Hello! My name is Asad Bunashi I'm a Kuwaiti oil painting artist who painted the first paranomic painting in my country Kuwait, I'm here to answer some questions from this community.

Born in 1976, I've been oil painting for over 20 years, I was born with this talent and skill and therefore I am still painting magnificent art to this day!

The paranomic painting revolves around Kuwait's past and history,in the year 1760. It shows how Kuwait's geography and lifestyle was back then. For more information about the paranomic painting click here. And surprisingly, I was the first person to paint the very first paranomic painting in my country Kuwait!

Alright, Let's start answering some questions.

Want to see more of my art (or proof)? Check out my Instagram page!

EDIT: Thank you all so much for asking questions for today, It was extremely fun to answer, some of them were funny and some of them were very interesting!

I will continue answering questions later on, I will be taking a break for now! Please leave any more questions and I will answer them later! I'm looking forward to answering more and more questions!

FINAL EDIT: It has been a wonderful day, I've received some negative questions and I've received many postive and supportive qusstion today. I will be stopping answering questions for today thank you all so much for participating in this IAmA, I would love to do this again next time and I wish you all A Happy New Year! Have a great day everyone!

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CoSonfused74 karma

So if this is the first panoramic painting, could you elaborate why nobody else has done this before in your country? Is this an art style that is not pleasing or well-known? Are there other factors playing here that I'm missing?

AsadBunashi37 karma

Paranomic paintings aren't well known throughout Kuwait, some Kuwaitis of the current generation aren't aware of oil painting art nowadays especially paranomic paintings!

Me and my historian friend decided to make a visualization of Kuwait's past or first border, but doing it on a normal canvas won't be a good idea, we then decided to make it on a paranomic canvas for it to fit all interesting and historic details of Kuwait's ancient geography.

I'm guessing not many artists knew about paranomic art and surprisingly I was the first to paint a paranomic painting thanks to my historian friend who helped me on visualizing Kuwait back then.

Good question by the way, that got me thinking.

ivanivakine010-179 karma

Because your people are backwards and homophobic lol not very creative. You literally imprison your gay citizens and are about half a thousand years into the past with your barbarism. How does it feel being introduced to art for the first time and knowing most of it has been created and shaped by the very people your society oppresses?

AsadBunashi70 karma

Why would you bring that up? We're all having a friendly conversation and Q&A. I'm here to answer some questions about art, oil painting, etc. and you're here to somehow expose me? I'm not here to discuss about this, I did not mention any hatred towards LGBT, I dont have any problems with any Gay people, I'm just okay with them I have nothing to interfere with them. The only topic(s) I want to discuss about is Art and my country Kuwait. Not the laws of Kuwait, not the hate towards LGBT, and definitely not negativity.

Have a good day and take care.

allwordsaremadeup21 karma

I thought you meant like a 360° painting, this one near my house. you should make one of those next! Ow a question.. Was researching population growth and saw Kuwait had some of the largest families of any wealthy country. Is that something you see in daily life and why do you think that is?

AsadBunashi19 karma

I might consider doing a 180 degrees painting, a 360 degrees one sure sounds challenging and a lot of work, it's my first time hearing about it too thanks for suggesting it! But I did paint many 3D art which you may like you can check them out here these are very old so keep that mind.

And yes, you have done your research well my friend! There are many large families and my family are one of them! I'm the 13th sibling, plus they youngest one in the family. I also do see large families frequently but no everyday, I'm usually trapped in my cave, my office.

Sockensortierer14 karma

How do you get the motivation to do your thing over a long time ?

And how did you start painting and would you draw in other art styles,for example grafitti?

AsadBunashi16 karma

I started painting and experiencing art since my childhood back then in different schools. Later on, I went to the College of Education Specializing Arts, henceforth, I started working on my first exhibition "Escape from Reality" in 2002.

lupus_king9 karma

I lived in Kuwait for 5 years :) I still have many friends there Is there a gallery where your works are exhibited? Did they make the avenues even bigger now?

AsadBunashi7 karma

Yes there are, there were many galleries where I've hosted my exhibits there, and one of them is the Museum of Modern Art, it was where I hosted one of my biggest exhibit: "The Journey".

And yes, the avenues is much bigger now, with an additional Grand Avenue, it's even bigger now with much more shops, restaurants, etc.

Hyenabreeder7 karma

What's your favorite food? Have you ever painted this food?

AsadBunashi24 karma

Pretty strange and funny question haha! My favorite type of food is Indian food, the spices and taste to it are delicious!

I have never painted any Indian food before, however, I did paint a very old painting where there are bunch of bread in a basket in the middle of nowhere!

HarmlessKitten6 karma

Three questions:

  1. What is your favourite painting in terms of conveying/portraying a metaphor/meaning?

  2. What is the most disturbing painting you have ever painted?

  3. What is the most disturbing painting you have ever seen?

AsadBunashi11 karma

  1. My favorite meaningful painting for sure is this one , sorry for the bad quality since I have painted this painting since 2002, it was also featured in the exhibition: "Escape from Reality".

  2. The most disturbing (and also disgusting) painting I've painted so far.. is definitely this one

  3. The most disturbing painting I have ever seen has got to be this one,

It also has a very disturbing meaning and backstory, it is pretty creepy and strange in my honest opinion.

wherecaneye5 karma

Pretty awesome paintings you have.

How did you know that you wanted to paint when you grew up and how supportive were your family about it?

AsadBunashi14 karma

Thank you kindly!

Art is very special to me, it relaxes the human mind and body and prevents the person from feeling like a failure, art encourages people to draw more and keep going, it shows them that they're a talented and gifted person, so I kept going. The amount of criticism and support I got was amazing, everyone liked my skills and art so therefore it motivated me to become an artist and paint many unique, creative paintings.

My family did not enjoy what I was doing at first, since they were extremely careful about me and religious, but later on my family loved what I was doing, sure I stayed inside painting all day they didn't liked that but later they loved what I was doing, I painted them and painted many things that they requested me to paint. I became known in my country, they supported me from the beginning till to this day and were very proud of me.

demma13 karma

What is your favorite art gallery in Kuwait?

AsadBunashi7 karma

The M Gallery or something like that, it has been a while since I last visited it, it has a lot of unique and strangely astonishing paintings, sculptures and mostly art and I loved it! I highly recommend all art lovers to visit that gallery is it wonderful!

demma12 karma

AM Art & Design Gallery?

AsadBunashi1 karma

I suppose so, let me check it's been a while since I've last heard of it again.

Stardustchaser2 karma

Thanks for your time! What subject matter are you interested in exploring? For example, many contemporary artists still like to explore idealized themes from history or fantasy, or hope to travel and paint landscapes in places they have not visited before- is that something that interests you?

Are there subjects that you are likely not to explore, perhaps because of cultural or societal stigma or just a lack of interest? Even in America there is plenty of debate over topics that are considered too obscene or offensive to portray as "art".

Thank you again- I look forward to seeing more of your art in the future :)

AsadBunashi4 karma

Good question!

I'm interested in imaginary and fantasy art or imagery. It helps me be calm and creative, in fact, most of my art paintings are fantasy and imaginary, especially these paintings.

There is nothing that I wouldn't paint or explore unless it's a negative topic of course, such as racism, horrible visuals of execution, the destruction of nature and many more, I am not that type of person at all.

UnoriginalCopy627882 karma

Where do you buy supplies? I assume Michaels and dick blick aren't near by. Also, do you have anything on under your outfit?

AsadBunashi4 karma

It's really not a big deal to me where I buy my brushes, I buy it from any nearby stores, Im not into those kind of fancy brushes.

When it comes to oil paint I become very picky with those stuff, sadly there aren't many in Kuwait but I buy them from Amazon or Ebay (mostly Ebay though haha!) any oil paint works as long as its not thick, I'm comfortable with what I'm painting.

Troll_me_not1 karma

Do you plan on coming to USA to do any art shows anytime?

AsadBunashi4 karma

Probably, depends on what exhibit I'm going to do about next.

I've been to India, China and Thailand for different exhibits, so I might give USA a try!

darkmion1 karma

Your works are great. If you have a chance a meet with legendary painter, who will he/she ?

AsadBunashi3 karma

Thank you!

I really loved Leonardo Da Vinci's work, especially the famous and known the Mona Lisa painting! But sadly he passed away a long time ago.

Luk3ling-1 karma

Is the guy standing next to you in this picture a monster? Because he looks like he might be, if I had to ID him from that picture, I'd go with Nosferatu.

AsadBunashi6 karma

Haha! Good one, he might be a monster!

But in all seriousness, he is a great guy and all, he helped me and accepted to hang my paranoma painting in his art gallery!

Choice77777-4 karma

Oil painting? So everything is black and white?

AsadBunashi3 karma

That is charcoal painting I believe! Oil painting has much more vibrant colors.

PreFrontalClarity-8 karma


AsadBunashi-1 karma

Thank you kindly!

My next project will be the Hiroshima exhibit! I will paint many paintings and imaginary art such as the nuke with faces on it, it is basically personified.

I will also explain about Hiroshima's history using my imaginary paintings!

Littlewigum-61 karma

Why don't you let women drive?

AsadBunashi40 karma

That is in Saudia and not in Kuwait, all women have rights to drive cars here.