there. Love to have you.

GameOverGreggy6 karma

I'd love to, but it's so hard to get back!

albargnik5 karma

Hey Greg, longtime fan we met at the Mario Kart 64 charity tournament you came to in Vancouver.

I'm just curious if you are planning on coming back anytime soon considering you've been in Canada so much lately?

GameOverGreggy15 karma

I hope to. Danny Mac, who brought me up for the Mario Kart Tourney, is putting out Heelkick (http://www.heelkickmovie.com/) -- a mockumentary about wrestling I'm producing. If there's a screening there, I'd love to come.

arsequeef5 karma

Would you ever want to progress into a more producer style, off-camera role at Kinda Funny?

Is that a long term goal for you, or do you enjoy being the face that runs the place too much?

GameOverGreggy10 karma

One day, sure. I want to fade away when we start bringing on new faces so they grow and create an audience. I want people to thrive here. One day in the far future, I can put up a weekly Gregway and focus on other business aspects and be happy.

OfficerofBeats4 karma

Hello Greg! I've been a fan for several years and something I always admired about you is how you're always high energy, positive, and loud. Even if you're going through a tough time, having a bad day, etc. How do you do this?

P.S. Free Porty

GameOverGreggy12 karma

That's the job. People probably think it's easy -- and don't get me wrong, there are far harder gigs -- but that's a skill you learn. I have to do the GameOverGreggy Show in 1.5 hours, and I have to be on, because that's the gig. I want the product I'm making to be the best it can be. Jim Lee can't draw Superman sad one day just because Jim Lee's sad.

Learjet234 karma

Hi Greg.

Congratulations on a successful two years of of Kinda Funny!

What is the biggest stress you have experienced at Kinda Funny, that you did not realise would stress you out?

Keep up the amazing work! PS I love you XOXO

GameOverGreggy11 karma

The amount of email we get on a daily basis.

Libroski4 karma

If Elon Musk was a guest on the Game Over Greggy or the Gamescast what question would you ask and what do you think each of your co-hosts would ask?

GameOverGreggy15 karma

When do we go to Mars?

Colin, aliens. Nick, buttholes. Tim, Disney princess fuck list.

iceman3339334 karma

Hey Greg! I've been a big fan and supporter for a long time, so first off, thanks for all you guys do. So to touch on the Porty subject from the morning show, will be ever appear in the studio again for some shows? I do miss that little guy and his blank ass stare (and how Colin loved him oh so much).

P.S. Bongos?


GameOverGreggy3 karma

Porty (and Lola) will come to the shows. Don't fret.

Zienex4 karma

Hi Greg,

Big fan/supporter and you're one of my inspirations in my decision to pursue a video game related career.

As running a company is something I hope to accomplish in the future, what are some things about running a successful business that you wish someone had sat down and told you ahead of time? Whether it's internal affairs or dealing with other organizations/people, what's something that you would tell the Greg of 2+ years ago?

Thanks, looking forward to Kinda Funny in 2017!

GameOverGreggy8 karma

Talk to each other all the time. We all have internalized emotions, and that always leads to trouble down the line. Friends becoming partners is a hard road, but if you communicate, you can do it.

ryanmccombcomedy3 karma

Obviously, Patreon has been an oustanding success for you and far outreached your original goals. When planning to go independent, how much did you honestly plan on getting from that platform? Thanks! BEYOND!

GameOverGreggy10 karma

We didn't know. Nick had three budgets for us -- we're eating ramen every day, we're doing OK, we're doing great. We hit "we're doing great" in the first 10 hours. It's been amazing, and I hope things like Kinda Funny Live, the Animated Series, and the Studio show we're putting the support back into the business.

bettemus973 karma

What is your favorite Nick moment?

GameOverGreggy13 karma

When Nick makes me wheeze-laugh. He goes off sometimes, and it just gets me. Love him.

brak0143 karma

How many wings will you eat in 2017? And how many meals of wings will it take you to eat that many wings?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

No idea. I make at least a pound of wings a week, and then there are trips to Wing Wings and Buffalo Wild Wings.

KiraKamiXephos3 karma

Hey Greg, what are your thoughts on persona 5? Are you as hype as I am?

GameOverGreggy7 karma


Myarvis3 karma

What did you do for a living if you were born in 1900?

GameOverGreggy13 karma

Work in a mill, I assume.

texasman2083 karma

Hi Greg! Thanks for taking the time to do this. How is Porty doing? With the move to the new studio, he's (understandably) not been featured in as many videos. I miss hearing him barking his ass off at figuratively everything.

GameOverGreggy6 karma

Hahaha. He's better. He thinks he's 100-percent again. I want to bring him in soon.

panzerghost3 karma

Greg do you still stand by Batman vs. Superman was a good movie? Lois Lane is NOT a redhead!

GameOverGreggy8 karma

Hahaha. I enjoy it. Saw it five times in theaters. It's far from perfect, but I liked it.

lethalbellyman3 karma

Hi Greg!

I have been a big fan for a while, and also am a patreon supporter! I love all you guys do and watch everything, and I am super pumped for KF in 2017.

One thing that I miss is your more relaxed, fun-focused let's plays, like the battlefield 1 one. I know you guys are in the process of hiring an editor so you can produce more of them.

Do you guys have any fun multiplayer games planned so far? And could this mean the return of smash bros. or IDARB?


GameOverGreggy6 karma

This week -- not in the multicam, cool style -- I want to play the Overcooked DLC with Colin or Nick. Once we get the rad setup rolling, I think Ghost Recon Wildlands will offer us some awesome stuff.

nmetzger3 karma

Hey Greg, I've been a huge fan of you and your work for many years now, it's been such a great journey so far! Along the way though I also began to enjoy a lot of Rooster Teeth's content as well (just got RTX tickets, hopefully I'll see you there again this Summer!). Anyways, I have noticed lately that all the content you are in for Rooster Teeth gets so much unwarrented hate, even when you aren't playing the stereotypical "bad guy" you talk about a lot. A prime example being the recent video you made with Burnie playing No Man's Sky. Anyways, my question is, with Kinda Funny being a Let's Play and Rooster Teeth "partner" do you find it hard to deal with this type of hate? As a fan of both channels I have found it to be hard at times to see all the negativity towards a guy like you who is nothing but positive and genuine

GameOverGreggy14 karma

Nah. It's easy. If you don't watch our content and only know me from the heel appearances, I totally get why you think I suck. I'm used to the Internet telling me I suck. It doesn't matter. The silent majority that understands who I am and appreciates me far outweighs the vocal minority.

WiseWordsFromBrett3 karma

Do you know Bill Brasky?

GameOverGreggy4 karma


Lt_Maver1ck3 karma

Hi Greg you're awesome dude! Just want to say my wife and I decided I'm a mix of you and Tim and she's a mix of Colin and Nick! I do have a question to pose to you. If you had the chance would you rather have a cameo in The Flash/Arrow/Supergirl on CW or in Justice League for the DC universe?

GameOverGreggy7 karma

The Flash TV Show. I adore it. HOOK A BROTHER UP, GRANT GUSTIN!

justanotherwannaB2 karma

Hey Greg

Your work ethic and the manner in which you and the guys (and now girl) have grown KF has been really inspiring. What has been the most frustrating point along the way, and how did you overcome it?

GameOverGreggy7 karma

When we unload on each other and fight. That always hurts. We've been bad in the past about talking as problems arise. We sometimes let everything boil until we're furious. Maybe it's not even being mad at each other -- we just take it out on each other. We've had open discussions about this and how we don't want to do that ever again. I think having space helps, too; when we were crammed in the spare bedroom, it was rough. Communication -- it's at the heart of every relationship.

JaydensApples2 karma

Out of everything you've learnt in your career in the gaming industry , what's the most important, or matters most to you?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Be nice; douche bags get what's coming to them, and the good guys win.

Kyappu2 karma

Do you have any advice to smaller creators trying to get their content out to the world?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Keep doing it. Persistence is what separates the haves from the have nots.

everythingaholic2 karma

Hey Greg, i'm a huge fan of yours from the UK (oy). My question for you is how many producers has Nick seduced?

GameOverGreggy9 karma

OI! Billions served.

ThePrideofKC2 karma

Good afternoon sir,

What is your opinion of Kansas City? Being so close in Columbia during school you must've visited at least once! And follow up question, is there any chance of you guys passing through? Follow up to the follow up, bevs on me if you do!

The content you make is wonderful and we all appreciate your hard work.

GameOverGreggy3 karma

Good BBQ and I hear the Power and Light District is cool. No chance of us swinging by soon.

shy_guy_says2 karma

Hey Greg,

I've been listening since the Beyond days (Beyond!) and while you guys have certainly discussed this, I was always hoping for a more candid, in-depth response:

Have you and Colin really remained friends this whole time, through thick and thin? Has the businesses in any way tarnished that or come between your friendship(s)?

GameOverGreggy13 karma

Touched on this in another response. Colin and I are not friends; we're family. Not in the goofy Fast and Furious way, either. I think our relationship is constantly in flux, and that's good and bad. We both need to work on it. That's a relationship. However, we're bonded forever. I know what he's thinking and he knows what I am. Being friends, roommates, partners, co-hosts -- it's a lot, and that means different things on different days. However, the core is always there. He'd kill for me, and I'd kill for him.

rumble_62 karma

Hey Greg, just wanted to let you know I love you and the teams work you do week in week out. The question I want to ask is are going to be doing anything else when your in Australia mext month besides RTX?

GameOverGreggy3 karma

Nope. In and out for the show.

TheToonGrump2 karma

If you had to voice a DC Comics character in Lego Dimensions, which one would you voice and why?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Superboy -- Connor Kent.

AzuraHatesScamps2 karma

How do you feel about bagels?

GameOverGreggy3 karma


xjonnysniperx2 karma

Hi Greg thanks for everything you do, as a local San Antonian why do you hate PAX South? P.S. I Love you. P.P.S Fuck Austin, j/k :p

GameOverGreggy3 karma


upand0v3r2 karma

Hi Greg, Are you guys hiring any more editors or PAs for 2017?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

We still need to nail down the first one!

SplooshFC2 karma

Greg, big fan here.

When you're feeling down, how and what do you do to recharge? I know from just being a part of the KF community it can get rough at times. How do you relax, how do you detach yourself and recharge aside from vacations?

Thanks for being so great.

  • Sploosh

GameOverGreggy5 karma

The big thing -- that I'm terrible at -- is putting down social media. If I'm feeling rough, I have to disconnect and play a game, read comics, watch Nashville and NOT be on the phone the whole time. Silence and a beer usually helps re-calibrate.

misterboo842 karma

Hey Greg. You got to voice a character in a Lego marvel game. Did you think that you did well enough to give you a chance to voice for a Lego DC game? If so, which character would you like to voice and why?

GameOverGreggy5 karma

Man, I hope so. I'm Superboy in DCUO, so I'd love to steal that LEGO role from Scott Porter. :)

Estonia20122 karma


If you could remaster/remake any game, what game would it be?

What are Kinda Funny goals this year?

GameOverGreggy3 karma

1) Infamous!

2) Focus on community.

VisionGame1 karma

Top of the day to you greg!

Are you guys planning on making any appearances on the Lets play channel any time soon?

thanks for everything!

GameOverGreggy2 karma

Uh, nothing on the books that I know of.

Morganium1 karma

Squish Squish*

Whats you're long term plans for KF? Where would you like the company to be in say 5 years time?

GameOverGreggy2 karma


I mentioned this in another response. I want it to build. I want to bring in new faces as the years go by that you love as much as you love us. I want to be able to fade back at sometime and have the train keep rolling.

OnePeg1 karma

Hey Greg,

Kinda Funny (specifically you and Colin) inspire me so so so much. I currently work in a hospital and have a degree for something hospital related, but want to break into gaming journalism. I've tried writing on my own blog, tried to get you and Colin to give feedback on my reviews, and tried to get ANYONE to read my stuff to no avail. I've even decided to help write reviews at a small fansite.

What advice would you give for a fan who is persistent on being a journalist but doesn't exactly know what to do to get noticed? I know I want to end up at Polygon, Waypoint, or IGN etc, but am not sure how to get the ball rolling.

Thanks, OnePeg

GameOverGreggy2 karma

Go to PAX/E3/Etc. and meet people. Get their cards. Hit them up about Freelance.

IanGrag1 karma

Did having a business affect your friendship with Colin at all?

I know you two were best friends and coworkers, but did working beside each other while also owning a business change this at all?

I'm afraid of entering a business because of this thought.



GameOverGreggy2 karma

Answered this a few times: it's evolved our relationship, we're family.

DjRanjit1 karma

hey greg, big fan, are you going to be going to any upcoming events?

GameOverGreggy2 karma

Plan for the year -- and this is off the top of my head -- is: RTX Sydney, PAX East, Kinda Funny Live 3, E3, VidCon, SDCC, PAX, RTX Austin, and PSX. One or two of those might fall away.

YodaIsAGamer1 karma

Hey Greg Which one would fuck, marry and kill? Between, Kevin, u/PhillyDefranco and Colin

And house is open if there ever is a KF goes to South America

GameOverGreggy2 karma

Kill myself but make sure the blood splattered on Kevin.

thatsyurblood1 karma

Hi Greg! Can you name one positive and negative thing about working with Colin, Nick, and Tim? (1+ 1- each?)

GameOverGreggy5 karma

Same answer to both -- we're friends. It's great because we work with our buddies, it's crippling when there's a work disagreement. We're better at it, but it was a learning process.

liamquane1 karma

I have a theory about video-game movies: Because of their badly reviewed predecessor have a reputation, and that reputation is hard coded into the minds of reviewers, leading to automatic negative reviews? And No game movie will be positively reviewed? What do you think?

GameOverGreggy2 karma

One will be legitimately good and break the trend.

Jordbord1 karma

Hi Greg. Hope you and the rest of Kinda Funny are having a wonderful day.

I unfortunately missed the chance to ask Julian Assange a question during his AMA earlier, however I am sure you are the next best person to ask; What can you tell us of your organisation’s relationship with Russia?

GameOverGreggy4 karma

Man, Russia is everywhere these days. Very popular country. I liked its inclusion in the Resistance: Fall of Man storyline.

Eddie22_881 karma

Greg, it was so great to finally meet you, nick, tim, and kevin before let's play live Chicago! What game are you most excited about this year that has kinda (!) Flown under the radar? Thanks for doing this!

GameOverGreggy3 karma


Geerard1 karma

Been with you guys way back in March 2013, in the day when it was Orations and the Conversation with Colin's.

I love you guys, and have gotten years of solid content, shuffling out a nickel to you when I could.

So my question is what is something since the launch of Kinda Funny (not video game related) that you either regret that you've done OR regret that you missed out on?

GameOverGreggy3 karma

Hmmm. Tough one. I regret missing out on getting DC to understand they should invite me/us to movie premieres.

IamSpace_Ghost1 karma

Justice League vs Avengers, who would suffer more casualties?

GameOverGreggy2 karma

My heart.

PieBlaCon1 karma

I know they probably have their hands full right now, but are there any plans to have Neil Druckmann and Bruce Straley on a show? I just finished my 3rd playthrough of Uncharted 4, and I can't get over how incredible it is. Even if it's only a 30 minute segment on PSXOXO, I think it'd be a tremendous appearance.

Also, try to get Colin to play it again. You mentioned it on the spoilercast, but the game really does grow on you over the course of multiple playthroughs. He mentioned he liked it less over the course of the year, and I started to feel like that before I went in for a second time.

Congrats on year 3 as well! I remember freshman year of college (now a senior) hopping into the comments at 6am PT for Gregway episodes before class. Those were the days!

GameOverGreggy2 karma

Man, we'd love to have Neil and Bruce, but that's a tall order now. We'll keep trying.

Colin does what Colin wants.

VisionGame1 karma

Hey greg! Huge fan from Spain!

I was wondering if the daily give away would ship to Spain? or is it a code, only for the US?

P.S. I love you a bit, nah, make that a bunch

GameOverGreggy2 karma

Most are NA codes, but we'd try!

liamquane1 karma

Do you think the "new tip" section on videos would inadvertently make people who pay less than $5 look cheap? And make them pay more?

GameOverGreggy2 karma

No. It's been there forever.

BlurTriX1 karma

When will you be coming back to the great white north? I missed you when you were in Vancouver :(

GameOverGreggy9 karma

I'm up to Montreal a lot for the girlfriend. Dunno when I'll be back to hang out and do an event, but I hope soon!

Zimmaye1 karma

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years, or more importantly where do you WANT to see yourself in the next 10 years?

GameOverGreggy3 karma

No idea, man. March is 10 years from when I started at IGN, and I could never have predicted this. In broad strokes, I want to be happily married to Gen and I want Kinda Funny to be running smoothly without me needing to be on every show. Y'know -- I don't want it to be this 4,000-person company, but I want it to have grown correctly and brought in new hosts y'all love like you love us.

thud2241 karma

Hi Greg, What DC character do you think will be in the next WB game? I personally would love to see one with the Bat Family minus the Batman (Nightwing, Batgirl, Redhood) all working together maybe even add different locations such as Bluhaven or Burnside.

GameOverGreggy2 karma

If that rumored Damien Wayne game is real, just make it Batman Beyond! Of course, I'd love a good Superman game.

amin3270 karma

Hey Greg, big fan since 2010. (I started listening to Beyond at 10 and now I'm almost 18) How does it feel to know that you've influenced a massive amount of children with your taste and insight in video games?

GameOverGreggy2 karma

A guy told me Sunday that we met when he was in 7th grade and now he was a senior in college. I almost cried.

It's amazing. I'm blessed that so many people care.