My short bio: i did 3 years for giving my friend some of my prescription, he ended up overdosing and dying. proof

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My brother had my laptop for a while when i went to jail. until he got his own of course.

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If he was sentenced to 3 you usually do half your sentence before parole with good time included

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OP said in post he did three, not sentenced to three.

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i got sentenced to 1 1/2y-8y

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What was the first thing you ate when you got out? Also, what food did you miss most, that wasn't served in prison?

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Fried chicken. garlic parm.

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What were the prison bathrooms like? What were the showers like? Were there urinals/troughs? Dividers? How many sinks? How much privacy was there in the bathrooms?

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about 10-20 sinks depending on what block you were on. showers are separate stalls so you can beat that thing like bobby beat Whitney and the bath rooms looked just like a high school bathroom

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Do showers were the masturbation station? Did you always wear shower shoes?

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Yes and Hell yes

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complete privacy. separate stalls and sinks and showers

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What was the prescription?

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fentanyl patches

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why were you perscribed opiates that strong at such a young age?

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i have tumors on my spine

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Did you get the same Rx treatment in prison?

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I highly doubt they give you fent patches in prison. Way too easy of a thing to share or abuse.

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I agree. I'm just curious about what a proper substitute would be in the prison system. Also curious if there are any repercussions after getting out and possibly wanting to obtain the same Rx that he was prescribed before.

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no i got nothing

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How did you receive news in prison? Was the news up to date or a couple months late?

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i had a TV with cable.

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alot of soy meats and rice bread and potatoes all bland. all frozen.

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he wanted it, he told me he messed his back up really bad running cross country on day.. i have trouble saying no to anyone though

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What was the most brutal thing you witnessed/experienced in there? I.e, beatdowns

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a man get beat to death with a lock on a rope 2 feet away from my bed.

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What did he do for that to happen? gona be honest, i did not see that coming, truly horrifying

Did you try help or did you just have to watch or what?

Did you ever mess anybody up?

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i just watched. he was a pedo. and he was always bitching about smoking indoors he told on one dude who was smoking.

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I don't mean to sound like an asshole or douche or anything, so please don't take it this way, I'm just not sure how else to ask--

How do you feel knowing you're responsible for the death of a human being, and that you have ripped them from their families and life?

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i know what youre saying, he was my best friend for years. yes i beat myself up over it everyday. but if i let it tear me apart im going to end up back in jail. i owe it to him to make the best out of my life.

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Are the stereotypes of prison true?

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No you could be the biggest bitch in the world and as long as your quit and mind your business you'll be fine

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How was prison changed you? And how was the experience?

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well since being released yesterday, at the moment i am extremely nervous for reasons i cant quite explain. Prison made me more goal orientated and I feel like i look at the little things in life in a whole new light now. the experience is really mentally exhausting. you think when your on your way there that the fighting and the other things are the bad parts.. but that doesn't even hold a candle to the mental strain the whole thing puts on you. the experience is exhausting.

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Were the other inmates nice to you? Did you feel threatened? What about the guards?

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its like being the new kid at school people arent mean they just kind of ignore you at first. the guards ignore us we ignore them.

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Did inmates go after other inmates with certain crimes? If so, which ones?

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Not that i saw i mean yeah you know who the rapist and pedos are but they keep to them selves. everyone just acted like they didnt exist.

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countless. CBTC is the biggest one you live in an extra strict environment with 40 other men and they drill small little rules into your head for 6 months every day. 8 hours a day.

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Hi Wade. jolly Christmas

When do you think you would tell your SO about your past?

Also have any tips for prison?

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to the first question, i havent even thought about it yet. i think i would just have to feel it out, go from there. tips.. um don't act like a tough guy. always wash your hands. ALWAYS say excuse me. please, and thank you. never reveal to much about yourself. Dont speak unless spoken too.

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Did you have withdrawals from the fentanyl in prison? Did they allow you to keep medicating?

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yes really bad. and no they gave me nothing

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What were your favorite snacks in prison?

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Iced honey buns with peanut butter on them. and pop tarts. with peanut butter on them.

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I'm sensing a theme.

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with peanut butter on it?

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Does the stereotypical prison environment depicted in movies accurately represent the reality of them?

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not even a little bit. the only way someone is beating you up in prison if you owe them alot of money, or if you blatantly disrespect them. and people dont get raped in prison anymore.

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Were u studying at uni before going in?

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What did you do during the free time that you were given and how much free time did you get in general?

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1 hour in the morning- i ran 2 hours in the after noon- pullups push ups and dips- walked 2 hours at night i lifted weights.

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Are free weights still allowed inside your prison? Or just machines like bowflex.

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not out in the yard anymore but in the inside gym we had a nice weight pit.

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Do you still keep in touch with the other inmates after you were released?

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a couple that i really got cool with. me and my closest friend left the same day.

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Have you witnessed some "prison wife" while in prison?

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nope. i seen gay guys holding hands and stuff though

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when you leave prison, where do you go if you don't have family to take you in?

do they help you get into a shelter or some room and board? what about getting a job and food?

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they take you to a half way house where you get a job. and get on your feet

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Hey man, I'm sorry you had to go through that. I like your new mindset and willingness to achieve your goals! Keep it up.

Did you have any arguments/ fights with other inmates? Was it a violent setting? What was the most messed up thing/person you witnessed?

smoke_sum_wade14 karma

i got into one fight and thats because someone stole my friends clothes. it can get violent if you make it violent if youre not violent violence wont be around you. and i saw a man get beat to death with a pad lock on a rope at 2 am.

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Can you provide more details about the murder? Why was he killed and who did it and what was the aftermath of it?

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he got 30 days in the hole and the jail covered it up. said he fell out of his bunk. no bull shit.

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How did you sleep?

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in cells for a bit then i was moved to a dorm.. 40 bunks in one room

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Not to be a downer but have you found steady employment or a job of some kind? I know it can be tough.

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yes i got a job the day i got out.

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That's not the greatest circumstances to find yourself in. I know a lot of people that could have been guilt of the same thing. How long were you in for? What did you do with your time? What are you going to do now? Are you a better person since you've been released?

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I am a better person now, or at least i feel better. it really made me feel like i was redeeming my self in a way, but that process still has a long way to go. right now i am making college arrangements and i had a friend offer me a job 3 hours after i was released. while i was doing my time (3 years) i worked on me. i worked out a lot. set goals for my release and made arrangements for those goals to be met asap.

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What are some of your goals?

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i want to go to college and get a degree in graphic design and moble app development.

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As a graphic design major...don't waste your time with it. EVERYONE is a graphic designer these days. You have a second lease on life. Don't waste it on some superficial bullshit, man.

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i decided to go for communications. Ad development and marketing, public relation ect

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Heya Wade! I've just been wondering if the prison allows you/other inmates to continue personal vices, i.e. smoking?

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yes smoking and chewing. newports are 10 a pack and RYO kite is 4

smoke_sum_wade1 karma

chew is 4 as well

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I already had played a little but i was taught how to do moves, like the dragon and stuff. i still suck though

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Was it as bad, worse or better than you expected in there?

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better. i thought it was going to be like i saw on tv. walking around with my butt cheeks clenched.

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What's the wildest thing you've had/heard of snuck into the prison?

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hand sanitizer.

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What do you think about the movie Predator?

smoke_sum_wade5 karma

Predator? or Predators?

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how everything is still the same as 3 years ago. everybody kept living but it seems like nothing got done.

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Sorry you went through that OP. But is it true you have to buy your briefs, shirt, pants and socks when you're in jail/prison?

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you get a set of 3 every 6 months. but yes you can buy extra

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How did you get through the time ? Was it love, family , religion or anything else ?

I am more interested in the mindset and thought process that went when you were inside.

You look like a model though, Hope you get a photoshoot contract soon.

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i had to make goals for myself and and write lists everyday of what i wanted to accomplish that day. it took my mind off the time, when i had a goal to complete then move to the next one. i would make my list the night before. and thanks i needed that :)

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What's your hopes for a career since you're so young?

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communications major,

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How was the anal?

smoke_sum_wade37 karma

just like an espresso.

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dark, disgusting, but definitely woke you up?

smoke_sum_wade46 karma

black, strong, and bitter sweet