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MuddyTaco2282 karma

When is a Shenanigans gonna happen to Geoff?

Angry Geoff is best Geoff.

officialah2429 karma

Rule 1 of Shenanigans - don't talk about shenanigans

MysticalTurban1073 karma

Who is your least favourite member of funhaus?

officialah1650 karma

All the interns! Hate those people with names we don't know.

LunaTheWitch994 karma

Who have you officially banned from appearing in Achievement Hunter videos?

officialah2514 karma

Cloud 9. Caleb. Hitler. Stalin. Geodude

purplelzrd962 karma

Can you still play games for pleasure or do you find yourself thinking of a video game differently than you did before joining AH? Like is it now more business like, wondering (when you're playing a game) if there's any viable videos in it.

officialah1592 karma

We don't play games as often anymore, (with the exception of Michael) since we play them currently at work. Playing at home feels like wasting good content.

ShayCue863 karma

How long did it take to dismantle Jeremy's new perch?

officialah1054 karma

It took them about an hour, and me about 30 minutes to set everything up again - Jeremy

negaknight771 karma

Where is the weirdest place that you have been recognized by a fan?

officialah1569 karma

Jack - At a Forever 21 with Caiti.

Lindsay - My sister's graduation.

Matt - In a sports apparel store in South Carolina.

Jeremy - At my rehearsal dinner.

bharvey007742 karma

Will there be a sequel to Uno: The Movie anytime soon, and will it be called Uno Tres: The Movie Dos?

officialah741 karma

There might be more movies in the future, and possibly more UNO.

Calluummmmm653 karma

Any plans to work with the Cow Chop guys? 🐮 🔪

officialah622 karma

Yes, absolutely.

smithy1155560 karma

What has been your hardest achievement to obtain?

PoliceAlarm479 karma

It's got to be that Peggle achievement for sure...

officialah1122 karma

Jack: Survive 1,000,000 points in Geometry Wars

Jeremy: Beating the story mode in Battleship

Matt: Halo: Reach - Lone Wolf

Lindsay: I play Zelda

Trevor: 80 20 law. Info like that. Vidmaster achievements.

kaykay7986513 karma

Michael, what are you most looking forward to about becoming a father?

officialah2061 karma

Michael - Telling another human being what to do / exploiting them

achmike490 karma

Was Mike the best AH intern?

officialah812 karma

Well Andy got hired. So BAM!!!

Simmonsdude486 karma

Have you set goals that would you like to achieve this year?

officialah925 karma

Jack - More Lets Play Lives

Lindsay - Be healthier

Matt - Get into voice acting this year.

Jeremy - To finish a book I'm writing, and release an album

DeletoiD479 karma

How much editing does the main cast do nowdays?

officialah751 karma

Pretty much none.

TCVideos471 karma

If you could have any Hollywood movie star on the Theater Mode couch, who would it be?

officialah809 karma

TJ Miller

Paul Rudd

Ricky Gervais

Lloyd Kaufman

Chris Hemsworth (Captain America) - Matt Bragg

Terry Crews

Leopleurasaurus452 karma

Would you rather fight one Jeremy-sized duck, or 100 duck-sized Jeremys?

officialah748 karma

The one jeremy-sized duck - All

samfromcalgary444 karma

Hey guys! Big fan of your work.

What were your plans for a career before joining RT/AH?

officialah962 karma

Michael - Electrician

Jeremy - Animator

Gavin - Slow mo camera guy w/Dan

Ryan - Web developer

Jack - Gonna make movies

Matt - Computer engineer

mudbutt20404 karma

Where's Gavin?

officialah975 karma

Dead. RIP


mistahginger845385 karma

Who is the most insane one in the office when cameras are NOT on?

officialah891 karma

Ryan. He might not be the most insane, but he's pretty weird.

Geoff if alcohol is involved.

DeepFriedArchangel381 karma

What is one game, that you haven't used, that you would like to do a Let's Play or Let's Watch in?

officialah677 karma

Jack - Starcraft 2 or Warcraft 2

Matt - Mario 64

Lindsay - Parappa the Rappa

SimonTaco368 karma

If AH/RT crumbled What would you all do?

officialah1168 karma

Michael - Jackass for money

Jeremy - Obscurity

Gavin - "I don't really need AH"

Ryan - Ninja

Jack - Gonna make movies

Matt - Unemployed/homeless

FidelAsstro367 karma

What were you all's favorite games of 2016?

officialah754 karma

Jeremy - DOOM

Matt - Overwatch

Jack - Overwatch

Lindsay - Overwatch

ZChong7362 karma

What is the worst Let's Play you ever did?

officialah669 karma

Magic the Gathering

LW - Civilization

Nightkind361 karma

What was your first day at AH like? What did you do?

officialah819 karma

Michael - Geoff was gone for like 6 weeks. Jack messaged me to show up a month ahead of schedule because of that. Spent the day filming an achievement guide in an old Spiderman game.

Ryan - Drove three hours to the office. Bought computer equipment with Geoff. Fin.

Matt and Jeremy - Got lunch with Joel and Adam. Went and bought desks and computer equipment.

smithy1155350 karma

Can you see VR being a hit, or do you believe it'll be another gimmick like the Kinect is?

officialah616 karma

VR is definitely cool, but it's expensive, a bit inconvenient, and there aren't a lot of games. It might take off, but it needs some refinement.

dahngrest345 karma

AH has been going strong for almost ten years and you guys have managed to accomplish so many awesome things.

What have been your favorite and biggest accomplishments and what do you hope to accomplish in the future?

Also a big thank you to Jack. I met you years ago when you were doing the JetBlue run around. I was one of the few people to show up for the SF meetup. We drank and had a good time and you were incredibly kind, personable, and fun. We met again a few years later at PAX and you remembered me. Things like that are what make me feel like AH cares about its fanbase and I really appreciate it.

officialah435 karma

Jeremy - Performing a song live at the Dolby

Jack - Let's Play Live becoming a success. Hoping to accomplish a tour in the future.

Lindsay - Becoming the ultimate producer for AH. Looking forward to producing a child.

Matt - Lady Bragga at the Rock Band event. Have more fun with things to dos.

Trevor - Getting to work at Rooster Teeth in general. I'd like keep being creative and producing new ideas if possible. And keep learning!!

lizzycaput339 karma

Hi guys!! Thanks for making me laugh everyday! My question is for Jeremy: Lil J, As you were originally an Achievement Hunter fan, I assume you view fans differently than the others in the group. Is it surreal to be on that side of things now, and do you ever still feel like you are one of us (fans) rather than one of them (Achievement Hunter)?

officialah527 karma

Yes. I still enjoy watching AH content. If they're recording a video I'm not in, I usually stop and watch it. I try to stay in touch with the fans.

Adamhully334 karma

What, if anything, would you quit your current job for? EG a job offer for something you've always wanted to do other than this.

officialah1053 karma

Ryan - Millionaire Astronaut

Michael - Multi-millionaire

Jack - Elon Musk's rich best friend

Gavin - Dying. Getting fired.

vidythekid317 karma

Thank you all so much for getting me through the rough patches of life! Now for my question: What is the full story of how Ryan was hired, I always here it's from Craigslist but has the full story ever been told?

officialah552 karma

Ryan saw an ad on craigslist and was an animator/editor. He applied for the position and was brought in for animation.

Muse4Games314 karma

If you could do one thing with Achievement Hunter (anything you like, not having to worry about money or time or whatever) what would you like to do?

Examples: Let's play live being on tv worldwide or have your favourite game made with you guys being the main characters. Stuff like that

officialah827 karma

Ryan - Let's Play on the Moon (Geoff added, that it'd be ghey)

Geoff - A new show I can't talk about

Jack - Buy Achievement Island

Jeremy - For the AHers to all appear as easter egg characters in a game

Michael - Play real life Rocket League

Roastytitsz306 karma

This question is for Jack.

I heard that you used to work at Disney's Hollywood Studios. As a former CM in that park, do you happen to have any fun stories from your time there?

officialah534 karma

I worked at Disney MGM studios, and I worked at the backlot tour when I was there. Before I clocked out one day, after a show I did a flip into the pool where they did water effects. - Jack

rockthebass05301 karma

If you could be any one of the other AH crew members, who would you be and why?

officialah1583 karma

Lindsay - I would be Ryan so I could have sex with Lori

Jack, Jeremy, Matt - I would be Gavin, so I could be rich and not have to come into work and do an AMA.

mwiegel2291 karma

What is a typical day like in achievement hunter?

officialah843 karma

Come in. Film. Lunch. Film. Leave. - Jeremy and Jack

Come in. Edit. Film. Lunch. Second Lunch. Edit. Leave. - Matt

Come in. Do everything imaginable. Maybe Lunch. Keep doing everything. Maybe leave. - Lindsay

Unwontable286 karma

What's a "shenanigans" that you guys had to scrap that you're all comfortable talking about?

officialah596 karma

Jack tried to change the controls on Geoff's elite controller. I think he made the down directional go left, but Geoff caught on immediately. Didn't work out, so we scrapped it.

PuzzledTurnabout284 karma

Do you guys have a golden rule when recording?

officialah617 karma

Always be filming. Don't 'worms' it.

ZChong7273 karma

What is your favorite off topic moment?

officialah550 karma

Jack - Phoning in during the ARG challenge

Lindsay - The cork pop almost killing Michael

Matt - Ryan twerking on the table

Jeremy - Marcus annihilating the table with a brand

YOLO_KYS272 karma

You are trapped on a deserted island and are stuck with one member of funhaus, who would you choose to be stuck with and why?

officialah543 karma

Jeremy - Matt Peake

Jack - The Willemsis (also benson)

Matt - Kovic. I'd eat him

Lindsay - Elyse. Yay bonding!

sarcastic_fuck272 karma

Geoff: what was your first tattoo? Do you know at least a rough estimate of how many you have? Do you have a favorite?

officialah754 karma

First was a Black Flag logo. Favorite is probably my daughters name. And the estimated number is that I am just one giant tattoo.

Porl-Ball-Saul265 karma

Do you guys think Roomba will ever sponsor an off- topic? Or has Geoff's dyson betrayal burned that bridge?

officialah462 karma

That would be incredible. The dyson is too tall according to Geoff.

So if Roomba is reading this AMA. We would love to talk about Roombas all the time. If only we had some more new ones to talk about.

Bawbity258 karma

Has there ever been any point during recording that you guys have found yourselves to be too offensive? Has such a thing ever effected a recording or was it to just be edited out later and still released?

officialah450 karma

Yes, absolutely. Duck Dynasty was that.

Vorchevski255 karma

Is the cameo with Ray still going to be a thing? Or was his cameo really that one time when he came online and we saw the notification.

officialah486 karma

Ray is doing his own thing now. We hope he does well, but he's not with AH anymore, so cameos don't really happen.

letmegetinmyzone242 karma

What are some facts or personality traits that viewers wouldn't know just by watching your "on-screen" personalities in AH-related content?

officialah823 karma

Gavin - Gavin is actually pretty dumb and has small dick

Jeremy - I am dyslecix

Jack - Wears a fat suit

letmegetinmyzone241 karma

What are the most common AH-related jokes fans will reference when they run into you in person?

officialah576 karma

Ryan - Still in the Air. Edgar.

Jack - Surprise Motherfucker.

Michael - Here comes Taylor Jones.

Gavin - Mark Nutt. Fish.

Jeremy - Hap HapHap

aaMikeyDaa240 karma

What is one of the hardest parts of your job that the public could never know unless they were in your position?

officialah610 karma

Michael - Hours of recording content.

Ryan - Making it seem like every video is the first video you've filmed that day

Jack - Talking on a mic is actually pretty tiring.

Jeremy - Getting six systems of computers and consoles to work at once and all record.

justintime44444223 karma

When do you think your minecraft lets plays will end?

officialah556 karma

When we die. All of us. And there are no successors.

nurtle1213 karma

Will AH be doing more 7 Days to Die on a regular-ish basis?

officialah310 karma

Not on a regular basis, but yes there will be more

Zan_H204 karma

What are your thoughts on oatmeal cookies?

officialah652 karma

Jack - They are bullshit

Matt - No chocolate I don't want it

Lindsay - I find them charming in their own way

Jeremy - The quaker oats guy looks like my Dad

Lukefranke14186 karma

Are you planning on putting out more heist videos?

officialah454 karma

Yes, because the new vehicles are fucking amazing

Kareshy175 karma

Let's Play and YouTube content in general has changed a lot over a relatively short period of time. What kind of changes do you expect to see in the future? Are there any ideas you're working on to get ahead on whatever the next step will be?

officialah380 karma

Ryan - Dicks out all the time.

Jeremy - I hate everyone

Rfwill13173 karma

What's the process like when choosing what videos to make?

officialah316 karma

We want to make a video, we make it.

Undeadmatrix163 karma

What kind of music is everyone into?

officialah468 karma

Jack - A lot of everything. Old school 90's music. Ska. Daft Punk.

Matt - Metal. Rock. System of a Down. Video Game Soundtracks.

Lindsay - Everything except for shitty country.

Jeremy - Anything rock related.

AndrewsBonin161 karma

What are some responsibilities that are usually accomplished by a certain member? IE Matt creates things to do: Michael - Gavin - Geoff - Jack - Ryan - Jeremy -

officialah470 karma

Matt - TTDs

Geoff - Responsible for every idea ever except for heists

Gavin - Dumb live action videos

Jack - Lets Play Live

Michael - Show up and whatever and everything

Jeremy - Nothing

tmac2015158 karma

Has a certain online comment ever really gotten to you? Or when the masses all complain about one of your qualities?

Like when everyone bashes Gavin for playing dumb, or Geoff for not caring, or jack for taking something too seriously? There are some days where all of /r/roosterteeth seems to turn on one of you guys out of the blue, do you guys ever notice this? And if so, how did you react?

officialah376 karma

At one point or another, the audience has always been against one of us. You have to remember that most bad comments just the 'vocal minority.'

Michael - The worst is when you reply to someone and the reaction to that is "Wow they're pissed" or "They're salty."

FatalPatriot153 karma

Can we get some new Sunday Driving videos?

officialah422 karma

No. That's Off Topic now

ervroark122 karma

When are you hanging Jeremy's desk from a Helicopter?

officialah226 karma


TVPC789104 karma

I loved "Jeremy gets a raise" Any more plans for this kind of thing in the future?

officialah159 karma

More shenanigans.

Subcriminal104 karma

Does Geoff have time to do photography anymore? Or did that stop after the Army?

officialah169 karma

No and yes

Solidito93 karma

The Garry's mod videos are up there with my favourite series you do. There's a large amount of game types available, are there any plan to make it in to a regular series?

officialah134 karma

We've talked about it, but no there isn't a plan as of yet. We need to try a few more gamemodes and such. It would probably get old quickly

essomenicgray75 karma

The introduction of Theater Mode is what made me want to be a FIRST member (and everything else is why I stayed). What are your favourite Theater Mode movies you've watched?

officialah94 karma

Father's Day


Tromeo and Juliet



benGYMin71 karma

Will there ever be a 7 days to die series that comes out every week like minecraft or GTA?

officialah152 karma

No there will not. We don't want it to boring or stale

Cvspartan26 karma

What was your favorite moment with Ray?

officialah38 karma

Lindsay - X-Ray & Vav was fun.

asexualgavin24 karma

did you guys ever figure out what 2017 is going to be the year of?

officialah31 karma

Not really, but ideas have been thrown around. We'll know it when it comes to us