Ash vs Evil Dead has returned to STARZ for round 2 and I know you’ve got questions. You always do. So, ask away ‘cause I’m feeling generous. I’ll be back on here later today for the big show from 3-4pm EST to spread the good word. So, ask me anything.

Oh, and I know I always say it, but let's try for some new questions this time, OK?


Edit: Ladies and gentlemen thank you for your time on the amazing Reddit. I hope that you will check out "Ash vs Evil Dead" on Starz Sunday at 8pm. The second episode is coming up this Sunday. It has one of the most audacious sequences ever committed to the cinematic arts. I hope you will share it with your friends if you watch the show already, and I appreciate your support over the years and your support coming up in the future. Without you there would be no me.

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CajunHerbs1423 karma

Who is the most famous person you've farted around you are absolutely certain smelled it?

ImBruceCampbell2160 karma

First of all that is the stupidest question I've ever gotten, I appreciate that. I'm not much of a farter, frankly. I don't have an answer for that.

wKarrde781 karma

Bruce, you look great in Ash vs. Evil Dead. What'd you do to prepare for getting back into that character? Also, when your wife/significant other watches you as Ash, is that an immediate turn-on like it is for everyone else?

ImBruceCampbell1448 karma

My wife is not impressed by Ash, she thinks he's an idiot. To get ready for Ash I just had to stretch a lot more and stop eating bagels and cream cheese.

erotic_thunderpants685 karma

How would Ash handle the world of 'The Walking Dead'? Boomstick vs. Lucielle?

ImBruceCampbell1847 karma

Ash would handle that world very quickly, thank you very much.

Claxxon669 karma

Always enjoyed Bubba Ho-Tep as well as your other films. I was wondering what exactly you and Coscarelli couldn't agree on for the sequel?

ImBruceCampbell964 karma

It was just elements of the script. Some elements he liked, I didn't. Some elements I liked, he didn't. It's no big deal, it happens all the time. Sometimes the reason some things don't get made if because the creative partners don't agree. It's better to agree to disagree.

jane-3623 karma

Bruce, you probably don't remember me, but when I met you at the Austin Comic Con you asked me, if I just picked a random Convention. I said yes and lied straight to your face. I was embarassed to admit, that I've travelled 9 thousand kilometres from Austria to Texas just to get my stupid DVD signed by you. When going back home on sunday I spent 15 hours of flight being angry with myself for not telling you. A couple of months ago, when I suddenly made the decision to travel to the US, I was actually joking with my coworkers about doing so and then I asked myself "why not?", and so I booked a flight. Back then, when I was planning my trip, I sometimes caught myself thinking about how meeting you would be like. I imagined having a smooth and nice conversation with you and everything sounded quite smart and funny in my head, but when I was actually waiting in line to finally get that autograph, I realized how batshit crazy I must sound, when telling you the truth and already wanted to turn around and leave. Instead I stood there paralyzed, not knowing what to do. When it was my turn, I suddenly got quite nervous, I got worried about my English skills and everything went so fast, so I impulsively decided to lie and kinda just responded with "yes" to all of your questions. After one minute the whole thing was over and I immediately asked myself: "So I just travelled to another continent for this? And now this person doesn't even know? And when the moment came I seriously wanted to run away and 'get this over with'?" I'm surprised that my forehead wasn't bruised from all that facepalming afterwards.

Now I regret my decision and would like to travel back in time in order to desperately change the situation to be it more like how I've imagined it to be. Because now see it as it is: I didn't just travel for the autograph, I had an amazing time travelling on my own for the first time, meeting all those cool people in Austin, listening to great blues music in live clubs and that's just what I do and who I am. When something sounds fun, I just go for it and do it. Even if that means 30 hours of flight in 5 days just for an autograph. I had troubles adhering to that when standing in front of you, but now I do and I wish I would've just adhered to who I am in that situation. I don't know if that would've changed the whole moment, if I would've gotten that smooth conversation I was imagining, but man... I wish that I had at least tried harder to make the best out of it and didn't ruin it for me by lying and being all nervous.

Now I'm patiently waiting for the Vienna Comic Con being able to afford you as a guest in a couple of years where I might get my second chance and until then, I just wanted to let you know what I've been trying to hide out of embarassment: Yes, I'm one of those people who get on a plane and fly across the planet for an autograph. I don't even know why I'm telling you all of this and what I'm trying to accomplish, it just somehow makes me feel better to get this out of my head.

Have a nice day.

Edit: Have you ever met other international fans? There, now there's a question.

ImBruceCampbell1186 karma

Meeting fans is always fun and interesting for me because I don't get nervous. Fans sometimes will get very nervous and tongue tied when they get to the table. What you did was not unusual. Some fans will wait 2 hours in line and then freeze up when they get to the head of the line because it's too surreal of an experience to actually see, face to face, the person that you have been watching for years. I'm sure in many cases it's disappointing. You thought I was taller, thinner, younger, whatever the case. In other cases, I'm more beautiful than you ever imagined, and you can't stand the beauty that is radiating from me. It's usually all of the above. What I would say is, when you're in line, waiting to meet your favorite celebrity at one of these conventions, I'm sure that you can try again with someone else and have better success, come up with something to say. Even if you have to rehearse it in your mind. Don't hit them with the obvious. Don't say "Hey Mr. Campbell, love the Evil Dead movies." Say "Hey Mr, Campbell, wow, McHale's Navy was awesome!" Just hit them with something left field or something more personal. If you hit them with the same standard thing, their eyes will most likely glaze over and they'll give you a limp handshake, and you will be on your way. Just try and be creative, relax, it's all very casual, and better luck next time.

Bury_Manilow563 karma

What is one movie of yours that people may have missed that you would most recommend for them to watch?

ImBruceCampbell1326 karma

An obscure film called Running Time. It's black and white, it's a crime drama, it's all done in one shot like the Hitchcock movie Rope. It's a very cool little indie, a true indie done for $110,000. I did it after McHale's Navy cause I wanted to work on something interesting, check it out.

yuffington543 karma

Bruce! Will Brisco County Jr. ever return?

ImBruceCampbell865 karma

Yes, just as soon as we're done filming Ash Vs The Evil Dead

s09931543 karma

Is there a way for us in the UK to back Ash Vs The Evil Dead financially, so we can show our support and get those 4th and 5th seasons?

ImBruceCampbell1256 karma

We appreciate your interest, but we don't think we will need your support. Starz has been a great partner and we expect to go 10 seasons, so you should be fine.

nkleszcz521 karma

Great work. A lot of people hold up The Evil Dead II as one of the greatest horror-comedy hybrids of all time. Do you have any memorable anecdotes from the making of that film?

ImBruceCampbell885 karma

It was just hot as hell. It was over 100 for three weeks at a time. We were shooting in a gymnasium with no air conditioning. It was a generally miserable experience but I'm glad that all these years later people can appreciate it and enjoy the movie. I think the movie came out good. It's my favorite of the three.

mehjbmeh494 karma

Where does Sam Axe rank on your list of favorite characters you've played?

ImBruceCampbell527 karma

Top five.

diegojones4483 karma

What is it about you that just exudes coolness? You are like the Fonz.

ImBruceCampbell1231 karma

It's because I don't try.

Land-Stander480 karma

My wife asks,

"How did you become the most manliest man to ever exist? What was it like playing someone as Elvis? And can we run away and get married?"

I immediately regret asking her for questions. Stay the hell away from my wife.


ImBruceCampbell1004 karma

I hung out near your husband and he taught me many things.

It's always awesome to play Elvis. Every American man that I have ever known has at least played with the idea of being Elvis, or sung in the shower or done something, or curled their lip to try and get the ladies, or learned how to play the guitar. So it was very fun to play Elvis even though he was 68 and had cancer on his penis.

Ma’am I thought you were already married, but if you're willing to ditch your loser husband we can discuss it.

My response to that is why did you post this then. By the way I already have her number we're going to work it out.

OHTHNAP471 karma

What's it like knowing you're covered in blood, kicking ass up and down the screen, and still have the whitest smile on television?

ImBruceCampbell943 karma

What is it like? It's like eating cotton candy.

BitchnChips455 karma

What's your favorite way to unwind after a really hard day?

ImBruceCampbell1552 karma

Smoke a big spleef

bathhousehooker421 karma

I've seen you wear that pinky ring for years, does it have a special story or significance?

ImBruceCampbell866 karma

I have a bunch of cheesy pinky rings. I think the one you are referring to is purchased at a kiosk in Cleveland, Ohio.

crumbbelly413 karma

Bruce! Will you respond to me? No one will believe me.

ImBruceCampbell852 karma

Sure. Here is my response. Hello, I am responding.

nolemonno351 karma

what is the weirdest thing a fan has ever given to you?

ImBruceCampbell896 karma

They've offered up their boob for signature and I've accepted their offer.

Helicase21347 karma

Who has the second-best chin in the world?

ImBruceCampbell662 karma

Jay Leno

TheHandsomebadger267 karma

How does it feel to have been the most influential male role model on a doofy stoner dingus like myself?

ImBruceCampbell1018 karma

As long as you make something out of your stoner life, I'm happy to be your influencer. If you remain slacking in your life then I refuse to sponsor you in any way.

The_Question757228 karma

How has it been to be working with your co-star Lucy Lawless again?

ImBruceCampbell506 karma

Lucy has always been great. It was great working with her 20 years ago on Xena, and it continues to be great working with her on the show. She's very gracious and professional. She's still a hottie!

samchanpuru174 karma

what's Sam Raimi's home number?

ImBruceCampbell694 karma


fenderbender86161 karma

So when you're not incredibly busy with everything, what hobbies do you enjoy?

ImBruceCampbell388 karma

I like to hike in the middle of nowhere. By myself or with my friends and family. It's a good way to introduce contrast into my life.

Anise76153 karma

Bruce, you sexy beast of a silver fox! Has anything from any of the Evil Dead franchise turned your stomach and if so, what is it? And when are you going to let me interview you for my magazine?

ImBruceCampbell322 karma

Nothing from the Evil Dead movies ever turned my stomach, except for the time when Sam Raimi threw dog food in my face. It was doubling for deadite head explosion material. Dog food is vile, for those of you that have never eaten it, I don't recommend it.

DoctorDeath151 karma

Hey Bruce, BIG fan! Have been a huge Evil Dead fan from back when the first one came out, and the new show is more awesome than I even had hoped it would be. I have 2 questions.

  1. Do you ever get tired of them spraying you in the face with bloody goo?

  2. Do you think Brisco County Jr. Will ever make some sort of a return?

ImBruceCampbell302 karma

To that question I would say you never get used to it. It's always sort of shocking and that's what you want. You want the actor to have a surprised look on their face. So very often we will make an agreement of what device is being used to spray in my face and I'll demonstrate it, and I'll think they're lying to me, because I'll agree to what they're using and then we're walking around the corner and shoot the shot, and what they hit me with isn't what I think we've agreed to. It's usually worse than what we've agreed to. So I think that's the overall plan, is just to shock and horrify the actors and then film it.

I think never say never in these nostalgic times of us, but I'm going to busy on the show for hopefully at least three more years.

jakedyamismith150 karma

are you bruce campbell playing ash williams...or is ash williams playing bruce campbell?

ImBruceCampbell233 karma

A little of both, I suppose.

Kristolius145 karma

Many people, including myself, has your face tattooed on them. How do you feel about that?

ImBruceCampbell305 karma

I feel very good about it. My father was a Detroit ad man for 30 years and he would call them walking billboards. I just love the fact that they are very indelible.

TheUberDork145 karma

What's that smell?

ImBruceCampbell1077 karma

It's the smell of your crappy question.

FZ_BA140 karma

Do you think it is possibile nowadays to make such a success like "The evil dead" with a low budget ?

ImBruceCampbell575 karma

Yes, in fact I think it's easier than ever. Even with a low budget movie like "Evil Dead" we still had to rent a camera for a company that required a deposit, they required insurance, they asked questions about who was going to operate the camera, and it was a very complicated piece of equipment to learn. Now you can go get an HD camera at Kmart or Best Buy for $800. You can get a tower with 7 GB of storage for another $600. You can get editing software, you can get music writing software, you can get sound effects software. I think the whole package to make an entire movie now you can put together I would guess in under $10,000 of all the equipment you'll ever need. I would say you can do it for $5,000, and you can make your own movie without renting anything. You can edit it in your own living room. You can take a thumb drive and walk it into your local movie theatre and give it to them and they can plug it into their digital projector and play it and you have not spent any money on this cause it's most of your time. Modern filmmakers I say to you you have no excuse whatsoever to not make movies because it is easier than ever.

Cinemaniaque130 karma

With Hollywood pumping out a never ending number of reboots, remakes and sequels, if there was one remake you could star in, what would it be?

ImBruceCampbell372 karma

The remake of the movie "Shane," the western "Shane." I want to be a western hero.

14thMarines125 karma

I don't know what questions aren't new. So here goes: How did you like making "My Name is Bruce"?

ImBruceCampbell266 karma

I enjoyed making it because I got to make it on my own property and sleep in my own bed at night. I had a lot of creative freedom and just enough money to make it. It was s good experience.

celtbhoy34113 karma

If you were to kiss a man, who would it be? wink wink

ImBruceCampbell289 karma

I would say to that, show me the man first.

Nikko_1994106 karma

In 10 words or less, what's your advice to indie filmakers?

ImBruceCampbell306 karma

Don't copy anyone else and don't be lazy.

Trent_Boyett103 karma

If you could choose any celebrity, alive or dead, to show up as a deadite on AvED, who would you pick?

ImBruceCampbell182 karma

That's always a tough one. Barbara Stanwyck because she screams really loud.

arianablack96 karma

How long does it take to get all that fake blood off for each shoot? :D

ImBruceCampbell210 karma

In the shower it takes until the hot water runs out which is about 20 minutes.

panix19993 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA, Mr. Campbell. Here is my question:

In which tv-show (one, which you haven't been so far) would you like to get a cameo or a role in it?

ImBruceCampbell356 karma

I would have liked to have been on Castle because I like Nathan Fillion, but they cancelled it.

doubbg92 karma

Who was the most annoying fan you've ever had?

ImBruceCampbell383 karma

It's not the fans. The fans are never annoying because they pay to get into the conventions, they pay for photographs, they pay for autographs. The ones that are annoying are the ones that will not go to the conventions, will not pay for the photos, will not pay for the autographs. They get inside information from people at airlines and they wait for you either outside the gate or at baggage claim. Those are the ones that are annoying and I will not reward those people because they are the lazy bastards. They're not actual fans. They don't even want to talk to me, they just want the autograph.

joeybdot90 karma

What's the last good book you've read?

ImBruceCampbell224 karma

I read a great book, I think it's called "Mrs. Kennedy and Me." It's about the secret service guy who was assigned to Jackie Kennedy for three years. Including, up to, and beyond JFK's assassination. Great book!

Mavrick59387 karma

What new question would you like to answer?

ImBruceCampbell166 karma

How do I memorize my lines.

Outlaw031176 karma

What is your favorite brand of Whiskey?

ImBruceCampbell260 karma

I don't drink whiskey. I don't drink any dark alcohols. I'm a silver tequila guy.

Phatcat237768 karma

Hi, if yours and Jay Leno's chins got into a fight, which one would win and why?

ImBruceCampbell207 karma

I'm a lover not a fighter.

Slickrickkk67 karma

What are your favorite films?

ImBruceCampbell176 karma

I like "The Bridge on the River Kwai". That's my favorite film with my favorite actor William Holden.

Chad_Dooley62 karma

Hey Bruce, is it true that you were set to play one of the main villains in Spider-man 4?

ImBruceCampbell113 karma

Not true.

MaximumBob62 karma

Tried any new beers? I'm trying to see what to try next, especially if it's Bruce Campbell approved. Maybe something to soak a chainsaw in.

ImBruceCampbell119 karma

Excellent question but I'm not a beer guy.

Exsanguination_61 karma

Aside from Freddy and Jason, were any other crossovers ever discussed for Ash? Always thought Evil Dead/Hellraiser would be good.

ImBruceCampbell168 karma

I'll be honest with you. I'm not real interested in cross overs. One of the main reasons why Ash vs. Jason vs. Freddy did not come to pass is because we couldn't control any other character other than Ash. That felt like a creatively bankrupt way to go. Not to mention, you're splitting the proceeds three ways with partners you might not want.

writeandknow56 karma

Have you ever volunteered? If so where

ImBruceCampbell127 karma

I don't volunteer so much, but my charity work is what I call zip code charity. I give them my zip code because there's a lot of local stuff that needs help.

Cancan40956 karma

How many days a year do you work? It seems like you're always out there promoting a project. What do you do when you're not working?

ImBruceCampbell140 karma

Ash vs. Evil Dead takes about 5 months in New Zealand. Then, because we want to keep the show on the air, there's another couple of months of promotion. After that, during this current break, I'll be finishing up my 2nd book. I'll be writing and when I'm not writing I'll be exploring outside.

SmoothPingu56 karma

Would you prefer The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. or Jack of All Trades? It's an honor to be at your virtual presence sir.

ImBruceCampbell95 karma

I like both shows for different reasons. I thought "Jack of All Trades" could have been a fun series beyond one season. It was sort of Bob Hope, as the first spy in 1801. I liked the premise of it a lot. As far as "The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.," I liked that. Every actor that I know wants to be in a western at least once , so I can say that I've done that. It's nice to play a hero type that isn't swarmy.

Aussie_Nick43 karma

When was the last time you were in Australia? Also whats the best and worst parts of Australia in your eyes?

ImBruceCampbell137 karma

First and only time I went to Australia was to Sydney, Canberra, and Darwin. Darwin was very strange. There were a lot of American ex-pats there, who were drunk, in speedos on the beach. They were doing crab races in the hotel. The first image my wife saw when she was pulling into town was an aboriginal woman barfing in the railroad tracks. Darwin was weird, I don't recommend Darwin. I recommend going to the Kakadu, which was a very impressive park there. Sydney is also very beautiful. I'm going back to Sydney and Melbourne at the end of October to promote "Ash vs. the Evil Dead."

hobblingcontractor39 karma

Do you do exercises to keep your jaw strong? If you had a love child with Fairuza Balk, what would your nickname for it be?

ImBruceCampbell152 karma

Now I understand why you are a hobbling contractor.

nailbiter11135 karma

Do you like or love Orange Tic Tacs?

ImBruceCampbell68 karma

Neither. I don't do orange tic tacs.

ghoulinaa16 karma

When are you bringing your groovy self to the UK?!

ImBruceCampbell37 karma

I'll get over there when I can. Work has pulled me to other continents currently. I'm sure I'll return, I just can't say when.

budice015 karma

Who's your favorite superhero?

ImBruceCampbell73 karma

I'm not a superhero guy. I would rather see a story about a garage mechanic.