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ph3l0n8 karma

How's your balls? Are they frozen off yet?


Craftistic9 karma

Hahahah nearly!

harlequinn006 karma

How can I/we help you?

Craftistic11 karma

I hadn't thought that far ahead to be honest. I spend a lot of time of reddit in my downtime and thought it could be an interesting topic. Anyone who wants to help another person should follow their gut and go with it, that's all I can really say.

IAteHer2Times4 karma

Would you still live in Canada if you were well off?

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nothing_showing2 karma

What feels colder, -40°C, or -40°F?

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CollectingCandles1 karma

What's that in Fahrenheit?

john_stuart_kill17 karma

It's about 248 Kelvin.

Craftistic4 karma