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TheChristmasFish270 karma

What do each of you bring to friendship?

Lpontheleft298 karma

For when there are potlucks, I am really good at bringing appetizers. I ask specifically what hosts need and want, about dietary restrictions, and I always bring booze. -HZ

I make sure the fun doesn't get too out of hand, so it's just fun enough but also we realize how sad and depressing everything is. -BK

Pickles and warmth. -MP

agealy17132 karma

If the three of you had to be a human centipede, who would be the mouth, the middle, and the butt? Discuss among yourselves.

Lpontheleft241 karma

I'm of course the mouth. - HZ

I'm the middle because I'm the glue that holds us together. -MP

Kissel is the asshole - HZ

I don't know... - BK

ShakespearInTheAlley117 karma

Should we put Henry in Free Speech Jail for the duration of this?

Lpontheleft255 karma

No. I will not be. As long as the internet is free, I am free. For the next 50 minutes it's BONERRRRRRRRR TIMEEEEEEE you fuckers! 9/11 was allowed to happen. -HZ

syrupypebbles113 karma

Marcus, what's the best kind of pickle flavor? Dill? Sweet? Gherkin? Girlfriend?

Lpontheleft136 karma

Spicy bread and butter. - MP Henry and Ben both agree its a controversial decision.

Lpontheleft104 karma

Thank you so much for joining us with this, it's been a blast. We've got two episodes coming out this week and we'll see you at the live shows.

Don't forget to check out, The Last Stream on the Left at adultswim.com on Friday at 7:30.

Hail yourselves, Hail Satan, Hail me, Megustalations!

TwattySeahag81 karma

I've been listening to the podcast for a while and I'm also in the facebook group, so I'm familiar with some of the crazy shit that gets posted there. Have you had any fans of LPOTL do anything really crazy to get your attention or sent you anything totally insane?

Lpontheleft157 karma

Yes, I've had to report emails to the cops more than once, but I do not want to divulge any more information about that because I don't want to give the person attention. -MP

We also recently received a Dibbuk box upon my request of a cursed object. But we're not opening it unless I can personally contact Matisyahu -HZ

But mostly it's just amazing artwork. We have the most creative and intelligent fans in the woooorld. -BK

Megonomix76 karma

I love LPOTL, and all the cave comedy podcasts, you guys do great work. I just want to say thank you for making me laugh during some dark days, the first time i listened to LPOTL i laughed out loud harder than i had in months and for that I am incredibly grateful.

My only question is what's up with Pickle Girlfriend? I've listened to almost every LPOTL and i still can't figure that one out.

Thanks again guys. Hail yourselves :*

Lpontheleft124 karma

It's his girlfriend. They like pickles. It's as simple as that. She wants to remain anonymous because everyone is a fucking creep. -HZ

WrongSideOfRagnarok70 karma

Hail everyone! I'm a big fan! One question, did Ben shit in the shower?

Lpontheleft124 karma

Yes -HZ

Yes -MP


Edit: Holden did it -BK

choady-foster69 karma

Can we get an episode on the lost cosmonauts??

Lpontheleft97 karma

Sure -all

888899998888999965 karma

What topic that you guys had to research for the podcast was the scariest/freakiest?

Lpontheleft146 karma

The Franklin coverup because, as we said on the podcast, if 10% of it is true, then that's terrifying. -MP

I think the most disturbing topic is the Toybox Killer. Other than 9/11, but that's a different thing. -BK

I was having very intense alien nightmares during the Coronado abduction episode. -HZ

reptilian_king_larry58 karma

Who is your favorite heavy hitters? For all 3 of you.

Lpontheleft151 karma

I go Ed Kemper and Dahmer -BK

Mine is obviously John Wayne Gacey because he was charming. Good taste in boys -HZ

Ed Gein for the story. Andre Chikatilo for the kills -MP

iamnoke56 karma

In your research have any of you found a power top that can match the unholy destruction that was power bottom Aleister Crowley? Is there a light to combat such darkness?

Lpontheleft82 karma

Dark is always stronger than light. Light is only stronger if somebody is writing a movie about it. HZ

Who could fuck Aleister Crowley as hard as he could fuck?? -MP

Any pope -HZ

Abraham Lincoln -all

badarts49 karma


I wanted to ask if you guys would consider an episode on the "Paul is Dead" conspiracy? It'd be pretty lighthearted, let Marcus stretch his legs on music trivia (even though he's historically a little cold on the Beatles), give Ben plenty of pun-ready setups, and give Henry a chance to go off the rails with a Liverpudlian/Jamaican accent. Just a thought.

Anyways, you guys are great.

Lpontheleft37 karma

It's in the pipeline

BigRigButters48 karma

Long time fan of the show and CCR in general. I just have a couple short questions.

1) When you guys pick extra heavy topics, specifically things like Colunbine, Waco, and 9/11, how much trepidation do you have before diving in? Obviously your research is well thought out, but are there any concerns of backlash when doing a series like that?

2) How did Holden become the human trash pile as we know him today?

3) I know you guys get a lot of cool stuff sent to you, what's your favorite gift you've received? As an aside, is there anything that hasn't been sent to the Creek yet that you guys would really enjoy? (I've considered sending stuff before, but down want to overload you with duplicates.)

4)Henry, how long are you going to keep Ben on notice?

Keep up the good work guys, megustalations!

Lpontheleft55 karma

  1. We picked the big ones when we felt we were ready to approach that sort of subject matter with the kind of gravity they deserved. -MP

  2. When he was born -HZ

  3. My favorite gifts are t-shirts, so keep sending them! -HZ

The wax head that the mortuary science student sent us -MP

All of the amazing paintings -BK

  1. Until he fucking straightens up or ships out -HZ

I was unaware that I was on notice -BK

the_human_porch48 karma

Hey guys! I apologize for the length, I haven’t been able to get through on the stream and the last Chicago live show I couldn’t stick around. The show has been an amazing source of entertainment for a long time for me, and thanks to you I learned a lot about people I never would have heard of like Henry Lee Lucas, the facts and past of Dhamer, and stories I grew up with but never knew how much more information was out there like 9/11, Ramsey, OJ and Columbine.

  1. I want to pitch a show to you. I know adult swim loves long titles so I dub this “Dulce Air Force Base: The misadventures of Costello and Crashtar”. Henry would of course be Thomas Costello (thick glasses, pasted down comb over hair), Ben would be Crashtar in a giant rubber lizard suit and Marcus would play various alien human hybrids. Think the odd couple meets YPFIGTH meets cheers. We would follow the two each episode into another level of the facility, the various characters they meet all while Costello bumbles his way through not getting eaten by reptilians. This would also be a good chance for henry to drop some truth bombs about what’s really happening inside the government!
  2. With the popularity of true crime tv and podcasts have you guys had to be more careful with the content you cover? Has there been subject matter you really want to cover but say sword and scale did something similar so you want to give it some time?
  3. Are there any old episodes you would consider revisiting? Like the first few years you covered some heavy hitters that you could give some more time, they ended up being one part episodes, that should have been multiple parts but due to time, bandwidth and at the time only having one researcher you just couldn’t do it.
  4. With the popularity of the live shows have you guys considered maybe doing some shorter “best of” episodes to fill in the gaps when you just can’t record that week. There are plenty of fans like myself who listen to old episodes daily and would be more than willing to make these. This would enable you to still place an Ad in for the week, record a short intro about no new episodes due to x, y and z and maybe give new listeners a taste of older episodes they might not have tried out before.
  5. Im an artist and enamel pins are pretty popular right now, I had an idea to make a “Hail Me!” pin in the font style and colors of LPOTL. Before I did it I wanted the boys blessing, the cost is just a lot so it would be an experiment for me. I would of course send you guys some freebies and donate to the patreon. Maybe even design you guys a MEGUSTALATIONS! Pin.
  6. Where can I send free artwork and papa john’s gift cards for ben?

Shout out to all the CCR podcasts, listen and love them all.

Lpontheleft57 karma

  1. No. -BK

Henry reads description out loud

Now I like it -BK

  1. No, we have our own unique perspective on the things we cover. There's a lot of room in the true crime world. -HZ

We don't really pay attention to other podcasts, we just do our own thing. Except My Favorite Murder. -MP

Keep your nose down, staring at the buffet. -BK

  1. Eventually yes. We've already started to do that, and our next heavy hitter, Richard Chase is an expansion of our real life vampires episode. So serial killers we gave little time to in our earlier compilation episodes are going to get the full treatment. Aiileen Wuornos is coming soon too. -MP

  2. Check out the other shows on Cave Comedy Radio. There's a lot of content there that Marcus and I also work on. -BK

  3. Do it! Send it to me, I'll wear it! -HZ

  4. 10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

Terry_the_gnome47 karma

Well look who it fucking is. You assholes ready to get shitfaced and fuck a cat?

Lpontheleft70 karma

I was sidling my way over to fuck this dead squirrel in the mouth, but I was too busy getting my ass stuck inside this acorn. Go fuck myself -Terry

burgesshouses44 karma

If you could only experience/see ONE of the paranormal phenomena you've gone over in your podcasts, which one and why?

Lpontheleft77 karma

I must see an alien -HZ

I would like to do ghosts, demon ghosts, anything that would prove or disprove an afterlife. Something like that would be really cool. But then a bigfoot would be fucking awesome too. That's a tough question. -BK

I'd like to explore a parallel universe -MP

vajkappsmir341 karma

Obligatory when are you coming to Texas? JUST TELL ME. Also, do you prefer Mt. Olive or Vlasic? I find Mt. Olive to be less squeeky.

Lpontheleft60 karma

We're coming to Dallas, Austin and Houston in the spring, and Mt. Olive! Vlasics are way to squeaky and it hurts my teeth. -MP

bobenifer41 karma

Hey guys! Who do you think is higher on the Draconian chain of command, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?

Love you and Hail Satan.

Lpontheleft112 karma

Hillary Clinton -All in unison.

Donald Trump is unfortunately human -HZ

RoyalBull81634 karma

Why does Ben not understand that truth is stranger than fiction? Also, any heavy hitters in the near future?

Lpontheleft52 karma

He won't allow himself to. -HZ

I understand truth is stranger than fiction. I am the truth and I"m stranger than fiction. -BK

Yes, lots of heavy hitter episodes in the near future.

jgsmoke31 karma

Long time fan! I would love to see a behind the scenes video on how your episodes are put together... ever thought about doing something like that?

Lpontheleft87 karma

We can do that, but expect a lot of male nudity and long shots of Marcus sitting on the subway reading with a highlighter.

cuvelosity28 karma

Hey guys! Greetings from the shithole of America, East Texas! I can verify that everyone down here lives like Ottis Toole. I have listened to almost every episode of your podcast and first of all I have to thank you guys for providing me with so much entertainment over the years. It really scratches that itch when I wanna listen to some really fucked up stuff. That being said, I have some questions:

1.) What do you guys think draws people toward the macabre? I’ve personally found that when someone is interested in something on the darker side of things, they seem to invest themselves in it more. What about a person motivates them to seek out the more sinister sides of life?

2.) What is the typical research process in preparing for a podcast? I can definitely tell it takes a toll on Dogmeat on some of the more intense episodes, and it definitely fucks Henry up whenever aliens are involved.

3.) Considering that both Kissel and Henry work on public television, has the content in your podcasts ever gotten you in trouble? Say someone was hesitant about hiring you because they know all about the murderfest that you’ve dedicated a decent portion of your life to?

4.) Apparently your studio smells like straight death. What exactly does it smell like, and are you sure it isn’t Kissel?

Lpontheleft56 karma

  1. Life is inherently dark, and I think and interest in the macabre is extremely normal. When I was a kid I was told that if something makes you scared, learn as much as possible about it and that's how you gain power over it. I think that's a subconscious motive. -HZ

I agree with Henry. I think it's also a rebuttal to the sparkles of pop culture and this whole idea that everything is going great, and the squeaky clean imagery of suburban life. -BK

Because that's what the government wants you to believe is real because it's great for buying shit. -HZ

I think that a fascination with dark subject matter is actually healthy and can make you a better person. The people in the metal community are the nicest of any musical community that you can find, and the same goes for our fans. -MP

Growing up religious, religion is extremely dark and it definitely gets you interested in dark things. -BK

On that note, being obsessed with dark things helped me get over the intense fear of hell I had instilled in me as a child. -MP

Also it's great for getting laid -HZ

  1. It's a lot of research. It's a fourteen page outline that gets turned into an eight page outline, with a lot of resources. HZ

Every type of episode has a different method of research: an alien episode is researched differently than a serial killer episode or a historical episode, but there's different methods to it all. -MP

  1. Nope, it's like they don't know we exist. -HZ

  2. It smells better than it used to smell. Kissel smells fine. I think that you smell fine -HZ

I smell better than everyone we know. -BK

We have a mouse problem. Sometimes it takes me a couple of days to find their corpses. That's the death smell. -MP

Clarify that I smell fine -BK

CrunchKing28 karma

Is Henry ever gonna learn to do a proper English accent?

Also, can we please have an entire episode of Marcus doing the Native American voice, that shit cracks me up

Lpontheleft56 karma

My accent is more real than the real accent -HZ

If the great spirit sees it fit to be so -MP

mrsirthemovie26 karma

When is the Ray-El update coming? Probably one of my favorite episodes that isn't heavy hitter/alien centric. If for no other reason than for Henry to do his Ray-El impression again. Hail Gein and hail Ben, Marcus and Henry

Lpontheleft34 karma

We have some really good gossip on him that we're waiting to release.-HZ

Muskratbest25 karma

Hey guys, love the show, been listening for four years now! My question is mainly for Marcus. I was just wondering what the history of Cave Comedy Radio and more specifically LPoTL as a show is. Like how did the show develop and what gave you the idea/ how you all came together? Did you ever think it would become this big? What was a defining moment for you three in the shows history?

Lpontheleft52 karma

The short answer is the whole thing was born out of friendship. We discovered that we all really liked working together. A lot of hard work has gone into it. For me when things changed was the Satanic Ritual Abuse episode because that was the one where I first really started to get serious about research. -MP

A defining moment for the podcast was the BTK episode, when we really started doing big hitters. -HZ

And when Detective Popcorn was born. I think he was the first character to really take off. I really liked the Psychic Journey episode. I think that really solidified our friendship and it was a lot of fun. -BK

yaddablahetc21 karma

Hail Satan, boys!

Recommend a book for me!

Also, will you ever do a Jack the Ripper episode? Snowtown? When can we expect to see Majestic 12? What really happened at Roswell, Henry? Did aliens crash there or is the alien story just a disinfo coverup?

Keep up the good work!

Lpontheleft44 karma

Hail Satan. Read what I'm reading right now, 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. -HZ

You gotta read Barry Goldwater's 'Where I Stand' -BK

In Cold Blood. It's my favorite book. -MP

All three of those episodes are in the pipeline, and we have a special surprise for Majestic 12 -HZ

I believe that there was physica evidence of a craft, I don't think they know where it came from, and I believe it's sitting in a hangar in New Mexico now. -HZ

dinodookie6919 karma

Was there ever a moment when you guys almost said 'fuck it' and want to give up? I imagine when growing a fan base, the idea of no one listening is difficult one to get past. Hail Yourselves!

Lpontheleft38 karma

Every single day of our lives, but that would give our enemies satisfaction and I WON'T LET THEM HAVE IT -HZ

Other things make me want to give up but the programs keep me alive. -BK

Never. Absolutely not. The whole point is to put down your head and put in the work, nothing else matters. -MP

HeadHaunter18 karma

Do you guys do any type of vocal warm ups or preparation/rituals before recording a podcast? Also, will you ever come to Canada (specifically Alberta) for a live show?

Lpontheleft44 karma

No, but we definitely should. -HZ

Henry clears his throat and makes disgusting gurgling sounds, I do that [gurgling] thing, and Marcus yells at us. -BK

I find both of them disgusting. And we're coming to Toronto in January. -MP

truman_chu18 karma

Are you going to do an episode/series on Jimmy Savile?

Lpontheleft35 karma

Yes! -All three

erinnavy17 karma

Hey guys! Megustalations and all that. I was just wondering if you had ever thought of doing a show on trucker killers, more specifically The Highwayof Tears up in Canada or the I-70 killer (who probably wasn't a trucker but it fits with the highway theme)? I also wanted to know if you had ever heard of the killing of Madge Oberholtzer. Her death basically took down the KKK and happened like 2 miles from where I grew up.

Lpontheleft18 karma

Great idea! Yes! -All

kmt7199016 karma

What crime sparked your interest in serial killers?

Met you guys at the LA live show. You guys are fucking awesome. Hail Satan!

Lpontheleft37 karma

Mine was the Zodiac copycat crimes in NYC in the early 90's. -HZ

I just heard about Dahmer growing up when I was like twelve years old. It was big news for Wisconsin. And Ed Gein, we used to go to his grave and stuff. -BK

I saw a picture of Bundy's corpse in the Weekly World News, cut it up and put it on my wall, and wanted to know more about why he'd been executed. -MP

ColJellyjiggle15 karma

Hey Ben when did you get into politics? All of you: you're beautiful men, if you were serial killers, what method would you use or what kind of killer would you be( process, product, ect)

Lpontheleft22 karma

When I was young visiting my grandfather -BK

I'm not giving that kind of milage -HZ

I'd be the happy accident killer and arrange for people to have accidents where they'd plummet to their death -BK

Flaying -MP

viciousqueer14 karma

For all - Do you know the whereabouts of Madeleine McCann?

Lpontheleft34 karma

We'll get to her at some point but right now we have no idea. We talked to a taxi driver in the UK who had a lot to say and he believed that the parents (both doctors) accidentally killed her in an overdose trying to get her to sleep, and then they hid the body. -BK

SpaceCowboy73413 karma

Do I have to start using chaos magic to summon one of your t shirts? Because I ordered it almost 2 months ago and so far I got nothing. Hail Satan!

Lpontheleft15 karma

The shirts are on back order. Our shirt guy got very sick and we're catching up! -MP

ckbw13 karma

Marcus, how much would I have to pay you to eat all four of my limbs?

Lpontheleft39 karma

Over what period of time? Do I have to kill you or do you want to survive? I have a lot of questions-MP

KenethNoisewaterMD13 karma

Hey guys, I'm A huge fan. A coworker was telling me about Pee Wee Gaskins who killed 10+ and was an incredibly deranged individual from South Carolina back in the day. Have you guys thought of doing a podcast on this nut job?

Lpontheleft14 karma

Yes -All

ctaylorku8912 karma

After all these years of doing the show, where are you guys at in regards to aliens/greys/illumaniti/shadow gov't kind of stuff? As in going back through history the belief that an elite organization, greys, reptillians, aliens have been influencing humanity. What is your favorite conspiracy theory/ theories regarding all that, and do you think any of it is true?

Lpontheleft31 karma

It's all real but it's much subtler than it's written, in reality. -HZ

I don't believe in aliens or any of that, but I believe the NWO is a real thing. There's no doubt the shadow government is real. Even more horrifying on my opinion is that it's just people with money -BK

It's a lot simpler than everyone thinks it is. I don't think there's any huge gov't conspiracy to control everything, because people are too dumb to keep control over something that large. It's just a bunch of little idiots in their own circles having their terrible fun. -MP

People who I know working in government say it's more like Veep than House of Cards. -BK

Milk_and_peppers12 karma

When are we getting that supercops episode?

Lpontheleft24 karma

Yes! Specifically FBI profilers, the good and bad sides of them -MP

tinygreenpinata12 karma

Top 5 horror book recommendations - either fiction or non-fiction?

Lpontheleft38 karma

Heart shaped box - Joe Hill The shining - Steven King Hell House - Richard Matheson I have no mouth and I must scream - Harlen Ellison Something wicked this way comes -Ray Bradbury -HZ

I usually read sci-fi and fantasy -MP

Documentaries are better than books. And books should be burned -BK

RenaldoTohee12 karma

What would be your preferred way to get killed by a serial killer?

I'll see you guys in Portland! Heil Gein!

Lpontheleft29 karma

Death by chocolate -HZ

Oh shit. Ummmmmm....JWG style, get me drunk and cut me up. -BK

Made into furniture so I can still be useful -MP

blacksoulo12 karma

Did you hear about the new serial killer in Canada? A female nurse!

Lpontheleft30 karma


Tell them to email [email protected] with some information -BK

I've heard about it -MP

sir_flipplebunnies11 karma

Would you rather Change gender every time you sneeze Or Not be able to tell the difference between a baby and a muffin?

Choose carefully

Lpontheleft35 karma

Change gender of course. I'd love to experience the female vagina -HZ

There is no difference between a baby and a muffin. They're both adorable -BK

If I could change gender just by staring at the sun I'd absolutely do it. -MP

thebetterfitzgerald10 karma

Hey hi hello!

What are you dorks being for Halloween?

~Hail Satan~

Lpontheleft26 karma

My whole life is Halloween -HZ

We'll be in DC Saturday night, there's a free show at the Kennedy Center you can RSVP to that we're hosting. TJ Miller and Emo Phillips will be there. It's called the Bentzen Ball, the Peri Peri show.

ConceptualLogic10 karma

First off, love you guys. You guys really compliment each other very well, and that shines in your work. I guess my question would be how has the journey been from nobodies in a basement just talking about things they dig, to hosting a show on adult swim and traveling the world? What's the pressure like? Has it taken away from your personal lives or added to it? And I guess what would your advice be to getting out of the 9-5'er and doing something you really want to and becoming successful at that? Again, love you guys and Hail you all!

Lpontheleft17 karma

We're still nobodies traveling the world. -BK

We're just nobodies on basements that got on planes. But the planes are fine -HZ

proconnius9 karma

The Oklahoma City bombing and Elohim City, any plans to cover that? Also, you're the only reason I'm still sane after my divorce, thanks, you guys.

Lpontheleft19 karma

Yes, OK City is coming up! Sorry about the divorce. Like Louis CK said, there's no such thing as a bad divorce. -HZ

MissSnikt8 karma

2 questions for Henry: 1- Why did you lie and say you would ask my question that I asked you over FB messenger on the live stream, but you never did? 2- My friend Noelle and I went to your live show in LA and afterwards she gave you all bags of beef jerky, not knowing they were mine that I had opened and already started eating...Did you all eat the beef jerky even though it was open??

Lpontheleft11 karma

my phone wasn being used for calls! i did eat all the jerky but that's because i trusted you for some reason. i was also hammered and alone in a hotel room with a jar of jerky. - HZ

sickpebbles7 karma

Will you guys do more australian stuff?

Also, Ben, what's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

Lpontheleft18 karma

OOOOH, I like half baked. -BK

Snowtown will get a full episode -MP

mmmdanno7 karma

Just how shitfaced did you guys get in Glasgow?

Lpontheleft19 karma

So shitfaced they thought we were Scottish. A stripper gave Marcus' money back. -HZ

raccoonbae7 karma

What historical figures would you want to do episodes on? I nominate any inbred leader who was bonkers but what about you guys?

also [delighed Idaho noises]

Lpontheleft18 karma

Probably do one on Jefferson's treatment on his own slaves and his involvement on illuminati. -HZ

Founding father stuff would be interesting -BK

Nixon -MP

UK_IN_SA6 karma

Hey Guys,

Any Idea when "The Last Stream On The Left" will come about again? Also, who's the next heavy hitter?!

Thanks and Hail Satan!


Lpontheleft21 karma

10/28! 10 week run on Friday! -BK

mrbeefy6 karma

What is the scariest thing there is?

Lpontheleft24 karma

The fact that there is probably casing your house waiting for a vulnerability to break in, steal your things, or worse, want nothing from you but your blood because they think they don't have enough blood. -HZ

I would say not being acknowledged for your work during your lifetime. -BK

The possibility that love is not enough -MP

Somebody is being EMOOOO -HZ

fuckyoumartinez6 karma

hail you bastards! how did ya'll meet, are you friends "off air" and do you see yourselves moving the podcast into other formats?

Lpontheleft16 karma

I'm here just for the money, I"m not here to make friends -HZ

We're all terrible, we all hate each other. -BK

Yeah, sure -MP