UPDATE: So Rogue One was cool -- that's all I'm going to say for now! But it's time for me to sign off. Thanks for all your questions -- this was really cool. Until my next AMA, you can follow me on Twitter at https://twitter.com/ToryBelleci, and if you watch White Rabbit Project on Netflix (https://www.netflix.com/title/80091245), Tweet #WhiteRabbitProject to tell us what you think. Later!

Hi, reddit, it's Tory Belleci, TV host, filmmaker, builder, special-effects technician, guinea pig, and fan of fast cars. My new series White Rabbit Project, which is with Kari Byron and Grant Imahara, has been streaming on Netflix for a week now, and hopefully you've had a chance to check it out. You can ask me about that, MythBusters, working in TV, movies I've worked in the past, Rogue One (which I haven't seen yet), doing the Gumball 3000 with deadmau5, whatever you want.

PROOF PHOTO: https://twitter.com/ToryBelleci/status/809804379792416768

This is my first solo AMA. Kari did an AMA on Monday and Grant did one last week and they had fun, so I'm looking forward to it.

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OrbitalPete2003 karma

How did your conversation with Kari go after she electroshocked you over dinner?

tory_belleci1861 karma

We were laughing so hard. It turned out to be a very fun scene.

OrbitalPete666 karma

No revenge dinner party planned then?...

tory_belleci1459 karma

There will definitely be a revenge dinner.

sharkuppercut1161 karma

Do you think you guys will, if White Rabbit Project gets renewed which I see easily happening, look at suggestions fans might have about the show and see if it's something you can improve on?

tory_belleci1591 karma

Totally. We've always been very responsive to you guys so if we do get a S2 we're listening. So far a lot of people are happy with the show, but want more builds. I agree.

AMRAAM_Missiles1064 karma

Hi Tory, thanks for doing the AMA! You should do this more often!

Do you still maintaining contact with Jamie and Adam? I know that you appeared in one of Tested podcast but do you still come by M5 from time to time to check up on Jamie? That guy just vanish into the deep water like a wal.... (i better not say it)

tory_belleci1854 karma

Thanks! I just had lunch with Jamie a week ago. He's still building crazy machines in his shop, but I get the feeling he's done with TV.

officialsquirrel83898 karma

How much creative control does Netflix give you guys with White Rabbit Project?

tory_belleci1782 karma

Netflix has been amazing. They pretty much just let us make the show. So different from cable.

readerbore869 karma

Hi Tory! Thank you for taking the time to be with us today!

What kind of milk do you drink? 2%, 1%, Whole, Chocolate, Milk Alternative?

tory_belleci1639 karma

Thanks for asking me the hard hitting questions. drink 2%

Noncensical825 karma

Tory - I used to binge watch myth busters in my friend's basement. Should I prepare to do the same? I need to know how many days of food to prepare

tory_belleci1151 karma

HAHA! White Rabbit Project is 10 eps each around 60mins. If you're gonna binge and you're serious, you could probably get it done in a day. 1 day supply.

Orphan_Babies771 karma


tory_belleci957 karma

HAHA! And someone from the highway called 911 because they thought someone was driving it. Good times indeed.

olieliminated764 karma

What is your "White Whale" of testing? The one thing you could never get just right, but knew the solution was out there?

tory_belleci2329 karma

Driving an F1 race car upside down. It's supposed to have so much down force that it would overcome gravity. No one ever wanted to let us use their F1. Go figure.

Ghost__on__Toast673 karma

Hi Tory! What was the scariest thing that has ever happened to you while filming?

tory_belleci1130 karma

It's a toss up between getting in the ring with a bull and jumping into shark infested water.

haloskulls117543 karma

What do you think about fan-interactions that spontaneously happen when you're just doing your day to day errands?

(asking because I passed by you years ago and was too shy to say hello)

tory_belleci618 karma

Ha! Say hello next time!

Alep91533 karma

Are you half italian? Your surname sounds like that. Big fan from italy ciao!

tory_belleci685 karma

I am Italian. Thanks paisan.

Natlos501 karma

How did you get to work on Mythbusters in the first place?

tory_belleci925 karma

I worked with J & A for years before MB in special fx for movies. When they got picked for MB they called me to audition as a builder and the rest is history.

ichdru21406 karma

If you had to forget one injury you had on myth busters, what would you forget?

tory_belleci1048 karma

Probably the bike jump, which has become my most famous injury. ha!

9a45cf2daa7fbe347 karma

What, in your opinion, was probably the stupidest myth you ever tested on the show? What about your favorite?

tory_belleci621 karma

Pyramid power was the lamest myth. I have so many favorites that it's hard to pick one. What's your favorite myth?

Tgclark330 karma

Ok Tory, imagine you, Kari, and Grant are working diligently on a new build in your shop overnight. You emerge to find that the zombie apocalypse took place while you were too busy to notice. Now, using only what you have available in your shop, how do you get yourselves and your crew to safety outside the city?

tory_belleci550 karma

Get out of my head! We have these conversations all the time. Take whatever vehicle we can reach, A-team it out with armor, a flamethrower and then load it up with zombie destroying contraptions.

derpbagels328 karma

What was your favorite clip (video thing or whatever) from WRP and why is it Hitler with tits?

tory_belleci514 karma

I think my favorite clip so far is Kari controlling me with electrodes. We couldn't stop laughing.

toomanymugs266 karma

Hi, Tory! I wanted to quickly say thank you for entertaining me for so many years! You and the rest of the MB cast and crew really made me love science from a young age. I binge watched WRP earlier this week, and I really enjoyed it!

  1. Ever since that moment you wiped out jumping over the wagon, you've kinda become known as the "daredevil"/unwilling guinea pig/guy who accidentally hurts himself on camera a lot. How do you feel about that being a part of your legacy on MB and WRP? I'm also sorry for laughing at a lot of your (hopefully not too bad) pain over the years.

  2. Bonus: What was it like driving that beautiful Lambo for Kari's GPS experiment?

tory_belleci340 karma

HA! I get hurt so you don't have too. Stoked you like WRP. Ever since I was a kid I wanted to be a stuntman so dreams can come true. The Lambo is SICK!

Bodkin_Lightly206 karma

Enjoying White Rabbit Project so far!

What would your dream project be? TV or movies, what would you like to be involved in that (maybe) you haven't been already?

tory_belleci341 karma

Thanks! I'm so glad you're liking it. My dream project would be to direct a movie. Maybe horror or Grind House style.

Spartyman77202 karma

The see-through screens you guys use on WRP to video chat are awesome...are they real or CGI?

tory_belleci272 karma

They're so cool right?! Available this Christmas? I'll keep that a mystery.

upernoob186 karma

what was the first car you bought? no idea how this is relevant to anything but whatever lol

tory_belleci310 karma

It was a 1970 Ford pick-up. It was my grandfather's and he gave it to me.

Thisismyfinalstand156 karma

Why aren't you as sexy as Kari?

tory_belleci457 karma

Kari is that you?

Alix_Chris144 karma

Hi Tory! Just a simple one, have you seen Rogue One yet, if so what did you think?!

tory_belleci270 karma

Haven't seen it yet, but planning on going today. STAR WARS!

dixiehellcat141 karma

Hi Tory! watching White Rabbit and loving it. Is Jesse the chemist (from ep 3 I think?) the same Jesse who was in the Breaking Bad ep of Mythbusters?

tory_belleci180 karma

YES!!! It is him. Jesse is the best. Love that dude.

meatballer140 karma

Hey Tory,

If someone offered you $57,000 to jump from a car moving 60mph into the bed of a truck moving 60mph, would you?

If someone offered you $20 to jump off of a bridge into definitely-deep-enough water, would you? Assume bridge height is known to be not sufficient for breaking bones.

tory_belleci301 karma

I'd take the $57,000 challenge. I've done the second challenge for free.

huge_ox132 karma

What was your favourite myth to bust?

What's better. Jamies mustache or Adams hair?

Who's better looking out of you, Grant and Kari?

tory_belleci288 karma

fav myth: Bull in a china shop what's better:Jamie's mo better looking:Kari is the fairest

Jayrod1618129 karma

If you could retest any myth, what would it be and why? In other words, what myth causes you to doubt the results of the experiment you devised to test said myth?

tory_belleci268 karma

Wakeboarding behind a cruise ship. I was so worried about standing up that I didn't really get to enjoy it.

edenkl8122 karma

First of all thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. I love the mythbusters and started watching the white eabbit project a few days ago. When you started in mythbusters, did you think it was going to be this amazing?, and how happy were you when you found out that you were hired for the mythbusters? How did you fill when the show ended? And how happy were you when you three started working together again in the white rabbit project?

Again, Thank you very much :)

tory_belleci205 karma

It's my pleasure. Good question. I was terrified when I started on MB. I didn't like being in front of the camera. None of us predicted the show would take off like it did. I was bummed when MB ended, but was also excited about the prospect of new projects and then White Rabbit Project happened. It's been a wild ride.

TjaosMaker120 karma

Do you still keep in touch with Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5?


tory_belleci224 karma

Yeah I talk to Joel all the time. We were just hanging out in Hawaii about a month ago, trying to crash golf carts at his show.

MattBaster114 karma

Now it's your turn for an IAMA! So tell me, what was your favorite thing that got blowed up real good on the show?

tory_belleci195 karma

Cement Truck! Boom!

comer93113 karma

Hello Tory

What was the biggest/ most challenging project that you did with Mythbusters and what did you have to do?

tory_belleci209 karma

I think one of the biggest builds we did was for earthquake myths. We built a 40ftx40ft earthquake simulator. When it started shaking it was terrifying, but awesome!

EhRabz102 karma

Do you ever get a self satisfying feeling knowing how many people , especially children you've inspired towards science over the past decade or so? Do you feel like you're contributing towards the betterment of man kind by sparking interests in science at such a young age?

tory_belleci181 karma

I don't think we ever set out to inspire or educate with the show. We were just a curious bunch and wanted to entertain. If we've made a difference for the better then it makes it that much sweeter.

lil_sprite78 karma

Hey, long time fan, what was your favorite Myth or project you worked on? I've never heard your favorite ones since you did the Mythbusters episode. Thanks again, love the show!

tory_belleci155 karma

Thanks! My fav myth/moment was blowing up the cement truck. Hands down.

kglinnen77 karma

When you left Mythbusters, did you three know you'd eventually be doing another show together?

tory_belleci152 karma

We hoped, but didn't know we were going to get a show like WRP. Still can't believe it.

SpoopyMcgee72 karma

Hey Tory! Love the show, but I just have one question. Do you still play counter-strike? If so you, me, and scoutknives. Come at me bro.

tory_belleci93 karma

Haha! I've been playing Call of Duty more.

shephi4369 karma

Hey, I really like the episode of MB where you were trapped under all the earth. It looked absolutely terrifying and it definitely freaked me out.

Has there ever been a test that you've said no to because of how dangerous/scary it is? Or is there a hypothetical test you would never do?

Thanks 😊

tory_belleci230 karma

I wanted to test going over a waterfall in a barrel at the Niagara Falls, but the Canadian Govt said no.

pappkopp66 karma

Do you have permanent injuries from the show?

tory_belleci229 karma

Just emotional ones. ha!

wheelfoot57 karma

Hi Tory, HUGE Mythbusters fan and enjoying WRP.

You getting hurt on camera sort of became a thing on Mythbusters. Are you really that accident prone or were some of those scripted? What was the worst time you hurt yourself?

tory_belleci124 karma

There's a little thing call camera courage that when you're being filmed you tend to think you're invincible. I thinks that's always been my problem. Thanks for watching WRP!

elbowsayles53 karma

Hi Tory! What is your next project after White Rabbit and do you plan to continue the series? Love the show BTW!

tory_belleci103 karma

Happy to hear you're liking WRP. Hopefully we get a season 2. We had a blast making it and would love to keep it going.

SputnikGagarin51 karma

Hey Tory,

I'm enjoying the new show! Now to my question. I've seen you post stuff from IndyCar races a time or two, do you have a favorite driver and have you been to the Indy 500 yet? If not, I highly suggest it.

tory_belleci75 karma

My favorite Indy drivers are Conor Daly and James Hinchcliffe. Oh and Mario Andretti for sure. I actually got to drive 66 laps at the 500 track in an Indy car. Best day ever.

Streetbros51 karma

What was your favorite gun to shoot on the show ?

tory_belleci117 karma

Mini Gun

Elytrus42 karma

Do you have any advice on growing beards, given that yours is one of the most beautiful of its kind?

tory_belleci66 karma

HAHA! Be patient. I'm Italian though so I might have an unfair genetic advantage.

Craico1340 karma

Hi Tory! What's your favourite/least favourite fan experience?

I'm sure you've met some odd-balls.

tory_belleci146 karma

Our fans are so nice. Once at the airport I was flying from Canada to the US and the CA border security yelled to her co-workers when she saw my ID, "Hey this is that crazy guy from MB who blows stuff up."

BriansAccountt39 karma

Hey Tory! If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

tory_belleci114 karma

Pizza, but good pizza.

PuppyBreath39 karma

I've seen you wear Nevada Wolfpack shirts on Mythbusters, and I wondered: Are you a UNR alum? I know they have an excellent engineering program, but I'd just always wondered.

tory_belleci94 karma

Oh I loved that shirt. No, I didn't go to school there. I found the shirt at a second hand store.

jcassani37 karma

Hi Tory, thank you for this amazing show, Im just 2 episodes away from finishing this season, what can I do after that, what will happen to my life and how will I kill the boredom? I need more episodes, when is season 2 starting?

tory_belleci61 karma

That's awesome! Glad you like it. Hopefully Netflix gives us a season 2 so you can have MORE!

pizzabagel246828 karma

Hi Tory, huge fan here!!

Question: If you tried to jump over that wagon again with the same bike could you make it??

tory_belleci53 karma

If I had a BMX bike then for sure I'd try again.

The_Bug90928 karma

Hey Tory, how does it feel being adored by millions as a Kari seeks ways of torturing you?

tory_belleci28 karma

Ha! It makes the torture bearable.

gibbonjiggle23 karma

You were one of my first celebrity crushes! Hello!

My question is: what is your favorite build of all time?

tory_belleci37 karma

Ha! Thanks. Favorite build of all time would be two big rig trucks crashing head on.

jelimoore18 karma

What was you dream job as a kid? When you went on Mythbusters, did that become your dream job?

tory_belleci44 karma

Working in special fx for the movies was my dream job and that came true. Directing movies is my next dream job.