Hey there Reddit! We are Obsidian Entertainment! Tomorrow we release our brand new RPG Tyranny which will add to our long legacy of RPGs.

Ask us anything you want, doesn’t have to be about Tyranny (though we’re pretty excited to talk about it!), but as game developers we’d of course love to keep it within that scope of relevance! We have also charmed some of the lovely people from our publisher Paradox Interactive to assist us in answering/pitching-in on questions where they are able as we've been working together with them for some time now!


With us today are
Brian Heins /u/brian_obsidian
Feargus Urquhart /u/FeargusUrquhart
Tim Cain /u/TimCain
Mikey Dowling /u/Mikey2x4

It’s gonna be fun hanging with you all! Let’s do this!


Ah! But of course we’ll be needing some proof as well!

PROOF Here’s Brian and and Tim

PROOF 2: Return of the Mikey

PROOF III: The Paraproofening Some Paradoxians we ensnared

UPDATE: This has been a true blast and we're so happy that you're all here having a good time with us! We're gonna start easing out as we all do have other responsibilities to attend to (the swedes in particular need to sleep).

It's not impossible that some of us dip in and out of the thread throughout the day to answer some more questions though consider the AMA largely over. 'Til next time we meet! Hail Kyros!

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Farveille3551 karma

So... when are you guys doing Kotor III ?

FeargusUrquhart3119 karma

If you could pitch EA on that for us, I'd be your friend for life. :)

Mikey2x42212 karma

What Feargus said. The title is out of our hands as EA has the license for the games. We'd love to return to the galaxy far, far away if we had the chance!

Theletterz1713 karma

Wow now even I am excited!

Farveille232 karma

Alright. I'll be right back.

JoelS90122 karma

Please hurry.

Farveille277 karma

Theletterz223 karma

Doing Kyros's work!

Mr_Wiki_961751 karma

In franchises like Star Wars and Fallout, where other devs focus on the gameplay and action, what drives your team to focus on the RPG element of a game and end up creating such thought provoking and narrative driven games?

Mikey2x4337 karma

A big pillar of our company in general is giving player agency and making sure what they do matters throughout the course of the game. We strive to let players have their choices have as much impact as we can give them within the scope of what we're building. The narrative definitely falls into a big part of that player experience and we are honored to have such a talented group of writers under our roof.

Mr_Wiki_9662 karma

I am so glad you guys replied! Keep doing what you're doing! You and Paradox are pretty much my favourite devs! :D

Theletterz93 karma

You're pretty much our favourite AMA friend! <3

RouserVoko50 karma

Can we romance Kyros? >:D

brian_obsidian96 karma

Only if she orders you to...

Now that the joke reply is out of the way, we don't really have romances written for Tyranny. Given the scope of writing for the game, across the four major story paths, Companions, and Archons, it was just beyond the scope of what we could include. Our writers nearly killed themselves getting the game done as it is. We couldn't have piled any more onto them than we already did (I tried!).

RouserVoko62 karma

I am sure the many fanfic writers will pick up the slack.

brian_obsidian79 karma

We're all breathlessly awaiting the Barik/Kills-in-Shadow fanfic. Or honestly, anyone and Kills-in-Shadow...

Theletterz66 karma

I've sent it to my editor, should reach you within days!

headpool1823 karma

What is your favourite 90's game, and why is it Star Trek 25th anniversary?

Theletterz6 karma

Heroes of Might and Magic III yo!