Hi Reddit! I’m excited to be here today!

My new album ‘Remember Us To Life’ just came out on Friday! You can get it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify!

Hi! I'm here now in real life (if this is real!?) and I'm a terrible HORRIBLE (sorry for screaming) speller... so in advance i'm sorry for all the typos... i hope someone will help edit! Ahhhhh! ok- gonna answer soon...

Edit: 1:16 PM Thank you SOOOOOOO much for all the awesome questions, and for visiting with me! I was scared, but this was of the funnest interview experiences, with really cool and different questions! So i'm off! This new record coming out has me on a pretty tight schedule and leash (i'm not used to it, but trying to keep up!) Anyhow- thanks again, and see you next time i hope! Thank you as always for listening to my music- i'm super grateful! Take care!!!

Proof: https://twitter.com/respektor/status/783406971563020288

More Proof: http://imgur.com/GNr1MfX

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buzzedaldrine1481 karma

Regina. Regina...

When is that song gonna start?

_ReginaSpektor_1559 karma

Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! That was my little brother whispering in a tent we made out of a sound blanket on the studio floor.... I'm so glad I get to keep that memory on record.... so sweet!

iamtenninja1370 karma

Hi Regina, I just got done watching Kubo and the two strings (fantastic movie btw) last week and had the Guitar Gently Weeps credit song stuck in my head for a while. Lo and behold, it was you singing it!

How did you get the part for the end credit song? Do you often do covers of other songs in your spare time? Do you plan on touring to Austin, Texas anytime soon? :p

_ReginaSpektor_1345 karma

First of all Kubo is an AMAZING movie- you have to see it if you haven't... It is beautiful, and you might just sort of cry on and off through the whole film like i did, but it is just a really unique story... I was invited to do the cover by Travis Knight who directed it, and the composer who is amazing Dario Marianelli- did the arrangement- so i just sang on the demo, and i wasn't involved in any arrangement- which i've never done before, actually... wow, i didn't realize that till i typed this... anyhow! I love the Beatles version, and it was super inspiring to get to do the cover for the film... I love writing for film, and recording covers... I love getting an "assignment" like when i was invited to write "You've Got Time" for Orange Is The New Black- because it feels so different than writing my own songs (writing with no agenda/ no collaborative element) and sometimes things i would never otherwise write or think of or sing like, happen... Thank you! PS definitely gonna come back to Texas!

shell_cordovan869 karma

Would you rather travel the world in a hot-air balloon with an all-knowing cat or explore the depths of the ocean floor in a transparent submarine with Benedict Cumberbatch?

_ReginaSpektor_1256 karma

oh my! most difficult question ever! I feel like my first instinct is to be where there's more air to breathe... an all knowing cat sounds pretty awesome... I feel like the all knowing cat can figure out how to get us to the bottom of the sea for a day visit with Mr. Cumberbatch, so i can cheat and do both? or do i just have too much faith in cats...

dd187584 karma

Hi Regina! I noticed your newest album, Remember us to Life, is a translation of the Hebrew phrase זכרינו לחיים and was released right around Rosh HaShanah, with a song about the New Year. How would you say your Judaism, especially as a Soviet Jew, has influenced your life and your music career?

I also just want to say that, both as a music lover and a Jewish person living in the tristate area, I feel a strong connection to your music and it means so much to me! Thank you so much!

_ReginaSpektor_650 karma

Wow- thank you! and Shana Tovah! The title had been kicking around my head for a few years- since i read those words in a prayer book on Yom Kippur while i was pregnant... I just thought it was a really beautiful desire- and it meant a lot to me... Then the songs seemed to fit it (i always wonder till the end, if it will fit...) and the record coming out right for the Jewish New Year was a real coincidence but super fun how it came together like that... I think that people's culture and heritage are such a great part of who they are- they of course come through art... I really love learning how we are connected, and using studying cultures and religions and myths to see the points of understanding and connection, rather than division... I feel super lucky to have studied Judaism after we emigrated to America, it's customs and stories had been mostly a mystery to my parents during the Soviet era... I felt more connected to my little tribe, and thus to all the little tribes out there...

EndiMoon560 karma

Hi Regina - as someone born in Moscow, how closely do you follow contemporary issues in Russia, and what is your opinion of its current path, culture, leadership, etc? I'm sorry if this is too broad of a question, but as an American who has lived in Russia for 5 years, it is interesting to get your perspective.

_ReginaSpektor_2009 karma

My heart breaks for the path it is taking, but it is also always important to remember that we are on one planet- basically on an island in space... all of us on one island... and there are people who care about freedom, love, justice, peace, and human rights everywhere... sometimes they end up under more hostile/oppressive regimes- and it is harder for them to express those things- make strides towards general connection and acceptance... People try to isolate us from one another... I grew up behind the iron curtain and one thing i know (that i'm sure you know living there) is that people are the same everywhere- and the less we let propaganda divide us- the more we can connect on the internet- and through art and film and music and literature and positive events- the more we can do things beyond borders... When I came to America a lot of people had false ideas about what Russians water, and who we were...I am hoping that with this coming election we steer clear of propaganda and patrol our American psychological borders from hate, from lies, and from war mongers... sorry for the rant- but i have a lot of feelings on Russia and America at the moment, and i think we all need to think of ourselves as Planet Earth more than separate countries right now... I met some astronauts recently and they spoke of the "overview effect"... we all need to come together ASAP!


I saw a photo from a long time ago when you were touring with Kings of Leon and the Strokes. Were there any good stories on that tour?

_ReginaSpektor_650 karma

i loved that tour- those are some talented and amazing dudes! I was super young and had to figure out how to use everything from monitors to a high stage (i had never been on stages that large before and since i toured with a keyboard and put it to face the audience, it took me a minute to figure out a wardrobe that wasn't flashing the audience....) I look on those days fondly and it was awesome to basically play my short set and then dance my ass off to these incredible bands! I still try to make any shows i can and still jump around till i'm a sweaty mess!

lolidunnowut406 karma

"Modern Girls and Old Fashion Men" is one of my favorite Strokes songs and features Regina, in case you hadn't heard it.

_ReginaSpektor_530 karma

thank you! I loved recording that and playing it live... what an amazing feeling to have The Strokes playing behind you- like a full on powered up Voltron! And Julians voice is just one of the best voices i think!

Dymobe399 karma

Do your neighbors still fuck to your songs?

_ReginaSpektor_665 karma

i sure hope so.... walls have gotten thicker:-)

lennonist397 karma

Hi Regina, you did a lovely cover of "Real Love" by John Lennon for Amnesty International, and you covered George Harrison too for Laika's Kubo and the Two Strings stop-motion film. Do you have a favorite Beatles song, and if so, what is it? With Love and Respekt! ♡

_ReginaSpektor_521 karma

I think The Beatles are possibly a soul music food from beyond the known universe? I guess they are like a deep book of positive spells and you can go to different ones on different days, depending on what you need... no WAY can i pick a favorite:-) Also thank you!!! I feel super lucky to get to cover The Beatles!

rumdrools343 karma

Hi Regina! Begin to Hope was the first album I ever bought (when I was 9 years old), and your songs are what inspired me to learn to play piano. 10 years later, still with such an interest in playing music, you are the only person I have never met who has had such a profound impact on my life's direction, and I will always be grateful to you for that.

Over the years on this wonderful tool called the internet, I've met many people who share a story similar to mine, of you being their biggest musical inspiration.

How does it make you feel to know you have inspired an entire generation of musicians (some of whom are now world famous artists in their own right) to discover and pursue their musical talents, who otherwise may never have found an interest?

_ReginaSpektor_368 karma

Wow- first of all thank you... these last bunch of days i've been so filled up with emotion, i don't really know what to do with all these incredible and generous stories and i just feel so lucky and overwhelmed with it all... I think so much of it says more about the kindness and sweetness of the listeners- that i get to make stuff up and then cool people fill it with their own imaginations and emotions... I just feel really grateful and useful... Yay! thank you! I love the amount of artists, and musicians and artistic people that come to shows and listen to the songs... It makes me feel like i'm a part of a very special community.... Thank you!

incurablehumaniste286 karma

Regina! 2 questions:

  1. What are your greatest literary influences in your songwriting?
  2. Who is Marry Ann????

_ReginaSpektor_636 karma

I love so many books that it is hard to know what exactly makes it from my brain to song- i kind of think it all does a bit... I love Bulgakov, Chekov, Kafka, Gogol, Salinger, Fitzgerald, Shakespeare, Williams, Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Pushkin, aaaaaaahhhhhh.....

Marry Ann is a recurring character, sometimes she's cool, sometimes she's a bitch;-) (aww shit)

mollieemerald242 karma

Regina, you are truly my favorite artist. I've used your songs as audition pieces, recital pieces, and for performances at local coffee shops.

But I've got one nagging question..

What on earth is the actual lyric in "Back of a Truck"? It's my favorite of your songs, and I've yet to find a consensus on what the following lyric actually is:

"Now Miss Lucy had a sweat shop where the immigrants work

Problem was they all turned to pumpkins at the 12 o'clock stroke

Promptly confiscated by police precinct number X


No violence, of course, no violence, no violence, of course

Hey no violence, of course, of course, why yes, of course

I mean, I mean, of course, why yes, of...of course"

Thank you Regina! Never stop being your amazing self!

edit: formatting

_ReginaSpektor_415 karma

"That's when the alien geraniums demanded the facts":-) (i had to go to youtube and look for it... i want to meet some alien geraniums soon, it's time, no?)

digitalmediaworld143 karma

REGINA! Love the new album!

Here's my question: There's an 11:11 era video floating around with an unknown song on it. This song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Byn4K3C-t98

Does this song have a title, and did you ever do anything with it?

(Also please release Loveology someday <3 )

_ReginaSpektor_345 karma

wow- just checked it out... first of all- arghhh- cringing, it is sooooo fucking hard to listen to myself from that far back.... i try to avoid it! But- i believe that song is called "men" and was one of the songs left off 11:11... And yes- someday- once i figure out the right world of it- i will definitely record "Loveology".... thank you!

Dil26142 karma

Hiii Regina!!! Why do you never perform consequence of Sounds and Pavlovs daughter live? 2 of my absolute favourite songs in the world. I know artists hate when people always talk about their old music but your entire catalogue is breathtaking.

Love the new album btw.

_ReginaSpektor_343 karma

i've definitely performed COS live- i even had a "Lap" microphone on a bunch of tours for when i hit my thigh... it's a strange thing choosing songs that fit at the moment.... it's kind of like the clothes you like in your closet- you can't part with them, but when you try them on, you never seem to be in the mood... Some songs like Pavlov's daughter, you just outgrow... and i guess that's what records are good for- otherwise they'd be totally lost... I feel like you have to perform what is right in the moment for you- and not just be "performing" something... so i always just pick songs that feel right in the moment...

MeroMerro101 karma

Привет, Regi! Any secret-but-good news about some music videos? :) The album has such a majestic atmosphere! Может быть пример WWSFTCS с Don't Leave Me станет традицией и мы услышим какую-нибудь новую песню на русском языке?

_ReginaSpektor_276 karma

Spasibo- i don't have a Russian keyboard here, but will write you in English:-) I have a first video coming out TOMORROW!!!! Small Bill$ yo!(you are the first peeps to know, by the way... it only will be announced tomorrow... It will be on my youtube page:-)

PS I will try to record more songs in Russian- i love singing in russian (and listening to bards like Vysotsky, who basically rules my heart...)

furelle78 karma

Hi Regina! I have a one year old baby girl, and becoming a mother has greatly affected how I look at the world. How has becoming a mother affected how you write music?

_ReginaSpektor_169 karma

Congratulations!!! I think it kind of has affected everything about me- and i can't exactly figure out how to separate myself and writing... It's kind of all one system... I know that it has inspired me, and also freaked me out, and somehow even organized me more... I try to have more dedicated time to write and make official time to work, and even though the baby gets bummed sometimes when i need to "work" I think it will be good for him to know that his mom tried to be there for art as well as for family? I'm sure i'm doing a ton of things wrong, but we all try our best, and love conquers all... As long as we are trying- it's cool, i think...

sikemeay75 karma

A lot of your songs seem to be little self-contained stories, like Wallet, That Time, Chemo Limo, or Samson. Are they all in one connected world? Are they drawn from real stories from your life?

By the way, you're one of my favorite musicians/lyricists! Thank you so much for all the joy/tears! The new album along with Bon Iver's have made this past week for me!

_ReginaSpektor_42 karma

Thank you!!! yay!!!!!!

Workinformca197468 karma

Regina, all I ask is, can you wish my fiancé and I a happy wedding and years of wedding bliss? Thanks Jessica and Marshall

P.S. Thank you for writing a song with her name as the title

P.P.S. Soviet Kitsch is a bad ass album, especially Your Honor

_ReginaSpektor_121 karma

happy happy weddin' yo!

juggilinjnuggala59 karma

What's been the weirdest collab you've thought up but were too afraid to pursue?

_ReginaSpektor_99 karma

i actually haven't thought up many... that's something i want to try and do more in the future... most (all?) collaborations i've done so far - i've been invited by someone else... I gotta start inviting peeps too!

felamarie48 karma

Hi Regina! Has it been hard balancing mom life and work life? Also, when do we get to see pictures of your adorable little angel? I love you and everything you do! Can't wait to see you again live in California!

_ReginaSpektor_190 karma

It's sometimes hard, but it is rewarding too! For now we are hoping for the little bunny human to have his own space and privacy so we won't be putting pictures online... But when he is a grownup (or big enough to make his own decisions at least), he might choose to participate in this giant internet world... For now no need for all that attention (i can barely handle it myself, and i'm a grown up...) Hugs!

NiggestBigger44 karma

Who is your favorite musician or group in a genre you don't personally enjoy?

_ReginaSpektor_82 karma

Interesting question... i guess i don't think that much about genres in general... i just love things that resonate with me... they can be in jazz, classical, hip hop, metal (because of Jack haha) and rock and all kinds of world music... I really feel like for me it really is just something that resonates or doesn't... and I try not too judge too much- it's kind of like food... someone hates anchovies and someone (me) loves them.... i have no idea if i answered your question by the way!

Ortesk41 karma

Easy question, who inspired you to do music?

_ReginaSpektor_133 karma

i think all the music that i heard as a child really made me want to be a part of that world- like mozart and chopin and bach.... but it was really hearing Joni Mitchell that made me realize that women can write songs... I was always listening to male bards, and it just never occurred to me... after i discovered her songs i really wanted to write my own... and after that hearing Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos cemented the idea that i can just sit and make up songs and share them with people... Then Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald made me only want to sing like jazz, and then Bjork came along and exploded my mind, and after i stopped sounding like all of them, i was able to start finding something that was like my own voice... i LOVE music... Oh and of course there are a ton of male musicians too, but it was the women that made me realize i can write my own songs...