johnnynoname1238 karma

Is it true you have a Alanis Morrissette Voodoo Doll?

_SarahMcLachlan76 karma

we made one for each other

jsto3428 karma

Have you ever seen a man eat his own head?

_SarahMcLachlan47 karma

not recently

Daveflave19 karma

If you can choose one, what was the defining moment in your career?

_SarahMcLachlan32 karma

Lilith Fair

kaysirtap9 karma

Hi Sarah! Of all the songs you've written, can you say that one or a few of them is/are your favorite? And if so, which ones and why?

_SarahMcLachlan29 karma

I would say Angel is one of my favorites...I think because of how it's touched so many people, I've been told so many different stories about how that song has impacted people and thats a great feeling.

breadvelvet8 karma

hi, thanks for doing this! my question is, who are some of your favorite fellow artists from canada?

_SarahMcLachlan25 karma

Joni Mitchell, Feist, The Wkend, Neil Young, Justin Bieber to name a few

phdnrd6 karma

Really love the posts of you hiking, doing the grind, etc. Do people/fans approach you in public in Vancouver, or are you able to live a 'normal' existence while at home?

_SarahMcLachlan20 karma

everyone is pretty chill in Vancouver, I think they are used to seeing me(-: my life there is pretty simple and people are very respectful

Brookedasnook6 karma

Hi Sarah! I've never heard you sing Vox live. It is such a great song. Is it a song you don't perform at all or just rarely??

_SarahMcLachlan12 karma

I've tried as many people ask me to sing Vox but I don't feel any connection to it anymore as it was one of the first songs I ever wrote and though I appreciate it, I can't wrap my mouth around the words.

CocoBadger115 karma

Hi Sweet Sarah! I'm going through a really rough patch right now. My dog passed a couple of weeks ago, then the love of my life left me last week. Rough, right. I have been on a marathon of your CD's since my house was quiet after Thanksgiving, and I love that you enjoy Pema Chodron too! When things fall apart is really my bible... when I can see through the tears. Any other suggestions you have? I know I will get through this, but I'm struggling right now <3

_SarahMcLachlan17 karma

oh my god, I was going to say, go out and get all the Pema Chodron books, but you've got the best one! I know its hard but the only way out is through. Good luck and be kind to yourself

Farkerisme4 karma

Hey Sarah. Decent fan, here. LOVED the video for Building a Mystery. I had a question about another song off of that album, Angel. I had always intimated to myself, for whatever reason, that it lyrically had had to do with drugs. Namely, opiates.

Was wondering if you could enlighten me on how far off (or on) I might have been about this interpretation?

Much thanks. You're gorgeous! :D

_SarahMcLachlan10 karma

technically you are right

SurfacingSolace14 karma

Hey Sarah Would you ever do a full album of other people's songs suggested by fans? Will you tour in the U.K. Again? I saw you in 2004 and you blew me away with your phenomenal talent ❤️ Thanks for everything your music has done for me in my life :)

_SarahMcLachlan15 karma

send me a list, you never know...

DocLeWolfe4 karma

So i looked you up and saw you were from Canada. Whats the most remote place you've been to?

_SarahMcLachlan14 karma

The Cook Islands

i_make_stuff_up_alot4 karma

What is your favorite book, and why?

_SarahMcLachlan16 karma

right now i'm reading Pema Chodren , really anything by her, shes a Buddhist monk.

mirrorspirit4 karma

What is your favorite holiday?

_SarahMcLachlan21 karma


Frajer4 karma

What's your favorite holiday song to sing?

_SarahMcLachlan20 karma

Silent Night

iamreeterskeeter4 karma

Who is your favorite musician?

_SarahMcLachlan26 karma

Peter Gabriel

Fidgetstic3 karma

Would you ever do an album of harpsichord music?

_SarahMcLachlan39 karma

maybe when I'm dead

WeRWhoWeAre2 karma

Hi Sarah! Loving Wonderland! Beautiful addition to the holiday season! Question: If all it took was a flick of a switch, what would be one of your fears you would like to overcome? Happy holidays to you, and the girls!! xo Peace, Love, and Happiness

_SarahMcLachlan5 karma

the fear of something bad happening to my children

nicolegould2 karma

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? P.s. do you remember me Sarah from meeting in vancouver with Michelle P? We also recently met in darien lake! Good to talk again! !

_SarahMcLachlan7 karma

baking cookies with my kids and singing carols

_Boz_2 karma

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

What prompted you to do this holiday album?

_SarahMcLachlan8 karma

doing more of the same staying home with my teenager

little_foxes2 karma

First, I love your music and I am excited to play your versions of these songs this season!

For the question what would you say is your #1 guilty pleasure?

_SarahMcLachlan10 karma

pink Starbursts

MadeleineCestDommage2 karma

As a lyrical artist and soulful performer, do you feel any kind of calling to help bring some light to us in the US in the difficult days ahead? We need you now more than ever.

(Not that that's a lot to ask of a working mom.)

_SarahMcLachlan7 karma

i find whats happening in America very scary but also very revealing of a huge chasm that we all need to help find a bridge for, the only way to win is with love...I know that sounds corny but an olive branch has to be offered by someone, our hearts need to try and stay open

hlwarrior2 karma

Hi Sarah! Love the holiday album. Any hint for when we can expect your next album of original material? Merry Christmas!

_SarahMcLachlan12 karma

I'm spending next year at home writing

phdnrd2 karma

Do you still carry Starbursts in your purse? Do you have a favourite candy?

_SarahMcLachlan5 karma

um, maybe :)

ajwooderson2 karma

Hi Sarah I was wondering if you have gotten around to reading Endlessness of the Stars yet?

_SarahMcLachlan1 karma

nope, I've not, I assume its recent?

allthenviousfeelings2 karma

What do you look forward to most about the holiday season?

_SarahMcLachlan11 karma

food, family, singing

bigfoot172 karma

How do you feel about the way everyone politicizes things these day? For example your post on facebook about Hamilton devolved into political argument rapidly.

_SarahMcLachlan10 karma

I think everyone is very charged and polarized right now in the wake of the election and whether we like it or not, Trump is president and we all have to figure out how we as citizens can continue to exact positive change in our worlds and try to find ways to bridge the gap... when we have such strong opposing views, we both become fanatic and radical...and that often shuts down any chance of finding some common ground, the only chance for positive forward movement...there is a lot of healing that needs to happen in this country and a lot that needs to be fixed, true but somethings gotta give...I dont have any answers but I know that holding on to anger and resentment only hurts us in the end and its better to try and find a way to release it, let it go and move forward thoughtfully and mindfully, try to do no harm and be kind...but the only way out is through, I'm so tired, I'm sure I'm rambling and making little sense so I'm going to stop there...

nowthisishome2 karma

Hello, Sarah! You probably have a very scheduled life and when not being Sarah the performer, being Sarah the person, what is the most spontaneous thing you have done in the past year? Thanks for the entertaining conversation.

_SarahMcLachlan3 karma

I am the opposite of scheduled when I'm home, I like to let things flow and not make plans...I'm very spontaneous..

Eep692 karma

Favorite Venue to play in Vancouver?

_SarahMcLachlan5 karma

love the Queen Elizabeth and the Orpheum

cleverlyannoying2 karma

Hi Sarah! You were one of my favorite singers growing up and I admit to dropping a random Building a Mystery into a game night playlist. (Even the haters somehow seem to know all the words.) So thanks for doing what you do and continuing to do it!

My question is, given your fairly well-defined genre, do you have a favorite artist/band outside of that you think might surprise us?

_SarahMcLachlan6 karma

I'm loving Justin Bieber's new record

LeeCello1 karma

What is one life lesson you learned or strong memory you have from the Lilith Fair?

What is one thing you would recommend to a younger group of feminist musician who want create meaningful events?

_SarahMcLachlan3 karma

stand firm for what you believe in and try to be inclusive and open

GrumpleKelkins1 karma

Do you get tired of people associating you with the sad animals? Because that will be how I remember your career (along with sad montages on youtube)

_SarahMcLachlan6 karma

that's your choice my dear (-:

SenorKerry1 karma

I see you mentioned that you have kids. Do they have any interest in becoming musicians? Thanks for making great music btw

_SarahMcLachlan5 karma

my girls are both lovely singers but the older one is not interested, the jury is out with the younger one who loves perform and is an extrovert

WeRWhoWeAre1 karma

Excited to read that you will be writing some new material through 2017! A MUCH deserved rest for you! I don't think there will be any Sarah McLachlan mutiny forming while you are away! :)

Any funny tour bus shenanigans that you can share?

_SarahMcLachlan3 karma

I'm so wild and crazy, about 5 minutes after we get off stage, I'm in the bus, in my jammies, and if my kids are with me, I'm in their bunk reading stories to them

jungsanity1 karma

What was the most lyrically or melodically challenging song you've had to write? And do you usually write the melody or lyrics first?

_SarahMcLachlan4 karma

I almost always write melody first but often a few words creep in and then, if they feel strong, I will try and look deeper into why I said that and where could I go with that...its a discovery, searching, looking under rocks etc...

Magster561 karma

Hi Sarah! I met you in Bangor Maine on your last tour. My question is what are some of your favorite movies? (New & old).

_SarahMcLachlan5 karma

Sound of Music, Blade Runner, Finding Nemo, Deer Hunter, Bridesmaids

CarolCiola1 karma

Hi Sarah! Do you have any tatoo or ever thought about doing one? xo

_SarahMcLachlan2 karma

I don't have one as i hate needles and pain and I'm too fickle

nowthisishome1 karma

Hello Sarah! Happy holidays to you and yours. You have performed in various aspects. Lillith Fair, Orchestra, Josh Groban, etc. Will you ever write, collaborate, or star in musical theater? Thank you for making the world a better place. <3

_SarahMcLachlan1 karma

I wrote a song for the King Kong Musical but I'm not sure if it ever made it across the pond, it was done in Australia

perogi211 karma

Loved your Shine On album - any reason why you didn't play any of it during your tour with Josh Grobin?

_SarahMcLachlan8 karma

I did, where were you? :)

popcornandcheezits1 karma

Hi Sarah! I've been a big fan of your music since I was 10 (coming close to 20 years now). Thanks for all of the wonderful music.

Any plans for a laid back tour? I had to miss the Groban one because of price, and as I recall a recent tour before that included an orchestra. I'd love to see just you!

As a bi/pan woman, I've always interpreted "Good Enough" to be a romantic song from a woman to her friend coming out of a relationship. Any truth to this interpretation?

_SarahMcLachlan6 karma

Good Enough can be interpreted both the way you suggested or simply, as a song of friendship and solidarity.

Veviane1 karma

Hi. Thank you for you sweet voice And incredible songs. Do you have any intention to perform in Brazil someday?

_SarahMcLachlan1 karma

would love to come to Brazil

mee14x1 karma

whats your favorite song on the album??

_SarahMcLachlan2 karma

really hard to name one, but I really love Heron Carol

JenHenmi1 karma

Thank you so very much for your music. You have been part of my life since 1998.
Do you feel you are a rare type of musician, meaning, are genuine singer/songwriters getting harder to find?

_SarahMcLachlan3 karma

yes, but they're out there

willybilly19891 karma

what are some of your favorite musicians/ bands?

_SarahMcLachlan10 karma

Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Joni Mitchell, Talk Talk, Brian Eno, Keane, Ray LaMontagne, to name a few

Yankeesgirl031 karma

First I wanted to say you have the most amazing voice of anyone I have ever heard live. My absolute favorite cd is Mirror ball. It takes me back to a time with so many memories...happy and sad but I always seemed to get comfort from that cd. I just wanted to know what are some of your favorite hobbies?

_SarahMcLachlan1 karma

baking, hiking, surfing, drawing, making jewelry

gmarez1 karma

Do you have a musical/professional rival, or someone that drives/challenges you to be a better musician?

_SarahMcLachlan1 karma

my producer Pierre Marchand

kbrbjb1 karma

Who was your favorite character in Hamilton? Who did you feel that you related to the most?

_SarahMcLachlan2 karma

well, I loved Alexander, and his ambition and drive but really everyone on the cast was stellar! I was overcome and bawling by the end as it is a rare thing to see great art happening right in front of you....

belzl1 karma

Hey Sarah :) you are my fav artist in the world and have been since your first album! Congrats on the new album <3 it! Will you be playing Ireland any time soon (north or south)?! Lots of love Bela xx

_SarahMcLachlan1 karma

no plans but I love Ireland!


Are you always as calm and subdued as your music makes you seem? What makes the real Sarah McLachlan rage?

_SarahMcLachlan5 karma

ha! I've got you fooled(-: I'm pretty chill but ignorance and bullying gets me riled up