Hi, I’m Will Kaufman from Throttle Post Productions - WillKaufmanThrottleP - director of The Prodigy, Saints and Sinners, and most recently a zombie thriller called Daylight’s End.

Thanks to my friend Dan Ferguson at Groove Jones - ItzAFerg - we were able to release this film in theaters and VR on the same day.

Ask us anything!

Watch the trailer here: https://youtu.be/C1zzJ4W4JZw

PROOF: https://www.facebook.com/GrooveJonesVR/photos/a.1118465951515967.1073741828.1117687111593851/1414307078598518/

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liamquane22 karma

How does it work, is the film's digital image stretcheed to surround a 360° space? If so, does that affect image quality? :~)

WillKaufmanThrottleP29 karma

The film was shot as a standard film production. For the VR experience we did two things. We shot an original 360º video production with some of the same crew and cast. This became an original prequel for VR headsets. Then we used the original movie and placed it into a an infected zombie lair.

We also give you a ton of weapons that you can use in the lair. So if a zombie attacks you, you can blow them away,

  • Dan

Adamquane11 karma

Hello Mr. Kaufman. I'm a big fan of your work, you give the smaller action film life in a world where a film of that particular genre will struggle to be made. My question is about Sinners and Saints: do you think a film like that would be succuessful to make in a time like this with reports of police corruption and America's gun violence record?

WillKaufmanThrottleP11 karma

Thank you so much! I think it would be difficult now. It's an issue we've tackled head on in the sequel we are developing.

Adamquane3 karma

So I'm guessing:

White police man, black police man and CI who is integral to the story? All their lives should matter in the end.

Thanks for your time.

WillKaufmanThrottleP3 karma

Exactly... Thank you!

Adamquane5 karma

Mr Kaufman:

How does one finance a film if they have no contacts, how does one have a crew if they have no friends to be apart of a crew?

(All hypothetical of course, I'm loved by many while i write through my tears)

WillKaufmanThrottleP6 karma

Financing is tough. For my first film "The Prodigy" we created a "fake trailer" as a proof of concept pitch video. After many many months shopping it around we stumbled across an investor that really dug it and it all took off from there.

WillKaufmanThrottleP5 karma

As for crewing up if you don't have film relationships I suggest going to local film groups and finding like minded film lovers looking to make movies. :)

DocDraper4 karma

"stumbled across an investor"

Could you explain in more detail? We'd love to hear about it.

WillKaufmanThrottleP4 karma

haha I guess you're right that was a bit vague... but thats the problem with filmmaking. There is no "right way" or specific path to follow. Every film has been different. What I meant by that was we chased every lead we had to people that had equity to invest and right about the time we thought we had run out of options we meet our executive producer by sheer luck. We were showing the promo trailer to a friend and another buddy of his happened to be there at the time... He saw it and loved it and asked how he could be involved.

WillKaufmanThrottleP4 karma

Thanks everyone for your questions! It's been a blast. You can learn more about the film here: https://www.groovejones.com/2016/08/daylights-end-vr/

The film is available on Itunes and all Video On Demand outlets and releases on DVD November 1st. DaylightsEndMovie.com



Just watched the trailer, I will indeed be catching this one. My question is don't you think the zombie movies are starting to become way to overdone?

WillKaufmanThrottleP9 karma

I hear where you're coming from but I think if done well there is always more room for flesh eating undead and the end of the world.

liamquane3 karma

What wqs it like working with Tom Berenger? :~)

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

Tom was awesome.... Super supportive and collaborative. Look forward to the chance to work with him again,

StrawberryRancher222 karma

Do you have any more collaborations in the works?

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

Yes the lead of Daylight's End and Sinners & Saints, Johnny Strong and I are developing a few things... The sequel to Sinners And Saints at the top of our priority list. Hopefully well have news on that in the coming months. Also working on something with Scott Adkins on another cool project. Lots of this cooking... Fingers crossed we'll be back on set soon :)

pvangelakos2 karma

How does someone who is interested in VR get into the industry?

WillKaufmanThrottleP3 karma

Are you referring 360 videos or interactive?

For 360 video I'd invest in the Samsung 360 camera and start shooting. Production in this format is VERY different that normal 2d film.

For interactive I'd suggest you download unicy or unreal to start learning how to code -Dan Groove Jones

liamquane2 karma

Is VR bad for a person's eyes? Just wondering.

brooketableof31 karma

I was wondering that also!

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

The short answer is no... Several studies out there but nothing on concrete on the long term effects. But it looks awesome :)

liamquane1 karma

Do you have any advice on set control? :~) I'm not sure if Datlight's End was done this way? Just wondering is all. :~P

WillKaufmanThrottleP1 karma

Can you clarify what you mean by set control?

liamquane1 karma

Haha yeah, sorry for the broad question. One of my bad points lol. How to keep enough order on set without looking like a tyrant?

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

Haha... No worries. I think the secret is hiring a great assistant director and let him be the tyrant. Haha

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

Assistant directors are always the set bad guy :) Kidding aside we had a great time on set. Very much a team effort. Has to be when taking on something this challenging on such a modest budget.

WillKaufmanThrottleP1 karma

Are you referring to normal films or 360?

bubba103811 karma

Watched the movie On Demand and loved it. Plan on picking it up on blu-ray. I was wondering what kind of special features we can expect? I'm hoping for a behind the scenes feature, Johnny Strong on the soundtrack and score, and maybe commentary. Can't wait to see what you got next. Keep up the good work.

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

The blu-ray is still in development. As for special features we plan on using some behind the scenes footage and ideally Johnny and I will be putting a commentary together for it

DoctorKynes1 karma

What made you decide to go with the Zombie Genre? Isn't it a bit saturated at the moment?

WillKaufmanThrottleP1 karma

I've always loved the apocalypse genre when it's done well. And this seemed to me like enough of a fresh take that it really interested me. this film is much more of an action horror film than straight horror. And our "zombies" are much more inspired by Richard Matheson's "I Am Legend" world than that of Romero's.

brooketableof31 karma

Looking at the photos from the set of VR shoot and there seem to be lots of extras. How many extras did you need?

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

We had about 20 or 30 infected chasing after us throughout the day. Very bizarre shooting it when you have to hide from the 360 camera in the next room to avoid ruining the take.

Medic7771 karma

What sparked the thought to have this film released in VR?

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

I had gotten to collaborate with the guys at Groove Jones on a previous project and they mentioned this as a new outlet for films. I thought it sounded like an fantastic opportunity to get the film out to a larger audience.

liamquane1 karma

What was it like working on Sinners and Saints?

WillKaufmanThrottleP1 karma

Loved working on that film. One of my all time favorite experiences all around.

thelastgoodguy1 karma

Mr. Kaufman, huge fan of your work. Saints and Sinners was a fantastic old school action flick, and Daylight's End was a ton of fun. My questions are: Where do you see the straight to video market going in the future?
There are a lot of titles out there, with some pretty familiar faces (Seagal and Van Damme being the most recognizable, but Adkins is a personal favorite.). Do you see the talent pool widening, or are we just going to see the same people over and over forever? Is this industry lucrative enough that it will attract talented and creative people such as yourself to stick with it, or will people drop like flies if that first flick doesn't get them notice from Hollywood?

WillKaufmanThrottleP1 karma

I think with the prevalence of illegal downloads the VOD market is in a challenging spot. The industry is going to have to come up with a solution or it just won't be viable to make these size films. As for the talent pool I think it will evolve. If the VOD business figures out how to make it financially worth it I think you will eventually will see the stars of todays big screens joining the ranks and some of the guys you're referring to will do less. It's tough game... all about endurance =D

murdamcloud0 karma

Do you give your extras a lunge bump in their pay?

WillKaufmanThrottleP1 karma

Yes... As much Red Meat as they could catch

liamquane-1 karma

Hi, Congratuwelldone on the film! Do you have any directorial advice? :~)

WillKaufmanThrottleP2 karma

Thank you so much! Shoot shoot shoot. Get out with a camera and create your own work. AND surround yourself talented mentors and crew that can help guide and support you.