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Donthatethaplaya5 karma

Is his hair as voluminous and luminescent in person?

sewerseamstress3 karma

Lol. It's more curly when it's not styled!

catnotcurious3 karma

What would you say most interns go on to do after their time at the show ends? Do most of them stay in the industry?

I've heard people talk about how lucky you guys must be but I always presumed it's just a fun semester's worth of work experience but then you end up in a completely different field like with many other internships.

sewerseamstress3 karma

I have kept in contact with some of the other interns I knew. I'd say a handful are still working in the industry. (Specifically LA/Hollywood) Some of the other interns now work in other cities doing production, as well.

I was one of the interns that ended up doing something completely different afterwards!

my_hunt3 karma

Why you not working there no more ?

sewerseamstress3 karma

Well, like most internships, they come to an end. And they didn't have any openings when my internship ended. But, I was off to a new journey. :)

SkywalkerLandfill1 karma

Which guest left the most lasting impression on you?

Is Louis CK a huge jerk?

sewerseamstress1 karma

Dick Van Dyke! He was really sweet!

I have no idea! I have had no interaction with him!

Thrannn1 karma

Does conan think he is a god?

Not the asshole kind of gos, but the "yeah i am conan o brien, look at me i have a own show. Bring me my toiletpaper" kind of god?

I guess i would think im a god if i were in hus position.

sewerseamstress1 karma

No. He was always pretty chill. Never came across as a diva, to me!

munkeybub1 karma

Are you in the sketch where Conan meets his interns?

sewerseamstress1 karma

Nope! I was never in any of the sketches. A lot of those interns are the general interns. (There are more of them than the costuming department.) I was always really busy with errands!

tgrdem0 karma

You might not be able to answer me, but have you ever heard Conan talk about why he named his daughter what he did?

Her and I share a name, but it seems bizarre to me that he'd give her an Irish name and anglocize the spelling of it.

sewerseamstress4 karma

I actually don't know! Sorry!